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Amy Hart has shared her successful Love Island audition tape with her followers online, and it's…something.

The ex-air hostess surprised her fans by showing the reel which secured her spot on the ITV2 dating show on YouTube last night, which led to her coupling up with Curtis Pritchard before quitting the show.

The video shows Amy refer to herself as "the lovechild of Elton John and Gemma Collins", also describing herself as a third wheel and "the world's worst drunk texter" who is "too extra for my own good".

"I know I've got the hair, the teeth, the nails, the boobs but I'm not your run-of-the-mill Barbie girl," she added. "There's only one Ames."

The 26-year-old also mentions that all of her friends have "found their Mr Right and have their fairytale endings, and I think it's my time". She also describes her five years of pageant life.

Unfortunately, the show didn't lead to a fairytale ending for Amy, but she walked out with her head held high and earned thousands of fans for the value she had for her mental health.


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Amy recently hit back at trolls who criticised her appearance online with an emotional Instagram message describing how upset her friends and family have been after reading vile comments.

She captioned the lengthy post; "To everyone who has taken time out of their day to point out my flaws – thank you. I know you probably think that the comments you make about my appearance don’t get read, well they do – and they hurt. Not just me, but my friends and family, too.

"I know it’s probably difficult to see me as a person when all you know about me is what you’ve seen on TV, online and when I pop up on your social media feed."


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"To you, I’m probably just a picture or a video… but the reality is I’m just an ordinary girl from Worthing whose dreams are coming true," the reality star added.

"The vast majority of comments I receive are absolutely lovely – and I read them too…so thank you! I guess what I want to say is… just have a bit consideration when you’re leaving comments on people's posts – whether they have 1 follower or 1 million followers."

The star is taking action by heading into schools to speak about the impacts of trolling and online bullying, using her platform for good.


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"To everyone who has taken time out of their day to point out my flaws – thank you," she said. "I have a mirror, I know what I look like – and I'm happy with it. But, like everyone, I have my insecurities."

YAS gal. Say what you want about Amy, but she stays true to herself 24 hours a day.

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The Love Island reunion is airing on Sunday, which has followed the finalists this week as they settle back into their normal lives once more, but one contestant won't be present.

We're gaggin' to see Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins's trip to Ireland, specifically Longford, which should be painfully awkward.

Mrs Higgins took more of a shine to Ovie Soko than Curtis, so that should be entertaining to see.

Greg O'Shea is also with Amber Gill in her hometown of Newcastle, which should be interesting. The adorable pair won the show, exceeding expectations, and split the prize money between them.

Sunday will bring all of the islanders back together again, despite some contestants being on the show for a couple of days (Callum McLeod- we mean yourself).

Remember Sherif Lanre? He's been banned from taking part, even though he was one of the original islanders. Lanre was removed from the villa after just nine days for breaking the rules.

The rule turned out to be accidentally kicking Molly-Mae in the groin and making a weird joke about it ('cunt punt'), and NOT masturbating in the hot tub like everyone said.


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Sherif is still eligible for the 'aftercare' treatment that every islander is entitled to receive, but his contract ended so he will take no part in the reunion.

A source told The Sun: "Sherif is gutted. He was really looking forward to having the chance to reunite with the other Islanders who became his friends during the villa.

"It’s hard to fathom why they wouldn’t want him as he was so popular during his short stint on the show. He made a mistake and apologised, so why he is still be punished is hard to fathom."


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A spokesman for Sherif said: "It would have been nice for Sherif to see his friends at the reunion; it’s a shame ITV feel this strongly against him attending."

ITV also released a statement confirming the news;

"Sherif left this series of Love Island by mutual agreement after breaking the rules and there are no plans for him to appear at this weekend’s Aftersun Reunion."

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Love Island has yet to return for its fifth season, but drama has already begun brewing online over body sizes and weight diversity.

Jameela Jamil has expressed her distaste about the lack of plus-size people on the hit ITV2 show, and tweeted an image of one of the contestants who she presumed was the producers choice for a larger type of body.

Unfortunately, her tweet has slightly backfired after Katy McDermott pointed out that, by posting an image and singling out one woman and assuming she is the 'token plus-size contestant', she is now the one labelling women's bodies:

The Good Place actress and activist wrote: "The producers of Love Island think this slim woman counts as their new token “plus size” contestant? Are they drunk?"

The woman, Anna Vakili, is slightly curvier than the other contestants, but is still by no means a 'plus-size' model.

Former Love Island star Kady McDermott called out Jameela for using a 2019 hopeful's body image to try and prove a point:

The 23-year-old slammed the British actress's supposed double standards after she labelled Anna's body 'slim' and assumed she was the body diversity choice this year.

She rebutted: "Who even said she was the plus size contestant? Maybe we shouldn’t be labelling women as anything and just letting them be who they are. Skinny/slim/curvy/obese who cares."

Other Twitter users agreed with Kady, saying how disappointed they were when Anna was singled out for her body compared to other contestants when it's perfectly healthy.

