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Marnie Simpson was left in shock after her now ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor cheated on her on Valentine's Day while she was filming a new season of Geordie Shore.

Lewis posted an extensive apology to Marnie on his social media, which Marnie's Geordie Shore co-star Aaron Chalmers retweeted, adding his own accusations.

Now, Lewis has broken his social media sabbatical by clapping back at Aaron, challenging him to a fight and slinging insults in 180 characters or less.

Lewis didn't hold back when it came to slating Aaron's appearance, and even insulted the Gerodie star's extensive gallery of body art.

The TV personality was creative in his scorn, calling Aaron an "egg," a "peacock" and an "ugly nose boy." The tweets have since been deleted. 

By far the most outlandish tweet came when Lewis invited Aaron to a £20,000 (€23,595) three-round charity fight to settle their differences. 

Aaron was en route to Australia at the time, so a member of his team tweeted back with a response, accepting the offer to fight Lewis on Aaron's behalf. 

The tweet requests that Lewis put the £20,000 in Aaron's solicitor's account, and that if he does, the fight will go down on Aaron's return. 

If this fight actually happens, we will definitely cough up for the pay per view.

We wonder if Marnie will be acting as the ring girl? 

In response to the drama, Marnie simply tweeted a row of anxious face emojis. 

The drama began when Aaron tweeted at Lewis, saying: "Why don't you start by paying back some of the 20-25K you sponged off her?" after Lewis posted an apology to Marnie for cheating on her.

While Lewis was in the throes of cheating on Marnie, he allegedly told the girl he was about to sleep with that the relationship was fake and that he was only involved with Marnie for the money.

"Thousands, thousands he’s had out of me. Then he has the audacity to tell the girl that he’s only with me for the money," Marnie raged in a Snapchat rant. 

Marnie later posted to say that it wasn't fair to allow people to think that Lewis had sponged money from her, and refuted the claims.

The post, which seemed to reflect positively of her relationship with Lewis and specifically slated the girls he had cheated with, led fans to believe that Marnie may consider getting back together with the Big Brother star. 

Lets see how she feels after this charity fight. If it actually happens. 



Marnie Simpson was left in shock after her now ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor cheated on her on Valentine's Day while she was filming a new season of Geordie Shore.

The reality TV star posted a seven-minute rant on Snapchat in which she lashed out at the TV personality, and now a new tweet from Marnie has fans speculating that she may take him back.

Lewis posted an extensive apology to Marnie on his social media, which Marnie's Geordie Shore co-star Aaron Chalmers retweeted, adding his own accusation.

"Why don't you start by paying back some of the 20-25K you sponged off her?"

While Lewis was in the throes of cheating on Marnie, he allegedly told the girl he was about to sleep with that the relationship was fake and that he was only involved with Marnie for the money.

"Thousands, thousands he’s had out of me. Then he has the audacity to tell the girl that he’s only with me for the money," Marnie raged in her Snapchat rant. 

"I can’t actually believe it. I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve smashed my house up. Every emotion, I’m still in shock."

Since then, Marnie has again posted to Twitter abut the ordeal.

Sharing a lengthy statement, she said: "Lewis did not take 25k from me, it's unfair for me to let people think that as it's not true."

"Although I did help him incredibly a lot through our relationship it wasn't all one sided as he did guide me in different ways he was kind and loving and encouraged me in everything I did, which is why I'm so torn apart by his actions, I didn't expect it."


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It's all well and good to clear the air, but there are some lines in her statement that have led fans to another conclusion. 

"Our relationship was happy, strong and amazing, despite anything there horrid girls have said."

"I refuse to let it turn what was real for me into a lost cause. And I don't want the last 8 months of my life to be a waste."

Some fans are commending Marnie for her dignified response to the further allegations, but others are speculating that the statement might be a sign that Marnie may consider taking her ex back.

"Oh god.. she's going to take him back," said one. "You've got mug written across your forehead!! Don't blame the girls it was your horrid boyfriend that done wrong not the girls," said another.

Lewis took to Twitter to apologise for his actions, calling Marnie a "very special girl" and an "amazing person" and apologising for the pain he has caused her.

He also said that he would be staying off social media "for the foreseeable future".




Marnie Simpson has lashed out at ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor after it was revealed that he cheated on her on Valentine's Day.

Taking to Snapchat last night, Marnie branded the TV personality a "scumbag" in a series of videos. 


"I don't normally do videos but I feel like I want to get my point across about what the hell has just happened," began the star, in the first video of many in a seven-minute rant.

"I've literally just spend the last seven months of my life with an absolute phoney, lying cheating scumbag."

Marnie went on to thank the female, albeit sarcastically, who Lewis cheated with, for saving her from staying with her cheating boyfriend and opening her eyes to his "true ways."

"Thank you for being a massive s*** and jumping into bed with my boyfriend." 


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The woman with whom he cheated has come forward to share her story about the infidelity encounter.

