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The Love Island reunion is airing on Sunday, which has followed the finalists this week as they settle back into their normal lives once more, but one contestant won't be present.

We're gaggin' to see Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins's trip to Ireland, specifically Longford, which should be painfully awkward.

Mrs Higgins took more of a shine to Ovie Soko than Curtis, so that should be entertaining to see.

Greg O'Shea is also with Amber Gill in her hometown of Newcastle, which should be interesting. The adorable pair won the show, exceeding expectations, and split the prize money between them.

Sunday will bring all of the islanders back together again, despite some contestants being on the show for a couple of days (Callum McLeod- we mean yourself).

Remember Sherif Lanre? He's been banned from taking part, even though he was one of the original islanders. Lanre was removed from the villa after just nine days for breaking the rules.

The rule turned out to be accidentally kicking Molly-Mae in the groin and making a weird joke about it ('cunt punt'), and NOT masturbating in the hot tub like everyone said.


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Sherif is still eligible for the 'aftercare' treatment that every islander is entitled to receive, but his contract ended so he will take no part in the reunion.

A source told The Sun: "Sherif is gutted. He was really looking forward to having the chance to reunite with the other Islanders who became his friends during the villa.

"It’s hard to fathom why they wouldn’t want him as he was so popular during his short stint on the show. He made a mistake and apologised, so why he is still be punished is hard to fathom."


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A spokesman for Sherif said: "It would have been nice for Sherif to see his friends at the reunion; it’s a shame ITV feel this strongly against him attending."

ITV also released a statement confirming the news;

"Sherif left this series of Love Island by mutual agreement after breaking the rules and there are no plans for him to appear at this weekend’s Aftersun Reunion."

Feature image: ITV/REX


Dani Dyer has revealed one of the Love Island villa's more…interesting…safety rules and we're pretty surprised by it.

Despite the gig looking like one of the easiest in the world, with everyone lazing about in the sun all day, the daughter of Danny Dyer has revealed that their time in the sun was monitored.

The 23-year-old said that the health of contestants was hugely important to the team, with the producers placing strict regulations on the amount of time they spent in the sun and their water consumption.


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The actress explained to Hello Magazine that; "It is so hot and you have first aid that come in like twice a day" adding that "they are always on your case, there is sun tan lotion everywhere, they are always on at you about drinking water."

The former Love Island winner, who coupled up with Jack Fincham last year, disclosed that:

"They really do look after you in there, you are like little babies. You come out and you want someone to say to you 'Dani, do you want some water?'."


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The 2018 winner opened up about facing reality when she emerged from the villa; 

"When I first came out, that was really surreal to me, like the first moment I came out the villa, because obviously I had no contact with the outside world, I had no idea what was going on and to come out and get everyone sort of knowing you and thrust into it all, that was probably the most difficult moment."

Other rules involve no masturbating, eating lunch and dinner at specific times, no reading books or magazines, no showering at night, only two alcoholic drinks (no spirits though) on a 'big night', no unprotected sex, chats must be scheduled and interesting, no nudity allowed, no discriminating, no drunken sex and no waxes. 

Feature image: Instagram/@danidyerxx


It has just been announced that Love Island contestant Sherif Lanre has been kicked out of the villa and won't be coming back, not even for Anna.

Bosses confirmed via Twitter that they have “mutually agreed” with Sherif that he should leave the ITV2 reality show after he broke the rules. 

The reason behind his removal not confirmed, but according to Love Island Reactions, viewers will find out what happened on tonight and tomorrow night's shows.

It's suspected to be the fact that he's been seen on his phone numerous times on camera, but apparently he will pretty much just vanish from sight after tomorrow and Ian Stirling will do a voiceover announcement.

A spokesperson for the show said: “After breaking the villa rules Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.”

Sherif said: “In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa.

“I regret that I didn’t conduct myself in the right way and, as a 20-year-old guy, it’s something I know I will take on board and learn from." Police weren't involved, so it was presumably minor.


