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When we get on the phone to blogger Yasmine Chanel, she's en route to visit relatives in Tunisia, the country with which she shares her Irish heritage. 

The former makeup artist (who has maintained her skills, as her Instagram proves) had just began her journey to the Northwest African country from Dublin, Ireland, where was was busy attending the launch of Nasty Gal's new Autumn/Winter collection. 

Laughing into the phone about her jet set lifestyle ('it's not as glamorous as you think it is,' she assures me), the wanderluster is refreshingly honest with her descriptions of her work, the blogging industry and internet culture, in an industry that often comes with an unshakeable facade of perfection. 


A post shared by Y A S M I N E C H A N E L.(@yasminechanel) on

While Yasmine's styling skills and penchant for influencing are undeniable, she isn't afraid to speak candidly and let her personality and opinions shine just as much as her incredible highlight. 

For those of us (aka all of us) who want a slice of her style guidance, she is adamant that this season, all you need is one particular item to keep you Insta-worthy. 

'I really love anything that Nasty Gal comes out with, it's really like my style, everything is cool and edgy which I think is really different because when it comes to fashion you want to always look cool as well as stylish,' she said.  

'I think for upcoming trends the key piece is a really cool coat, for example Nasty Gal has a really cool trench, it's a leather trench coat with a faux fur collar, and those kind of coats look amazing even dressed own, I like to wear mine with some trainers and skinny jeans.'


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While she hails from the Emerald Isle, as her Irish vocal lilt reveals, Yasmine makes London her home, but was impressed during her time in Dublin with the style standards.

'I'm always in London, but when I came back this year I was really impressed,' she said.

'There are some amazing people in who know how to dress and really have their own style.' 

Speaking of style, Yasmine goes on to detail her love of personal style, but she doesn't have too many people she follows for inspiration – she prefers to act as her own muse.

'I more go for someone's style of photography, because I feel like I have my own style so I don't really save a certain person for inspiration, but I love Terrie McEvoy, and she is so lovely as well. I love when you meet people in the industry and they're so genuine and down to earth.  Her style is more feminine to mine but I really do like how she puts things together.'


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Yasmine began her blog back in 2014, when blogging was taking off in a big way, but we definitely didn't have as many successful online personalities as we do now. 

She admits that while the community has gotten bigger, which is positive, it has led to an added level of competitivity – something she makes a specific effort to eradicate through her blatantly friendliness.

'Sometimes when I go to events it has that little bit of cold energy, but not all the time because there are some amazing girls, but the odd time, I think that people just don't really know whether they should look at you as their rival or something which is silly, so you go up and make the first move just to make it clear that you don't think like that, then they open up.'

'Four years ago when I first started getting into it people were a bit more open and friendly, and then as the years go on people have their own little groups, everyone kind of pairs off, but Ive always been one to be friends with every type of person myself, so sometimes you'll go to an event and people wont interact with you so I'll always go up and hug everyone because i want to make sure that its not going to feel awkward.'


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Speaking of her blog, Yasmine has some key advice for wannabe influencers, many to whom Yasmine, with a jaw dropping 363 thousand Instagram followers, successful blog and highly engaged brand work, must be an inspiration.

'When I started doing this I didn't even know what or how influencers could make money, I didn't even know it could be a job. I love so many aspects of it, I love photography, I love exploring where I am so that inspires me to take photos, I love fashion, I've always loved fashion even when I had no money. To be inspired by doing this job, you have to really love every aspect.' 

The key though – 'being consistent, you really have to be consistent.' 

'Most importantly, you have to be yourself, because if you're not taking photos of what you love, or putting outfits together that you love then you're just copying someone else and that's the first step, a lot of bloggers kind of copy each other or they try to recreate things and I don't think you should do that because people will see that its not genuine.'


A post shared by Y A S M I N E C H A N E L. (@yasminechanel) on

While Yasmine can make a living from her influencing now, her level of professionalism in the industry was a long time coming, and when she began, she certainly wasn't taking herself too seriously.

