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So, Professor Green trolled Instagram yesterday, and it looks like some of his fans and followers are struggling to see the logic behind this one.

In what appears to be a dig at the speculation which surrounds his burgeoning relationship with model Fae Williams, the British rapper decided to share a series of shots which suggested he had popped that all-important question.

Except he didn't, and apparently the joke is on us.

So, it all kicked off last night when good ol' Green shared a snap of some serious bling accompanied by the post: "Happy Valentine's Fae Williams."

Unsurprisingly, that was enough to set Insta off, but it didn't end there as the singer then shared a snap of Fae sporting the ring on her engagement finger.


Happy valentines @faewilliams as designed by @tessametcalfe

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With what appeared to be a reference to his former marriage to Millie Mackinstosh, he wrote: "Fingers crossed this time ay."

The post was flooded with congratulations from fans who had assumed the star had proposed to his new girlfriend.

"Congratulations to you both! She is a lucky lady! Wishing you all the luck in the world! You deserve it," wrote one.


Fingers crossed this time ay

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Over the course of the next three hours, it seems Instagram was all over the news when Professor Green suddenly decided to swoop in and set the record straight.

Sharing a snap of himself rocking the ring on his baby finger, the rapper wrote: "Engaged to myself. Wait a minute, wrong finger."

And Instagram was left feeling a little shortchanged.


Engaged to myself. Wait a minute, wrong finger.

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"You're being embarrassing now are you 5 or are you engaged?" wrote one follower while another added: "Respect has now dropped."

Thankfully for the Just Be Good to Green singer, some of his fans were on hand to help explain the apparent point of his posts.

"Can people not clearly see that @professorgreen has done this to get everyone talking about him and to make the press look like tossers?" remarked one.

Well, it definitely worked.


While her ex-husband appears to have found humour in the whole incident, two members of the Loose Women panel are struggling to hide their disdain regarding Millie Mackinstosh's decision to destroy her wedding dress.

The former Made in Chelsea star made headlines last week after it was revealed she ruined the Grace Loves Lace gown she wore to wed rapper Professor Green in 2013.

According to the press, the reality star shredded her dress and covered it in blood as a Halloween stunt – something which Janet Street Porter and Ruth Langsford are struggling to get their heads around.

Discussing Millie's decision on yesterday's episode of the show, Janet didn't hold back, saying: "It’s horrible to make a statement like that, it’s childish."

Chiming in with her co-presenter, Ruth agreed and added: "I don’t like the idea of trashing a dress for anything."

In contrast, Millie's ex didn't appear to have a problem with the stunt, recently telling Phillip Schofield that he's just glad she got some more use out of it.

"At least she got to wear it again! It's hers to do what she wants with. If you can’t have a sense of humour. Divorce is horrible but if you can’t look back at your marriage with any kindness then it was a mistake." he told This Morning viewers.

Millie and Professor Green called time on their relationship in February of this year.


If anyone has had a crash course in the downsides of fame, it's X Factor contestant Honey G.

In the spotlight only mere months, the aspiring rapper has had to deal with her fair share of criticism, and it looks like it's only served to make her more determined to smash it in the charts.

Countless viewers have been vocal in their disbelief over Honey G's progress in the ITV show, and now heavy-hitters in the music industry have added to the backlash against her.

When asked her opinion of the contestant, Lily Allen responded: "I find it offensive. So wrong on so many levels, I can’t even start to talk about it.”

Similarly, rapper Professor Green was far from impressed with her performances thus far, saying: "I just don’t think she’s a very credible representation."

Hitting back at the criticism, Honey G reminded her haters that she has an extensive background in music and has the support of two major global stars.

"Lily Allen said she finds it offensive but she needs to get her facts right. Professor Green said I’m taking the mickey out of rap music," Honey G confirmed.

"My mum is a pianist and I’ve followed in her footsteps. Her music is classical and mine is rap. I come from a musical background. People haven’t done their homework on me." she insisted.

