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Influencer Rosie Connolly tied the knot today in a gorgeous ceremony to now-hubby Paul.

Followers have been waiting for a peep at her dress, which was first revealed in a video on Aimee Music Official's Instagram story.

Rosie herself took to the 'gram ten minutes later to upload a romantic image of her and her new husband. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

The dress was a fit-and-flare style with a dramatic fishtail hem.

Featuring all-over lace, the plunging neckline and slim fit complimented the influencer and mum-of-one's petit frame. 

A long, sheer, trailing veil finished the look, as did Rosie's light smoky eye and classic pink lip. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

A number of Irish influencers were also in attendance, including Niamh Cullen, Louise Cooney and Aideen Kate. 

The event took place at the scenic Carton House in County Kildare.

Huge congratulations to Rosie and Paul.



Ladies, the warm weather has well and truly descended, and we're considering our summer wardrobes. 

Knowing the Irish climate, we'll need to stock up on separates that can be worn with sliders and t-shirts and jumpers and tights. 

Luckily, the queen of casual but cool Rosie Connolly is offering us up some major style inspiration. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Utility-style pieces are major this summer, from cargo pants to over-sized bombers. 

For summer, we want to nail the look with Rosie's cute H&M skirt. 

The cargo-style piece features an oversized pocket detail, as well as an on-trend ring detail sash. 

Short cargo skirt €27.99

The skirt is perfect for layering, and we can think of a few new ways to don it. 

First, we're loving Rosie's white jumper and runners combo.

For our holidays, we would add a white bandeau, loads of gold jewellery and the strappiest of statement heels for a night on the Spanish tiles.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, we'll be going for a black turtleneck jumper tucked in an our staple black booties, or rocking black over-the-knee boots. 

Happy shopping gals.



Unless you accidentally flung your phone into the sea yesterday, I'm sure you noticed that one of Ireland's biggest fashion nights of the year was taking place – both at Dublin's The Marker Hotel and across social media.

The VIP Style Awards encouraged those nominated for awards and their supporters to gather for a night of revelry and fashion scrutiny – and one blogger trend in particular was palpable after one glance around the room. 

Ruffles, ruffles, everywhere – and all of them in black.

Photography/Brian Mc Evoy

Of course, there were the outliers, like Doireann Garrihy who opted for a quirky but stylish llama-print pantsuit, Holly Carpenter, whose jewel-toned dress was reminiscent of Taylor Swift's 2016 Grammys look (although I must say Holly wore it better) and James Kavanagh who turned up in a contemporary Balenciaga laundry bag.

However, the most noticeable look was that of the flamenco dancer emoji in a mourning procession – and I honestly mean that in a good way. 

From Just Jordan to Louise Cooney to Rosie Connolly, the red carpet was awash with the gentle sashay of black ruffles. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Louise Cooney opted for a black fulll-skirted dress with tiered ruffles on the skirt, topped with a lacy corset and Louise's signature blonde curly blow dry. 

Lisa Jordan of Just Jordan – winner of the Best Dressed Award at the SHEmazing Awards, might I add – went for a spacially occupying  ball gown with a high-neck top and lengthy, voluminous train. 

Rosie Connolly, who has recently taken some time from social media, went for a dramatically cut dress by blogger fave Umit Kutluk. The dress featured waterfall ruffles and an asymmetric shoulder, and was my personal favourite of the night. 


A post shared by Louise Cooney (@louisecooney_) on

Whether the all-black ensembles were a nod to the Me Too movement of the Oscars or simply a cosmic coincidence is yet to be seen, but now we have a hankering to incorporate a statement ruffle into our glam wardrobe. 

Here are the pieces in our online carts for ticking this trend box with ease: 

Strappy Ruffle Wrap Mini Dress €30.42, Shirred Ruffle Bandeau Top €17.28, V Neck Ruffle Dress €48.39



Michelle Regazzoli-Stone, also known as Mrs Makeup, has lashed out against call-out accounts such as Bloggers Unveiled and Bullshitcallerouter. 

Her action comes after friend and fellow Irish influencer Rosie Connolly received a cruel message from a follower.

