‘Booze, bubbles and BUMS’: London has opened its first naked nightclub

In the past year there has been a huge boom with… naked stuff. From restaurants to rooftop bars, it looks like the world is keen on getting starkers to enjoy their weekend activities.

And the latest venture into the world of no-clothes is a nightclub.

Now, we all know that your average nightclub is not the most hygienic, and give it an hour or two of people bopping around, and the place is practically a sweat house.

So, imagine THAT – along with sweaty pits and jiggly bits everywhere in sight…

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The club, called Get Naked at the Takeover Bar in Greek Street, Soho, launched last month and operates two nights a week.

It is optional to get your kit off (you can't exactly force anyone to go nude), and those who do decide to take their tops off will be rewarded with a bottle of champers for their, erm…'bravery'.

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Live music, naked hula-hoopers (???) and naked shot-servers fill the bar each night, with the promoters saying it is "steeped in debauchery", with "booze, bubbles and bums."

We think we'll pass on this one…