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It's a well know fact that the French are not embarrassed by the human form, and with a host of beaches, campsites and pools dedicated to those you prepare to love their lives sans clothing, a restaurant made especially for nude diners was the next natural step.

According to Le Parisen, the aptly named O'naturel restaurant opened to the public last Friday after successfully it welcomed the Paris Naturist Association for dinner on Thursday night. 

On the surface, O'naturel looks like any other Parisian establishment. The space is large enough to hold up to 40 customers and the menu offers a classic array of French dishes – oh, and of course, there's plenty of wine too.

As guests enter the premises they are directed into a cloakroom where they can strip off and store their clothes, before taking a seat and settling in for one of the most intimate dining experiences the city has to offer.

“We propose you to taste a bistronomic and refined cuisine in a sober and friendly environment,” says the restaurant.

“Whether you are already a naturist or want to try you will be delighted to experience this.”

So, if you're planning a trip to the French capital and fancy trying something a little bit different, you can book your table at O'naturel here.


Earlier this year London gained itself a restaurant with a difference when The Bunyadi stripped open its doors in Elephant and Castle.

Offering diners the opportunity to eat completely naked, the adventurous pop-up quickly became a resounding success and so its owners have decided to spread the nude experience.

According to the Evening Standard, the venue’s founder, Seb Lyall, is currently hunting for a new site in the British capital to allow more foodies the unique opportunity to dine naked by candlelight.

As with the pilot project, diners will be given a locker and robe before having their phones confiscated.

They will then be seated at a discreet table, where they can choose to protect their dignity or drop the robe altogether.

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There seems to be a craze taking over the world lately; naked dining.

First, London opened a restaurant where diners were asked to fully de-robe. Australia then opened a 'clothing is optional' pop-up earlier this year.

And now, Japan has hopped on the bandwagon, opening a new naked restaurant, The Amrita, in Tokyo – BUT there's major strings attached.

As the staff wear G-strings to serve you food, it's not just any old joe that can get a seat in the unusual eatery. They have many, many rules:

  • No phones.
  • No "calling out to other customers."
  • No tattoos.
  • No touching.
  • Nobody under the age of 18 or over the age of 60.
  • And *drumroll* please – No overweight people.

We kid you not. You will be weighed and measured before you gain entry into The Amrita. If you're 30 pounds over the restaurant's recommended weight, then you're out on your bum.

AND you'll lose out on your money, too. The €115 to €473 dining experience – which you pay before you're weighed – is not refunded if you don't gain entry.

We think we'll keep our clothes on, thanks.