When we think of Ireland's top bloggers, we often think of glamorous events, flawless makeup and a penchant for trendy clothes and a bouncy blowdry. 

It's not too often that we see influencers open up about their 'flaws' or issues, but Rosie Connolly, winner of the Most Stylish Influencer award at the SHEmazing Awards, is opening up to her community of followers about her struggle with her skin. 

Rosie shared a new bare-faced photo of herself to tell her followers to embarce themselves and not allow their percieved flaws to take a toll on their confidence. 


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'Laying it all on the table… my skin, unfiltered, no makeup, no products. I've suffered from acne since I was about 18 and have gone through every product, every medication and every remedy you can think of.'

'Some worked, most didn't, but right now nothing is healing it. It's painful, inflamed, irritated and is of course taking its toll on my confidence. Why am I posting it here for the world to see?? Well, I'm 27, happily engaged with a gorgeous little boy, amazing friends and family, living a life I love, but I STILL get so hung up on my skin and allow it to get me down, change my mood and batter my self esteem.'

'So I can only imagine how much harder it would of been for me if I was a teen growing up now with acne.'

'So many flawless pictures all over social media lead you to believe that you're the only one who's suffering or "flawed,"' she said. 


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'It shocks me to hear how many people have felt so ashamed of their skin problems, young or old.'

'Do I want to show my skin like this….? Hell no! But does it change me as a person… absolutely not. My skin issues do not define me, they do not make me "ugly", they are nothing to be ashamed of and for that reason, I'm sharing with you all.'

'If it helps just ONE person to accept themselves for who they are, "flaws" and all, then it was worth it,' she finished, showing her support for her followers. 


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This isn't the forst time Rosie has shared a candid snap of herself sans makeup. 

The blogger previously shared a selfie using the hashtags #EmbraceTourFlaws to encourgae her followers to be comfortable in thier own skin. 

Her posts, which pop up on our Insta feeds among the Facetuned visages of others, are a welcome relief from the perfectionist attitude which grips the social media site. 

'As a result of acne I have been depressed with low self esteem,' reads one comment.

'It's not easy being authentic in a superficial society. Thank you for this post & for helping us sufferers. It truly helps.'

We have to commend the blogger on her honest post that's sure to help so many of her 149,000 followers.