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An Irish man is due to appear in a UK court this morning charged with attempting to engage in sexual activity with a minor.

The man, who is an employee of RTÉ, was filmed by a vigilante group who say the lured him to Britain under the guise of a fake Facebook profile of a 13-year-old girl.

It's understood that the accused had planned to take the girl to a hotel on Saturday night before bringing her to a football match on Sunday.

According to reports, he was arrested by West Yorkshire Police in Leeds on Saturday after he was confronted by a group of people on the street.

He was detained and questioned throughout the night and all day yesterday.

RTÉ said in a statement it was aware of the matter, which is being dealt with by the police in Leeds.



If you're in a relationship, then you know that sometimes (no matter how much you love the other person) they just wreck your head.

And let's be honest, if you're sick you kinda expect them to wait on you hand and foot.

Well, one girlfriend didn't do too much for her other half when he was ill, so he decided to put her up for sale on Done Deal.

Now, it's probably just a joke (and he probably thinks it's hilarious) but we're not quite sure how the GF must feel.

He did include some facts about her though, like she makes soup and changes the TV channel for him. How sound?! If you want to see the full post click here, and don't forget to look out for how much money he wants for her!


We love our Irish men. And to hand it to them, some do follow up-to-date fashion and style… But then, some do not

Guys may be able to get away with these things on a third or fourth date; but on a first date, these things are a definite no-no: 

1. Bootcut jeans and dress shoes

Who are you trying to look like, Billy Ray Cyrus? And if you're going to wear bootcut jeans, wear them with boots as god and denim manufacturers intended. 


2. Workout shirts

We get it. You workout. And while this is great, there's no need to wear a sweaty gym shirt to our date. Gross. 


3. Over-sized polo shirt

This is another shirt that is just not OK. A polo shirt is fine, but an over-sized one makes you look like you want to be from the gansta town… even though you're from a very posh side of South Dublin. 


4. Your favourite team's jersey

We totally applaud your devotion to your favourite team, but we're on a date, so maybe the jersey can sit out. 


5. Runners

Just wear nice shoes, please. 


6. DIRTY runners

Even worse than runners are dirty, worn-out, ripped runners. They just look shabby and in the words of Summer Roberts, "Ew!"


7. Chains hanging from your trousers

We get you don't want to lose your keys or whatever, but you don't need a metre-long chain hanging from your bum pocket. 


8. Weird grandad-style jumpers

We think it's cute you're trying to dress your best, but a grandad jumper isn't going to impress us. Sorry to let you know. 


9. Flip flops with jeans

We. Are. Not. In. Spain. 


10. Way too much Lynx

Ah, Lynx. The smell of every Irish man. For some reason you guys can't get enough of it. But spraying too much on yourself before a date will not only kill our sense of smell, it'll kill the mood too. 



One Australian couple woke up to something quite unexpected in their bed recently. The pair awoke to find that a stranger was sleeping in the bed next to them. 

Chris and Katie jumped when at 1:45 am they realised they were not the only ones in the bed, a naked Irish man had climbed in to catch a few Zzz's beside them. 

When speaking to a Sydney news company, Katie said: " Chris is on one side, I'm in the middle and then our stranger on the end right in with us… It was terrifying."

They reacted quickly once they were aware of their house guest and they ordered him to gather his clothes and get out of their apartment. Chris followed him out the door, but once they kicked him out, he climbed back inside the window. 

Police services quickly arrived at the scene and the man was arrested. However it was sadly found that the man was not of sound mind and he was treated for drug related issues. 

The couple have definitely learned their lesson about leaving a window open in future however, which they did to allow their cat to enter the apartment. 

Chris and Kate have no idea how long the man was in the bed with them for: "That's kind of the scary part, how long he might have been looking at us thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys."

Chris said the intruder appeared to be significantly distressed when they woke him up.