While her outfits are absolutely killer, and her undeniably charming personality surely sealed the deal for many who look to her for inspiration, Yasmine started her digital taste making voyage for sheer kicks. 

'I think that you need to not look at it too seriously when you're starting out, just keep it as your hobby and as something you enjoy doing while doing whatever else, and if you start to get noticed and start to get brands naturally and organically trying to approach you, then you can take it a bit more seriously.'

'That's what I did, I was just working in London as a makeup artist and I only did that part time and I was doing this too, and I didn't know I could get paid for this so I was just posting things, really enjoying interacting with people and I was getting interaction from other women who loved my style so it motivated me to post more, and then I started to get brands interested and then I was like wow, I can make money from this, so I started to do it more seriously and it grew from there,' she expressed. 

'So when people want to get in to it, they shouldn't look into it as a job, you have to enjoy doing it first, and being natural, being yourself, getting your own personality across. Theres nothing worse when you see someone, they haven't even grown any following but they're kind of getting angry that they're not getting noticed, but it takes so much time to get noticed. You have to be patient with it,' she finished. 


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When we look to our favourite influencers, women like Yasmine who are placed on an online pedestal, it can be easy to assume that they live charmed, perfectly lit lives through which their work just occurs with ease. 

However, that's not the case, with influencing being a demanding job, Yasmine highlights – 'Taking photos is not that easy because you have people who are really small minded who see you taking pictures and they think you just love yourself or they don't realise that you're doing this for your job – or you'll have annoying men try to hit on you when you're trying to take photos.'

'Also, sometimes you just don't want to be online but you have to as you have to post things for brands, so that's also difficult when you also just want to hibernate from the internet, but with this job you cant, you always have to be on the 'gram.'


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While we're on the topic of the challenges of being a blogger, through anecdotes the conversation turns, as it so often has done in Ireland over the past few months, to Bloggers Unveiled. 

Yasmine, having based herself in the UK, went unscathed by the virtual claws of the page, and hadn't even heard of the anti-influencer's impact on the industry here. 

Once filled in, Yasmine's disgust and outpouring of support for the Irish blogging community was tangible: 'That sounds really petty. It annoys me because it's like why do people care so much? I wouldn't look at myself and say that im a shallow person because Instagram is just one aspect of who you are as a person, and I try and show my personality on my Instagram story. I don't understand why people hate so much.'


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Showing her feminist credentials, she went on: 'People should actually be celebrating that success for people who are really creative, because those people are finding ways to make a living.'

'I feel that this is what I'm meant to do right now because I could never stay at a normal job, and I really respect people who can, but even before influencing I just couldn't do it. I always felt that I had to do something more creative and I think that's why I love doing it, and I think people should respect that.' 

'There's two types of people in the influencing industry, people who are creative and people who copy, and I think that's the difference.' Hear, hear Yasmine.  



Today, the Irish social media space was in uproar after Bloggers Unveiled disappeared from online view.

The account, which has over 135,000 followers, was disabled this morning without explanation. 

A number of conspiracy theories were doing the rounds, and new pages sprung up in BU's place claiming to be her to get followers. 

However, the Bloggers Unveiled page is back, and she returned with a statement about the criticism she has been facing. 

'First things first, I'd like to distance myself from all other pages which have been created in the 12 hours Iv'e been gone – they aint me.'

'I'd be lying if I said this page wasn't work. It is. And last night I folded.'

'But you know what, I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to be liked and if you think I'm creating a nasty environment here then that's your opinion and your opinion is none of my business.'

'This page isn't about me, it's about the content I post. I'm a regular person. I'm nobody important or special so endless speculation as to who I am is futile.

'Ill be back. Watch this space.'

The page has since been turned to private. 

Bloggers Unveiled has been contacted for comment on her absence. 

Feature image: Instagram / / debarradesign



For the majority of 2018, Instagram call-out page Bloggers Unveiled has been the online watch dog for influencers involved in shady practices. 

Gaining over 130,000 followers during that time, Bloggers Unveiled carved out a space online as 'Ireland's Gossip Girl,' as she continued to reveal insider information and identify issues within the influencer industry. 

