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Blogger Grace Mongey aka Faces By Grace has given birth to her second child. The mum welcomed a beautiful baby boy at The Coombe Hospital, Dublin.

Grace took to Instagram to announce the arrival of her son.

The doting mum posted a Polaroid of her cuddling her tiny tot to reveal the news.


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The mum-of-two decided to call her son Hayden James.

She wrote: "And just like that, our world is complete. Our beautiful baby son entered this world at 11:32pm.  Hayden James you are everything and more, they say you heart doubles in size, well mine just quadrupled!"

"He couldn’t be any more perfect," she added.

Huge congratulations to Grace. Her little boy is adorable!

Feature Image: FacesByGrace


Rosie Connolly has shared the most beautiful pregnancy update with her fans. The Irish blogger looked as stunning as ever as she hit the 18-week mark in her pregnancy.

The mum posed in a black underwear set for the snap: “Little lady has done some serious growing this week…”


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We can’t get over how incredible Rosie looks. The soon-to-be mum-of-two is simply glowing.

The influencer admitted she has been feeling pretty exhausted lately: “The tiredness and appetite all make sense now! I’m carrying a lot lower than I did on Harry so my bobbin trick on my jeans isn’t gonna happen…”


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The fashion blogger said she is convinced she felt her baby girl kicking in the past few days.

“I’ve been feeling little kicks the last few days… more like little flutters but pretty sure it’s her,” she gushed.

“Enjoying and embracing every moment and every change right now.”


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Rosie announced her second pregnancy in August by sharing the most adorable family photo with her son Harry.

“We’ve been keeping a very big secret… Even more happiness is on its way to us…2019 we’re ready for you. Harry’s going to make the best big brother,” she revealed.


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Rosie and husband Paul Quinn will be welcoming their daughter in the new year and we couldn’t be more excited for the lovebirds.


It’s safe to say the baby boom is well and truly back. Blogger Lisa Jordan has shared the most joyous baby news with the help of her little girl Pearl.

She revealed she is expecting her second child and the announcement video is just too cute for words.

The fashion blogger posted the sweetest video of her daughter to Instagram, captioned: “Pearl has something to tell you #dropthemic.”


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In the heartwarming video, the mum asks Pearl, “Tell everybody what's in mommy's belly. What's in it?"

Pearl replied excitedly: “A baby!”

“Are you going to be a big sister?” the popular blogger asks before Pearl wanders away like a true toddler.


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We are thrilled for Lisa. We cannot wait to see her pregnancy outfit of the day posts.

Fellow bloggers showered the Cork mum with love following her huge announcement.


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Fellow blogger and expectant-mum Rosie Connolly-Quinn commented: “Ahhh Lisa! How exciting. It’s a baby boom for sure.”

“Omg stop! Awe, congratulations, so exciting,” said popular blogger Faces by Grace.

“How cute is Pearl?” another said.


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“Aw, congratulations. This is such great news. The actual cuteness of Pearl, I can’t cope,” another shared.

Lisa’s pregnancy announcement video has already amassed 117,000 views and we’re not one bit surprised.

Pearl is going to be the best big sister.



From the call-out pages to the photo hopping claims, Irish bloggers have had a bit of a trying year in 2018. 

However, if we cant laugh at ourselves, what can we laugh at? Labhaoise Ní Bhutléir has just taken a good-natured shot at bloggers in a recent comedy video, which has gone completely viral over on Facebook. 

'Hey you guys. I've spent the last 24 hours watching bloggers, vloggers and everything in between. I actually don't know how they take themselves so seriously,' she captioned the video. 

From the pronunciation of brand names to the lifestyle aspirations, this had us in stitches. 

The video has over 830k views and thousands of comments, spo check it out for yourself: 


2017 was clearly the year that Ireland's leading influencers decided that they wanted to try their hand at something new. 

A number of young, talented Irish women have created business endeavours of their own, as an extension of their own personal brands. 

These ladies are paving the way to their dream careers while maintaining an adoring legion of online followers. Kudos gals, kudos. 

Luna by Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan, blogger at Just Jordan and winner of the Best Dressed attendee award at the SHEmazing awards has branched out from blogging and into makeup creation. 

The mum-of-one has just launched her new Luna by Lisa collection of lipglosses, which she proudly showed off at the Irish Beauty Show this week.

The collection, which includes a set of four nude lipglosses, has already sold out online, so you better be on the ball when they're restocked in October.


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Love Lift by Holly Carpenter

Food, fitness and fashion influencer Holly Carpenter's new jewellery line has been in the works for months, but the model only recently debuted the collection on social media. 

'Holly knows that she is not a food blogger and she always wanted to find her niche,' a source previously told VIP Magazine.  

'And she has, she loves art and creating and obviously she loves fashion and accessorising. So it’s the perfect match.’

