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We set out to ask the lovely lash specialists at Elysian Brows and Beauty their pro tips to keep your lash extensions looking fluffy, full and long lasting.

Getting gorgeous lash extensions is just the first part – the rest is all about the aftercare and taking every possible step to make your eyelash extensions last a long limed time

Nailing the sleeping position

If at all possible, try to sleep on your back rather than your stomach, as this is the best way to make sure no damage is done to the extensions in your sleep.

If you can’t but sleep on your side, you should put your head on the edge of the pillow, so your lashes aren't touching the pillow or the bed itself.

Avoiding touching the pillow with your lash extensions is one of the most sure-fire ways to make sure you're not rubbing your new lashes to extinction throughout the night


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Brush, Brush and keep on Brushing

Not a vicious combing, just a neat combing in order to keep them all properly aligned and looking gorgeous.

At Elysian, they will provide you with an eyelash brush that you can do your daily maintenance of your fab lashes with, if you tend to misplace these guys you can simply use an old mascara brush that's been thoroughly cleaned of all mascara reminisce.

Washing your face with eyelash extensions?

Post lash app you don't want to expose them to any water/steam or heat so avoid washing your lashes for the first 48 hours for maximum glue setting power.  

After the 48 hours, the ladies in Elysian would recommend to skip oil-based cleansers or toners as they will only weaken the glue that holds the extension to the natural lash and will make them fall of faster.

Be gentle. Ensure that you are very gentle when removing makeup form the eye area. Take it slow, and don't rub too hard, and try to avoid the eyelashes themselves. Pat, don't rub. Gently pat your face dry avoiding rather than diving face first into the towel.


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If you are trying to remove stubborn eye shadow build up, wet your eyelash brush and gently comb through the lashes wiping off the product from the brush at each stroke

Avoid all urges to touch

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people don't heed this particular piece of advice: don't rub or pick at your lashes as you run the risk of damaging the extensions.

It may be hard to avoid but any unnecessary pulling or picking will have them loosen at the bond.

Elysian Brows and Beauty now have three salons on St William Street, Dawson St and Greystones that offer amazing semi-permanent mink lash extensions. For more information visit https://www.elysianbrows.ie/.



I always wanted nice, long nails.

Not talons, but nails that actually reached the end of my finger and looked shiny and polished; nails I wasn't embarrassed for people to see when I was showing them rings on my fingers. 

Nails kinda like Molly Ringwald's elegant dusty-rose ones in The Breakfast Club.

Alas, my fondness for chewing my own nails off at any given opportunity since I could chew has left me with fingers that I hide at any given chance.

That is, until I got them done at the Salon at The Shelbourne Hotel.

The Shelbourne is such a gorgeous place to begin with, and the Salon oozes opulence. 

I was greeted by Rani, possibly the friendliest woman on the planet, who made me feel right at home straight away.  

I sat in the salon surrounded by stunning blooms and people getting blow-dries and pedicures and to get the vibe of how fancy this salon is – there was an Eiffel Tower of macaroons beside me.

My nail technician, Maria, arrived and looked at my bitten nails but thankfully, they didn't bother her at all and she set to work on them.

I was getting CND Shellac so the first thing Maria did was shape my nails with a file.

This was miraculous – by actually shaping them and then – step two of pushing back the cuticles, my nails looked longer already.

Now, I am embarrassingly bad with pain (I can't even pluck my own eyebrows) so the pain I felt at getting the cuticles pushed back and later, the excess skin around my nail beds removed, probably wouldn't be that painful for most people. 

(My editor even said she enjoyed the sensation – ehhh, no.)

The nails were then sanitised and the excess oils on them gotten rid of – so the Shellac would stick.

Then, Maria applied a layer of the CND Shellac Base Coat and after each layer was applied, I put my hand under a UV lamp for 10 or so seconds.

I chose the shade Negligee, which was a barely-there pink and Maria set to work coating it on. 

The UV lamp dried them and the third coat to be applied was the top coat, followed by drying it under the UV lamp. 


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All the while this is happening, Maria regularly checks to see if I'm OK and if it hurts and Rani arrives with a glass of champers for me to sip on.

The whole experience was so relaxing and my nails are beautiful – for a girl who doesn't have much of them.

While I was there, I was surrounded by women who had come in groups and I have to say, it's a perf place to bring someone as a gift.

You can opt for a few different packages – there's the Corporate Couture one, ideal for those who have busy working days.

You get a blow-dry of choice, make-up application and buff and polish.

If you want to go all-out, I'd recommend The Hollywood Legends package which is where you can get a luxurious blow-dry and manicure while having a glass of chilled champagne.

Coming up to Mother's Day, it would be an ideal day of pampering for you and your mum. 


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The Salon itself is absolutely stunning – open seven days a week, it's a haven of calm with cream interior that just oozes glamour. 

It has the ultimate pampering facilities for hair and beauty connoisseurs and a highly trained team of experts in the fields of hairdressing and beauty services including luxury manicures, pedicures and facials.

The Salon also offers express facial treatments, by the world-renowned brands Elemis – something you should definitely try. 

If you're heading somewhere important early, the Shelbourne Breakfast Club Executive Blow-Dry is for you. 

It will give you an amazing blow-dry in minimum time, along with a gorgeous pastry and a tea or coffee. 

In short, the Salon at The Shelbourne is something everyone should experience. 

My own experience has shown me that with the right treatment, you can clean up your nails – no matter what shape they're in – and have them looking FAB.

The Shellac should stay for two weeks – and in that time there won't be a single nibble because I'll be heading to Maria for another treatment, that's for sure. 



