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With the huge array of brilliant make-up palettes currently blessing our lives, it can be tricky to choose the best and brightest of the bunch.

Lifestyle guru Rosie Connolly and SOSU by Suzanne Jackson have collaborated on Connolly's first beauty product, and it's absolutely gorgeous if we do say so ourselves.

'Radiant Magic' includes six summer shades with both matte and shimmer options, as well as blush, highlighter and contour.


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SOSU by SJ have teamed up with one of Ireland's leading beauty influencers to bring us the magical palette, to enhance every skin tone and bring your makeup to life.

Radiant Magic features two sun-kissed bronzers, two silky-soft blush shades and two ultra-reflective highlighters to make your face stand out from the crowd.

The shades are colour-rich and totally buildable, as well as highly pigmented. You can use the palette on both your face and body, bringing your highlight and contour to perfection all over.


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Speaking on the release, Rosie Connolly said: “I’m so, so proud of this. What a response! It’s just been mad. I’m so happy that it’s finally out and I can talk about it. I’m thrilled.”

The tones include 'Cinnamon' (warm contour), 'Espresso' (dark contour), 'Sundown' (peach blush), 'Morning' (pink blush), 'Afterglow' (champagne highlight) and 'Radiance' (rose gold highlight).

The beautiful palette is the perfect addition to your make-up bag, and is available now on SOSU by Suzanne Jackson's website for just €29.95. It's an absolute steal, nab it before it sells out.

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If only there was a way to bronze and contour your face at the same time, simultaneously. What genius could come up with the perfect beauty solution to a MUA dilemma? Huda Beauty, that's who.

The beauty mogul is excited to announce the introduction of Tantour; a luxurious, cream-to-powder contour and bronzer specially made to help you sculpt your stunning features.

If you're seeking for the perfect product to kickstart your summer, Tantour is the answer to all of our chiselled prayers. Their recent launch of N.Y.M.P.HHuda Beauty's brand-new, liquid body highlighter, was only the beginning.


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Huda Kattan took to Instagram to announce the news and demonstrate her glorious bronzing product, writing;

"Hi beauties. I’m so excited to share our next product launch with you Tantour, an-all in-one contour and bronzer."

Kattan included some added details on the formula, explaining how blendable, workout proof, sweatproof and water-resistant it is.


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“Contouring is dead; it’s all about Tantouring," Kattan elaborates. Use the wonder product to sculpt and define your face, for a beautifully contoured effect.

Tantour comes in five luscious shades, fair, light, medium, tan and rich. From neutral honey, soft caramel and mocha to deep cocoa skin, you won't be missing out.

When you take a dip in the pool or swim in the sea abroad, or even just when you're sweating in the summer heat or after an evening workout, Tantour won't budge.


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The collection dropped online yesterday on www.hudabeauty.com, and each shade sells for €30 each.

You can also grab the sculpt and shade brush for €26 to complete your beauty haul. It's designed to work best with the creamy formula.

It's time to glow up gals, and Tantour is the perfect way to do it. Combine the balance of shadow and warmth for luminous, matte glamour.

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Makeup can give you that special finishing touch for any prom look, so you can stand out from the crowd. Whether you are going for a low-key or high-fashion look, you want to make sure your makeup is done to perfection.

Although it would be lovely to have a professional come and do your makeup for the big night, this is not an affordable luxury for most people. We've got a few quick tips and tricks to help you take charge and get prom ready in no time, no stress.

Dress to Impress

You've probably spent a lot of time finding your dream prom dress, so it's important to centre your makeup look on it. Your makeup and dress should always compliment one another, rather than compete for attention.

For example, if you were wearing prom dresses in bright colours with embellishments such as this gorgeous number from JJ's House, a complimentary makeup look would be matching red lipstick with light eye makeup.

A heavily made-up eye area would be too busy for this style of dress and completely overdo your overall look.

If you're wearing a plainer style of dress like this JJ's House velvet gown, you can combine sultry, smoky eyes with your red lipstick as it's a makeup look that compliments the material and these styles of prom dresses.


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Mirrored Magnificence

It might not usually be a good idea to copy other people's work or ideas, but when it comes to makeup looks, it's practically a recommendation!

We often see celebrities or models made up in a way that we think will suit us too – prom can be the perfect place to try it out!

The key to making this look work can be summed up in one word: practice! If you leave it until prom day to try it out, chances are it will be a complete disaster – it might look like a mess or just not look as good as you thought it would.

Prom night is not the time to work this out.

If you want to mirror the look of your favourite celebrity, practice and preparation are the best ways for you to get there.

Testing 1, 2, 3

One of the biggest things most people forget to do is make sure their makeup looks good in pictures. This is something that again is best to practice and prepare before the big night.

