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The closest we’ve ever gotten to a yacht is singing I’m On a Boat over and over while our mates threw flipflops at us, so getting to steal a sneak peek inside a real one is kind of a big deal.

And to know that a five-deck, 240-foot beauty, which could be ours for a mere €119 million, is currently docked in Kinsale, Co Cork is almost more than we can bear.

So ladies, should you want to 'feel the wind in your harms' as our favourite Friend Rachel Green might say, Grace E will set you back €600,000 a week, but hear us out cos it’s totally worth it.

Boasting a pool, hydrotherapy bath, open-air Jacuzzi and gym, Grace E, which is believed to be owned by Florida-based billionaire Bob Stiller, is exactly what dreams are made of.

Oh, and did we mention the fact it sleeps 12 guests across six suites and even rocks its own beauty salon, massage area and film library? Well, it does, and we want IN!

With a crew of 20 to tend to your needs, time spent on this award-winning vessel would set us up for life.

We can just see the Cribs snapchat now…

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Late last month teenager Ciara O’Brien was on a night out with friends at the newly-opened The Moorings night club in Kinsale.

She has since been left paralysed and her family have said “her spirits were broken by the way she was treated by the health system.”

An accident at the venue saw Ciara fall two-and-a-half metres from a three storey building. She was taken to Cork University Hospital but was subsequently airlifted to the Mater in Dublin in order to receive specialist care for spinal injuries.

The 18-year old had just sat her Leaving Cert at Kinsale Community School and her family and friends were “devastated and shocked” by what had happened.

She suffered several spinal injuries after the fall and is now in a wheelchair. Her aunt, Maria O'Mahony, has said that the facilities in Cork were not equipped to for dealing with Ciara’s needs. When she first arrived in CUH after receiving treatment in Dublin since the accident, she was unable to get from her bed in her shared room to the bathroom facilities.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Maria said Ciara had been doing very well while recovering at the Mater but upon moving back to CUH things had gone to well.

“It’s like she’s been forced to start her recovery all over again,” she explained.

A spokesperson for CUH told the Independent that when Ciara arrived the hospital was “exceptionally busy with approximately 80 emergency admissions daily.”

She has since been given a private room and the wheelchair which she now requires and is said to be “over joyed” with these improvements in her care.

The Irish Sun spoke with Kinsale Cllr Kevin Murphy at the times who said: “You don’t expect such a dreadful thing to happen when a young girl is out socialising.”

The 'freak accident' occurred only one month after the club had been reopened following renovations. Business continued as usual after Ciara's fall with Declan Ryan of The Moorings telling the Sunday World

“It was just an accident. She fell about 8 foot [2.5metres] from the side of the building. It wasn’t in the club it was beside it.”



A teenager fell two-and-a-half metres from a three-storey building in Cork at 2.30am yesterday – and now has suspected serious spinal injuries.

Ciara O’Brien was on a night-out with her friends at the newly-opened The Moorings venue in Kinsale; a beach-themed bash was being held to mark the end of summer.

Following the incident, the 18-year-old was taken to Cork University Hospital, but has now been airlifted to the specialist spinal injuries unit at the Mater in Dublin.

Ciara had only recently celebrated her Debs and sat her Leaving Cert at Kinsale Community School. Friends told the Irish Sun that they and her family are “devastated and shocked” by what happened.

The full extend of her injuries is still being accessed by doctors in Dublin.

Kinsale Cllr Kevin Murphy, who knows the family, also told the Irish Sun: “It’s a terrible shock for all her relatives.

“You don’t expect such a dreadful thing to happen when a young girl is out socialising.

“The family are devastated and are praying she’ll make a full recovery.

“We don’t know the extent of her injuries, we’ll find that out over the coming days.

“They don’t know how bad it is yet.

“She is a gorgeous young girl. Her family are the nicest people you could ever meet — they are salt of the earth.

“It’s very upsetting for the whole Kinsale area. The family are very well-known in the locality and all our thoughts are with them.”

Gardai have now launched an investigation and a garda spokesman has confirmed: “An 18-year-old girl fell from the flat roof of a licenced premises on Market Street in Kinsale early on Saturday.

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Posted by The Moorings Kinsale on Friday, 21 August 2015


“She was taken to Cork University Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the Mater Hospital in Dublin. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

The Moorings nightclub only reopened last month under new ownership.

Business continued as normal at the venue last night with the second of their beach-themed bashes taking place as planned.

Declan Ryan of The Moorings last night explained to the Sunday World: “It was simply just a freak accident,” adding: “It was just an accident. She fell about 8 foot [2.5metres] from the side of the building.

"It wasn’t in the club it was beside it.”

He also said that he had met with Gardai and that all the staff at the venue were “hoping and praying she will be OK”.