Hair removal can be a pain in the ass. No matter what way you choose to do it, it's either really sore, a HUGE effort or very expensive… We just can't win, ladies.

However, 'sugaring' has just popped into the mainstream, and it looks like it might be a cheaper and less-painful alternative – if you're brave enough to do it.

The technique has actually been around for yonks and is still practised in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Greece.

Sugar is mixed with water and lemon and made into a paste which is then used in a similar way to wax. The paste is rolled up and then applied to your skin, being pulled off in the same direction as your hair growth.

The all-natural alternative, which for some reason sounds horrible, has actually been hailed as the 'easy' approach to hair removal as the substance only sticks to your hair follicle and not your skin, making the pull less painful.

However, according to Cosmo, a lot of women say it's difficult to get the right consistency and it can be a really tricky procedure if you're on your own because everything just ends up a sticky mess. And knowing me, it'll end up ALL over the place.

BUT it's cheaper, apparently less painful (win) and is a "dream" to clean up compared to wax.

We're undecided in SHEmazing! HQ… would you give it a go?