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Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on the planet, and has turned some of it's cast into superstar actors on the global stage, but it might have turned out pretty differently.

One of these iconic roles is none other than Jon Snow, but we just can't imagine anyone other than the handsome Kit Harington playing him. Guess who else auditioned for his role, though?

Nicholas Hoult. That's right, About A Boy and Tolkien star went out for the protagonist role but claims his hair and fake tan got in the way of thing…


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Imagine Kit Harington didn't land the role and then never met his wife in Iceland, Rose Leslie, AKA Ygritte and the love of Jon Snow's life? Nicholas Hoult had a pretty odd excuse for the audition going badly.

“I think I auditioned for Jon Snow,” Hoult told Page Six at Montclair Film Festival’s screening of his new film.

 “I remember it because I was filming Clash of the Titans at the time, so I had long hair extensions. They gave me a ponytail and also a very patchy fake tan. So I remember being like, ‘This is probably not what they’re hoping for,’ and it obviously wasn’t.”


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Hoult admitted to watching the first season of the massive HBO series, but failed to keep up after that. Maybe Ned Stark's death was too much for him? He apparently is waiting "to be laid up in bed with the flu" to binge-watch GOT.

"I auditioned for the pilot. I had no idea what Game of Thrones was. Didn’t get it. Kind of forgot about it." Little did the showrunners and cast know, the show was about to BLOW UP.

Despite not landing the key role, the 29-year-old wasn't too hard done by. He's super busy promoting the new X-Men film Dark Phoenix and Tolkien with Sophie Turner and Lily Collins.

He randomly practised painting while filming X-Men as preparation for playing Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien.


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“I painted … and copied his illustrations because I didn’t know that,” he said. “I didn’t know he drew the maps and illustrations for his books.

“It was just something that I was like, ‘Oh, he was interested and did that and that’s something that maybe can give me some subconscious element of his nature.'”

Fair play to the lad, but we're so glad Kit Harington became a household name after landing the role of Jon. He seems pretty perfect to us, and is just as modest and shy in real life.


This casting news comes after Maisie Williams confessed that she almost didn't audition to play Arya Stark…imagine. Who would have killed the big bad Night King?!

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Jennifer Lawrence has been absolutely loved UP with art dealer Cooke Maroney for almost a year, and her publicist announced the pair's engagement earlier this month.

We're delighted for the 28-year-old Oscar winning actress, but we're really just DYING to see the ring. J-Law has been photographed with it multiple times since the proposal, but today is the first time a high-resolution snap has been taken of the ring.

From grainy, distance pictures to a crystal clear image, we have Dior to thank for it. Lawrence was announced as the face of the brand seven years ago, and she appeared at their Paris Fashion Week show today sporting the dazzling rock on her finger.


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The actress attended the Fall/Winter 2019 Dior presentation alongside famous faces like Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss, and showed off her new accessory.

Maroney's ring is minimal in design, with a large emerald-cut diamond hanging off the platinum band. It's arguably a more modern take on a classic combo, as the stone isnit centred on the band.

Lawrence wore the ring with a tailored A-line short dress and plaid heels for the event, and the ring is speculated to cost around $200,000. It's roughly four to five carats, so Maroney didn't come to play.


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Andrew Fox, President of SuperJeweler.com, gave ELLE the lowest carat estimate for the engagement ring;

"Jennifer's ring, which is surprisingly modest, appears to be a three-to-four carat emerald shape diamond," he said. "While I'm certain that it's of very fine colour and clarity, Cooke Maroney most likely paid over $200,000." WOWZA.

She was first spotted wearing it while the couple were on a date in New York City at Raoul's in early February. "It was a giant rock," as a witness quoted at the time. "They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable.” I mean, it's huge, so it's hard not to notice.


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Lawrence was previously in relationships with Nicholas Hoult, Chris Martin and Mother! director Darren Aonofsky. This is her first engagement, but Lawrence opened up about marriage to Vogue in 2015;

"I can't wait to be married. I feel like if I find that one person who I want to spend the rest of my life with, who I want to be the father of my children, that I would absolutely not f*ck it up."

