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It seems that Wes Nelson is well and truly getting past his split from Megan Barton-Hanson.

The Love Island star was said to have been trying to kindle his relationship with Megan but was also reportedly acting single on nights out.

You can't have your cake and eat it, Wes.

So with Megan kicking him to the curb, he has found himself another GF.


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Rumours swirled that he was in a relationship with Instagram model Alicia Roddy and now it looks like it's true.

The 21-year-old enjoyed a holiday to LA with Jack Fowler, and Alicia joined them for the trip.

Wes told US reporters, ''Everything’s chilling. I’m still dating Lissy. I’m not running into a relationship again.''

He continued, ''I know they’re putting a label on it as a girlfriend but obviously it’s nothing official yet, we’re still dating, it’s nothing like that yet.''


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It seems like they're really into each other with Alicia jetting into LA  to attend an event with Wes.

According to OK! magazine, ''Things are going well for Wes and Lissy and the pair are now in Los Angeles at the same time for a BooHoo event. “While Wes has flown in with Jack and Lissy was with her friend Emily, they will definitely spend time together on the trip alone.''

With the way things are going, it might not be long before they're calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend…


The drama with R Kelly seems like it won't be abating any time soon.

A shocking CBS interview with R. Kelly's girlfriend Azriel Clary was aired and in it she revealed a lot of disturbing details.

The 21-year-old claims that she was told to lie about her age when she first met Kelly at one his concerts.

She said, ''When I first met Robert, my parents told me to lie about my age, so when I met him he thought that I was 18.''

This was during a joint interview with 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage, another one of Kelly’s girlfriends.

Azriel continued, ''On top of that, when I was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying to get me to take photos with him, take sexual videos with him, all kinds of stuff.''

She added, ''And they said because if they ever have to blackmail him, what they’re trying to do now, they can use it against him, which is exactly what they’re doing.''

Her parents, Alice and Angelo, released a statement after the interview aired, claiming their daughter “is presently suffering from years of mental abuse and manipulation by R. Kelly.”

In short, they denied the allegations made against them.

Joyceyln has chimed in with Azriel, saying that their parents wanted money.

Their parents say that the women are living with Kelly against their will and are a part of what the parents describe as his “sex cult.''

However Azriel says, ''We're in a very strong relationship," and Joycelyn added, ''We all are a family, all together.''

While Azriel wouldn't talk about her sexual relationship with Kelly, she claimed that her parents attempted to extort money out of Kelly, threatening to release nude photographs of her on if they didn’t get what they asked for.

She said, ''You guys don’t know the truth. You guys are believing some f*cking facade that our parents are saying. This is all f*cking lies for money and if you can’t see that you’re ignorant and stupid.''

Both women's parents claim that they are being controlled by Kelly, who has repeatedly denied all allegations made against him.

He is due in court again on March 13 regarding child support and then on March 22 for sexual abuse charges.


Joe Alwyn is a man of consistency, if nothing else. He pretty much explicitly refuses to talk about his relationship with Taylor Swift that we're all GAGGING to hear the details about.

Every now and again, we get a few tasters, but it's Swift-ly shut down (Yup, we went there).

He's continuing his award season run for his acting work in Boy Erased, Mary, Queen of Scots and The Favourite, meaning interviewers are once again clamouring to gather scandalous information.

He recently spoke about his notoriously quiet two-year relationship to one of pop's biggest singers, and commented on how his relationship is often perceived.

Alwyn's interview was with Mr. Porter's The Look magazine, and let's just saw he was less than impressed when his ties to Taylor were referred to as "strangely private".

They've managed to keep their relationship intensely secret, except for a few photocall opportunities during awards season (the Golden Globes, holla).

Whenever he's directly asked about his famous girlfriend, he essentially walks away or else skirts around the question, which is totally fair. It's his life, after all.

The actor was asked whether he feels he has to fight more nowadays for his privacy, given his relationship status to such a famous woman.

“I don’t think more than anyone else," he said. "I don’t think anyone you meet on the streets would just spill their guts out to you, therefore why should I? And then that is defined as being ‘strangely private’. Fine. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s normal.” 

The lad's dead right, most of us wouldn't tell media giants about our love lives, for fear they'd twist our words or invade our space.


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To Vogue UK, when quizzed on the public's interest in him and Swift, he answered; “I’m aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people…but I really prefer to talk about work.”

British GQ didn't get much further; "Someone's private life is by definition private. No one is obliged to share their personal life."