This morning, followers of the page were dismayed to find that the Bloggers Unveiled account on Instagram no longer exists. 

The page was a sounding board where followers of bloggers would give their two cents without being blocked.

Because of the freedom of thought expressed on the page by it's followers and owner, it was often accused by bloggers as being a 'hate campaign' or 'bullying' or generally inciting nastiness towards people in the industry. 

Despite months of being online, the question has always remained – who is Bloggers Unveiled?

Many people seem to think that it is a journalist, due to her insider knowledge and the fact that she uploaded a story from a journalists table at Friday's VIP Style Awards. In fact, journalists sitting at that table were hounded after the story went up, as people quizzed them on whether or not they we were Bloggers Unveiled. 

However, BU uploaded a new story yesterday saying that she categorically is not a journalist. 

People also speculate that she is in PR, and was sick of the underhanded tactics used by some bloggers (some, not all).

Some speculate that she is an influencer herself, who felt she could no longer stand idly by and not comment on what she saw occurring in the industry. 


A post shared by Martina Roddy (@martinaroddy85) on

Regardless, the page is now deactivated, and I'm left wondering – could it be because her anonymity was jeopardised? 

Many bloggers were hurt by the page, so it's not unfeasible to consider that perhaps someone has been making notes on the page which ultimately added up to a guess at who it is, and if that guess was right, perhaps that was enough to scare BU into deleting the page. After all, if they do work in the industry, they probably don't want their personal or professional reputations marred by being outed as the owner of the page.  

I think that everyone probably has a short list in their mind as to who they think Bloggers Unveiled is, and many people have been accused of being behind the page, myself included. 

While the general consensus is that it is someone within the industry – making the pool of potential candidates smaller- others believe that it's all a smoke screen, and isn't someone who works in media at all. 


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'I don’t believe for a second that BU was at the Image or VIP Awards,' Dani Mahoney, Editor of Missy.ie said on Twitter. 

'They are events for a certain group of people, mainly those nominated. It’s not really the type of thing that just anyone would go it. Even people in the industry are kinda not bothered to go.'

'The images and videos from the awards were really bad quality. Which leads me to believe that they were screen grabs of other people’s snaps.'

If Bloggers Unveiled actually wasn't at either of these events, then it's much less likely that someone could have guessed who they are.

The other conspiracy is simple – perhaps Bloggers Unveiled just got sick of running the page, much like Bullshitcallerouter before her. 

Running a massive internet forum with over 130,000 followers is essentially a full time job, and perhaps BU felt that her job was done, she had kicked up enough fuss and drawn enough attention to the industry issues to retire – safe in the knowledge that the conversation would continue without her. 

The other option is that maybe, after months of her page being reported by bloggers, Instagram could have taken the whole thing down.  

If Bloggers Unveiled is gone for good, we're certain another page will spring up in her place, after all it's clear that people want an outlet to vent their frustration at the influencer industry. 

However, I'm inclined to feel that she will be back, perhaps unveiling herself in the process of her return. 

Bloggers Unveiled has been contacted for comment on her absence. 

Feature image: Instagram / / debarradesign



Joanne Larby took a number of weeks off her social media platforms, after being called out by digital behemoth Bloggers Unveiled. 

The page, which has 133,000 followers and growing, identified a number of practices of Joanne's that they felt were unsavoury. 

The Make Up Fairy has returned to her Instagram platform, with a statement regarding her absence. 

'As many of you are aware I’ve been offline for the past couple of weeks. During this time I’ve had the chance to reflect on the whole scenario and I’ve asked myself what I did to deserve what happened.'

'In terms of the hate campaign that ensued the answer is nothing, purely because receiving messages from strangers telling me they hope I kill myself or end up on the dole and involving my family is not acceptable,' she began, in a lengthy caption. 

While she condemned the actions of those who sent her abusive messages online, she did acknowledge that some of her actions merited criticism. 


A post shared by Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro) on

'HOWEVER did I deserve to be called out on certain things? 100%. I’ve actually been really humbled by this whole experience and gained a huge amount of knowledge.'