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He added; “I really enjoyed my time in the villa and look forward to catching up with everyone on the outside.”

The show continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm, and we'll be getting our Sherlock on to find some juicy answers.

This also means that his couple partner, Anna,  is now a single woman. The DRAH-MA.

Feature image; Instagram/@sherif_lanre


Hashtags which might be promoting eating disorders on Instagram have now been placed on an 'unsearchables' list following an investigation.

It was discovered that users of the photo-sharing network were bypassing the platform's filters, and health warnings have since been added to several spellings or terms which reference eating disorders.

Many of these terms are popular hashtags on Instagram's platform, but if they are on the 'unsearchables' list then zero results will come up.

Since 2012, the site began making some terms unsearchable in an effort to avoid users being able to locate often upsetting graphic images and posts which encouraged the idea that eating disorders were part of a lifestyle rather than a mental disorder.

However, BBC Trending claim that certain terms are still searchable, include ones which promote bulimia, and that Instagram's search bars suggest different terminology and spellings for terms glamorising eating disorders.

The search box offered a shocking 38 alternative spellings in one such instance for a popular term promoting the disorders.

Instagram has now made several alternative terms unsearchable and have added many to the list of terms triggering the health warning. They also have said they will continue to attempt to restrict such content.

A spokesman on their behalf commented that;

"We do not tolerate content that encourages eating disorders and we use powerful tools and technologies – including in-app reporting and machine learning – to help identify and remove it," 

"However, we recognise this is a complex issue and we want people struggling with their mental health to be able to access support on Instagram when and where they need it."

"We, therefore, go beyond simply removing content and hashtags and take a holistic approach by offering people looking at or posting certain content the option to access tips and support, talk to a friend, or reach out directly" to support groups.

Social networks have begun to censor content which could possibly encourage eating disorders, yet many people online discovered a way to navigate around the filters through deliberately misspelled hashtags.

Instagram and most popular sites don't use moderators to proactively search for dangerous content, and relies on users alone to report violations of its rules.

Algorithms fail to detect the difference between positive and harmful content, and then offer advertising and suggested sites which are promoting an unhealthy mental health disorder.

Eating disorder charities are demanding that ocial media networks take more responsibility for policing their content.

Certain sites online and Instagram pages are supportive for survivors of eating disorders, and there is an argument that removing posts could cease discussions surrounding eating disorders, which is important.

The rules of Instagram prohibit posts which promote or glorify eating disorders, but the company has a long way to go to develop its safety policies.


The Leaving Cert holiday is a rite of passage for most Irish teenagers.

To celebrate school finishing forever, you head off with your mates to Santa Ponsa or Aya Napa for a week with no parents and no rules.

Or so Mick Molloy thought.

Mick's mum was one step ahead of the other parents who simply give you a lecture before you get on the plane. 

She decided to set down a few rules of her own that her son could take abroad with him. 

Mick, from Gorey, shared the list on Twitter and it is pure gold. 

The orders include to ''stay away from dodgy tattoo parlours with dirty needles'', to ''avoid balconies completely'' and also to ''walk away from fights.'' 

Also notice that the ''use condoms'' rule had double stars next to it – Mammy Molloy isn't taking any chances!

Best of luck on your trip lads, but better luck with sticking to those rules. 



Following last month's horrific Manchester Arena attack, concert venues across the world have been cracking down on security.

Malahide Castle is following suit, with new rules surrounding what you can and cannot bring to gigs.

On the list are backpacks – a festival and concert staple.


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'Backpacks and large bags will not be allowed in to the Malahide Castle Concerts, only small bags measuring no bigger than A4 (8.27in/21cm × 11.7/ 29.7cm) will be permitted into the event,' according to a statement released by MCD, so get measuring. 

Attendees are advised not to bring a bag at all, as all bags will be searched on entry, and the venue hopes to avoid lengthy queues.