Flash photography can wash out your skin and makeup, and can make you look pasty and startled! You would be shocked to know what the biggest culprit for this is: moisturiser – or more specifically, moisturiser with sunscreen in it.

The sunscreen reflects the flash, completely washes out your face and mismatches the tone from your body.

Make sure you plan ahead and check to make sure the face cream or foundation you use on prom night does not include sunscreen. If it's only a small amount, you can try and take photos to test how reflective it might be.



It has come to our attention that women on Instagram are giving themselves nose jobs from wax alone, and we simply have to find out the suss.

We ended up discovering a whole new category of beauty videos online, and the before versus after images of these ladies will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Needless to say, these gals are stunning before and after, but the entire process of changing the whole face with wax is just too damn fascinating to look away.


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They literally change their eye colour, their bone structure, their noses and eyes with lashes, it's mind-boggling.

We are witnessing a total deconstruction of the face before our very eyes, people. This is science, don't even try to deny it.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?", we hear you gasp. Well, it's actually special effects face wax, not clay or synthetics at all. 


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The newest trend has gone totally viral on social media, unsurprisingly. 

The amazing wax method originates from Asia, specifically in Chinese territories, where women have been using make-up to sculpt their faces with wax as part of their beauty regimen.

Ben Nye, an LA-based makeup manufacturer is one such company who make the DIY wax.

“You can change the shape of anything on your face, like the nose, brow bone, chin, etc., using a wax like Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax,” professional makeup artist Lottie told Cosmopolitan.


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Now, sculpting your face with chunks of wax every morning as part of your make-up routine may not exactly be your vibe, but we guarantee some of your friends would agree to try this.

It's like an extreme form of contouring, how did they even think to try this?

It can't be denied that the videos are incredibly entertaining to watch, regardless of whether or not you'd try the trend yourself.

The rest of the world can now witness the glory of this magic, we owe Youtube and Instagram our lives for this.

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When it comes into the summer season, we feel like we need a complete overhaul of our make-up bags.

Our usual foundation and contour palette is now too heavy, our mascara has gone clumpy, and our fave lipsticks are now at the bottom of their barrels.

We want to look super fresh and dewy every dayum day, OK?

Thankfully, there is a new high summer makeup collection on the shelves to make us feel like we have an Instagram Story filter on us at all times.

When it comes to contouring, we want something handy to pop in our handbags, and wet n wild®'s new contour compact is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This summer is absolutely jam-packed with festivals, and we're predicting that a handy little compact like this will fit perfectly in our festival handbags. 

The complementary contouring powders define your bone structure and highlights your best features, without making you looked caked, so it's pretty much a win win. 

We all know that mascara is the key to a perfectly defined eye makeup look, but we're not down with breaking the bank when it comes to experimenting with eye products. 

Keeping with wet n wild®'s new high summer collection, we're pretty intrigued by their new Cat Eye mascara.

The fan brush is tapered to avoid clumps, but promises to add a dramatic edge to any look. The non-stick formula ensures that lashes stay separate, as well as helping to strengthen your lashes.

We know we've already mentioned festival makeup, but chipped nails at a three-day music haven with no access to your nail technician is a beauty blunder we'd rather avoid. 

The wet n wild® Wondergel nail polish promises to last up to two weeks, so it's perfect if you have a few events on at the same time over the summer months.

When it comes to shades, the selection doesn't disappoint either. (We have our colour on for the past week, and there's not a chip in sight, FYI.)

Some days, we're ALL for leaving our face bare and just heading out with a touch of lipstick on to add a little flush of colour to a pared-back look. 

Thankfully, another of wet n wild®'s high summer products are helping us maintain or summer makeup goals with their curated selection of Mega Last lip colours.

The semi-matte finish is super soft on the lips, and its new polymer complex means your smackers will stay super soft and hydrated.

The colours are gorgeous too, with everything from a light coral hue to deep purple. 

Whether you're hitting the town, or hitting the beach, or heading to any of the Irish festivals, affordable makeup is always a winner.

Stashing a few of these bits in your bag to top up your fresh summer look is a complete no-brainer.

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There has been a contouring craze sweeping Instagram since Kim Kardashian introduced the technique to the world, but now the tools used to apply the look are getting out of hand. 

We thought we'd seen it all when one MUA used the heel of a Louboutin shoe to get that sharp AF cheekbone shadow, and when that girl used her boyfriends' testicles to blend her foundation, we knew we'd had enough internet for one day. 

Now, Instagram famous MUA James Charles has introduced another unique tool for creating the perfect contour. 


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The world is obsessed with fidget spinners at the moment, and there isn't a primary school-aged kid in the land who doesn't have one of these nifty little toys stashed in their pencil case at this very moment. 

As well as being a distracting toy for the under-12 set, the contraption is apparently ace when it comes to blending a contour and highlight, as demonstrated by James. 


