‘Crumbs will kill the cat…’ This Dublin landlord is BONKERS


Most of us have had our fair share of dodgy landlords, but wait until you read about this one.

People living in a house in Cabra, Dublin, have made public a list of rules that they must live by when in the house, and it's truly… ridiculous.

Rules, which come from a woman named Miss Firmo, include showering every single day, and having to pay a fine if you miss a day of cleaning. We honestly don't know how these poor tenants put up with it.

The list of twelve pages was published on Independent.ie, after a man, who wants to remain anonymous, wrote into the Irish Independent newspaper to complain about his living situation.

Each tenant has to pay €300 per month for a shared bedroom (four people in a room), and these are just SOME of the 108 rules:

  • Ignore the house bell, do not stay in view when someone is at the door
  • Do not knock on Miss Firmo's bedroom door, instead call on the phone
  • If any reason cleaning is not done, the person will be fined €20 for task not done
  • Observe the floor, breadcrumbs need to be mopped up
  • After cleaning, put your clothes that you cleaned in in a plastic bag and put in the shed for washing
  • It is not allowed to use butter or oil in the wok
  • You are allowed to get visitors, but need to be given the full name and phone number of the person to Miss Firmo
  • All visitors will be included in bills
  • You are allowed to get a visit from your girlfriend/boyfriend if it is a relationship longer than a month. They also need to be introduced to Miss Firmo one month prior to visit
  • Smile you are on TV! Be advised there are hiding cameras in the common areas
  • Avoid speaking any other language than English
  • Do not turn central heating on after 6pm in any season of the year
  • You are forbidden to give anyone the Internet password
  • It is not allowed to spill water or any liquid anywhere in the house
  • Be very careful with food crumbs, it will kill the cat

Yep, and we're not even joking about the last one. That's rule number 108.