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We thought Scott Disick had left his old party habits behind, but he reportedly was back to his old ways last night in Montreal.

In fact, following his appearance at Time Supper Club, the The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has left many fans demanding refunds. And it's no wonder: they had paid an astonishing €230 for meet-and-greets, which it is alleged Scott was then too drunk to honour. 

To make the situation worse, the appearance was supposed to help raise cash for the ONEXONE $1 feed a child campaign. 

Scott has battled booze problems in the past, but he has argued previously that these personal appearances are where he makes a lot of his money. 

He had a particularly disappointing UK tour which he cut short following a number of unsuccessful appearances. 

At one gig in a Leeds nightclub, Scott was more than two hours later – and then proceeded to stay at the venue for just 20 minutes. Still, that slot was enough time for him to tell a crude joke, thus insulting the majority of those in attendance. 

Scott attended the appearance last night with a group of friends which included his celebrity pal, Joe Jonas. 

Marketing Director for the Montreal nightclub, Thierry Havitov, accused the 32-year-old father-of-three of showing up past midnight despite being given a five-figure fee, according to Mail Online.

"He was partying like a champ juggling shots of Belvedere and chasing it with Dom Perignon," the organiser furthermore told The Mirror. Mr Havitov added: “He was in party mode.”

Many onlookers also described him a drunken mess. The New York-native, who was surrounded by pals at the event, headed straight to the VIP area and was knocking back drinks with his party

“Scott was belligerent and refused to do the meet and greet, which meant organisers had to give all the money back,” a source told In Touch magazine. It was a complete disaster.”

Furthermore, some fans began to become impatient, which led to a fight breaking out. Mr Havitov has now apologised for the disastrous night: “We apologised for they're not being a meet-and-greet and said online we would reimburse people.

"There a lot of crying and a lot drama,” he said.

Scott was eventually ushered out by the party organisers.




Well, we can't say we saw this one coming, that's for sure!

We’ve all heard and read about the Strictly Come Dancing curse for couples – and now it looks like Caroline Flack is the latest celeb to experience it!

Well, sort of – Caroline reportedly had a kiss with fellow star, Ola Jordan on a recent night out, with both of their partners present too!

Caroline is currently dating Jack Street while Ola has been married to James Jordan since 2003. 

The couples were on a night out in Essex, organised by fellow contestant Mark Wright, when the innocent kiss happened, with a source telling MailOnline: “It was just a bit of fun. Jack found it hilarious.”



We’re not sure who or what has angered Drake – but he is mad!

In a video obtained by TMZ, Rihanna’s ex was seen storming into a nightclub, with not even the bouncers being able to hold him back. 

In another bizarre twist, he also throws what is believed to be thousands of dollars on the ground during his temper tantrum. 

A man (we’re hoping one of his friends!) then collects the money from the ground. 

He definitely looked like he was on a mission to shout at someone inside the club – we wonder what went down?!



Chris Brown could be in a spot of bother where his questionable reputation stands!

The rapper was recorded shoving a woman who leaned in for a kiss at Limelight in Houston recently.

TMZ reports that the rapper was with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran at the time the incident occurred.

In the video, the woman can be seen leaning into Chris for a kiss before he angrily refutes her advances and continues on his way. 

While the woman was of course, uninjured, this probably wasn’t the best move for Chris as he tried to mend his reputation following an incident in 2009 where he beat up then girlfriend, Rihanna. 



London Underground commuters were treated to a party on the tube yesterday, complete with balloons and red carpet.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Khalil Dimachkie, you can see a bouncer and a security guy ensuring no riff raff get in to the club, even checking people for drugs.

Unfortunately it had a “one in, one out” policy so we’re not even sure if Khalil got to go in.

But, for us at least, the best part about this video is the Viking dancing away in the background.

Oh, please will someone would do this on the LUAS! 



While Cheryl Cole was twerking up a storm on Britain’s Got Talent last night, it seems her ex was landing himself in a lot of hot water!

Cheryl’s ex-hubby Ashley Cole is to be question by police over claims he assaulted a TV presenter in a nightclub.

The Chelsea football star, who is in the US after being overlooked for England’s World Cup squad, allegedly threw champagne over Sky TV presenter Donatella Panayiotou, yelling, “You know what this is for!”

