Be honest! Would YOU like a Dublin restaurant with half-naked waiters?

This one is DEFINITELY for the ladies. 

If you have ever desired being served a meal by topless, hunky male waiters, well your wish may be about to come true. 

An Irish woman is looking to set up a restaurant aimed just for very girly evenings out in Dublin. 

Entrepreneur Michelle Ryan and her business partners want the unique restaurant idea to serve American style food for those looking for a very unusual dining experience.

"We were looking for something unusual. It'll be a unique and interesting experience aimed at women and gay men," said Michelle to the Irish Sun. 

"We think it would be a fun place to have in Dublin, something the city hasn't seen before."

Not going to lie, we are totally imagining scenes from Magic Mike. 

"It won't be seedy – it will be a lot of fun and a positive place."

Michelle and her business partners have already invested €250,000 into the venture but they have set up a Kickstarter page in order to crowd-fund the remaining €94,000 needed. 

And if you were worried about the hygienic aspect of topless men serving you your meal, the Dublin entrepreneur has it covered. 

"The regulators may object to staff tops coming off occasionally as we're serving food.

"We intend to work closely with the Health Board to ensure all regulations are adhered to and we are confident of achieving mutual respect."

Mmmm, yummy