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Amy Huberman has just made an Irish Mammy's day.

The actor was out and about in New York when another Irish mam, Yvonne Duffy, commented on her Instagram post. 

She said that her son Sean was on his J1 there and if she saw him could he tell him to Facetime her more.

And guess what!


A post shared by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

Amy and Seán arranged to meet up and took snap to send to his worrying mother at home in Ireland.

Amy took to Instagram to upload the picture, captioning it, ''A lovely lady called Yvonne left a comment yesterday to say if I bumped into her son Sean in New York on his J1 to tell him to FaceTime his Ma more! He saw it & messaged me and we arranged our coordinates just now to FaceTime home to his Ma.''

She continued, ''Jaysus the world is tiny and Yvonne he’s grand and washing behind his ears! Gowan the Irish sons!''

Yvonne was delighted and commented, ''Well this brightened up a VERY wet n dreary Sunday "summer" afternoon in our house! Hilarious! Thank you so much, it really was a fantastic surprise to be face timed by you… you're a fantastic sport for doing this…''

How amazing is that?

Amy's followers thought so too.

One said, ''Mammies looking out for each other. Fair play to you Amy.''

While another wrote, ''Awww Amy you are brilliant! Fairplay to you.''

We just love this – well done Amy for helping out a fellow Irish mammy – we can imagine our doing exactly the same…


The Leaving Cert holiday is a rite of passage for most Irish teenagers.

To celebrate school finishing forever, you head off with your mates to Santa Ponsa or Aya Napa for a week with no parents and no rules.

Or so Mick Molloy thought.

Mick's mum was one step ahead of the other parents who simply give you a lecture before you get on the plane. 

She decided to set down a few rules of her own that her son could take abroad with him. 

Mick, from Gorey, shared the list on Twitter and it is pure gold. 

The orders include to ''stay away from dodgy tattoo parlours with dirty needles'', to ''avoid balconies completely'' and also to ''walk away from fights.'' 

Also notice that the ''use condoms'' rule had double stars next to it – Mammy Molloy isn't taking any chances!

Best of luck on your trip lads, but better luck with sticking to those rules. 


The formidable Irish Mammy – a legend in her own right and the best at giving advice and dishing out the ultimate one-liners. Her main concerns are the weather, tea, whether the immersion was turned off and what Bridie next-door neighbour is getting up to.

She’s there to make us copious amounts of tea that will fix any problem and fill us boiled 7up when we’re under the weather.

She’s come out with some gas statements over the years and seeing as Mother’s Day is approaching Twitter is looking back at some of the funniest moments Tweeted using #IrishMammy

When you’re feeling sad and need some reassurance your Mammy will swoop in with the comforting statement “What’s for you won’t pass you by.”  Once your Mammy says this it fixes all your problems and gives you hope when you feeling a bit down.


You arrive home from school starving and raid the press only to find good biscuits hidden behind the never-ending box of weetabix. Then just as you’re about to open the lovely bikkies, Mammy notices and shouts “Those biscuits are for the visitors at the weekend!” and you’re busted.

When we got that bit older and began to go out more with our friends just, as we were about to leave Mammy would pipe up and say “Oh, you’re off gallivanting again I suppose! But sure isn’t it well for ye!” But she always has your back at the same time…

Your Mammy always knows best and the minute you walk into the house with your jacket still on she’ll tell you to “Take off your coat or it’ll be of no use to you when you go outside love.” The house is freezing and you reluctantly take it off because you don’t want to upset your Mother. And home is a very hard place to leave…

Despite all the advice and nagging the Irish Mammy is a comfort and reminder that home is always there no matter what. We love our Mammies, we treasure them, their funny texts and sayings, and them just being themselves.

Let’s celebrate the brilliant uniqueness that is the #IrishMammy this Mother’s Day by sharing your funniest #IrishMammyMoments



Ah, the Irish Mammy.

While we wished they would stop bugging us about our dirty rooms when we were growing up, we now have a deep love for them and their old Irish sayings.

Because, let's be real – they ALL say the same thing.

That's what this Co. Clare Snapchatter honed in on in his latest video, where he talked his fans through the phrases we hear errr'day.

Some of the most popular included, "That's it, where's the wooden spoon," "Did you hear who died last night," and "Did you turn off the immersion?"

Basically, Patrick just covered every sentence that was uttered shouted to us as kids.



Donald Trump's inauguration to the office of United States President on January 20 this year will forever be associated with the birth of 'alternate facts'.

At this stage, we all know that 'alternate facts' is Trump-camp speech for statements which purport to communicate the truth while blatantly denying the indisputable reality.