Amelia Guest spotted the reality TV star hailing a taxi, and in a star-struck moment, jokingly asked if he wanted to come to London with her and her friend. 

Lewis was reportedly "begging to snog" Amelia, and in a video obtained by The Sun, the two can be seen kissing and canoodling under the covers of hotel bed. 


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In her Snapchat rant, Marnie also revealed that she remained faithful to Lewis in the upcoming series of Geordie Shore, despite living with her ex Aaron Chalmers, with whom she was "quite serious." 

The new 12-episode series is set to air sometime in April, so if anyone was hoping for a rekindling between Aaron and Marnie, according to the Geordie star you are set for disappointment. 


When it comes to the do's and dont's of relationships, it seems Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor need a crash course.

Despite insisting they were the real thing during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the reality star couple appear to have seriously struggled after getting back to their normal lives.

"Things on the outside are very different to how they are inside the CBB house and we have kind of got a completely different relationship to what we had in there, so it's back to basics," Marnie recently explained.


Tune in today on loose women xx

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In recent weeks, Marnie deleted all trace of Lewis from her Instagram before admitting during an appearance on Loose Women that she had overreacted.

"We had an argument and I deleted every picture of him on Instagram. I was really angry and immature and forgot everyone can look at it." she admitted.

And just days after the social media clear out, Marnie was back Snapchattin' footage of a naked Lewis roaming through her house, so it's no surprise the public are starting to question whether Marnie and Lewis have any idea what they're doing.

Addressing that notion in her latest column for Star magazine, Marnie insists her boyfriend is the one causing issues.

"It's been a difficult week with Lewis and I having a two-day argument, but my friends have been amazing," she wrote.

"I love Lewis, but he needs to make some changes to the way he behaves if he wants our relationship to work," Marnie added.

Can we also suggest ditching the naked Snapchats?




There are many, many things grown men should just never do.

And top of the list is to wear a nothing but a jaunty cap while wandering around the house butt-naked.

Unfortunately for Marnie Simpson's Snapchat followers, the Geordie Shore's star boyfriend, Lewis Bloor, never got the memo and was more than happy to be filmed doing exactly that.

After recently deleting all trace of Lewis from her social media accounts, Marnie came back with a bang this week… and we really wish she hadn't.

Sharing footage of the TOWIE star wearing little more than a grin – oh, and a strategically-placed aubergine – Marinie confirmed that the love story which blossomed in the Celebrity Big Brother house is far from over.

Well, thanks for that.



For a woman so in tune with social media, it seems hard to believe that Geordie Shore's Marnie didn't anticipate the speculation which would ensue when she made the decision to delete all trace of her boyfriend Lewis Bloor from her Instagram page.

Marnie, who got together with Lewis during Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, decided to address the rumours that she and the TOWIE star had split during an appearance on Loose Women today.

Dismissing the reports that she and Lewis had called time on her romance, Marnie admitted that while they are finding their long-distance relationship difficult, they are still very much together.

"It’s really really tough just because we live so far away from each other.” Marnie admitted. "We’re working through it. It’s hard."

Acknowledging the fall-out from her social media move, Marnie appeared to regret deleting the photos, saying: "We had an argument and I went and deleted every single picture of him off Instagram.”

“I forget everyone’s looking and I thought, ‘Why have I done that?’ Like, now I’ve put so much pressure on us," she added.

And Lewis didn't help matters either after tweeting a message which appeared to suggest he was content with developments, writing: "One door closes another one opens that's how life works."

Keeping us on our toes there, guys.



When it comes to the vast majority of reality television couples, their respective social accounts generally act as a barometer of how well the relationship is going.

With this in mind it's perhaps no surprise that Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor's fans and followers are under the impression that the Celebrity Big Brother couple may have called time on their romance.

The rumour mill went into overdrive at the weekend when the Geordie star appeared to delete all trace of her new boyfriend from her Instagram account before posting a message – which she quickly deleted – which read "Over before it begun'.

And if that wasn't enough to pique the interest of the public, Lewis added fuel to the fire by tweeting a message which suggests he may have already come to terms with  the split, writing: "One door closes, another one opens, that's how life works."

Assuming that the couple's time together had come to an end, Lewis' followers were quick to weigh in, with one writing: "Don't give up so easily. Fight for the girl you love and what you have,"

"You should fight for the ppl you love if you really love each other you will get trough it no matter how hard it is," wrote another (sic)

"Nooooo… don't give up. You guys are too goals to give up," added another fan.

And while Lewis was taking advice from die-hard romantics, it seemed Marnie was doing what she does best – nursing a pretty hefty hangover.

"I only had the 1 picture I posted. I know total blur of a night. STILL never drinking Again haha," she wrote last night.

Aw, what about this ring Lewis was planning to place on Marnie's finger?


She might be all loved up with Lewis Bloor, but that hasn’t stopped Marnie Simpson from locking lips with Chloe Ferry.