Rosie took to her Instagram stories to let her followers know that she would be taking some time off social media, after her son Harry, who features regularly on her platforms, suffered a broken leg. 

Instagram / Rosieconxxx

However, soon after the post, Rosie received a response to her story regarding her son's injury – 'Karma's a bitch.'

Understandably upset by this, Rosie has not posted online since sharing the screenshot, except to thank the ambulance and hospital workers who assisted her family. The page from which the DM was sent has since been deleted. 

Taking to Instagram, Michelle posted an uplifting quote about women supporting other women, while adding her two-cents on the matter. 

Instagram / mrsmakeup_ie

'I am all for freedom of speech (I’m probably a little over opinionated sometimes) What’s going on online with these calling out pages have opened up a world of unnecessary hate!' Michelle wrote. 

Directing her anger at the currently active call-out pages, she continued: 'Anonymous pages set up to deliberately hurt people! Why are you afraid to show us who you are?????'

'Last night I was sickened by what someone wrote to @rosieconxxx about her son! When will it stop lads????' she declared, outraged by the DM.

'Yes there has been some shady shit with influencers, I noticed it myself so what did I do, unfollowed the person or simply don’t engage! Oh and by the way we ALL make mistakes we are HUMAN!!!'

Michelle did not tag any call-out pages in the post, but perpetually on the pulse, Bloggers Unveiled had this to say in the comments section: 

'Hey @mrsmakeup_ie you forgot to tag me! That comment directed at Rosie had nothing to do with me and I made it very clear how disgusted I was with it, and when I checked that account wasn’t even following me?'

'I think a lot of your followers have explained the purpose of my page better than I ever could so I’ll just leave it at that.' 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

She continued on to say that while Michelle's image of a quote about supporting women was positive, she doesn't agree that just because people are of the same gender they shouldn't be able to call out controversy. 

'Your post speaks about “building women up” which I take issue with as I always say we shouldn't always build women up on the basis we share anatomical similarities.'

'Im sure you’ll agree some women need to be taken down a peg or two. But what about all the women on the other end of it? The victims of a culture that lost the run of itself?'

'Were those women empowered? Or were they lied to, misled and exploited? Think about that for a minute because it’s a very valid point and an important question.'

'Everything I’ve shown on my page is the truth. I appreciate you wanting to stick up for your friend but I don’t appreciate being linked with that comment when I’ve already distanced myself from it.' 

With Bloggers Unveiled already at 127,000 followers and growing astronomically, there are many who would agree. 

However, to whomever sent that DM to Rosie Connolly regarding her son, the collective public opinion seems to be – shame on you. 


Online influencers are a huge part of people's online lives these days. 

You follow the women you look up to, whether it's for their style, makeup routines or business savvy. 

As the influencer industry has grown to become a multi-million dollar concept, the competition to attract follows has too. 


A post shared by Suzanne Jackson (@sosueme_ie) on

It's safe to say that living your life in front of anything from 20,000 to 400,000 online eyes comes with a certain amount of pressure to maintain an advertiser-friendly facade. 

For some, authenticity is the cornerstone of their business. 

For others, the pressure to appear perfect has led to accusations of photoshopping, alleged secret surgery and heavy editing. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Now, there is nothing wrong with throwing a good filter over a photo and maybe whitening your teeth if they were a little wine-stained on that particular night – most people now have a mini perfecting app on their smart phones. 

However, some influencers have been accused of having a very close relationship with the airbrush filter, which has spawned hundreds of blogs, forums, twitter, facebook and instagram pages and groups who discuss the various aspects of the influencers' photography. 

Some argue that as these influencers sell makeup, skincare and fitness products to their audience, it is deceptive of the influencers to then heavily edit their photos to make their hair, skin or physique look different. 

Image: Snapchat / rosie x

This heavy scrutiny has been labelled as bullying by some of Ireland's biggest influencers. 

Rosie Connolly, who has received massive praise for being honest about her skin issues in recent months, took to Snapchat to discuss her thoughts on the forums. 

'Have I had my lips done? Yes. Have I ever lied about it? No.'

Do I hate the way I looked? No. Still the same me, just with better brows, makeup and someone found me a hair toner.'