They are, in other words, the language in which we all communicate when speaking to the Irish Mammy.

She mightn't be your mammy, she mightn't even be your mate's mammy, but Lord knows she's someone's mammy, so 'alternate facts' are your only man when navigating potentially tricky territory.

And here are just 11 incidents when 'alternate facts' just have to do.

1. When the sound of your dry heaving confirms you're the most hungover person on the planet.

"This is my normal Sunday morning routine, mam. Nothing amiss, nothing wrong."

2. When you were caught skipping mass as a teenager.

"I was standing right there. I just gave my seat to an elderly parishioner and had nowhere to sit, that's all."

3. When the price tag from your new (and exceedingly overpriced) handbag finds its way into her hands.

"That was the original price. It was, indeed, €500 at the start, but by the time I came across it, it was €3."

4. When you're paraletic, and have no intention of dealing with her disapproving stares.

"I'm not drunk. I feel fine *Hic*. Better than ever. Tell me, do you fancy the oul lad next door?"

5. When you blatantly forget Mother's Day, and (understandably) get the third degree.

"I did NOT forget. You've just forgotten to check your post."

6. When you're asked if you have enough money to see you through until pay day.

"I do… unless you're offering. In which case, I do not."

7. When you bail on a family occasion at the last minute.

"What? I WAS there, mam! You just didn't see me. In fact, you totally blanked me."

8. When word gets through that you ditched the bank meeting you were dreading.

"I went, but no one was there. So, I went home. But I was definitely there. Go check the cameras."

9. When you insist you're on a strict diet, but are found doing a midnight raid on the kitchen cupboards.

"This isn't what it looks like. In fact, this is not happening, You are imagining it."

10. When you insist Dry January was a success.

"That's not me in those photos. And that's definitely not my local. Or my pint."

11. When you claim to know how your taxes are calculated.

"I know how it works. But do you know what it works, mam? That's the real question."




Let's be honest, winding up our mothers never gets old.

And watching other people wind up their own mothers has got to be one of the most entertaining ways to pass the time.

So, hats off to John Coen from Galway, who did a top-notch job of irritating the life out of his mother, Majella, recently when he insisted she inspect the 'leak' in her sink.

With her head stuck in the cupboard beneath the sink and no 'leak' to be seen, John's mam was fit to lose her reason as her son insisted she wasn't looking at it.

The footage, which has been doing serious rounds on social media, has been inundated with comments from the public praising Majella's response to her son's prank.

We'll let this pair take it from here…




As the debate continues about whether it’s too early to put up the Christmas tree or if it’s just too soon to be listening to festive music, there is one thing that all Irish people, at home and abroad, can agree on; it’s never too early for The Late Late Toy Show.

Yes, whether you are generation Gay, Pat or Ryan, for one Friday night a year we all set up camp in front of our tellies and watch the magic happen.

And while dreams do indeed come true on that glorious night, there is one dream that many of us have yet to see granted and that’s to be one of the lucky few sat in the audience enjoying the show up close.

Well, one woman is taking it into her own hands this year and making her plea through a series of hilarious videos with the hopes of getting herself that golden ticket.

Veronica Barry has been taking her case straight to Mr Ryan Tubridy himself and we have to admit, it’s pretty convincing.

From sledding her way to RTE studios to doing a very special Toy Show Ice Bucket Challenge, Veronica is fighting for her place at this year’s big event.

The Dublin-native even roped in the help of Santa Claus himself in a bid to get her hands on two tickets.


Do you have a story that you would like to share with SHEmazing? Click here and you could be in with a chance of winning €250.



Every Irish man and woman will know the fear of God that their mammy puts in them. Disappoint your mammy, and you are in the bad books which means stinky cabbage and potatoes are for dinner. Not ideal.

And if you wear something that they don't like. Well, let's just say you'll know all about it when dragged to mass at 9am on Sunday.

Now, Bressie may be a big rock star and the frontman of the newly reformed Blizzards, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do what his mam tells him.


My mam has informed me never to return to her home if I am wearing this shirt

A photo posted by bressie (@bressie) on

The musician took to Instagram today to share a picture of him wearing a rather peculiar navy, floral shirt, and captioned that pic: "My mam has informed me never to return to her home if I am wearing this shirt."

I kinda like the shirt, but I'd say Bressie obeyed his mother!



Trying to pull the wool over the eyes of any Irish mammy is no mean feat, so hats off to Ciara Redmond who did the almost impossible this week.

