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An ex Love Island contestant has accused the show's bosses of "fixing" the series to Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague would beat Amber Gill and Greg O'Shea.

The Geordie beauty technician and Irish rugby player were crowned King and Queen of the villa, taking home the £50,000 cash prize last night.

Georgia Steel, from the 2018 series, has said the programme is rigged to give the producer's favourites, Molly and Tommy, more air time.


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Speaking to the Daily Star, Sam Bird's ex-girlfriend said: "To be honest I think they are getting 50 per cent of the airtime, so I do think obviously they are going to win.

"It is a bit of a shame as the other guys aren't getting much airtime. I feel like it is the Molly and Tommy show," she added.

"Of course they are going to win as the audience are invested in them more than anyone else as they are seeing them more."


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The friend of Dani Dyer went on to reveal that the editing process can make a massive difference, and that the bosses have an agenda with what they allow viewers to see.

Georgia continued: "The edit can change so much and I feel like the audience are kind of gathering that now.

"I want Ovie to win, I really like him and I think the way he has handled himself is so real, he hasn't been manipulated in any way."


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21-year-old Georgia believes contestants are chosen strategically by producers, as this year's Islanders who entered the villa already had a big influencer fan base or celebrity contacts.

"I feel like the people that have gone in this year are either influencers or in the field where they are hanging around with celebs already. I still hope they want to find love and not just for fame and money."

Molly-Mae and Tommy were tipped to win the show this year, but Amber and Greg took the crown and split the £25,000 prize with each other. They had only been coupled up for 12 days.


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Amber had a wild journey in the villa, after being coupled up with villa villain Michael Griffiths before his head was turned by Joanna Chimonides while she was in Casa Amor, staying loyal.

She confessed that she still had feelings for Michael, even after he badmouthed her behind her back, and he turned her down twice before changing his mind.

Once Greg entered the villa, Amber coupled up with him and Michael was dumped from the show for being chaldish. He has since been spotted back with Joanna, and half-heartedly congratulated Amber on her win last night.

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Phew, we feel like we can barely take a breath during this season of Love Island.

Tonight's episode looks set to be full of tension and drama, as not one but TWO couples are dumped from the island and the fellow contestants deciding who will remain on the show.

Offering audiences a break from the dumpings, the pure-as-gold Tommy Fury asks Molly-Mae Hague to be his girlfriend using Ellie Belly (their baby elephant teddy) and we're on the floor.

The duo are prepared to take their relationship to the next level and become the first official couple in a relationship in the villa. We can't cope.

Speaking with his villa BFF and newly-baptised menace, Curtis Pritchard, on the day beds, Tommy states: "I feel like now is the perfect time to call Molly my girlfriend. I feel it!" 

The lads then head up to the terrace with Tommy picking up Ellie-Belly en route, the model's adorable teddy. Tommy and Curtis sprinkle rose petals over the terrace, and at this point we have heart failure.

We all remember the significance of Ellie-Belly, don't we? When Molly had left for Casa Amor, Tommy carried the teddy around like a lost puppy and we all almost CRACKED with the cuteness.

At the recoupling and dramatic return of the girls from Casa Amor, Ellie-Belly was missing from Molly's bed and she assumed he'd found somebody else and replaced her. In reality, he was glued to his wifey's cuddly toy.

Curtis writes a message in eyeliner (pens are banned in the villa, weirdly) tonight for Molly-Mae and attaches the note to Ellie-Belly before placing him on the terrace seat.

A nervous Tommy goes over his plan in the Beach Hut: “Asking Molly-Mae to be my girlfriend was single-handedly the most nervous I’ve ever been in my entire life,” he says.

Tommy then asks Molly-Mae for a chat (always a big move in the villa). He says “Ellie-Belly wants to tell you something. He told me to come and get his Mum.” 

Molly-Mae reads the message attached to Ellie-Belly, which says: "Dear Mummy. Daddy left me here in his best interests. He wanted me to tell you that you’re his everything. I’m going to leave it with Daddy. So…"

Tommy then makes his speech; "On a serious note, you know how much you mean to me and you’re the only girl for me. I only want to be with you. Therefore, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?” he asks.

The adorable moment brings a sense of relief to tonight's drama-filled episode, which will lead to four Islanders getting axed.

Anna Vakili's birthday bash will be interrupted by a text announcing the couple with the lowest votes from the public, who must leave the villa straight away.

The Islanders are sent another text afterwards that will announce the names of the next two couples in the bottom two, and the contestants will decide who stays and who goes. My GOD.

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It's that time of the year again…the point in the summer where you become absolutely glued to Love Island and obsessive over these reality TV relationships that are most likely staged.

The hit show is back for its fifth season, and its set to become the biggest event of the summer. It succeeds in garnering a huge fanbase who follow the originals like the plague.

We've been dying to see who this years' group of contestants are, and Love Island have finally released their full cast. They're as attention-loving as ever;

This year has already seen controversy surrounding the show itself, as two former contestants have died by suicide and other participants have criticised the show for not supporting them after they left the villa.

The islanders find themselves instantly famous after the series airs, and they become the subject of intense media scrutiny and social media conversations.

The show has now said it will provide therapy sessions for the contestants, and will take more care over their mental health. So who are these brand new faces entering the luxury Mallorcan villa?


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Host Caroline Flack will once again welcome the contestants to their Spanish paradise, and Iain Stirling will continue his hilarious duties as the show narrator.

The Islanders must couple up to secure their their place in the villa, and the singletons are at risk of being dumped from the villa. Loyalties will be tested, no doubt, with some unexpected twists on the way.

They're kicking season five off with seven guys and five ladies, so one of those boys will have to graft their ass off to save themselves. The public will once again decide their favourite couple, who walk away with a huge cash prize.

Who is this years' Irish interest? 23-year-old Dubliner Yewanda Biala, who is also a scientist.

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Next up, it's Lucie Donlan. 21-year-old Lucie is a surfer from Newquay…will she catch waves or catch a boyfriend?

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The third lady entering the villa is 28-year-old Anna Vakil, a pharmacist from London.

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Girl #4: Amber Gill. The 21-year-old beauty therapist from Newcastle is used to getting what she wants, and is big on the Geordie party scene.

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Last but not least for the ladies: Amy Hart. The 26-year-old is from Worthing, Essex, and works as am air hostess and cabin crew manager

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First up for the boys (they're quite the cocky bunch) is Tommy Fury. The 20-year-old boxer from Manchester is Tyson Fury's younger bro, and rates himself as a 10.

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Secondly, 22-year-old Joe Garratt from South East London. Joe works as a catering company owner, and those curls are going to get the ladies going.

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The third boy on the list is Anton Danyluk. The 24-year old is a gym owner from Airdrie, Scotland.

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Fourth on the list is a firefighter, Michael Griffiths. The Scouser from Liverpool is 27-years-old, and calls himself a hero.

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Number five for the lads is Callum MacLeod. He's a 28-years-old aircraft engineer from South Wales.

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We can't forget about Curtis Pritchard, brother of Dancing With The Stars' AJ Pritchard. He's 23 from Shropshire, and is a ballroom and Latin dancer.

He's already used to being on reality television, which is an advantage, but can he waltz his way to victory?

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Last but not least: 20-year-old Sherif Lanre from London. Lanre works as both a chef and semi-pro rugby player…we love versatility.

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Love Island returns to Virgin Media Two on Monday June 3 (only six days away) and an experience like no other awaits the brand-new influx of contestants looking for love.

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