When asked about bridesmaids by Vanity Fair in 2016, interestingly she said; "Weddings rock, but… there needs to be a bridesmaids' union. It's horrendous… If I do ever get married, I don't think I will have bridesmaids. How can I rank my friends?"

We can't WAIT for this wedding, it's sure to be a big celebrity bash with many a famous face.

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are notoriously private about their relationship, but a few lucky people got to witness…*gasp* A KISS between them at a Golden Globes after-party.

The duo sadly didn't grace the red carpets as a couple, which would have completed our lives as we know it, but his reaction to her presenting an award possible restarted our hearts.

Her boyfriend is involved in the award season run for his role in The Favourite and Mary, Queen of Scots, with Taylor making appearances by his side at the movie premieres and after-parties.

She's been fast making friends with his co-stars Nicholas Hoult and Emma Stone too, unsurprisingly.;

Joe was asked numerous questions about his girlfriend, despite the fact that he maintains his privacy.

One particular reporter from Entertainment Tonight asked if they would ever act together, to which he replied "It's not planned at the moment but who knows";

 Joe's reaction to seeing Taylor present onstage at the Globes was especially heartwarming, with The Favourite co-star Nicholas Hoult giving Joe a pat on the back as he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Sources told Us Weekly that“While Taylor presented, Joe watched the teleprompter near him and smiled and Nicholas Hoult patted him on the back. After Gaga walked on stage, Joe shifted his gaze to the stage near Taylor.”

"She was smiling at him while she walked off the stage. She looked over her shoulder and gave a sassy cute little smile at his table’s direction,” according to the source. Adorbs.


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Congratulations are in order as actor Nicholas Hoult has reportedly welcomed his first child with girlfriend and model Bryana Holly. 

Though the couple, who have been together for just over one year, never spoke publicly about the pregnancy, however People report that Holly have birth earlier this month, with a source saying:  "They have kept the news under wraps, but are so happy and excited."

Nicholas, 28, was formerly linked with Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, while Bryana, 24, has previously dated 5 Seconds to Summer's Ashton Irwin and reality TV star, Brody Jenner. 

In a November interview with Mr Porter's The Journal, the former Skins actor gave a little glimpse inside the pair's relationship when he spoke about sharing a bedroom with Holly. 

“I don’t feel as though I’m that possessive over things like that. She can put her stuff wherever she likes,” he said. 

“My dad was an air pilot so he was flying a lot, and I grew up with my two sisters and my mum so I was used to ‘girl things’ being around and a ‘girl environment’ in the household.”

Apart from him breakthrough role as Skins bad-boy Tony Stonem, the new dad has appeared in films like Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer, About a Boy and Mad Max: Fury Road

He is due to star alongside Lily Collins as J.R.R. Tolkien in the biographical drama Tolkien, and reprise his role as Hank McCoy/Beast in 2019's X-Men: Dark Pheonix



What's better than an upcoming dystopian film about two people falling in love in a world free of human emotions?

Well if those to people happen to be played by Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart obviously. 

And this is exactly what we can expect from new film entitled Equals, directed by Like Crazy director Drake Doremus. 

The trailer shows a futuristic, cold reality with a palpable chemistry between the two leads. 

While the film's two stars fend off dating rumours, the film is due to be released sometime in the summer. 

Watch the mesmerising trailer below: 



The internet is still reeling from the fact that the chocolate cake-eating guy from Matilda grew up to be totally scrumptious.

Yep, Bruce Bogtrotter (or Jimmy Karz as he goes by in real life) is now a total catch. 

But before you start to get weird about your feelings towards former innocent child actors, here's some kids who went from young to YUM:

1) Nicolas Hoult 

Nicholas went from playing an adorably nerdy little kid in About a Boy to absolute adonis in Skins. 

Oh and he landed one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, for a few years. 

Yep, age did good things for him. 

2) Jonathon Lipnicki


Seriously though, who would have thought that the bespeckled, mouse-loving kid from Stuart Little would grow up to be so RIPPED. 

