This long-distance proposal will have you welling up!


Long-distance relationships are never easy, and when you're each on different continents things can really be tough.

Omar and Sue have been together for a year and a half, despite the fact that he lives in Los Angeles and she lives in London. So when Omar decided to propose, he knew it had to be really special.

Turns out his lady is a big fan of the musical Rent, so Omar secretly flew into London and organised a theatre-themed flash mob involving some very talented singers… and a few of Sue's friends and family. He even changed the words of Seasons of Love to reflect their relationship. Aaaaw!

The hardest part? Keeping his arrival to England a secret. "We speak on Skype every day, use Facebook all the time, and just always want to know about each other's lives" said Omar in the video description. "So, to fly over to LA from London and pretend I'm still there was quite a challenge!"

To say we got a little bit emotional watching this would be an understatement!