Image: Snapchat / themakeupfairy

She then uploaded a snap of her from her teenage years, side by side with a recent image.  

The Makeup Fairy has also been a topic of discussion on these forums, on which she has been accused of editing her physique.

The woman behind the brand Joanne Larby took to her social media to share times where she has felt insecure about her appearance, and relayed that she has both 'great angles and horrendous ones.'


A post shared by Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro) on

The makeup mogul also compared her situation to that of Mila Kunis, saying that celebrities have always been the target of criticism.

'I am the edited and unedited version,' the fitness model wrote. 

The specific type of anti-bullying campaign that the bloggers intend to conduct has yet to be revealed, but we can only commend them for addressing the criticism and for using their influence to positively impact their online communities. 


2017 was clearly the year that Ireland's leading influencers decided that they wanted to try their hand at something new. 

A number of young, talented Irish women have created business endeavours of their own, as an extension of their own personal brands. 

These ladies are paving the way to their dream careers while maintaining an adoring legion of online followers. Kudos gals, kudos. 

Luna by Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan, blogger at Just Jordan and winner of the Best Dressed attendee award at the SHEmazing awards has branched out from blogging and into makeup creation. 

The mum-of-one has just launched her new Luna by Lisa collection of lipglosses, which she proudly showed off at the Irish Beauty Show this week.

The collection, which includes a set of four nude lipglosses, has already sold out online, so you better be on the ball when they're restocked in October.


A post shared by LUNA by Lisa Jordan (@lunabylisa) on

Love Lift by Holly Carpenter

Food, fitness and fashion influencer Holly Carpenter's new jewellery line has been in the works for months, but the model only recently debuted the collection on social media. 

'Holly knows that she is not a food blogger and she always wanted to find her niche,' a source previously told VIP Magazine.  

'And she has, she loves art and creating and obviously she loves fashion and accessorising. So it’s the perfect match.’

The model-turned-jewellery designer has channelled positive energy into her new line, which aims to promote empowerment and self love. 


A post shared by LoveLift  (@love__lift) on

Aluxe Elite Collection by Rosie Connolly

Rosie Connolly debuted her Aluxe sunglasses collection a number of months ago, and now the blogger/influencer has branched out into makeup brushes. 

Rose has been a trained makeup artist for an entire decade, so if anyone knows brushes, it's her.

The collection includes a set of five brushes, covering everything from eyes to cheeks. 

'I've been working on my own collection of makeup brushes for months now, and they're finally ready,' Rosie said, in a recent Instagram caption. 

'I have been a qualified makeup artist for almost 10 years now, and it was always a dream to be able to work on my own makeup brush range.'


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Taylor & Rose by Ciara O'Doherty

Irish blogger and stylist Ciara O'Doherty launched her unique hair couture endeavour Taylor & Rose a number of months ago. 

'The idea for it started over a year ago when I was putting together an outfit for a fashion event here in Dublin,' said Ciara. 

'I was looking for a really special headpiece – I wanted something unique, luxurious and affordable – and after searching high and low I realised that this was a collection that I wanted to bring to life myself.'

The collection includes a carefully curated range of statement earrings, Gossip Girl-influenced headbands and headpieces to see you through wedding season and beyond.


A post shared by Taylor & Rose (@taylorandroseshop) on


When we think of Ireland's top bloggers, we often think of glamorous events, flawless makeup and a penchant for trendy clothes and a bouncy blowdry. 

It's not too often that we see influencers open up about their 'flaws' or issues, but Rosie Connolly, winner of the Most Stylish Influencer award at the SHEmazing Awards, is opening up to her community of followers about her struggle with her skin. 

Rosie shared a new bare-faced photo of herself to tell her followers to embarce themselves and not allow their percieved flaws to take a toll on their confidence. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

'Laying it all on the table… my skin, unfiltered, no makeup, no products. I've suffered from acne since I was about 18 and have gone through every product, every medication and every remedy you can think of.'

'Some worked, most didn't, but right now nothing is healing it. It's painful, inflamed, irritated and is of course taking its toll on my confidence. Why am I posting it here for the world to see?? Well, I'm 27, happily engaged with a gorgeous little boy, amazing friends and family, living a life I love, but I STILL get so hung up on my skin and allow it to get me down, change my mood and batter my self esteem.'