3) Michelle Tractenberg

From innocent girl next door to sultry siren, Michelle's transition is something to behold. 

We are SO into the dark hair. 

4) Matthew Lewis

In perhaps the most dramatic transformation of all, puberty worked wonders for Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis. 

A new set of gnashers also helped. 

5) Josh Peck 

That hilarious kid from Drake and Josh shed all of his puppy fat to be, well, simply dashing!

6) Alyssa Milano 

Cute and cuter, Alyssa's looks simply defy aging. 

We'll take a shot of those genes, puh-lease. 

7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

From geek to chic, Joseph swapped questionable hairstyles for manly moodiness. 

We are ALL for it. 


She's had a long-term relationship with Nicholas Hoult and an on-off fling with Chris Martin, but lately Jennifer Lawrence has been very single indeed.

The actress admitted to Vogue this week that her sex life is far from exciting – in fact, it's been pretty non-existent.

"No one ever asks me out," Jennifer laments during a tour of her apartment for the magazine.

"I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me. I know where it's coming from, I know they're trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings."

As for her bed, the actress jokingly refers to it as "where the magic happens," before getting honest: "Literally zero magic has happened in here. Cheers to my hymen growing back!" 

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up, Jen.

The Oscar-winning star says her high-profile status has been a huge barrier in getting to meet men who are genuinely interested in her.

"I'm just a girl who wants you to be nice to me," she says of her perfect man.

"I am straight as an arrow. I feel like I need to meet a guy, with all due respect, who has been living in Baghdad for five years who has no idea who I am."

Speaking about former boyfriends who didn't make the cut, Jen refers to one man who, although he was "sexy," was also full of mind games.

"I didn't like how he made me feel," she admits.

"When someone makes you insecure, it's strangely exhilarating because you keep trying to fight for that validation."

After splitting from her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult last year, J-Law began dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Although the pair were spotted on various dates over a nine-month period, things have since cooled off, and Chris is now dating actress Anabelle Wallis.

Hopefully Jen's future man is en route back Baghdad as we speak…


Two years ago, after a very public scandal that involved her married director, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called time on their romance.

However, it seems that despite Rob moving on with fiancée FKA Twigs, Kristen is still feeling the heart ache.

She spoke candidly about their break-up with the Daily Beast and admitted that finding the inspiration for her character Nia in her latest project was like “Ugh, f*cking kill me.”

She called the process “incredibly painful” and while she admits it was a good time for her and co-star Nicholas Hoult (who previously dated Jennifer Lawrence) to make the film, it wasn’t without difficulty. The two star in Equals, a sci-fi drama in which human emotions , such as love and romance, have been erased. 

“Not all of my friends have been through what I’ve been through … Everything that we did was explorative, and a meditation on what we already knew.”

While the Kristen may have been feeling the repercussions of her cheating on Rob with her married director two years ago, she does feel somewhat optimistic about her future relationships:

“If {Nicholas and I] did our jobs right [with this movie], then it would be to remind you that you can definitely get back to that, and how hard, amazing, and life-fulfilling those feelings were in the very beginning.”

Of late Kristen is said to be dating her personal assistant Alicia Cargile. While rumours have been circulating about the star's sexuality and personal life for years now, she commented that the painful experience of this project was very challenging:

“At this stage of my life where I’m close to these awakening periods, and it’s a big deal for me, and to represent them so basically and so hard was intimidating as hell,”


We've secretly had our hearts set on a Jen-and-Nick reunion since the former couple began work together on the latest X-Men instalment, but it seems it's time to put that dream to rest.

Jennifer and Nicholas, who dated for almost three years before splitting in 2014, had a dinner date last week that ended in disaster, according to one eyewitness. The pair were spotted getting some food together after their appearance at Comic Con, but the low-key meal soon turned into an all out argument.

"Jen was clearly upset with the topic of conversation," the source told Star magazine. "She angrily threw her hands up in the air as she yelled at Nick. Next thing you know, he starts screaming too. It was quite a heated argument."

Hunger Games star Jennifer reportedly walked out on her ex, leaving him alone in the San Diego eatery. Awks.

