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If you regularly remove hair from your body with the help of a razor, you'll be all too aware that commercials advertising the practice rarely reflect the reality.

Indeed, many ads would have you believe a shaving session takes place by candle light while other suggest the presence of body hair isn't even a prerequisite for the endeavour.

Considering this outdated approach, Friction Free Shaving decided to create an ad which offers a more realistic portrayal of the practice, complete with lack of balance, uncoordinated moves and oodles of patience.

And Facebook has banned it.

The ad, which features a naked woman whose breasts and genitalia are concealed beneath two green swatches, is an ode to the reality of your standard shaving session, so it's unsurprising those behind it are outraged by Facebook's decision to remove it.

"We wanted to move away from traditional and outdated women’s shaving ads that are over-glamourised, sexualised and unrealistic," co-founder Briar Keen explained to Designtaxi in the aftermath of the corporation's decision.

"We don’t think that a woman shaving is anything to be ashamed of and find it sexist and deeply offensive that Facebook has banned our ad on these grounds."

Facebook have argued that users may be offended by the 'adult nature' of the advertisement – an argument which Briar refutes by highlighting the amount of support the ad had thus far received.

"We know a lot of women will agree with us, so we are calling on them to support us by watching our video in full at ffs.co.uk and sharing our story on their social media channels."

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Take a look here…




Hair removal can be a pain in the ass. No matter what way you choose to do it, it's either really sore, a HUGE effort or very expensive… We just can't win, ladies.

However, 'sugaring' has just popped into the mainstream, and it looks like it might be a cheaper and less-painful alternative – if you're brave enough to do it.

The technique has actually been around for yonks and is still practised in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Greece.

Sugar is mixed with water and lemon and made into a paste which is then used in a similar way to wax. The paste is rolled up and then applied to your skin, being pulled off in the same direction as your hair growth.

The all-natural alternative, which for some reason sounds horrible, has actually been hailed as the 'easy' approach to hair removal as the substance only sticks to your hair follicle and not your skin, making the pull less painful.

However, according to Cosmo, a lot of women say it's difficult to get the right consistency and it can be a really tricky procedure if you're on your own because everything just ends up a sticky mess. And knowing me, it'll end up ALL over the place.

BUT it's cheaper, apparently less painful (win) and is a "dream" to clean up compared to wax.

We're undecided in SHEmazing! HQ… would you give it a go?



When it comes to removing body hair, there are as many methods as there are opinions, so Women's Health asked hair removal expert Dr Manjula Jegasothy, which method will best suit all your de-fuzzing needs. 

If you're willing to splurge and want the best possible result:

Then go for laser treatment – but make sure you go to a certified and reputable clinic to get the procedure done. 

"The technology is strong and adverse hyperpigmentation can occur if not handled correctly," says Manjula. Expect three sessions on average and then once every year or two for maintenance. 


If you're on a tight budget and need the best bang for your buck:

“At-home waxing yields a long-term result with a price point lower than the cost of modern multi-blade razors,” says Manjula.

The trick is to choose your wax carefully based on the area you're waxing and your skin type. To prevent any burns ALWAYS test a small area 24 hours before proceeding to wax your desired place. 


If you're hair grows fast and you're a total baby about pain:

Then good old fashion shaving fits the bill for you. 

“It’s a myth that shaving causes hair to regrow more coarsely—shaving cuts hairs bluntly so that when they regrow, the ends may just seem thicker than tapered ends from waxing or laser, even though they aren’t,” says Dr Jegasothy.


If you want it all gone ASAP:

A hair dissolver like Nair, is the best solution for you because it will remove large areas of hair quickly. 

“To lower irritation risk, you can only leave it on for one to three minutes and then shave it off in a warm shower.”


Shaving is a necessary evil.

Yes, we all love having smooth and silky legs, but no one likes the nicks, razor burn or dryness that sometimes comes with shaving too. 

Now, two Swedes are trying to conquer our shaving woes with technology, and have designed and built a consumer razor that shaves your hair with an actual laser. 

The razor uses wavelengths and light to cut unwanted hair without using a blade. 

Unlike traditional laser hair-removal devices that are only able to cut through dark hair, Skarp Razor claims that it can zap away hair of any colour, on any part of your body. 

Sounds brilliant, right?

But, as always, there's a catch. Skarp Razor isn't available just yet.

It has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal and is said to be available to buy by March 2016 for €144. 



If we were the organised, dedicated ladies we wish we were, we'd have a bikini wax booked as standard every four weeks, ensuring less pain and just the right amount of hair growth between appointments.