And on whether he'd name his favourite Taylor Swift song: “I’m just not even going to go into that side of the world." He's good at the whole silent thing, we'll give him that.


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Esquire asked whether he gets advice; “I didn’t seek out advice on that because I know what I feel about it. I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to.”

Entertainment Tonight's reporter ventured to ask if he'd act with his belle, but he sort of shot that down too; "It’s not planned at the moment, but who knows."

You do you, Joe. You don't owe us nothing, plus the lad is extremely talented in his own right.


Leonardo DiCaprio has faced backlash recently over his use of a private jet- despite consistently campaigning for environmental issues. 

It must be a 'New Year New Me' kind of vibe, as the 44-year-old Once Upon A Time in Hollywood actor was spotted flying commercial with his (baby) 21-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone.

He's faced a lot of criticism since emails from film studio Sony were hacked in 2014, and revealed he took SIX private jet flights in just six weeks, costing $177,550.


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The actor was spotted in JFK airport heading to a commercial flight on Sunday night, after his own carbon footprint was called into question despite all of his activist causes.

The Wolf of Wall Street star really was trying his best to keep a low-profile, covering his eyes with a baseball cap and sporting dark, casual clothing.

However, his young girlfriend stood out in a bright red puffer jacket, maybe she didn't get the whole secrecy memo? A TSA agent eventually forced Leo to show his face, just like us plebs have to do.

The model and Hollywood icon were first linked in December of 2017 when DiCaprio was seen leaving her home in LA. 

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DiCaprio was initially slammed back in 2016 for taking a private jet to… collect an environmental award. Oh Dear Leo, bit hypocritical?

He used his acceptance speech at the 2016 Academy Awards to campaign for environmental causes, preaching to lawmakers to stop procrastinating climate change aid.

"Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. We need to work together to stop procrastinating…Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted."

The Titanic star also set up the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, totally "dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of the Earth’s inhabitants" and has been renowned for its conservation work.


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are notoriously private about their relationship, but a few lucky people got to witness…*gasp* A KISS between them at a Golden Globes after-party.

The duo sadly didn't grace the red carpets as a couple, which would have completed our lives as we know it, but his reaction to her presenting an award possible restarted our hearts.

Her boyfriend is involved in the award season run for his role in The Favourite and Mary, Queen of Scots, with Taylor making appearances by his side at the movie premieres and after-parties.

She's been fast making friends with his co-stars Nicholas Hoult and Emma Stone too, unsurprisingly.;

Joe was asked numerous questions about his girlfriend, despite the fact that he maintains his privacy.

One particular reporter from Entertainment Tonight asked if they would ever act together, to which he replied "It's not planned at the moment but who knows";

 Joe's reaction to seeing Taylor present onstage at the Globes was especially heartwarming, with The Favourite co-star Nicholas Hoult giving Joe a pat on the back as he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Sources told Us Weekly that“While Taylor presented, Joe watched the teleprompter near him and smiled and Nicholas Hoult patted him on the back. After Gaga walked on stage, Joe shifted his gaze to the stage near Taylor.”

"She was smiling at him while she walked off the stage. She looked over her shoulder and gave a sassy cute little smile at his table’s direction,” according to the source. Adorbs.


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We've all been given the 'seen' treatment.

You know the feeling; you send a frankly hilarious/charming/emotionally charged message to a significant other, or someone you just think is damn FINE and they reply with ….nothing.

You're left stunned, humiliated and downright SANGRY. (Sad and angry, the term will catch on eventually.)

Well, when one girlfriend was getting zero response, she decided to do something productive with her time and create a fake movie trailer for the search for missing man.

The result is GAS;

Paulina Ramirez sent a text to her boyfriend George Giron about a potential plan for chicken and waffles, but never heard back.

How in God's name can anyone not reply to chicken and waffles? What kind of monster is that??

people feel better GIF

Yet instead of stewing in her own frustration and rage, the 21-year-old student at California State University, Ramirez created this professional-grade trailer called Where the F*** is George?

She spoke to Buzzfeed about her highly productive and funny project, and as it turned out, he was only asleep…for an hour.

"I got bored and decided to make a video that might make him chuckle."

The video went viral after she uploaded it to Twitter, with more than 1.4million views, 50,000 retweets, and 160,000 likes. 

Fair play Paulina, but maybe wait longer than an hour to send out a search party.


It’s been two months since Ruby Rose split with model Harley Gusman, but it seems the Orange Is the New Black star has found love once again with another of her former flames.

After a series of telling snaps appeared online of the 30-year-old Australian with Jess Origliasso from The Veronicas, fans began to speculate that the pair had reunited.