The popular reality star has been caught on camera passionately kissing her Geordie Shore castmate while filming a game show called Release The Hounds in Lithuania.

In footage obtained by The Sun, the 24-year-old brunette – who admitted to being bisexual in May this year – can be seen shifting Chloe against a nightclub wall.

Upon realising they are being filmed, the girls laugh before running onto the dancefloor.

On Friday, Marnie made light of the situation on Twitter by writing: “Standard Chloe and Marnie behaviour last night.  We are literally made for Geordie Shore the way we gan on isn’t normal (sic).”

The following day she tweeted: “Lithuania was a experience mind.  Jeeeeez (sic).”

The controversial columnist has been involved in a public romance with TOWIE star Lewis Bloor since meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house this summer.

Despite still being in the early stages of their romance, the couple have already spoken openly about their five year plan and their desire to live closer together.


Despite making her name in Newcastle as part of MTV’s Geordie Shore, Marnie Simpson is planning a move to TOWIE land so she can be close to new love Lewis Bloor.

In a recent interview with Star magazine, the 24-year-old reality star confessed that she’s hoping to buy a house in Essex where she says “it will be nice to be close to Lewis”, who she met while filming Celebrity Big Brother this summer.

The controversial star told the mag: “I'm meeting a mortgage adviser soon because I'm thinking of buying my first house…I've always wanted to move down south.  Essex is a good location.”


Barcelona.  @lewisbloor1

A photo posted by M A R N I E | G . S H O R E  (@marniegshore) on

And while you might think Marnie would happily become neighbours with her former co-star Vicky Pattison, the outspoken brunette says she hopes to dodge the Loose Women panellist when she moves.

“I know Vicky lives there now,” she said.  “But it's a big place and I doubt that we'll cross paths.  We certainly won't be hanging out as friends.”

Earlier this year, Marnie confessed that Vicky is the only ex Geordie Shore housemate who she has no contact with.

In her Star magazine column, she wrote: “I still speak to all the ex Geordie Shore cast members apart from one – Vicky Pattison!”

“We do NOT like each other, so it was always clear we wouldn't stay in touch.”


Busy week ahead cant wait to see this one saturday big party in my hometown #essex

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So, Vicky should not expect you for tea?


They’ve already talked five-year-plans and the possibility of marriage so really it shouldn’t come as any major surprise that Marnie Simpson has already met Lewis Bloor’s family.

But when you consider that the new couple only launched “the world’s longest first date” upon entering the Celebrity Big Brother house a little over a month ago surely it all seems to be moving a tad fast?

In her latest Star magazine column the Geordie Shore cast member revealed that she met her new beau’s family over the weekend and it went really well.


Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. @marniegshore

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She wrote: “Things with Lewis have been amazing.  I met his family at the weekend!  I was nervous, but they felt they already knew me because they’d watched me on TV.”

And while expressing her opinions through a very public medium, Marnie decided to reiterate for those who mightn’t have realised that she and Lewis have kept their newfound love on the DL since leaving CBB.

The 24-year-old Geordie – who was previously engaged to TOWIE star Ricky Rayment – said: “As for people saying we’re a showmance, that’s ridiculous. Since we came out, we’ve kept everything private.”


Shoutout to my boy @archiescars for running me & @marniegshore around this weekend best car to be driven to clubs in

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Building on her BAE’s comments that they are well and truly in it for the long haul, Marnie added that she can see Lewnie lasting “a long time”.



It's safe to say they were the talk of the town on Celebrity Big Brother.

Much like Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis, the pair flaunted their relationship on-screen, but unlike Jez and Steph, they're not going to broadcast it now that they're out of the house.

According to a source close to the pair, Marnie and Lewis want to keep their relationship going and will keep the more intimate details private.


Okay. @lewisbloor1

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"Lewis and Marnie are well aware what people are saying about their relationship. They know that things moved very quickly between them in the house but they truly believe what they have is genuine," the insider told The Sun Online.

"They both have enough experience in the industry to know that the way to persuade people they are for real is by not shoving it in their faces.


Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. @marniegshore

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"Of course they’ve been inundated with offers for mag shoots since leaving the house but despite some of the offers being very tempting, they have turned them all down so far. 

"Instead they plan on keeping their romance mostly to themselves without OTT shoots and endless interviews."

Even though we weren't so sure about them in the house, it seems like they're making the right decision now.


If anyone knows anything about a show-mance, it's Charlotte Crosby.

But with her on/off relationship with Gary Beadle finally over, it seems that Char has learned a thing or two about TV romances.

And one TV romance that has been captivating our TV screens for the past few weeks is CBB's Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor.

They swear that they love each other, and he even wants to put a ring on it, however, Charlotte thinks that once the cameras are off them, it's going nowhere.

"I don't see anything materialising with them on the outside. I don't think Marnie's suited to him," she told New! mag.

To be honest Charlotte, we didn't see it going anywhere either.