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Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Sarah Hanrahan, was crowned Social Influencer of the year at the inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards last month, and we can't think of a more deserving winner. 

Sarah's journey to the top of the Irish blogging game was far from traditional. 

Four years ago, the former psychiatric nurse created i come undone as a space to simply share her outfits and style inspiration. 

Since then, her online success has reached heights she never though possible and today she boasts an impressive 39,000 Instagram followers.  

Two years of backpacking gave Sarah a new outlook on life and fashion choices alike. 

With precious few belongings to her name, Sarah learned how to style her clothes around any occasion. 

She recommends people choose quality over quantity when it comes to their wardrobe, after all, ''a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind.''

''I have less clothes than my friends – yet I never have nothing to wear," she explains.

In an effort to put her minimalist outlook to good use, Sarah started the I Come Undone Detoxa wardrobe de-clutter service that encourages people to save time and money by being selective in their fashion choices.

Things have really evolved for Sarah over the past few years. 

After realising she could offer so much more than fashion advice, the blogger decided to use her knowledge of Dublin  to branch out in other directions.

''I took for granted how well I knew Dublin.," she says.

Today, i come undone is packed with tonnes of unique content born of Sarah's first-hand knowledge of her home town's food and social scenes, including things like ten alternative Dublin first date ideas and even a guide to Dublin's top dog-friendly eateries

So, what are Sarah's tip for anyone looking to start in the industry?

Get into it for the right reasons, blog about you passion and above all, stay true to yourself.

After all, ''your integrity is everything" she reminds us.

Some solid words of wisdom from our Social Influencer of the Year.


If you're on Instagram, there's a pretty high chance you follow at least one food-focussed influencer, right?

The vast majority of us take inspiration from their creations, take heed of their gastronomy advice, and positively salivate over their uploads on a daily basis.

And as these influencers help to add more than a splash of colour to the Irish foodie scene, we were only dying to pay tribute to them at our inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards on May 4.

Fighting off competition from Yummy Dublin, Cocu, The Happy Pear and Gastro Gays, Ketty Elisabeth, the face of French Foodie in Dublin, took the crown.

Authentic, passionate and utterly charming, Ketty started her blog in 2012 and has watched it grow in popularity over the past five years.

Celebrating the win, she wrote: "I still can't believe it. It was down to public vote and there were some awesome people in the final, I really didn't think I'd won."

"Mr. FFID and I attended the very glamorous ceremony at the Mansion House and being there was already brilliant but then when Daniella Moyles announced me as winner (after a long pause that seemed endless) I was completely astonished. It all happened thanks to YOU!"

"I'm so glad that even after almost five years, you think I'm still worthy of an award, value my blog and trust my recommendations. I'm very grateful for you taking the time to vote for me, even though most of you have never met me in real life."

 "I was very touched by all the lovely comments on Facebook and Instagram from people who have been following for the last few years. I feel very lucky to have you and can't thank you enough."

"I've won awards in the past but this one is probably the most special because it happened during the week of my birthday and at a time when blogging and social media is changing a lot."

"As a foreign person it also means so much and warmed my heart," she added.

Congratulations, Ketty!



When the foodie and #FitFam wave swept Ireland in recent years, the nation displayed a desire to fuel their body properly without sacrificing themselves to the Gods of Kale for all eternity.

And as it's not always easy to strike that balance, the contributions of Roz Purcell did not go unnoticed, so it's no surprise that the Tipperary-native took home our Foodie of the Year Award at the inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards in the Mansion House on May 4.

The face behind uber-popular Natural Born Feeder, Roz's impact on the Irish health food scene in recent years is undeniable.

Combining delicious meals with guilt-free treats, Roz taps into the nation's desire to learn about food and nutrition without depriving themselves, and she absolutely nails it.

Up against The Little Green Spoon, The Wonky Spatula, The Healthy Tart and Derval O'Rourke on the night, Roz was ultimately crowned winner, and was thrilled by the award.

"Thank you so much at SHEmazing and all the readers for voting and awarding me Foodie of the Year – one of my favourite nights out to date!"

Congratulations, Roz!



You need only take a passing glance at the blogging scene in Ireland to know that it's positively teeming with individuals who routinely charm, entertain and inspire their followers.

From lifestyle and beauty to fashion and fitness, we have a community of truly devoted bloggers, and with an equally devoted following it's no surprise that focus often falls on each blogger's sense of style and feel for fashion.

Considering this, we thought it apt to pay tribute to influencers who inspire with each and every costume change, and at last week's inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards, that accolade went to the wonderful Rosie Connolly.

One of Ireland's leading bloggers, Rosie has amassed a loyal following by sharing her thoughts, tips and tricks on a variety of subjects.

With seven years in the cosmetic industry, the effortlessly chic Rosie now focuses her time on content creation and media contribution, and there's no doubt that her impeccable style contributes to her popularity nationwide.

Commenting on her approach to style, she revealed: "I don't really follow celebrities or catwalks – I like to take influence from things that are around me."

And while she may boast an incredible 137,000 followers, Rosie remains incredibly humble over her big win.

"Thank you so much for everyone who voted Most Stylish Influencer! And thanks again to the SHEmazing team for an INCREDIBLE night."

Congratulations, Rosie!


There are few among us that don't rely on certain things to make our busy lives that little bit easier, right?

With that in mind, we put a call out for the gadget, gizmo, app or establishment that makes your day-to-day simpler in an effort to pay tribute at the inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards on May 4.

And as nation of foodies, it's no real surprise that food-focussed delivery app, Just Eat, took the crown at our gala in the Mansion House.

Up against stiff competition in the form of My Taxi, Chopped, Clarisonic Facial Cleanser and Water Wipes Cleansing Wipes, Just Eat reigned supreme.

Launched in April 2008, ordering on the go became so much easier and then these guys decided to grace our iPhone and Android devices.

Taking to social media on the night of the event, the Just Eat folk couldn't resist a food-related celebratory tweet, writing: "Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Makes Life Easy Award!"

You guys earned it!



When it comes to down-time, you guys refuse to settle for less (and rightly so).

So when it came to crowning the winner of the best spa in Ireland for our inaugural SHEmazing HP Awards, we knew we needed your help.

With your fingers on the pulse when it comes to treatments, pamper packages and spa sessions, you ultimately decided that Seafield Hotel and Spa deserved to take home the Pamper Me award on May 4 at our Mansion House gala.

Located in Co Wexford, the destination allowed visitors to luxuriate in serene surrounds before sampling some of the spa's wholly indulgent treatment packages – an idyllic spot for a much-needed getaway.

Taking to Twitter to celebrate the win, the resort paid tribute to their dedicated staff and their thousands of new and returning visitors.

Congratulations, guys!