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Marnie Simpson is loving life as a new mum, but her journey to motherhood wasn’t as smooth as she hoped. The reality star welcomed her son Rox in October, but experienced a harrowing labour before meeting her baby boy.

Marnie’s labour lasted 28 hours and the mum revealed she lost two pints of blood during it.


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She told OK! Magazine that she felt upset because her birthing plan didn’t work out.

“Some people have such smooth births but I just can’t fathom that. I feel like my body failed me,”she shared.

Marnie had to have an episiotomy when she was giving birth to her baby boy. An episiotomy is when the midwife makes a cut between your vagina and anus to help avoid tearing and to make the vagina wider for birth.


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Marnie shared, “If I carried on pushing they said there was a chance I could have torn."

The new mum revealed that she haemorrhage during the birth.

“Then when I was delivering I haemorrhaged and I lost so much blood that I had to have two blood transfusions. I lost two pints of blood and there are nine pints in a woman’s body!" she added.


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Marnie’s partner Casey stressed that the labour was an upsetting and difficult experience especially because he couldn’t do much to help. He admitted that he felt useless seeing Marnie like that.

“There was so much blood. It was overwhelming. I was asking them what was happening. It was horrible to watch,” the new dad added.

Marnie and Casey are proud parents to baby Rox.


Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson are officially parents.

The couple have welcomed their first child together and we couldn’t be happier for them. Casey took to Instagram to share their joyous news.

The new dad revealed they welcomed a baby boy after a 28 hour labour for Marnie.


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He opened up about becoming a parent for the first time in an emotional post.

“Where do I start… after 28 hours of labour my strong amazing princess @marns delivered our gorgeous little man on the 29th October at 4:20pm 8.1!!! my beautiful baby boy was born,” he gushed.


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The dad, who was undoubtedly overwhelmed with emotions, continued, “I can’t even describe my emotions right now, it’s been a long journey ( 10 months ). Watching the person you adore in pain is not nice but the gift we both have right now just wipes away all the bad moments through labour.”

“I literally sit and stare at him non stop with Marnie, he’s the start of our family, he’s so cute! Again I wanna say thank you to everybody who has messaged me, it means a lot, the support has been absolutely amazing,” Casey added.


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He ended the post with the most heartwarming message for new mum Marnie. He wrote, “Marnie, you have done so well, you grew this human inside you and boy did you do it perfectly and the right way. I love you, Marnie. Thank you for being my baby mumma, you KILLED IT.”

Casey and Marnie have yet to confirm the name of their son but we’re sure it’ll be adorable.


Pregnant reality star Marnie Simpson has opened up about her "major anxiety" surrounding cellulite,

The 27-year-old ex-Geordie Shore star has documented her "daunting" pregnancy journey with her 3.5 million social media followers, and got candid about the tough changes which her body has faced.

Admitting she felt "uncomfortable" about her stretch marks, the mum-to-be poses frequently in front of mirrors to show off her burgeoning baby bump.

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Marnie said that the changes to her gorgeous physique have been "challenging" to experience.

In a long Instagram post, she wrote: "Can't believe I'm almost there, pregnancy has been a experience. Watching my body change has been challenging to say the least.

"Not going to lie, I've started to develop some stretch marks and water retention leaving me with a hell more cellulite than usual which is daunting, but I know it's going to be so worth it regardless when I see my baby boy."

The reality star was honest about her "major anxiety" over giving birth and facing motherhood for the first time, but she wants to keep "social media real" for her fans.


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"No pregnancy is perfect, I've felt insecure, tired, hormonal, and overall c**p but social media only sees the ups, never the downs! Which is frustrating but I wanna keep it real for all the other mammas out there!

"I'm also suffering with major anxiety daily about the birth and the aftermath, especially with all my previous bladder trouble I'm just so scared of the unknown," she continued.

"I'm so grateful for all the messages I get daily it literally keeps me going and calms me down to know there is so many of us all feeling the same. We got this girlies."


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Mum-to-be Marnie has been speaking out about all the aspects of pregnancy alongside her boyfriend, 24-year-old Casey Johnson.

The happy couple starred in the new Geordie Shore series: OG, which will follow Marnie as she swaps her party girl lifestyle for parenthood.

Marnie is expecting to give birth in September to a baby boy, and we're sure her followers will be kept in the loop.

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Marnie Simpson has confirmed that she is expecting her first baby.

The 27-year-old announced the happy news to OK! magazine alongside her boyfriend, Casey Johnson.

The Geordie Shore star revealed that she was worried about her infertility after years of alcohol abuse.


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She said, ''Because I’d done Geordie Shore I’d convinced myself that I couldn’t have kids because of all the alcohol abuse.''

 Marnie and Casey visited a fertility clinic last September after deciding to start a family together.

The pair have been together for two years after meeting on celebrity dating show Single AF.

Casey is so excited for the next step and says, ''I don’t think you’re ever ready until it happens, but we’re so excited. It feels amazing.''


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Marnie had revealed before that she was hoping to wait until she was 27 to have a child, and wants a boy.