The tense situation has no doubt been made all the more stressful considering J-Law and Nicholas have to spend huge amounts of time together on the set of X-Men in Montreal, Canada.

The upcoming X-Men: Apocalpyse, which Jennifer has confirmed will be her last film for the franchise, focuses a lot on the relationship between the former couple's characters, Mystique and Beast.

Reports earlier this year suggested that a lovestruck Nick was "determined" to win his ex back during filming, but it doesn't look like things have gone to plan. With Jennifer still rumoured to be dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Nicholas might need to look elsewhere for love…



Anyone can be a Taylor Swift fan, it turns out. Including Nicholas Hoult, who was filmed giving it welly at her gig in Montreal earlier this week.

The X-Men star took a break from filming to head along to the sold-out concert with a host of fellow celebs, including his co-stars James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. Kate Bosworth was also spotted in the VIP area, but Nicholas was definitely the star of the evening with those moves.


His favourite song? We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. He must have some strong feelings on the Jennifer Lawrence situation, so. 

Taylor posted a photo with some of the X-Men crew later that night, including James, Sophie and the film's producer Simon Kinberg. Either Nicholas was the one taking the photo or he just didn't make the cut, but either way we're kinda gutted for him.

After all that dancing?


Absolutely loved having @sophiet, Simon, James, and Nicholas at the show in Montreal last night– X MEN APOCALYPSE!!

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The singer has had a pretty high-profile cast of guests at her gigs so far on the 1989 World Tour, with everyone from Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner coming along… and that was just at her London gig.


The squad in London. @caradelevingne @kendalljenner @gigihadid @marhunt @serenawilliams @karliekloss

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Dublin's concerts were pretty low-key in terms of VIP guests, though Taylor's new squeeze Calvin Harris did hide out by the sound box at the 3Arena on both nights:

If only Nicholas had made it to Dublin…


It looks as if Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have called time on their relationship of almost a year.

The pair reportedly split up last winter but got back together after a month. However, it now appears that the duo have ended things for good.

An insider explained to Us Weekly that “Jen has been working nonstop and they never saw each other.”

The 24-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star has also been spending more and more time with her ex, Nicholas Hoult. They pair are currently working on their latest film together, X-Men: Apocalypse.


Back with the #thekidsinthehall #jenniferlawrence #mystique #nicholashoult #beast #Xmen #XMenApocalypse

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The source also revealed that the Oscar-winning actress and her former beau are “on great terms now.” They added that “their families have stayed close.”

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Chris was spotted going for a midnight stroll through a London park with Kylie Minogue. Although reps for the singer maintain that they are just good friends – the late-night walk certainly got tongues wagging.


We wonder what Chris Martin had to say about this!

It's been over a year since Jennifer Lawrence split from her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult after three years together, but a new photo suggests they are as comfortable together as ever. 

The couple first met on the set of X-Men: First Class back in 2011, the first film in which they appeared as love interests Mystique and Beast.

Jennifer announced earlier this year that she was quitting the famous film franchise, but her contract still obligates her to complete work on the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse alongside her ex.

Now, the first picture of the couple on set together has emerged, and they are looking very happy indeed to be in one another's company.


Back with the #thekidsinthehall #jenniferlawrence #mystique #nicholashoult #beast #Xmen #XMenApocalypse

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Film director Bryan Singer took to Instagram last night to share this selfie of himself, J-Law and Nicholas smiling together with the caption, "Back with the #kidsinthehall #jenniferlawrence #mystique #nicholashoult #beast #Xmen #XMenApocalypse"

Jennifer's fresh-faced look suggested filming had yet to begin for the day – Mystique's blue skin might not photograph quite so well!

Last year a source close to Jennifer revealed that the actress was anxious about working with Nicholas again, especially considering the new film is set to focus a lot on the relationship between their two characters.

"It’s come at a difficult time and [Jennifer’s] worried she may get confused if she starts talking to Nick again," the insider reportedly told Heat magazine.

We reckon Chris will be making a lot of "surprise" visits to the set…