When it comes to removing body hair, there are as many methods as there are opinions, so Women's Health asked hair removal expert Dr Manjula Jegasothy, which method will best suit all your de-fuzzing needs. 

If you're willing to splurge and want the best possible result:

Then go for laser treatment – but make sure you go to a certified and reputable clinic to get the procedure done. 

"The technology is strong and adverse hyperpigmentation can occur if not handled correctly," says Manjula. Expect three sessions on average and then once every year or two for maintenance. 


If you're on a tight budget and need the best bang for your buck:

“At-home waxing yields a long-term result with a price point lower than the cost of modern multi-blade razors,” says Manjula.

The trick is to choose your wax carefully based on the area you're waxing and your skin type. To prevent any burns ALWAYS test a small area 24 hours before proceeding to wax your desired place. 


If you're hair grows fast and you're a total baby about pain:

Then good old fashion shaving fits the bill for you. 

“It’s a myth that shaving causes hair to regrow more coarsely—shaving cuts hairs bluntly so that when they regrow, the ends may just seem thicker than tapered ends from waxing or laser, even though they aren’t,” says Dr Jegasothy.


If you want it all gone ASAP:

A hair dissolver like Nair, is the best solution for you because it will remove large areas of hair quickly. 

“To lower irritation risk, you can only leave it on for one to three minutes and then shave it off in a warm shower.”