After four days of air travel and God knows how long keeping her secret to herself, Ciara, originally from Co Cork but living in Melbourne, made her way to Co Wexford where her mum was staying for the summer, and got a reaction which had us more than a little choked up at SHEmazing! HQ this morning.

Sharing the footage of her reunion with her mam on Facebook, Ciara wrote: "Well after 4 days of travelling from Oz, 19 hour layover in Delhi and caught on a 17 hour cancelled flight in Frankfurt- it was well worth the surprise!"

"Home for good. Ireland I missed you but even more I missed my family," she wrote in the post which has been viewed more than 1,000 times since its upload.

"Thanks to everyone who helped surprise my mammy! God she reacted well!" Ciara added.

Ah lads, we are all OVER this.



It's safe to say we all love surprising – or playing jokes on – our Irish mammies. They just have the BEST reactions.

But sometimes – as these two Clondalkin brothers found out – it can go very, very wrong.

According to FM104, Jason Garvey and his brother wanted to *surprise* their mother who was on holidays.

To celebrate to upcoming Euros, the lads painted the house green, white and orange. YES. The WHOLE house.

Now, the lads swear they were only thinking of their mammy, but admitted that she's not the biggest fan of football. Huh?

"She hates it but watches the big games and pretends she knows it all," Jason said.

So, Jason and his brother started the work on painting the house when disaster struck. Jason's brother climbed up a ladder, only to fall from it at a height and hurt his back.

And to make to story worse, their mother was absolutely livid at what her boys have done.

"She was shocked. She hates it, she's very embarrassed," Jason said.

Shock horror, lads. We think you've learned your lesson.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got some of the quirkiest and coolest Irish cards you can buy to celebrate your Mammy.

1. We all know I’M the favourite
For when you’re safe in the knowledge you’re Mammy’s wee pet. Usually given by the youngest child (grrrr).

Available here.


2. The failsafe
Irish mammies love tea. It’s a scientific fact. This card is perfect for any Mam, from Cork to Belfast. Make her an actual cup of tea (and get some good biscuits) for extra brownie points.

Buy it here.


3. Taken for granted
We all do it. ADMIT IT – we take our lovely Mammies for granted. Whether it’s bringing home a load of laundry at the weekend when you’ve got a fully functional washing machine or shneaking a few extra bits in the shopping trolley. Hopefully she’ll see the subliminal message behind this gas card from Rob Stears.

Find it here.


MAM. MAM. MAAAAAAAM. MAMMY. You’d feel sorry for your mother having to endure 18 years of you shouting when you can’t find your top/swimming goggles/car keys. Remind her of the good ol’ days…

Available here.


5. She DOES rock
Lainey K’s gorgeous collection of Mother’s Day cards are perfect for any Mammy. The above is a firm favourite, and your mam will be chuffed with the sentiment. Win.

Available to buy here.


6. High praise
Where would we be without our mammies to give us advice, overfeed us, listen to our Tinder horror stories AND locate that pair of shoes we’ve been trying to find for the last week? Total superheroes, the lot of them.

Available here.


7. Sound as a pound
We want to buy this card in bulk and use it whenever the occasion befits it. After all, who wouldn’t like to hear that they’re pure sound?

Buy it here.

8. Not a notion in sight
‘Tis far from prosecco brunches we were raised, and while we do enjoy the odd mimosa of a Sunday, at least we know what’s what underneath it all. Thanks mam.

Get it here.

Trudi McDonald is a food bloggersporadic tweeter and lover of travel, gin, cheese and tracksuit bottoms (in no particular order).


One mother did not hold back when describing the moment a sales assistant criticised the body shape of her young daughter in a viral Facebook post. 

The angry mum-on-a-mission describes how a simple shopping trip with her teenage daughter for a new dress ended in tears. 

It seems that the rude shop assistant did not think the teen could pull off a figure hugging gown without some extra help. 

Dear sales lady at Dillard's Towne East Mall, This is my teenage daughter who wanted to try on dresses for an upcoming…

Posted by Megan Naramore Harris on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


"You entered and told my daughter she needed to wear SPANX if she wanted to wear this dress," said the post aimed at the shop assistant in question. 

"I told my daughter to go change. I told you that she was just fine without SPANX. You continued to argue with me. We left soon after."

The post has already garnered over 450 thousand reactions as well as international media attention and the message of the post is pretty clear. 

"Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes are perfect. If they feel good in a dress, that is all that should matter.

"I hope this is shared and gets back to you so that you should not say something like that to a girl ever again. You never know what negative or positive thoughts they are thinking about themselves."

Hear hear!