The model-turned-jewellery designer has channelled positive energy into her new line, which aims to promote empowerment and self love. 


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Aluxe Elite Collection by Rosie Connolly

Rosie Connolly debuted her Aluxe sunglasses collection a number of months ago, and now the blogger/influencer has branched out into makeup brushes. 

Rose has been a trained makeup artist for an entire decade, so if anyone knows brushes, it's her.

The collection includes a set of five brushes, covering everything from eyes to cheeks. 

'I've been working on my own collection of makeup brushes for months now, and they're finally ready,' Rosie said, in a recent Instagram caption. 

'I have been a qualified makeup artist for almost 10 years now, and it was always a dream to be able to work on my own makeup brush range.'


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Taylor & Rose by Ciara O'Doherty

Irish blogger and stylist Ciara O'Doherty launched her unique hair couture endeavour Taylor & Rose a number of months ago. 

'The idea for it started over a year ago when I was putting together an outfit for a fashion event here in Dublin,' said Ciara. 

'I was looking for a really special headpiece – I wanted something unique, luxurious and affordable – and after searching high and low I realised that this was a collection that I wanted to bring to life myself.'

The collection includes a carefully curated range of statement earrings, Gossip Girl-influenced headbands and headpieces to see you through wedding season and beyond.


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Lorna Jane Duffy is the mastermind behind Fashion Boss, an Irish site dedicated to all things fashion and beauty.

We're huge fans of LJ's blog, especially her beauty reviews, so we asked her to give us the lowdown on her favourite products, tips and tricks… as well as a sneaky peek into her make-up bag!

1. What's your best budget beauty buy?
Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1 has to be one of my best budget buys. It’s affordable, it primes, moisturises, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens, and protects your skin from the sun.

If you like your products to work hard then this is 100% for you. I would wear BB cream mostly during the week; it’s great for casual days out, college or work. 

2. What's your top make-up tip?
Killer cheekbones are a must! To make round cheeks more chiselled, you’ll need a highlighting powder and a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin. Make a fish face, and dust the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. Smile, then brush the highlighter from the apples of your cheeks to your temples. P.S… MAC and Benefit are two of my favourite brands for highlighting powder and bronzer.

3. Do you have a favourite all-round beauty product?
Absolutely! I think every girl has that one beauty product that they take anywhere and everywhere. Mine would have to be No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Sultry. I never leave the house without my lippy buried somewhere in my MK bag.  The colour is gorgeous and it lasts up to eight hours, while leaving your lips feeling comfortable and hydrated. Oh, and it’s only €12.95.

4. What's your earliest beauty memory?
Oh gosh! I have so many memories, it’s hard to pick one. When I was about five I found and emptied the contents of my mom’s makeup bag, I then “borrowed” her lipstick, hid under the kitchen table and decided to start drawing on my face. A girl is never too young to start playing with her mother’s makeup. 

5. Most girls have a signature scent – what's yours?
I love to collect perfume, my dressing table is full of so many different types – Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Viktor & Rolf, Victoria’s Secret, Vera Wang, the list goes on…! My favourite perfume this season would have to be Dolce & Gabbana – The One!

6. What's in your make-up bag right now? Can we have a peek inside?

  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • Naked 2 – Urban Decay Eyeshadow
  • MAC Mascara
  • MAC Whirl Lip Pencil
  • MAC Cosmetics Mineralise Foundation Powder
  • MAC Faux Lipstick
  • No.7 Red Lipstick
  • Nivea Care Essential Lip Balm
  • Rimmel London BB Cream – Matte
  • Bourjois Eye Pencil
  • Bourjois Eye Liquid Eyeliner 

For more fab beauty and style advice, check out Fashion Boss, or follow Lorna on Twitter and Instagram!



If you’ll excuse the mouthful, trolling couldn’t be more of a trending topic right now. We’ve heard the tale again and again of many different public figures receiving horrific anonymous hate online – and another recurring theme seems to be that social networks are unwilling to take much (if any) direct responsibility for this kind of messaging.

Leanne Woodfull, one of Ireland’s biggest blogging success stories, has had to deal with some horrific personal slurs from trolls. I had a chat with her about dealing with negative backlash, her thoughts on karma and how trolls are allowed to let loose online…

What runs through your head when you get trolled, and how do you cope with the constant threat of it re-occurring when social networks such as Twitter can’t be relied upon to shut down abusive accounts?

It genuinely makes me worry about the human race… and my own generation. It's like people have become completely blind to general human guidelines and morals; the internet has blurred a line that is crossed far too often.

It usually goes over my head now and I block instantly and try and forget about whatever was said but when there is a mob going at you, sometimes you literally just need to step away and switch off from it all.