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The MUA used the swiftly spinning sides to meld his under eye highlight, contour his nose and create sculpted cheekbones. 

We're kind of tempted to try the tool for ourselves… 



It's clear to see that plunging necklines and beautiful bussoms are in this season.

The stars of Hollywood lined the red carpet of the Golden Globes with outlined cleavage and perky assets.

They, however, all have a team of make-up artists prepping and perfecting them for the entire day before they even have a picture taken.

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So, what about us mere beings that want bigger-looking boobs but can't splash the cash for a make-up artist every time we go out, huh?

Well, that's where boob contouring comes in. Here are five steps to making your boobs look hella hot.

Image result for girls night out gif


Step 1 – Use a transfer-resistant foundation

Choose a colour that's three or four shades darker than your skin tone and outline the curves of your boobs with it.


Step 2 – Blend the lines

Makes sure to blend the darker foundation into your skin so it doesn't end up looking dirty.


Step 3 – Set foundation with powder

You don't want your 'big' boobs disappearing during the night because the make-up rubbed off. Set it with a powder in a light shade.


Step 4 – Use a wet beauty blender

To even everything out, dab your chest area with a wet beauty blender so nothing can clog up.


Step 5 – Highlight 

Dust this on between your collarbones and your boobs to really accentuate the bigger boob effect.


Still don't have the hang of it? This video will help you along the way:



Beauty trends come and go at such a rate it's hard to know which trends are worth investing in and which ones will disappear as quickly as they arrived.  Because of this, we believe the best way to discover if a trend suits you or not is to try it using affordable products first.  

In keeping with this idea, we've lined up three great little products which can be used to create some of today's best loved looks and which all cost less than a fiver each to buy.     


Proline Graphic Marker Eyeliner (€4.50)

As anyone with an Instagram account will know, winged eyeliner is one beauty trend that is not about to disappear anytime soon but unfortunately that still doesn’t make it any easier to get the hang of.

Wet n Wild’s Proline Graphic Marker Eyeliner is the ultimate solution to messy pots of liquid liner as its easy-to-use marker-shaped applicator allows for the hassle-free creation of those much sought after lines. 

Because of its soft angled tip, this product gives users the ability to create both soft and thick lines so it can easily be used to create subtle day and striking night time looks.  

This liner comes in two colours – Jetliner Black and Airliner Blue – and while black is generally used for winged looks, we think the navy blue shade is definitely worth a try for anyone seeking liner with a difference.


Mega Glo Contour stick (€5.99)

While contouring can be a complicated and product-heavy process, the new Wet n Wild Mega Glo Contour stick has reduced the trend into a simple double-ended stick which is not only super easy to apply, but is also the perfect size for contouring on the go. 

Each stick contains two complimentary colours – a dark brown colour for for shading and a creamier one for highlighting – which are easy to apply due to the narrow stick and super bendable. 

For people who want to give contouring a go without making a major make-up investment, this product could certainly be worth a try.


MegaSlicks Lip Gloss (€2.95):

From bomber jackets to dungarees, chokers to tartan minis it seems like 2016's best loved fashion looks have come straight from the 90's and, in beauty terms, there are few trends more 90's than sparkly lip pink gloss.

Wet n Wild's new MegaSlicks Lip Gloss collection comes in 17 hydrating shades which range from clear glosses like Crystal Clear right up to deep burgundy colours like Wined and Dined. 

Since the glosses are less than €3 each and contain the lip loving vitamins A and E, why not try the sparkle flecked Crush Grapes for some major 90's feels?   


The new Wet n Wild collection starts at €1.99 and is available from select Penney's stores, Dunnes Stores and independent stockists nationwide.


There have been a lot of beauty trends attempting to give us both definition and dewy perfection over the years. Contouring, baking and strobing have all had their time in the limelight. However, contouring is not going away any time soon. 

We reckon this is probably because when done correctly the results are flawless. 


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However, there have been moments (many moments) when people needed to put down the brushes and think about about their choices because it was just not working. Contouring is hard. Getting all the right shades in all the right places and blending until you have a sprained wrist can be a challenge. 

Just ask some of these people:

Why are you contouring your collarbones?


You could easily work up an appetite:


Ordnance survey maps don't take this much decoding:


This is why it takes everyone so long to get ready:


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It is actually the worst:

Is it really necessary?

comedy central


Animal print is very on trend these days:


Just when you think you nailed it….


You realise you have made a terrible mistake:

Sometimes we think we should just stick to what we know best:



As part of a new S! TV series, we'll be finding out the answers to some of our viewers' most pressing beauty questions, with the help of make-up artist Stephan Ulvund Øien from IsaDora Global. 

When contouring, it can be difficult to know exactly where to highlight and where to shade. 

In this new video, Stephan gives us an expert guide on how to correctly contour.