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It looks like the seatbelt sign is well and truly off in Iggy Azalea’s rumoured relationship with French Montana as new footage suggests the pair have taken their suspected romance to a whole new level.

Late last month Iggy surprised fans when she was spotted getting cosy with Khloé Kardashian’s ex in a Las Vegas nightclub only weeks after splitting with her fiancé Nick Young.

And now some pretty flirtatious looking videos from a Mexico-bound flight are doing nothing to dispel the belief that Iggy and French could well be an item.



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New clips from inside the private jet show the hip-hop star using Iggy’s bum as a pillow while she happily poses for the camera.

And – according to the Mail Online – a second video shows French zooming on in the Fancy singer’s behind while saying: “Check out them new pants – new line coming soon.”



Private jet fun with #iggy and #frenchmontana

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After French, Iggy and their friends had disembarked the aircraft, the 31-year-old recording artist took to Instagram to share a photo of the group.  He captioned the image “SQUAD GOALS”.

While neither star has publicly confirmed their romance as of yet, we think this is certainly one to watch.



SQUAD GOALS: @itsash2x @_districta @mszoealicia @thenewclassic @aleherself

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They shocked the world when the pictures of them kissing on Rhode Island surfaced, but that doesn't mean Taylor Swift is going to play down her new romance.

The singer whisked her new beau Tom Hiddleston away yesterday on her private jet.

It is still unknown where the new couple flew away to, but pictures show Tay boarding her jet with Tom following soon after.

The Daily Mail is now reporting that Taylor's former flame (of two weeks) Calvin Harris thinks that his ex-girlfriend may have cheated on him with Tom.

Oh, what a rollercoaster this is turning out to be.


Her love of makeup is well-know. Indeed, there are those who have suggested that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner's heavy look is inappropriate for her age.

Certainly, her dark smoky eyes, highlighting and contouring, and – of course – her famously lined and glossed pout are designed to make a big impact. 

And although the California-native has been previously photographed out and about without her usual layers of foundation, she's never posted a makeup-free selfie.

Until now, that is.

Taking to Instagram, the teenager shared the unusual snap. In in she can be seen on a private plane – her skin appears entirely clear and clean of makeup.

Ms Jenner, who was on the way to Miami at the time, looks remarkably pretty and youthful, her big brown eyes in particular standing out.

Her fans evidently liked her new look too: within four hours, the snap notched up 850,000 likes.

Earlier this year, the reality TV star revealed that she loves to indulge pampering days.

"I usually take a shower or bath for about two hours and scrub my whole body.

"I love lotions – whole yoghurt lotions are amazing – and masks. And I put coconut oil in my hair."

She added: “I use a lot of scrubs. I like to use lavender ones before bed because it calms me.

"Taking your make-up off before you go to bed is good, and using sunscreen on your hands and face."