Celebrities including rapper Drake were among the VIPs who turned out to celebrate basketball star Nick Young’s 29th birthday at Hollywood nightclub Lure last night.

Donatella, who also starred in ITV series Young, Posh and Loaded, is believed to have slapped Ashley in the face during the row.

She could be heard screaming: ‘I’ve never done anything to you. Who the f*** do you think you are?’”

The spat spilled outside before both stormed off in opposite ­directions, still hurling abuse.

Donatella has now contacted LAPD, claiming Ashley confronted her in a nightclub and poured champagne over her head.

She has also told officers she was pushed and shoved during the bust-up, which she says ended with her throat piercing being ripped out.

Donatella made waves last year, after it was revealed Corrie actress Helen Flanagan’s beau Scott Sinclair had been ‘sexting’ her.

Oh, the drama!



Max George took to Twitter to voice his annoyance, after his ex Michelle Keegan refused to sit with him. Watch the video to find out exactly what he had to say.



Not everyone that you go on a night out with will add something positive to the party and more often than not there are those that will infuriate you and ruin the night. Here are 14 of the worst offenders on a night out:

The Fake Person
Nothing about them screams I’m honest and everything screams the opposite. Whether it’s hair extensions, fake nails or just a stinker of an attitude we all know one. The only saving grace is that you can see them coming a mile away so act accordingly.



The Passive Aggressive Person
They stand there all night belittling everyone left, right and centre of them and ruining the night for everyone else.


The Bitchy Person
Back handed remarks about your clothes is something that will give them deep satisfaction, they will probably talk about your mates behind their backs to you, and do the same to you behind your back…


The Leech
Will be rustling in their pockets at the door of the club…”oh shit, I forgot my wallet/money/pride”…and because you’re a sound friend you sponsor them for the night. But it is never spoken of again by them, until the next night….


The Non Dancer
The person who refuses to bust a move….but will (in fairness) do a little jig towards the end of the night when that one song they know blares through the house system.


The Always Dancing Person
The person who refuses to do anything but bust a move.


The Fighter
That one person you know who has a point that once they reach will basically claim anyone who is in their way. An embarrassment to be around.


The Lover
They may never show any emotion during the normal day to day relationship you have with them but the second that precious alcohol juice trickles down their throat they are all over you, showering you with compliments as if the literally could not live without you



The Disappearing Friend
You both came into the club together but you haven’t seen them since…wait, they were with you…right? Right?!


The Person Who Won’t Go Home
Post-club, you end up at a session and you and your mates have enough respect to stay for a few drinks and call it a night…HOWEVER. There’s that one mate who will stay, mix with all the people he doesn’t know and not leave until Tuesday week.


The Complainer
Just nag nag nag all night. Doorman was ignorant, heels not big enough, not enough guys looking at her, ice too cold….SHADDUP…


The Sex Crazed One
They have been talking about nothing else since you all decided you were heading out tonight.


The Puker
Too much alcohol spoils the broth…and you may be they one holding their hair back as they vomit the content of both their stomach and dignity into the unsuspecting toilet bowl…


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Drunk
Before the night is over, the changeable one in your group will switch between numerous personalities and do some of the following  a) smash their phone b) smash your phone c) cry d) cry some more. Next morning, they’ll make you breakfast and flat out not be able to remember what happened the night before.


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It has been reported that a reconciliation may be on the cards for Rihanna and Drake.

The two have been seen together numerous times in the past month and just last night Rihanna was spotted at Drake’s DJ set in the Soixante Dix Neuf nightclub in Paris.

The couple were rumoured to be a couple last year which was said to have resulted in a brawl between Drake and Chris Brown in W.I.P. nightclub in New York City. However Rihanna has since said that the fight had nothing to do with her and told Vogue she “wasn’t even there”.



She may have only just split with husband Lamar Odom but that hasn’t stopped Khloe Kardashian from having a good time.

Khloe was seen on the dance floor getting very close to rapper The Game and even twerking at one stage. What may make the whole situation even stranger is her mother Kris was there.


Khloe uploaded a video of herself twerking to her Twitter account with the caption: “I’m a mess! LOL at least I make myself laugh!”


Could it be that these two are actually a couple now? It certainly looks like that!