She said, ''I think it’s because my family is all girls.''

Marnie also spoke about her abortion, which she underwent when she was 19. 

She said it was ‘definitely’ the right decision because she was young and unemployed.

Now she is gearing up to welcome her first baby this October and we wish her all the best in her pregnancy.



Niall Horan is a national treasure, but he's been looking across the channel for a potential love match.

Gerodie Shore's Marnie Simpson, who recently went through a break up with her ex Lewis Bloor, has been sliding into the 1D star's DMs, but Niall isn't the only one she's been corresponding with. 

Marnie has also gotten chatting to X Factor singer James Arthur. 


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"I’ve been speaking to them. We’ve said hello and I’ve spoken over DMs with both of them," the Geordie star told The Sun.

The Mullingar man is a fan of the show, according to Marnie, and the pair have been chatting about it, though Marnie insists that it is just "friendly."


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Marnie is still separated  from Lewis Bloor after it was revealed that her cheated on her.

We think Niall is a much better option, Marns. 



Marnie Simpson was left in shock after her now ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor cheated on her on Valentine's Day while she was filming a new season of Geordie Shore.

Lewis posted an extensive apology to Marnie on his social media, which Marnie's Geordie Shore co-star Aaron Chalmers retweeted, adding his own accusations.

Now, Lewis has broken his social media sabbatical by clapping back at Aaron, challenging him to a fight and slinging insults in 180 characters or less.

Lewis didn't hold back when it came to slating Aaron's appearance, and even insulted the Gerodie star's extensive gallery of body art.

The TV personality was creative in his scorn, calling Aaron an "egg," a "peacock" and an "ugly nose boy." The tweets have since been deleted. 

By far the most outlandish tweet came when Lewis invited Aaron to a £20,000 (€23,595) three-round charity fight to settle their differences. 

Aaron was en route to Australia at the time, so a member of his team tweeted back with a response, accepting the offer to fight Lewis on Aaron's behalf. 

The tweet requests that Lewis put the £20,000 in Aaron's solicitor's account, and that if he does, the fight will go down on Aaron's return. 

If this fight actually happens, we will definitely cough up for the pay per view.

We wonder if Marnie will be acting as the ring girl? 

In response to the drama, Marnie simply tweeted a row of anxious face emojis. 

The drama began when Aaron tweeted at Lewis, saying: "Why don't you start by paying back some of the 20-25K you sponged off her?" after Lewis posted an apology to Marnie for cheating on her.

While Lewis was in the throes of cheating on Marnie, he allegedly told the girl he was about to sleep with that the relationship was fake and that he was only involved with Marnie for the money.

"Thousands, thousands he’s had out of me. Then he has the audacity to tell the girl that he’s only with me for the money," Marnie raged in a Snapchat rant. 

Marnie later posted to say that it wasn't fair to allow people to think that Lewis had sponged money from her, and refuted the claims.

The post, which seemed to reflect positively of her relationship with Lewis and specifically slated the girls he had cheated with, led fans to believe that Marnie may consider getting back together with the Big Brother star. 

Lets see how she feels after this charity fight. If it actually happens. 



Marnie Simpson was left in shock after her now ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor cheated on her on Valentine's Day while she was filming a new season of Geordie Shore.

The reality TV star posted a seven-minute rant on Snapchat in which she lashed out at the TV personality, and now a new tweet from Marnie has fans speculating that she may take him back.

Lewis posted an extensive apology to Marnie on his social media, which Marnie's Geordie Shore co-star Aaron Chalmers retweeted, adding his own accusation.

"Why don't you start by paying back some of the 20-25K you sponged off her?"

While Lewis was in the throes of cheating on Marnie, he allegedly told the girl he was about to sleep with that the relationship was fake and that he was only involved with Marnie for the money.

"Thousands, thousands he’s had out of me. Then he has the audacity to tell the girl that he’s only with me for the money," Marnie raged in her Snapchat rant. 

"I can’t actually believe it. I’ve cried, I’ve screamed, I’ve smashed my house up. Every emotion, I’m still in shock."

Since then, Marnie has again posted to Twitter abut the ordeal.

Sharing a lengthy statement, she said: "Lewis did not take 25k from me, it's unfair for me to let people think that as it's not true."

"Although I did help him incredibly a lot through our relationship it wasn't all one sided as he did guide me in different ways he was kind and loving and encouraged me in everything I did, which is why I'm so torn apart by his actions, I didn't expect it."


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It's all well and good to clear the air, but there are some lines in her statement that have led fans to another conclusion. 

"Our relationship was happy, strong and amazing, despite anything there horrid girls have said."

"I refuse to let it turn what was real for me into a lost cause. And I don't want the last 8 months of my life to be a waste."

Some fans are commending Marnie for her dignified response to the further allegations, but others are speculating that the statement might be a sign that Marnie may consider taking her ex back.

"Oh god.. she's going to take him back," said one. "You've got mug written across your forehead!! Don't blame the girls it was your horrid boyfriend that done wrong not the girls," said another.