Suggesting Professor Green might need a big ol' serving of humble pie, she added: "But then Snoop Dogg has talked about doing a record with me and 50 Cent has backed me."

Hmm, we wonder what they'll make of that…


With reports suggesting Millie Mackintosh had destroyed her wedding dress in order to create a Halloween costume, it's no surprise Phillip Schofield broached the topic with Millie's ex, Professor Green, when he appeared on This Morning earlier today.

Grabbing a slot on the show to promote his latest single, the Just Be Good To Green singer, who split with Millie in February of this year, was forced to comment on his former wife's supposed antics.

And, in fairness to him, he played an absolute blinder.

"Come on mate, you've got to have a sense of humour," he told Phillip. "Divorce is horrible but if you've been married to a person and you can't look back with kindness you've made a mistake."

Honing in on the rapper's new track, Phillip suggested he may be playing Millie at her own game by penning a 'revenge' song – a suggestion that didn't sit well with the 32-year-old star.

"It's not a revenge break up song, revenge for what? It's mad to me, revenge for what?" he asked the host in response to the idea.

Yeah Phillip, revenge for what?!

We're with you on this one, Green.



So, not only can Adele sing, be funny and look fab, but she's also one Hell of a peacemaker!

Professor Green has opened up about his fight with Robbie Williams and has admitted that it was Adele who patched everything up.

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The rapper fell out with Robbie after he pulled out of a collaboration. Robbie ended up choosing Dizzee Rascal instead of Pro G on a new track, which riled Green up.

Pro told The Sun: "We had a cuddle at Glastonbury while watching Adele. It was all down to Adele.

Image result for robbie williams

“I was p*ssed off that he wasted my time. But he sent me a really nice email saying sorry and it takes a proper person to apologise.”

We're glad they've patched everything up!


Long before rapper, Professor Green, tied the knot with Made in Chelsea star, Millie Mackintosh, the loved-up couple were more than happy to share insights into their relationship.

And the desire to share their union with social media uses only intensified after they officially became man and wife.

But it looks like Professor Green,32, is having serious regrets about his decision to open his marriage to fans and followers.

Having split from Millie in February of this after less than three years of marriage, the Just Be Good to Green singer has taken time to reflect on their approach, and has decided he won't make the same mistakes in the future.

"I don’t sell my relationships. That’s not me’, he insisted. ‘I’m not parading my relationships and I will never do that again."

"I will never ever, ever put myself in that position again where a relationship becomes… That’s not happening."

Millie, whose divorce to Professor Green was finalised in May, came under fire this year for appearing to flaunt her relationship with Hugo Taylor.


Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh has given us so many relationship goals in the last few months it’s hard to even remember life before her reunion with Hugo Taylor.

And while she may only have finalised her divorce with Professor Green back in May, it looks like the 27-year-old lifestyle guru could already be looking for a ring from Mr Taylor.

Over the weekend the couple – who both rose to fame in the early seasons of MIC – attended the wedding of a friend in Italy and – if tradition is anything to go by – Millie’s attempt at catching the bride’s bouquet would suggest she wouldn’t exactly be opposed to a proposal of her own.


My first Italian wedding with Ti Amo #shirinandroddy

A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@milliemackintoshofficial) on

Nestled among Hugo’s Instagram snaps of the big day is an epic slow motion video of Millie desperately leaping to catch the bride’s thrown flowers.

The clip – which is jokingly captioned “next time my love” – shows the trained makeup artist reaching across her competition only to miss the cream and pink bunch by a couple of centimetres.


 next time my love @milliemackintoshofficial #fingertips

A video posted by Hugo Taylor (@hugotaylorlondon) on

Since the post was quickly followed by a loved-up photo of Hugo and Millie kissing, it seems like these two could be for keeps even if the model’s love has yet to put a ring on it.