Today these rumours were confirmed when Jess told Nova FM’s Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small that she and Ruby fell back in love while filming a music video for her band’s new track, On Your Side.  

“It's me.  Me and Ruby Rose.  And it is our love story in this video,” explained Jess.

“It's about the dynamic, the highs and the lows of people in love, in a relationship.”

“We have been friends for eight years.  A really long time and it was just honestly the craziest thing,” she continued.


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“We just reconnected over doing this video, she wrote and directed it, and is in it with us and we just sort of fell in love.” 

The stars are believed to have dated for a period in 2008.




It looks like One Direction star Niall Horan has gone and got himself a brand new girlfriend.

According to The Sun, the Mullingar native was spotted hanging out with Belgian student Celine Helene Vandycke in London’s Hyde Park over the weekend and the pair were not particularly shy about making their public debut.

New pictures show Niall and his new BAE kissing and cuddling during Mumford and Sons’ British Summertime show on Friday.

And, according to a Sun source, Niall is “infatuated” with Celine.

The source said: “Niall  never let Celine out of his sight and looked infatuated.”

“He had his arm around her throughout the evening and kept going in to pecked her on the cheek while they watched the gig.”

“They seemed incredibly happy in each other’s company, laughing and giggling loads.”

“At one point Niall kissed her in front of everyone and obviously didn’t care that people were watching.”

Niall seems to have spent the whole weekend with law student Celine as they were also spotted partying together at London’s Drama nightclub on Sunday night.  Awh!

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If you're in a relationship, then you know that sometimes (no matter how much you love the other person) they just wreck your head.

And let's be honest, if you're sick you kinda expect them to wait on you hand and foot.

Well, one girlfriend didn't do too much for her other half when he was ill, so he decided to put her up for sale on Done Deal.

Now, it's probably just a joke (and he probably thinks it's hilarious) but we're not quite sure how the GF must feel.

He did include some facts about her though, like she makes soup and changes the TV channel for him. How sound?! If you want to see the full post click here, and don't forget to look out for how much money he wants for her!



We all know shopping for make-up can be a bit daunting. You stroll around boots for hours on end (well, minutes on end) trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick, nail polish and powder.

Mix all that up with sending your partner out and it can turn out to be a total mess. That's what this girl did, and her poor boyfriend hadn't a clue what to make of it all.

Here's their conversation below, and just wait until you reach the end, you'll be laughing out loud: 




We may all be guilty of being slightly overprotective of our other halves from time to time, but this particular girl really takes the biscuit. 

If you have ever been susceptible to the a sneaky flick through your boyfriend's messages or interrogating him on his whereabouts, you can rest assured that you are still not as manic as this particular girlfriend. 

One lucky guy was gifted a t-shirt covered in large images of his girlfriends face.

Yep, crazy. 

The t-shirt also reads: "If you are reading this, you are too close. I have a girlfriend."

We don't know what this guy did to deserve such a punishment, but the look on his face really speaks a thousand words. 

The image, which was posted on Imgur, is gaining significant traction online as girlfriend's all over the world inevitably show their boyfriend's that they are not actually total lunatics. 

We just love our fellas is all. 


You hope you can change them… in reality you rarely can: the serial cheater. They’re the guys and gals who seemingly ‘don’t do relationships,’ or who just can’t help themselves straying.

And while having your heart-broken may sometimes be unavoidable, according to a new study from Texas Tech University, there is a MAJOR red-flag to look out for.

In short: sleeping around runs in families.

Frighteningly, nearly half of the subjects that researchers spoke to who were raised by philandering parents also admitted to having cheated on a partner.

This means these men and women are actually TWICE as likely to stray.

The tendency to sleep around is partly genetic, author Dana Weiser, PhD explains. Other scientists have found that you can also inherit biological traits, like dopamine receptors, that make you crave multiple partners. 

But Dr Weiser furthermore suspects that your parents shape your expectations for your own relationships. For example, if a parent failed to be faithful, you may conclude that monogamy is unreasonable or impossible. And that belief could turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So what do you do if you’re currently in a relationship where your other half grew up in an adulterous environment? Or if you are the one from a non-monogamous home?

Don’t worry! You’re not entirely doomed, Dr Weiser says. However, you do need to be aware of how past experiences have affected you.

And remember, there’s another huge predictor of cheating that you actually have control over: the strength of your relationship. Pouring your energy into communicating, having fun, and trying new things together is one of the best safeguards against infidelity, Dr Weiser adds.