Orlando Bloom got papped NAKED, and Twitter is now totes thirsty AF


When Orlando Bloom decided to do a spot of naked paddle boarding while living it up on holidays with girlfriend, Katy Perry, this week, paparazzi (obviously) had an absolute field day.

Wearing just a cap, the Pirates of the Carribean star was more than happy to let it all hang out, and photographers were more than happy to capture the candid display.

Do you know who's NOT happy though? Twitter, that's who.

Disgusted that the only photos available to the public have been censored, social media have taken to Twitter in their droves to express their distress over the injustice.

Swinging between excitement that a naked Orlando Bloom could  – if the New York Daily News would only give up the snaps – be just a click away, and pure anguish over the delay, social media users did what they do best.

They vented like good things, and here are just some of our favourites.

1. This girl

2.  This guy

3. This girl

4. This guy

 5. And finally this conversation