I like Twitter, but there are far too many loopholes in their terms of service that actually serve to accommodate trolls. The block button does virtually nothing bar letting someone follow you. They can still see all of you tweets, photos etc. if you're not on private. 

What has made the link between blogging and online bullying such an issue here? Is this a case of old-fashioned Irish begrudgery?

I honestly think Ireland is a nation of begrudgers, it's an old saying but it's true. People hate seeing others in their age range do something not only for themselves, but also something different. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of people are mature and nice enough to congratulate or at least ignore you if they dislike you, but a large minority of people love nothing more than to hop on the hate bandwagon to be honest. It's really sad to see and experience, especially when we're such a small country – it's too small for the negativity it seems to produce. It obviously happens all over the world but it seems to be extremely apparent here.

Recently, the story of Alanah Pearce reporting trolls to their mothers has gone viral. What do you think of this approach? Is it realistic?

I think it depends on the person to be honest. I'm sure if the parents of some Irish teens saw some of the things said about me in regards to my surgery and depression, they would be absolutely devastated upon finding out that someone they brought up is capable of such viciousness.

However, I'm a huge believer in karma. Sometimes I think it's best to let things blow over – in Alanah's case I believe it was sexual verbal abuse, so that's another thing altogether. When it comes to the regular "X and Y is a bitch, she's ugly, she's yada yada yada" it's best to block and ignore. If you end up hunting down their parents to show them what they say, you're only digging a deeper hole and putting some bad karma out there.

Realistically, businesses and companies have blacklisted many people already due to public trolling – especially in Ireland. Media/ journalism students for example should be aware of the "internet footprint" and that everything you say online, stays online – if you publicly post abuse and your full name/ photos and college is on your website, well, you've kind of already walked yourself into something anyway.

Karma works wonders and to be honest, it helps me sleep at night knowing that because I know people who put out such anger and hate, always get it returned to them in some way or another!

Deirdre Foley is a history grad, sceptic, wearer of red lipstick and self-confessed 'beauty maniac'. She is also the co-founder of fabulous Irish beauty blog, Viva Adonis.

Images via Instagram



The world of Instagram is a busy place, especially when it comes to style. Here in Ireland though, there are a few fashionistas that stand out from the crowd.

Here are just ten bloggers, stylists, models and fashion eds that we can’t get enough of on social media! Apologies for the outfit envy in advance…

1. Leanne Woodful (Thunder and Threads)
Leanne started blogging as Thunder and Threads while she was still in secondary school, and has made a significant mark for herself in the Irish blogosphere. Earlier this year she won Best International Blog at the Company Awards – a well-deserved accolade.



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2. Nuala Gorham (Penny and Polaroids)
Freelance fashion journalist Nuala has been blogging since 2012 and has been featured in Look, Grazia and Stellar magazines, to name but a few. Expect some great autumn style inspiration – and a lot of shoe envy!



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3. Erika Fox (Retro Flame)
This stunning redhead hails from Ireland but is now living in New York full-time, where she is carving out a career for herself in fashion PR, working with the likes of Whitney Port and Refinery 29. We sense there’ll be big things to come for Erika!



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4. Angela Scanlon
Another flame-haired beauty! Angela Scanlon’s modelling and styling work have made her a household name in Ireland, and lately she can be seen presenting the controversial documentary show Full Frontal on RTÉ. Her IG features lots of gorgeous shots of Dublin, mixed in with some seriously stunning style.



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5. Suzie Lynch (Suzie’s Showroom)
This Cork native has an impeccable eye for fashion, which has only been enhanced by her work as a visual merchandiser for H&M. Her Instagram followers are treated to lots of stunning #OOTDs, and plenty of catwalk inspiration too!



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6. Anouska Proetta Brandon
This successful blogger’s exotic name comes from the Austrian and Spanish sides of her family, but she is half-Irish and currently lives in Dublin. Anouska’s sharp writing and elegant style has earned her blog a huge audience worldwide – and her Instagram is no different.



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7. Lorna Weightman (Style Isle)
Lorna was one of the first big Irish fashion bloggers, and with five years of success under her belt she’s definitely here to stay. Along with regular appearances on Xposé and Ireland AM, Lorna has contributed to The Irish Times and The Irish Independent. Her Instagram account is a sneak peek into her everyday life, with some gorgeous outfit choices thrown in too!



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8. Lauren Arthurs (Love Lauren)
This style enthusiast and blogger has recently moved back to Ireland after a stint in London. She’s always bang-on-trend but manages to make each look her own.



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9. Clementine MacNeice
Clementine has made a name for herself as a stylist on both The Voice of Ireland and MasterChef Ireland, but she has incredible personal style too. Well worth a follow!



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10. Anne Marie Boylan (What She Wears)
Anne Marie is the brains behind the hugely successful What She Wears, and her IG provides a great behind-the-scenes look at the world of Irish fashion and PR.



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