How to get over a break-up like a grown-up


The end of a relationship can cause a range of different emotions, but there is a way to get through it with your humility and pride intact.

1. Let go of anger
If you are angry about the break-up, you won’t move on. You need to do whatever it takes to let go of this anger, even if that means talking to your former love. Be calm and explain why you are angry and seeing as it is over anyway, don’t get mad all over again. What’s the point?

2. Allow yourself grieving time
Break-ups are hard. You’re going to have a bad time. So draw a bubble bath, grab The Notebook and allow yourself a *small* amount of time to grieve.

3. Don’t jump into anything
So the kind-of cute guy in your office jumps at the chance of a date when he hears you’re single. Of course, go on a date, why not, but don’t rush into a relationship straight away. If a relationship blooms, you need a clean slate.

4. Keep a diary
Keep a diary or a journal and write down how you feel every day or even every week if you’re busy. You will be surprised to see how your feeling change and evolve as the weeks go on following a break-up.

5. Get out there
What are your girlfriends for? Grab them (and some cocktails) and hit the town for a great night out. You don’t have to hook up with anyone but you will get a confidence boost when you realise that your friends are there for you and there is life out there!

6. Don’t text or call him
This one is important, you won’t get over him if you are talking to him every other night. Delete his number to avoid any embarrassing drunk-texts too.