A photo posted by Hugo Taylor (@hugotaylorlondon) on




It seems that Pro Green is wasting no time getting over Millie Mackintosh.

He's currently celebrating being signed on to the Sony record label, and it seems the party is going to go on ALL weekend.

The rapper took to Twitter, and in a now-deleted tweet said: "Daniella and Emily, didn’t get your numbers. If you happen to be on Twitter there’s a BBQ tomorrow shout me.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Millie is having a ball in her rekindled relationship with Hugo Taylor.

The couple were non-stop posting pictures of their holidays on Instagram during the week, and it looks like things are going well between them.

All is fair in love…



You'd think to woo a star like Rita Ora you'd have to go all out with the glamour – flowers, champagne, fine dining maybe?

But apparently the British singer is quite happy trade all that in for a simple cheeky Nando's!

According to The Sun, Rita was spotted in the popular restaurant with none other than Professor Green last week and the pair were reportedly looking pretty cosy as they chowed down on a portion of Peri-Peri chips.

The recently divorced rapper picked the former X Factor judge up from her East London home on Thursday afternoon before taking her for food.

And, according to a Sun source, the pair even shared a quick kiss when Rita got into the car: “Pro picked Rita up and she seemed really excited to be heading out with him. They had a friendly kiss in the car before heading off.”  Cute!

So what happens when two pretty major celebrities walk into a chain restaurant?  Well, everyone stares.

The source said:   “Inside it was really busy and people did stop and stare."

“It’s not every day two of the biggest pop stars in the country are just hanging out together in your local restaurant."

“They seemed totally relaxed and fine being somewhere down to earth. They were laughing and joking and very comfortable in each other’s company.”


Unfortunately friends close to the pair are insisting they are just old friends and that any car kissing was just to say a friendly hello.  

Rita – who was admitted to hospital for exhaustion last week – has recently been linked to her ex Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile rumours have been circulating that Professor Green has a romantic interest in our very own Vogue Williams, but Vogue told Loose Women the pair are just mates. 



Professor Green fans have had a worrying few hours after the star shared a picture last night from his hospital bed.

The British rapper had been suffering from pains for six hours when he was admitted to hospital and had to be kept in overnight to ensure he didn't have a strangulated hernia.

Thankfully, he has since posted an update to his Instagram account saying: "Woke up to a million text messages – I’m fine, apart from the builders outside my house and the lack of sleep X."


Woke up to a million text messages – I'm fine, apart from the builders outside my house and the lack of sleep X

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The news comes just weeks after Pro Green – who has recently been linked to Irish model Vogue Williams – revealed he needs surgery to treat his 10cm hernia "Henry".

Fans have been expressing their relief by commenting on his latest post.

Awh!  We're delighted to hear the star is okay.



We all know Professor Green has had a rough couple of weeks.

He ended his marriage to Millie Mackintosh last month, who has now reunited with her Made In Chelsea ex, Hugo Taylor.

But now, the rapper has his fans in uproar over a photo he posted of himself in hospital.

In an Instagram post, Pro Green explained that he went to A&E after being in pain for 6 hours straight.

He added that the doctors had to rule out a "strangulated hernia," which meant he had to stay in the hospital all night.

"Been in A & E all night ruling out a strangulated hernia. Nearing 6 hrs since the pain/discomfort started – think if it was I'd be dead already. Only plus is cute staff."

Fans then rushed to the star's social media accounts to wish him good health:

We hope he feels better soon!


They have both gone through very public splits recently, but maybe that's what has brought Vogue Williams and Professor Green together.

According to The Sun, a source claims that the pair have gone out on a series of dates over the past few weeks, with the most recent one being in a London pub.

"They looked completely relaxed eating out in the sunshine,” said the insider.

“After lunch, the two of them walked back to his just down the road and went inside.

“He was casually dressed while Vogue wore a pair of eye-catching sports shorts. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

Oooh, is a new relationship on the cards? Or are they just good buds? We're excited to see where this is all heading.