Kady continued to argue against Jameela's call-out, writing: "Couldn’t agree more. She is FAR from a “plus size” but even if she was she shouldn’t be pointed out likes she’s different. People are people."

Former contestants Alexandra Cane and Malin Andersson called on the show's bosses last week to cast a more diverse range of Islanders.

Fans have been quick to compare 28-year-old pharmacist Anna to queen of curses, Kim Kardashian. Love Island producers have not confirmed that Anna was added to the line-up to represent a different body type.

Many were disappointed by the absence of Jada Sezer, who was rumoured to join the show. Sezer is a mental health campaigner and plus-size model, and would have brought something new to the villa.

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The first contestant for Love Island 2019 has finally been unveiled: Beauty therapist Amber Rose Gill from Newcastle.

The Sun reports that the participant flew out to Majorca this weekend after signing up for the infamous ITV2 show.

The 21-year-old is described as, "a down to earth and fun-loving girl. She loves to party and is always out in Newcastle."


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“She’s beautiful and looks incredible in a bikini and unlike other previous stars of the show doesn’t have masses of Instagram followers.”

According to her Instagram, Amber is pals with last year's contestant Adam Collard and Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan. 

"If you don’t have a sense of humour go away," her Instagram bio reads. We'll just retreat into the distance then…


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The Sun also revealed last week that the ex-girlfriend of Leicester City footballer James Maddison, Molly-Mae Hague, is also signing on to the series.

19-year old blonde bombshell Molly was hand-picked by producers for the Spanish villa thanks to her impressive social media presence.

Other possible contestants include 26-year-old British Airways stewardess Amy Hart, and the younger brother of boxer Tyson Fury, Tommy.


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Fury confirmed his younger brother Tommy will be taking part on an MMA show, saying: “He’s a good looking young kid and I think he’s going to be a hit with the ladies on it."

Soph Piper, AKA Rochelle Humes' younger sis, was also favourite to star but insiders revealed that she is weighing up her options before making the ultimate decision.

The full line-up of the show's fifth season will be revealed by ITV this week. Monday, June 3 is the official start date for the much-anticipated series to return.

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In a society of extremes, women at every end of the curve spectrum are constantly being scrutinised for their size.

But while many of us opt to suffer such criticism in silence, one Miss Italy contestant has decided to defend her curvaceous frame from the abuse hurled at it by antagonistic trolls.

After receiving a collection of bodyshaming comments both online and in person, 22-year-old Paola Torrente hit back at her haters by publically declaring that she will not be turned against her curves by the negativity of others.


Comunque andare #me #miss #missitalia #misscurvy #curvy #popular

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Speaking to the Mail Online, the size 14 brunette – who was told she has “too much flesh” to compete in a beauty pageant by Croatian model Nina Moric – explained how she believes the best way to deflect people’s negativity is by focusing on the happiness which exists in her own life.

She said: “I want to tell young women to accept themselves and to understand that feeling good and being happy is the most powerful thing to fight people’s words and thoughts.”

Since taking second place in this year’s pageant, the engineering student has received great praise from young girls who see her body confidence as an inspiration, a situation which Paola says makes her feel “surprised and proud”.


Milano senza la Madonnina non sarebbe Milano, ma pure senza Nina .

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“They made me feel good too. And maybe in that sense I am a role model, but firstly I'm just a very normal 22-year-old girl.”

During the interview, Paola – who is from Angri, an area south of Naples – also pointed out the conflicted nature of a beauty industry which is still widely seen as pushing traditional depictions of perfection on an audience which is becoming increasingly more open to body diversity.

She said: “I embrace my curves at 360 degrees, and I'm never ashamed of them. There are many women that chose surgery to become more curvy.”


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However the 5ft 9 model – who works out regularly to maintain her figure – also acknowledged that the pageant scene is changing for the better.

“The stereotype of the tall, skinny girl started in the 1990s and girls became skinnier every year,” noted Paola.

“Now a lot of girls that don't fit the beauty ideal of tall and skinny compete. That's a really good thing, it means mentality is changing.”





Fans watched with fear as Big Brother contestant Kimberly Kisselovich was removed form the the house and rushed to hospital two weeks ago. 

Now, it has been revealed that Kimberly’s medical issues were caused by an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg develops outside the womb.
Ectopic pregnancies are life threatening for the mother and baby.
Kimberly has since said she became pregnant during her time in the Big Brother house, having slept with contestant, Steven Goode. The model has been warned by doctors that she will likely need surgery to remove the egg from her fallopian tube.
Kimberly is devastated by the diagnosis, and has been told there is a possibility she will not be able to have children in future: “I’m really concerned. Steven’s speaking to all the doctors – he’s really upset … The doctor has said that there’s a chance I won’t be able to have children. I’m trying to keep positive because we don’t know for certain.”
Poor Kimberly, this is such a difficult thing to go through, we hope she feels better soon.