'So I can only imagine how much harder it would of been for me if I was a teen growing up now with acne.'

'So many flawless pictures all over social media lead you to believe that you're the only one who's suffering or "flawed,"' she said. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

'It shocks me to hear how many people have felt so ashamed of their skin problems, young or old.'

'Do I want to show my skin like this….? Hell no! But does it change me as a person… absolutely not. My skin issues do not define me, they do not make me "ugly", they are nothing to be ashamed of and for that reason, I'm sharing with you all.'

'If it helps just ONE person to accept themselves for who they are, "flaws" and all, then it was worth it,' she finished, showing her support for her followers. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

This isn't the forst time Rosie has shared a candid snap of herself sans makeup. 

The blogger previously shared a selfie using the hashtags #EmbraceTourFlaws to encourgae her followers to be comfortable in thier own skin. 

Her posts, which pop up on our Insta feeds among the Facetuned visages of others, are a welcome relief from the perfectionist attitude which grips the social media site. 

'As a result of acne I have been depressed with low self esteem,' reads one comment.

'It's not easy being authentic in a superficial society. Thank you for this post & for helping us sufferers. It truly helps.'

We have to commend the blogger on her honest post that's sure to help so many of her 149,000 followers. 



You need only take a passing glance at the blogging scene in Ireland to know that it's positively teeming with individuals who routinely charm, entertain and inspire their followers.

From lifestyle and beauty to fashion and fitness, we have a community of truly devoted bloggers, and with an equally devoted following it's no surprise that focus often falls on each blogger's sense of style and feel for fashion.

Considering this, we thought it apt to pay tribute to influencers who inspire with each and every costume change, and at last week's inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards, that accolade went to the wonderful Rosie Connolly.

One of Ireland's leading bloggers, Rosie has amassed a loyal following by sharing her thoughts, tips and tricks on a variety of subjects.

With seven years in the cosmetic industry, the effortlessly chic Rosie now focuses her time on content creation and media contribution, and there's no doubt that her impeccable style contributes to her popularity nationwide.

Commenting on her approach to style, she revealed: "I don't really follow celebrities or catwalks – I like to take influence from things that are around me."

And while she may boast an incredible 137,000 followers, Rosie remains incredibly humble over her big win.

"Thank you so much for everyone who voted Most Stylish Influencer! And thanks again to the SHEmazing team for an INCREDIBLE night."

Congratulations, Rosie!



Rosie Connolly has one of the most recognisable faces on the blogging scene, thanks to her popular fashion blog and avid Snapchat habit.

The blogger has built a reputation for having impeccable, glamorous style, and her fans love it.

Now, the entrepreneur has launched her very own brand called Aluxe, for which she has created a perfectly curated selection of sunglasses.


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

The perpetually positive mum-of-one has been posting about her sunglasses on social media all week, and yesterday took to Snapchat as the sunnies were about to launch to profusely thank her fans for all of their support, and even got a little bit emotional in the process.

We've had a little snoop through the collection and we have to say, Rosie clearly has a huge amount of talent for producing stylish yet timeless pieces. 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

The prices range from €15.00 to €18.00, so they're super affordable for anyone's budget. 

Check out a few of our favourites below: 

 Black Fijis, €15.00, Rose Gold Bora Boras €18.00

Black Balis, €15.00, Orange Del Cocos €18.00



We're used to seeing Rosie Connolly dolled up to the nines and looking fabulous no matter where she's off to.

However, the blogger has taken to Instagram to share pictures of her skin and the problems she's facing with blemishes at the moment.

Rosie shared a bare-faced photo with the caption #EmbraceYourFlaws, writing: "As some of you may know from my Snapchat, I have been suffering really bad with my skin since Christmas and just can't seem to clear it up!


