Millie proves her marriage is definitely NOT in trouble


Millie Mackintosh and her husband Professor Green are on a romantic break in Paris for Valentine’s Day and she wants everyone to know it!

Following speculation that their marriage was in trouble after only five months of marriage, Professor Green decided to straighten things out and lost his cool on his Twitter account. 

Now it would seem Millie has found her own way to end speculation by uploading some intimate pictures to her Instagram account.

Millie uploaded a photo of Professor Green standing in their Parisian hotel room where you can visibly see her lingerie.

She captioned the sexy image with a series of hashtags that seem to say that she and her husband may be feeling worse for wear this morning: “#findthemenu #thishangoverrequirescarbsimmediately#pariswhydoyoudomeso #breakfastinbed#happyhallmarkholiday.”

The couple appear to be having a great romantic break, which is always nice to see, especially today!

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