'I hold my hands up to making mistakes, I have plenty of flaws, I’m human and I’m always learning. The balance between business woman and brand isn’t always easy, but sometimes you just have to bring it back to basics and I would like to say sorry.'

'I’ve listened to your constructive comments, which I’m very grateful for because I’ve learnt a huge amount about myself, my strength and my wonderful followers who don’t believe everything they see or read online.'


A post shared by Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro) on

'My content is about enjoying life, trying out new hobbies, finding balance in terms of health and mental wellness. I’m passionate about beauty and fashion and inspiring women to take strength from shitty situations.'

'You’ll catch me in real life most likely laughing confidently with no make up on and online in front of 150,000 people I feckin’ love a filter. Huge big hug to those of you who have continued to support me,' she finished. 

Bloggers Unveiled reposted her Instagram caption, asking her followers to have their say in the comments section, as she claimed that followers of The Make Up Fairy who were asking questions were being blocked. 

'Do you guys think this post is an adequate explanation and a considered apology for how she has treated her followers, or is it just more of the same?'  



Michelle Regazzoli-Stone, also known as Mrs Makeup, has lashed out against call-out accounts such as Bloggers Unveiled and Bullshitcallerouter. 

Her action comes after friend and fellow Irish influencer Rosie Connolly received a cruel message from a follower.

Rosie took to her Instagram stories to let her followers know that she would be taking some time off social media, after her son Harry, who features regularly on her platforms, suffered a broken leg. 

Instagram / Rosieconxxx

However, soon after the post, Rosie received a response to her story regarding her son's injury – 'Karma's a bitch.'

Understandably upset by this, Rosie has not posted online since sharing the screenshot, except to thank the ambulance and hospital workers who assisted her family. The page from which the DM was sent has since been deleted. 

Taking to Instagram, Michelle posted an uplifting quote about women supporting other women, while adding her two-cents on the matter. 

Instagram / mrsmakeup_ie

'I am all for freedom of speech (I’m probably a little over opinionated sometimes) What’s going on online with these calling out pages have opened up a world of unnecessary hate!' Michelle wrote. 

Directing her anger at the currently active call-out pages, she continued: 'Anonymous pages set up to deliberately hurt people! Why are you afraid to show us who you are?????'

'Last night I was sickened by what someone wrote to @rosieconxxx about her son! When will it stop lads????' she declared, outraged by the DM.

'Yes there has been some shady shit with influencers, I noticed it myself so what did I do, unfollowed the person or simply don’t engage! Oh and by the way we ALL make mistakes we are HUMAN!!!'

Michelle did not tag any call-out pages in the post, but perpetually on the pulse, Bloggers Unveiled had this to say in the comments section: 

'Hey @mrsmakeup_ie you forgot to tag me! That comment directed at Rosie had nothing to do with me and I made it very clear how disgusted I was with it, and when I checked that account wasn’t even following me?'

'I think a lot of your followers have explained the purpose of my page better than I ever could so I’ll just leave it at that.' 


A post shared by Rosie Connolly (@rosieconxxx) on

She continued on to say that while Michelle's image of a quote about supporting women was positive, she doesn't agree that just because people are of the same gender they shouldn't be able to call out controversy. 

'Your post speaks about “building women up” which I take issue with as I always say we shouldn't always build women up on the basis we share anatomical similarities.'

'Im sure you’ll agree some women need to be taken down a peg or two. But what about all the women on the other end of it? The victims of a culture that lost the run of itself?'

'Were those women empowered? Or were they lied to, misled and exploited? Think about that for a minute because it’s a very valid point and an important question.'

'Everything I’ve shown on my page is the truth. I appreciate you wanting to stick up for your friend but I don’t appreciate being linked with that comment when I’ve already distanced myself from it.' 

With Bloggers Unveiled already at 127,000 followers and growing astronomically, there are many who would agree. 

However, to whomever sent that DM to Rosie Connolly regarding her son, the collective public opinion seems to be – shame on you. 

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