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If you walked into a nightclub – and a rave nightclub at that – and saw an elderly couple, what would you think?

Are they lost? Abandoned? Nah, they just want to party.

That's what happened to DJ Jacob Husley when he spotted a Polish husband and wife at the rave he was performing at.

According to Buzzfeed News, he was totally confused as to why the couple were there, so he spoke to the security guard who told him that the couple bought tickets and walked right in without a bother.

“I asked them whether they were OK because it sort of looked like they shouldn’t be there,” he said. “They didn’t speak English, so they just smiled at me and continued on."

“But I still had a suspicion that there might be something wrong, so later I went over and had a proper chat with them and it turned out they they had planned the whole trip.”

As the night went on, a raver in the club who spoke both Polish and English acted as a translator for Jacob and the elderly couple.

The man and wife told him that they were visiting their daughter in Watford and heard about this rave in a newspaper back home, so they decided to give it a try.

And it worked out well for them, as they were offered free drinks throughout the whole night, yet after one shot of tequila each, all they wanted was some tea. Aw!

They were even welcomed into the VIP area (which is usually closed on rave nights) but when Jacob went to check on them a few minutes later, they left and made their way to the middle of the dance floor.

“I think people are just really accepting of each other, I think that’s what clubbing is all about … People were dancing with them, came over to talk to them, and took pictures with them,” he said.

“They had no music requests, but they seemed to really enjoy the music. They were on the dance floor holding hands and putting their hands up in the air."

"They stayed until 5am, so it was obvious that they did enjoy themselves."

If we're ANYTHING like this in our 80s, we'd be pretty happy campers. Fair play to them!

Image: Jacob Husley/Abbleleek Facebook



Much as we love Pixar's Up, the fact that it begins on a fairly devastating note is always a little hard to bear.

But for this real-life Ellie and Carl, there's no sad goodbye just yet, as they have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

With the help of their grandson Jason Lyle Black – already a YouTube star – the married couple put together a gorgeous Up-style tribute to mark their six decades together.

The whole video is an homage to Pixar's most poignant love story, from the tennis-ball cane to the theme tune the couple play together on their piano.

Of course, playing duets is nothing new for Jason's grandparents – the pair have been making music together since they first got married.

"My grandparents were very excited to be part of this video," Jason said. 

"I’ve loved their piano duets ever since I was a little kid, so this will be a family treasure for all of us."

We challenge you not to cry while watching it.


For the hopeless romantics out there (and the cynics too!) this is the perfect video to prove that romance is well and truly alive.

Joan Culberwell and Thomas McGonigal were walking through the streets of Wolverhampton in the UK, when they heard a busker play one of their favourite songs.

The 84-year-old then proceeded to ask his 84-year-old wife for a dance. The couple who have been together for 40 years, then began to waltz to the tune in the middle of the shopping street.

The sweet footage of the couple dancing has since become a viral hit. Thomas explained the incident wasn’t planned and he simply wanted to take Joan for a waltz: “It wasn’t a planned thing, Joan and I were walking through town to Boots when we stopped to listen to a busker. He was playing a medley of lovely ballroom tunes and I could sense Joan moving her feet. I was tapping along and just said to her 'may I take this dance?' and that was that”.