As some of you may know from my snapchat, I have been suffering really bad with my skin since Christmas and just can't seem to clear it up! I spend everyday applying makeup and using filters to mask it as much as I can but it's about time I just grew a pair of balls and showed my skin, makeup free, flaws and all! I am currently under the guidance of the amazing Corinna @mtolanbeauty and I'm talking about all things skincare and my current skincare plan over on my snapchat tonight (RosieConxxx) It was not easy to take off my security blanket (makeup) and show you how my skin really looks right now so go easy on me To anyone else suffering from acne or bad skin… don't EVER be ashamed of it and don't ever think that anyone in this world is perfect, especially on social media! We all have flaws, that's what makes us who we are! So #EmbraceYourFlaws and go bare faced with confidence.. #Confidence #LoveYourSkin #Flaws

A photo posted by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

"I spend everyday applying makeup and using filters to mask it as much as I can, but it's about time I just grew a pair of balls and showed my skin, makeup free, flaws and all! 

"To anyone else suffering from acne or bad skin… don't EVER be ashamed of it and don't ever think that anyone in this world is perfect, especially on social media! We all have flaws, that's what makes us who we are! So #EmbraceYourFlaws and go bare faced with confidence."



A photo posted by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Many praised her for her bravery, and told her she was beautiful inside and out. One fan wrote, "Love the way you're so real about things, honesty and courage are great traits to have."

Another follower added: "I'm so impressed by you exposing your vulnerability. Such a powerful message to women and men. You should be proud of yourself."

And we totally agree with her fans. It's time to stop hiding up and covering our flaws. Embrace them, because everyone has them.



With a massive 41,000 followers on Facebook alone, it's no surprise that blogger Rosie Connolly was one of the first names that cropped up on the shortlist for VIP's Most Stylish Social Influencer Award this year.

SHEmazing! headed along to the launch of the Peter Mark/VIP 2016 Style Awards awards today at Dublin's Marker Hotel, and nabbed Rosie for a quick chat about her wardrobe, her favourite current trends, and of course her blog, Hearts Heels And Handbags.

Her stunning style – and who influences it
"Mostly it's people that pass me by in town and street style snaps from around the world who give me outfit inspiration," says Rosie.

"I don't really follow celebrities or catwalks – I like to take influence from things that are around me."

Her trend predictions for SS16
"I'm swearing by crochet tops and dresses as well as white knits.

"I love anything easy and versatile."

Her go-to jeans
"I'm going to be wearing lots of ripped denim this season. Ripped jeans are perfect for Ireland because you're still wearing trousers that will keep you warm, but the rips lighten it up a bit.

"It's easy to dress denim up or down too, so ripped jeans can bring you from work to the bar on Friday night."

Her beauty routine
Keeping her make-up in line with her fashion choices, Rosie lightened things up for spring at today's launch with some yellow eyeshadow from Inglot.

"Yellow eyeshadow is a great transitional colour and really brings your make-up into the new season," she explains.

And the most important thing – her outfit for The VIP Style Awards
The Dubliner is on the Most Stylish Social Influencer shortlist alongside some seriously fashionable names – Ciara O'Doherty, Suzanna Jackson, Anouska Proetta-Brandon, Chloe Boucher, Leanne Woodful and more – but she says she hasn't been getting too stressed about what to wear. For now, anyway.

"I haven't a clue yet!" she says sheepishly.

"I'm going to pick up some inspiration over the next few weeks and hopefully be able to pick up something really nice for the night. 

"I have to get down to the hard work now – picking a dress!"

Whatever she chooses, she'll no doubt look fab on the night – and hopefully she'll be stepping up on stage to claim her award.



She may have seen success as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, but Rosie Connolly has revealed that success comes at a price. 

As the creator of popular blog Hearts, Heels and Handbags and with over 85 thousand Instagram followers, the 24-year-old has revealed she is constantly subjected to abuse and body shaming from online trolls. 

"The bigger following you have the more people you have giving you abuse. I’ve been told I’m too skinny and my makeup is awful," the mom-of-one told VIP Magazine. 

"I can’t stand body shaming. I suppose the less you react, the quicker it goes away. I’m learning that the hard way.

"You’re still a person at the end of the day and you want to stick up for yourself."


@cariscloset_ie #BlogSquad #CarisCloset

A photo posted by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

Rosie revealed that she is forced to bloke and delete people on a regular basis if they are being cruel. 

“You’re still a person at the end of the day and you want to stick up for yourself. It’s hard not to react. I just delete and block the person now if they’re not being nice.”

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