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As always, this summer we’ve found ourselves lusting after Kate Middleton’s style finds yet again. Let’s face it — the Duchess of Cambridge really knows how to rock a midi dress. 

From floral to monochrome, Kate’s a true pro at exuding effortless elegance. We loved this season’s looks so much that we decided to hunt down some suitable dupes at affordable prices. Be quick though — we have a feeling that these are going to sell out fast!

The Floral Shirt-Dress

The Duchess wore this summery look on her trip with Prince William to Barry Island in Wales in early August. This leaf-print belted midi shirt-dress from M&S is a very cost-effective alternative, priced at €54. 

Image sources: instagram.com/kensingtonroyal/ and marksandspencer.com

The White Midi-Dress

This clean and classy shirt-dress made its debut at Wimbledon in 2019, and Kate looked just as stunning in it again this year when she wore it to Baby Basics UK, a baby bank in Sheffield. The Duchess helped unpack donations, before talking to parents about how baby banks have provided them with invaluable support when they needed it most. This white midi shirt-dress, complete with puff-sleeves and a tie-waist-belt from River Island (and available on ASOS), is the perfect dupe for this elegant number. Plus, it’s an absolute bargain on sale for only €60.83.

Image sources: instagram.com/kensingtonroyal/ and asos.com

The Polka Dot Dress

If you’re looking for a chic and trendy pattern then black and white polka dots are the way to go. We adored this timeless outfit Kate wore back in July, when she was promoting the BBC Education initiative, Tiny Happy People. This shorter barb polka dot tea-dress from Joanie is a great alternative, which you can wear all year round, coming in at nearly €50.

Image sources: instagram.com0kensingtonroyal/ and joanieclothing.com

The Summer Floral Dress

Who doesn’t love a summery floral dress? Definitely not Kate anyway, as she was glowing in this vibrant, floral piece. With so many amazing patterns and styles out there at the moment, it really was a struggle to find one which matched The Duchess’ dress perfectly. However, we think this pink-floral-print, angel-sleeved midi-dress from Topshop fits the bill nicely. It’s available in regular, tall and petite sizes for only €64.

Image sources: instagram.com/kensingtonroyal/ and topshop.com

Now if you'll excuse us, we have some online-ordering to do…


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have arrived at Wimbledon.

The pair arrived together and were greeted by tennis officials on day 12 of the championships. 

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex both looked gorgeous as they were ready to watch a spot of tennis.

USA Serena Williams will take on Germany's Angelique Kerber in the ladies finals today.

Both royal ladies will attend the women's final, which will get underway shortly.

The men's singles semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will resume at 1pm tomorrow on Centre Court under the roof.

The match was suspended due to playing conditions changing.

Djokovic is up to two sets to one.

Kate Middleton will be back at the Centre Court tomorrow to watch the men's final.



It has been 10 years this month since Madeleine McCann, who would now be 14 years old, disappeared while on holidays with her family in Portugal.

Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann have posted an emotive message to the public to mark the moment.

Taking to the Official Find Madeleine Campaign Facebook page, her parents had this to say:

'Ten years- there's no easy way to say it, describe it, accept it.'

'I remember when Madeleine first disappeared I couldn’t even begin to consider anything in terms of years.'

'Shawn Hornbeck abducted and kept hidden for over four years, Natascha Kampusch for over eight years. I couldn't go there. And now here we are…Madeleine, our Madeleine- ten years.'

'Most days are similar to the rest – another day. May 3rd 2017 – another day. But ten years – a horrible marker of time, stolen time.'

'We are bracing ourselves for the next couple of weeks.'

'It's likely to be stressful and painful and more so given the rehashing of old 'stories', misinformation, half-truths and downright lies which will be doing the rounds in the newspapers, social media and 'special edition' TV programmes.'

The McCanns also expressed a feeling of hope for themselves and their family moving into the future.

'The two themes that seem most appropriate to me as we reach this ten year mark are perseverance and gratitude.'

'We will go on, try our hardest, never give up and make the best of the life we have.'

The police investigation into the disappearance of  Madeline McCann is ongoing. 



Kensington Palace has bestowed all the feels on us today after revealing the official picture that will be used for Kate and Will's Christmas cards. 

The adorable snap captures the family very naturally in their own garden with the six-month-old Princess Charlotte in tow. 

The photograph was originally intended to be used only for personal reasons but it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge like it so much that they shared it with the world. 

And we are delighted that they did. 

We reckon this was the only photo they could manage to get of George where he was almost standing still. Meanwhile, Charlotte looks serene and sweet. 

The photo, taken at Kensington Palace, marks only the second official photo of the family of four. 

The first official photo was taken at Charlotte's christening (and they couldn't even get George to pose then either). 

And the gorgeous family have also just revealed that Prince George is due to begin Montessori school at the end of January. 

They really do grow up so fast! 


She's now a mother-of-two – a prince and a princess – who both arrived within less than two years of one another. 

And although little Charlotte is not yet six months' of age, excited news organisations in the US are convinced that royal baby No.3 is ALREADY en route.

Yes, if Stateside rumour is to be believed, Duchess Kate is now pregnant, with the little bundle of regal joy arriving next spring.

The fact that she was seen holding aloft glasses of champagne at the recent royal banquet in Buckingham Palace – not to mention that on the same occasion her bespoke Jenny Packham dress showed no hint of a baby bump – seems to have been disregarded.

Instead, the covers of more than one glossy magazine this week declare that the wife of Prince William is very much expecting. 

"It seems Kate Middleton, 33, and Prince William, 33, wasted no time getting back into the swing of things," declares one popular US site.

Meanwhile, Life & Style magazine, which carries the story on its front-page this week, says: “They’re expecting! It happened far quicker than they expected – they’d just started trying for another child. But William and Kate are so excited".

That publication furthermore says: "Friends are saying the baby will arrive around June. They say Kate is at the very beginning of her pregnancy and won’t show any sign of a bump until next year. She still looks extremely slim." 

And as far back as early September, Star magazine was also stating that the Duchess was "in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number three". It added that the new addition to the Cambridge family is due "in late April or early May, so she’ll likely be showing by the New Year".

Even earlier in the summer, some US outlets reported absolutely that Kate was eager to have three children by the time she turned 35: as she celebrates her 34th birthday in January, it seemed she was eager to get a move on.

The rumour may all, of course, seem a little far-fetched, but Wills himself did say in the aftermath of Charlotte's arrival that a third Cambridge child was certainly possible.

In an interview to mark his first day as an air ambulance pilot, the prince spoke of family-life. When the interviewer playfully hinted at another baba, the second-in-line to the British throne laughed: "We've only just had the second one!"

Though he then added with a smile, "but you never know what's going to happen in the future."