Lewis took to Twitter to apologise for his actions, calling Marnie a "very special girl" and an "amazing person" and apologising for the pain he has caused her.

He also said that he would be staying off social media "for the foreseeable future".




Marnie Simpson has lashed out at ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor after it was revealed that he cheated on her on Valentine's Day.

Taking to Snapchat last night, Marnie branded the TV personality a "scumbag" in a series of videos. 


"I don't normally do videos but I feel like I want to get my point across about what the hell has just happened," began the star, in the first video of many in a seven-minute rant.

"I've literally just spend the last seven months of my life with an absolute phoney, lying cheating scumbag."

Marnie went on to thank the female, albeit sarcastically, who Lewis cheated with, for saving her from staying with her cheating boyfriend and opening her eyes to his "true ways."

"Thank you for being a massive s*** and jumping into bed with my boyfriend." 


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The woman with whom he cheated has come forward to share her story about the infidelity encounter.

Amelia Guest spotted the reality TV star hailing a taxi, and in a star-struck moment, jokingly asked if he wanted to come to London with her and her friend. 

Lewis was reportedly "begging to snog" Amelia, and in a video obtained by The Sun, the two can be seen kissing and canoodling under the covers of hotel bed. 


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In her Snapchat rant, Marnie also revealed that she remained faithful to Lewis in the upcoming series of Geordie Shore, despite living with her ex Aaron Chalmers, with whom she was "quite serious." 

The new 12-episode series is set to air sometime in April, so if anyone was hoping for a rekindling between Aaron and Marnie, according to the Geordie star you are set for disappointment. 


We're not sure why Marnie shared her opinion on this, but the Geordie Shore star has revealed she's not a fan of Stephanie Davis' son's name.

Steph chose to name her child Caben-Albi George Davis, but Marnie thinks it's all too much.


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Writing in her Star mag column, she said: "I'm not a huge fan of Stephanie Davis' choice of baby name, Caben-Albi.

“There’s so much going on and it’s not my cup of tea. She should have chosen just Caben or Albi for the first name, not both together.”

The former Big Brother star hasn't hit back at Marnie, but did share a quote on social media that read: "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."



Marnie Simpson was partying yesterday – and footage captured in the early hours of the morning has some fans seriously concerned.

The Geordie Shore star was out in Shropshire's Inferno nightclub and at one stage piled into a toilet cubicle with a gaggle of three mates. 

A fellow reveller spotted the reality TV personality and filmed over the top of the door while Ms Simpson was locked inside.

The resulting footage seems to show the 24-year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant holding a phone with a line of white powder on the back of it. As she realises she's being filmed, she quickly hides the item and screams "Oh my god!" 

The video was originally posted to Facebook along with a caption that claimed: "We saw Marnie off Geordie Shore sniffing the beak," but has since been removed by the original owner. The Mirror is carrying the footage here

Marnie's people are refusing to comment on the matter, but the star herself did take to Twitter to acknowledge that she was suffering after a night of partying. 

Inferno was at the time packed to capacity with Miss Simpson making a personal appearance alongside boyfriend Lewis Bloor, Towie's Chris and Jon Clark, and Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson.

The popular event had been promoted as a "Boxing Day Reality TV Special".


When it comes to the do's and dont's of relationships, it seems Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor need a crash course.

Despite insisting they were the real thing during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, the reality star couple appear to have seriously struggled after getting back to their normal lives.

"Things on the outside are very different to how they are inside the CBB house and we have kind of got a completely different relationship to what we had in there, so it's back to basics," Marnie recently explained.


Tune in today on loose women xx

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In recent weeks, Marnie deleted all trace of Lewis from her Instagram before admitting during an appearance on Loose Women that she had overreacted.

"We had an argument and I deleted every picture of him on Instagram. I was really angry and immature and forgot everyone can look at it." she admitted.

And just days after the social media clear out, Marnie was back Snapchattin' footage of a naked Lewis roaming through her house, so it's no surprise the public are starting to question whether Marnie and Lewis have any idea what they're doing.

Addressing that notion in her latest column for Star magazine, Marnie insists her boyfriend is the one causing issues.

"It's been a difficult week with Lewis and I having a two-day argument, but my friends have been amazing," she wrote.

"I love Lewis, but he needs to make some changes to the way he behaves if he wants our relationship to work," Marnie added.

Can we also suggest ditching the naked Snapchats?




There are many, many things grown men should just never do.

And top of the list is to wear a nothing but a jaunty cap while wandering around the house butt-naked.

Unfortunately for Marnie Simpson's Snapchat followers, the Geordie Shore's star boyfriend, Lewis Bloor, never got the memo and was more than happy to be filmed doing exactly that.

After recently deleting all trace of Lewis from her social media accounts, Marnie came back with a bang this week… and we really wish she hadn't.

Sharing footage of the TOWIE star wearing little more than a grin – oh, and a strategically-placed aubergine – Marinie confirmed that the love story which blossomed in the Celebrity Big Brother house is far from over.

Well, thanks for that.