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Bridesmaid dress

We can all admit we’ve daydreamed of being a bridesmaid one day.

Playing such a special part in your sister or best friend’s big day is the ultimate honour, however, it will set you back quite a lot of money.

Weddings are certainly a pricey affair, even for the regular guests. However, when it comes to the bridal party their big role in the wedding sees them spending an extortionate amount of money.

The Vow has conjured up just how much money the average bridesmaid is spending. Those of you with upcoming bridesmaids duties may want to close your eyes.

They revealed that the average bridesmaid spends a whopping €500.

24 percent of women involved in their study said they spend €500-€800, however, 17 percent admitted they have spent an eye-watering €1000 on the nuptials.

Others (8 percent) even admitted to spending over €1500 on their friend or family member’s big day. Ouch!

The bride and groom tend to look after the bridesmaid's outfit and all things beauty, but what’s really costing bridesmaids a small fortune is the little things.

Things like decorations for hen parties, alcohol, and engagement gifts are costing a pretty penny.

Being a bridesmaid may be a huge honour but you’d certainly want to start saving straight away if you’ve got a big wedding coming up.

It’ll cost a few bob, but there’s no doubt in our minds that it’ll be worth every penny.


Choosing a wedding dress is stressful enough in itself, but deciding on a dress which will suit multiple women is a mammoth task.

When one friend refuses to show off her arms and another friend just doesn't do high-neck, most brides-to-be have their work cut out for them choosing a shape, style and shade which flatters the women she has chosen as bridesmaids.

If you're currently struggling to appease everyone in your bridal party, you may want to check out the gown currently riding high on the 'most pinned' chart.

The Lace Illusion Neckline Dress from Camille LaVie comes in eight colours, boasts a crisscross pleated bodice and a stunning chiffon skirt.

Oh, and the best part? This floor-length gown can be worn multiple ways meaning that each bridesmaid can showcase or conceal whichever features she wishes.

Coming in between £118 and £134, it looks like this gown, which has been pinned a staggering 170,000 times, is your go-to gown for that oh-so-big day.

Christ, we'd wear to the local if we could get away with it.