How to keep the spark alive when you live together

Living together means spending A LOT of time with your other half. This time is usually used for relaxing but sometimes you need to put away the dressing gown and slip into something, sigh, less comfortable.

You won’t regret it though! Use these tips to keep your relationship from getting into a rut.

1. Date night
This should be spent away from the home. Go to the cinema, a romantic evening walk or a dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, McDonald’s will do. The important thing is to get out of the house together.

2. Communication
If there is an issue, talk about it! Holding it in will only put distance between you and manifest in unhealthy ways like screaming matches!

3. Small surprises
Make his favourite dinner or clean the bathroom. We know, gross. The sacrifices we make for love!

4. Sacred Sundays
Use Sundays to properly catch up with each other. Lie in, talk, make a nice breakfast, there are countless ways to spend a nice day together.

5. A sexy surprise
Summer isn’t here yet so we are still snuggled in our fluffy dressing gowns but sometimes you need to shave the legs, wax and slip into something a bit sexier. We think he’ll prefer this to any dinner you could cook!