Of course, life (and our budget) sometimes gets in the way, and when we realise we've left it a week or two later than planned, more often than not we end up waiting even longer out of sheer dread for the pain that awaits us. That's why we were delighted to find out that there are a few things that can be done to keep pain at a minimum when it comes to waxing.

Here are some of the tips we've tried and tested…

1. Prepare your skin beforehand
In order to unclog pores and follicles, it's important to exfoliate well around a week or two before your wax. This loosens the hairs and means they can be pulled out much more smoothly. Keeping your skin soft and moisturised also increases elasticity, so your skin won't get as irritated during waxing.

2. Do not shave. We repeat, DO NOT SHAVE.
For a wax to be as pain and stress free as possible for both you and the waxer, it's key to have at least three (usually four) weeks of uninterrupted hair growth. That means that shaving between waxes is a total no-no. When you shave, your hair grows back bluntly and in different directions, making it far more painful for it to be waxed off.

3. Take a painkiller
It might seem obvious, but taking an Aspirin or Ibuprofen about 45 minutes before your appointment reduces pain and also reduces inflammation. Sorted. Don't go over the recommended dosage, obviously.

4. Choose Lycon wax
Look for a salon that offers Lycon wax, which is far gentler than regular strip waxing as it can be peeled off the skin. A lot of salons using Lycon also apply a layer of oil underneath, further protecting the skin as the wax only sticks to the hairs, not the skin underneath.

5. Time it right
Unless absolutely necessary, avoid scheduling a wax in the few days leading up to your period. Your skin is hyper-sensitive around this time. Also, our pain threshold is supposedly at an all time high between 3pm and 5pm, and is far lower early in the morning. An afternoon wax it is, so.


S! TV presenter Lisa Kavanagh headed into The Body Shop to get the lowdown on threading. 

From eyebrows to lips and all in between, threading has become the most popular hair removal option in recent years. 

Does it hurt? How does it actually work? To find out these and everything else you need to know about threading, have a watch of the video above. 




ClearSkin offer the most affordable and experienced laser hair removal service in Ireland.

Book your laser treatment with on of their highly trained professional therapists. ClearSkin use medical grade laser hair removal machines to ensure maximum results. Not only do they offer the most affordable prices but you can choose a time and a therapist that suits you.

If you’re tired of waxing or shaving, then make the switch and start laser hair removal today. Permanently reduce unwanted hair, remove ingrown hairs and enjoy the freedom and confidence of being hair free.

For all the details and more information, contact ClearSkin.ie


Our beauty expert Odette got her hands on the new Remington i-LIGHT REVEAL hair removal system to try out. It promises to permanently reduce hair growth in just three treatments; treatments which can be carried out by you, in the comfort of your own home. Sounds good to us! It's suitable for the female face (below the cheekbone) and small areas of the body (such as underarms and bikini line). It's recommended retail price is €199.99.

Have a look to see how she got on.


Ever since Carrie got her first Brazilian wax on SATC and said she "felt like walking sex," stripping hair from down there has become almost essential for women.

It's not just a Brazilian anymore, either – the Hollywood wax goes one step further and removes all (we mean ALL) hair from the pubic area and bum.

But could excessive hair removal actually be bad for us? 
Much as we hate to admit it, pubic hair actually does serve a bodily purpose. Not only does it prevent friction, it's also there to stop bacteria entering the body. So by removing that natural barrier, you're automatically opening up your body to more infection.

Is it just waxing that's the problem?
Nope. No matter what method you use to remove hair – waxing, shaving, depilation or even tweezing – the pubic area can be left with tiny cuts and irritations that can allow bad bacteria to enter.

I hear ya, but I couldn't live without my Brazilian every five weeks…
If you really can't stomach the idea of a full bush, at least ensure you go about things the right way. Shaving should be avoided at all costs – it causes excess irritation, redness and itching. Hair also grows back unevenly after shaving, so your next wax is going to be that bit more painful.

When getting waxed, go for a reputable salon who know what they're doing. Take care of the area afterwards – avoid very hot showers, perfumed gels or lotions and excessive exercise (or anything that causes sweating!) for 24 hours after your wax. 



Facial hair can be a huge embarrassment for ladies of all ages and it can really affect self confidence. However, before you resort to staying under your bed covers, you might want to try these handy tips.


This only works on annoying strays that are located under your chin or near the jaw line. Make sure you have good light and only pluck one at a time to avoid scarring.

Depilatory cream

Using a depilatory cream for your face is quick and efficient; however, always do a patch test and use sparingly.


This can last up to about four weeks so it is not surprising that it is the most popular form of hair removal.


This is handy for fine, excessive hair as it turns it a lighter colour. If you do go this route, make sure you use plenty of moisturiser as blenching can dry the skin out.