Ever had a tough time choosing the exact right hue for your nails in the salon?

There are so many to choose from, and if you regret the shade, that's fifty quid down the drain. 

Luckily, 18-year-old Emma Young recently shared her GENIUS method of colour choosing, and we're blown away. 

All you need is the plastic colour decals and your Snapchat app and you're good to go. 

'I was looking at the nail options, and the nail salon I go to has them glued inside the book so you can't put your finger under it to see how it looks,' she told Buzzfeed. 

Momentarily baffled, the teen had a radical idea.

Using Snapchat's sticker feature, she created a sticker with one of the nail shades, and placed it on her own nail in a snap. 

The final result was a Emma being able to see exactly what the shade would look like adorning her digits. 

Impressed? You should be. 

The method went completely viral after Emma tweeted it to the masses, and people have been utilising the Snapchat nail sticker hack for themselves.

We're sorted for our next salon visit!


We all get the urge to trim a piece of our hair off every now and then. Whether it's that annoying bit that will NEVER straighten or that piece of fringe that is totally overgrown, there's always something to snip.

So if you're brave enough to trim your own hair, follow these safe steps so you don't end up with a do' like Britney circa 2007:

1. Before you do ANYTHING, step back and take a few breaths. Don't trim your hair on impulse, because you'll more than likely make a mistake. Instead take a few minutes, evaluate the situation and if you're still up for it, proceed.


2. Don't even think about reaching for a regular scissors; or worse, a craft scissors. It's important to use a proper hair-cutting scissors because they have a more pointed tip and it will make it WAY easier for you.


3. Dry your hair first. Wet hair will normally fall longer than dry hair, so it's easy to cut it too short. Once you blow-dry your hair, you'll be able to see its fullness, growth patterns and cowslick. Brush your hair so it is as even as it can be. 


4. Go SLOW. The most important thing to do is measure before you trim your hair. Look at your hair before you put it through your fingers and decide just how much you want to take off. Take the length off slowly, if you go too fast you'll probably end up taking way too much off.


5. If you have a fringe, cut it at an angle. Instead of cutting a straight line across, lightly chip away overgrown pieces so you get a soft edge. 



As anyone who has ever been for a wax can confirm, it’s unlikely to be the highlight of your week.

There you are, lying back half-starkers in front of a strange woman while she gets to work ripping out your hair – often from, ahem, sensitive regions.

So no, it’s hardly all that alluring.

However, most woman also admit that it’s a necessary evil – and one which at least leaves you smooth and hair-free for longer than two days (thanks, shaving).

There’s a lot to be said to a great waxist too – one that really knows that they’re doing and uses a decent product (we particularly love salons that stock the oh-so amazing Irish brand Waxperts).

Still – most of us have a least one waxing horror story: one that makes you shudder upon recollection.

And you’re probably not alone: indeed, Buzzfeed recently rounded up a selection of truly nasty tales… and here, SHEmazing! has selected the best for your, er, enjoyment.


1) “I work in a spa and heard an awkward shriek come from the waxing room. I asked my co-worker what happened.

“She told me she accidentally pulled the client’s tampon string, then tried to push it back in. Needless to say, that client never came back.”


2) “My legs had fallen asleep during the waxing. When I tried to get off the table, my legs gave out and I faceplanted half naked onto the floor while my waxer watched in horror.”

3) “At my salon I do all of the body waxing services. While in the middle of waxing a client’s backside, the woman farted and way more than just smelly air came out. It was a mess.”


4) “My first bikini wax was in high school. Two of my best friends waxed me while I laid on a coffee table in my basement.

“I guess you could say I was “surprised” by the pain, and I peed everywhere. I’m still embarrassed almost six years later.”

5) “Halfway through my bikini wax, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate the building. Let’s just say fire drills are not fun when there’s wax all over your downstairs…”


6) “I recently got my very first Brazilian wax. The lady had put two wax strips on the lip. When she pulled one, I shut my legs in pain, causing the wax to basically glue my vagina shut.”

7) “When I went into the waxing room, I started making casual conversation with the aesthetician and I jokingly asked her, ‘Do I have a normal vagina?’ She looked at me and just laughed, ‘Haha no.’ We didn’t talk the rest of the time.”


8) “One time I got into the position where you pull your knees up to your chest and I farted loudly right into the waxer’s face. I immediately yelled ‘SORRY!’ and didn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the session.”

9) I thought it would be genius to wax myself. I somehow managed to drop A LOT of hot wax all over the main hoo-ha area, as in NOT the bikini area.

“After a few seconds the wax had hardened and I realised I had basically sealed everything together. I attempted several pulls with zero success.

“So I did the only thing I could think of: I downed a bottle of wine, took a deep breath, and counted to three.”


10) “It hurt so bad, I started crying and having an anxiety attack. The aesthetician said, ‘Oh I’m so sorry! I’ve never had anyone cry on me before.’

“Literally the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear in that moment. Terrible first experience.”

11) “The woman doing my wax would first put the wax on me and then awkwardly blow on me to cool the wax down. She would look up and smile every time she did it. It was traumatising.”


12) “It was my first time. The waxer looked at me and said, ‘Oh my god. You didn’t trim beforehand?!’ She sighed and got an electric shaver. I was mortified.

“I was even more mortified when she said, ‘You’re so dry.’ I didn’t say another word until checkout… 45 minutes later.”



Here at SHEmazing we know how important it is to have good hair, but we also know it can be difficult to achieve the perfect hair style at home. Now you can create salon quality hair and turn heads with the luxurious styling tools from the new Remington Silk Collection. 

Emma Power reports.