The venue is also introducing stricter searching tactics on entry, involving full body pat downs and the use of hand held metal detectors.


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New banned items include Go Pros and selfie sticks.

You will also be refused admission if found to be in possession of anything that can be perceived as a weapon or which could 'cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event.'

You can find all of the new guidelines here.



Most of us have had our fair share of dodgy landlords, but wait until you read about this one.

People living in a house in Cabra, Dublin, have made public a list of rules that they must live by when in the house, and it's truly… ridiculous.

Rules, which come from a woman named Miss Firmo, include showering every single day, and having to pay a fine if you miss a day of cleaning. We honestly don't know how these poor tenants put up with it.

The list of twelve pages was published on Independent.ie, after a man, who wants to remain anonymous, wrote into the Irish Independent newspaper to complain about his living situation.

Each tenant has to pay €300 per month for a shared bedroom (four people in a room), and these are just SOME of the 108 rules:

  • Ignore the house bell, do not stay in view when someone is at the door
  • Do not knock on Miss Firmo's bedroom door, instead call on the phone
  • If any reason cleaning is not done, the person will be fined €20 for task not done
  • Observe the floor, breadcrumbs need to be mopped up
  • After cleaning, put your clothes that you cleaned in in a plastic bag and put in the shed for washing
  • It is not allowed to use butter or oil in the wok
  • You are allowed to get visitors, but need to be given the full name and phone number of the person to Miss Firmo
  • All visitors will be included in bills
  • You are allowed to get a visit from your girlfriend/boyfriend if it is a relationship longer than a month. They also need to be introduced to Miss Firmo one month prior to visit
  • Smile you are on TV! Be advised there are hiding cameras in the common areas
  • Avoid speaking any other language than English
  • Do not turn central heating on after 6pm in any season of the year
  • You are forbidden to give anyone the Internet password
  • It is not allowed to spill water or any liquid anywhere in the house
  • Be very careful with food crumbs, it will kill the cat

Yep, and we're not even joking about the last one. That's rule number 108.


There seems to be a craze taking over the world lately; naked dining.

First, London opened a restaurant where diners were asked to fully de-robe. Australia then opened a 'clothing is optional' pop-up earlier this year.

And now, Japan has hopped on the bandwagon, opening a new naked restaurant, The Amrita, in Tokyo – BUT there's major strings attached.

As the staff wear G-strings to serve you food, it's not just any old joe that can get a seat in the unusual eatery. They have many, many rules:

  • No phones.
  • No "calling out to other customers."
  • No tattoos.
  • No touching.
  • Nobody under the age of 18 or over the age of 60.
  • And *drumroll* please – No overweight people.

We kid you not. You will be weighed and measured before you gain entry into The Amrita. If you're 30 pounds over the restaurant's recommended weight, then you're out on your bum.

AND you'll lose out on your money, too. The €115 to €473 dining experience – which you pay before you're weighed – is not refunded if you don't gain entry.

We think we'll keep our clothes on, thanks.



We all know those classic fashion rules like "blue and green should never be seen" and "always remove one accessory before leaving the house" but what if we just ignored them? Here are the fashion rules it's time to ditch!

1. Wearing White All Year Round
Some people even might think that white on white should never be seen but looking at past seasons it’s a big trend and one you should bend. The crisp and clean look doesn’t have to be kept for the summer though; wearing white in winter can look just as fresh especially when everyone else has transitioned into dark autumn colours! This is one trend that will make you look great and stand out from the crowd.

kim white

2. Mixing Your Jewellery
You will probably have heard your granny say once or twice that you shouldn’t wear your silver necklace with your gold watch and so on but this is definitely a rule you should break. Mix up whatever you have in your jewellery box and team them all together for a really chic and retro look.


3. Putting Black and Navy Together
These dark colours together will give a great toned effect to your outfit and make you look super slick. Navy heels with an all black outfit will spice it up a bit and turn your look from Penneys to Prada.

black and navy

4. Putting Black and Brown Together
This is another rule that we don’t understand. Black and brown are neutral colours which mean they can be themed with any colour including themselves! Take into example an all black outfit; pairing it with a brown bag and leopard print scarf will make you look the bees knees. 

black and brown

5. Shoes and Bags Must Always Match
No, no and no. This seems to be one of them cardinal rules that was passed down from generation to generation. It might have been all the rage in the 50’s but definitely not today. The colour palates for your wardrobe can range immensely so don’t be afraid to go out with red shoes and a blue bag! Once your shoes and bag match your outfit you’re good to go; they don’t have to match each other.

bags and shoes

6. Never Wear Red if You’re a Red Head
In some ways this rule can be broken and in others it can’t. Of course a red head can wear red but be sure to pick the right shade that doesn’t conflict with your hair or your skin tone. This rule can actually go for all hair colours and skin tones as you need the right balance of shades to make an outfit work. 

emma stone red

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It’s Good Friday – which can only mean one thing – the pubs are closed. The horror!

If you didn’t make it to the off-licence on time last night, there are certain ways to get around the no-booze rule.

1. Hotels can serve alcohol with a meal

For obvious reasons hotels are allowed to serve a drink and a meal, but keep in mind many hotels demand that you be a guest to avail of their Good Friday loophole.

2. Take in some dog racing

Why not take a trip down to your local greyhound stadium for a race, a bet and a tipple.

3. Head on to the ferry or take a flight

It is slightly drastic and sometimes quite pricey, but you can drink away on board both an aeroplane and a ferry. Once you get through security with a ticket in your paw, you can grab a pint at one of the airport bars!

4. Cross the border

Head for the hills and cross the border. All pubs and clubs should be open in Northern Ireland as well as off-licences.

5. Private Members Clubs

If you know some impressive secret handshakes that unlock the doors of certain clubs you could be in luck as various private members clubs are allowed to sell alcohol for up to six hours.

6. Head to the theatre

Once you have a ticket and you’re inside the playhouse you can avail of the theatrical loophole and grab yourself a few scoops. To the theatre darlings!

7. Go to the train station

Once you have a ticket you can be served in some train stations throughout Ireland. Once you have an intercity ticket you’re sorted, you’ll be served in the station bars and you don’t even have to take the train.

8. Befriend a soldier

Army bars don’t have to comply with the dry-Friday laws and the drinks are supplemented. This means discount pints, soldiers and firearms a plenty.

But remember, don’t drink and drive

And stay safe



The end of a relationship can cause a range of different emotions, but there is a way to get through it with your humility and pride intact.

1. Let go of anger
If you are angry about the break-up, you won’t move on. You need to do whatever it takes to let go of this anger, even if that means talking to your former love. Be calm and explain why you are angry and seeing as it is over anyway, don’t get mad all over again. What’s the point?

2. Allow yourself grieving time
Break-ups are hard. You’re going to have a bad time. So draw a bubble bath, grab The Notebook and allow yourself a *small* amount of time to grieve.

3. Don’t jump into anything
So the kind-of cute guy in your office jumps at the chance of a date when he hears you’re single. Of course, go on a date, why not, but don’t rush into a relationship straight away. If a relationship blooms, you need a clean slate.

4. Keep a diary
Keep a diary or a journal and write down how you feel every day or even every week if you’re busy. You will be surprised to see how your feeling change and evolve as the weeks go on following a break-up.

5. Get out there
What are your girlfriends for? Grab them (and some cocktails) and hit the town for a great night out. You don’t have to hook up with anyone but you will get a confidence boost when you realise that your friends are there for you and there is life out there!

6. Don’t text or call him
This one is important, you won’t get over him if you are talking to him every other night. Delete his number to avoid any embarrassing drunk-texts too.