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Love Island stars Maura Higgins and India Reynolds have both been announced as the new brand ambassadors for online retailer boohoo.

Collections from the ladies will drop later this year, but fans are tripping over themselves with excitement to use Maura and India's coveted discount codes.

The ranges are to be revealed from September onwards, with India's first collection available to shop in November.


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'Metallic Moment' will be India's first collection, set to go live this October, followed by her second capsule 'Animal Instinct' in November.

boohoo have been lovely enough to give us a glimpse at the outfits, and we are DROOLING over them.

Maura is set to be the face of her own Christmas Edit, which marks her first-ever dedicated fashion range with the brand.

More special projects from Maura will be announced on September 16, so the countdown begins today (only 14 more sleeps).


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Maura announced her new boohoo collection on Instagram this morning, and fans can even use her exclusive LOVEMAURA discount code for 25 percent off everything (excluding sale).

“I’m so proud of this opportunity I’ve been given by boohoo. It’s a brand that I’ve loved since I was a young girl so partnering up with them is a very surreal feeling for me and I’m so grateful," she wrote.

With two million Instagram followers loving Maura's style, and one million followers stealing India's wardrobe faves, this collection is sure to go down a treat.

India has already modelled for the retailer before entering the villa, and commented on her excitement to reunite with boohoo:

"I’m so excited to be back working with my boohoo family! Such a dream come true to be a brand ambassador for boohoo after modelling for them. I can’t wait to wear all the new trends!"

The two gorgeous brunettes seem like the perfect fit for the boohoo family, we can't wait to see what the collections bring to the fashion world.


From gallivanting across the globe with her modelling work to stunning us all with the perfect Insta outfit picture, former Miss Universe Ireland Joanna Cooper is definitely one of our favourite people to follow. 

Showcasing behind the scenes details of her majorly successful modelling career, as well as nights on the town and travel excursions, the 25-year-old has almost 100,000 people following her career. 

We chatted to the model ahead of her appearance at last week's Nasty Gals Do Dublin event, to get the suss on her attitudes to social media, her modelling motivators and what the hell she uses to get her skin that stunning: 


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 Working in modelling, Joanna is exposed to the full force of fashion influence, but maintains her classic, comfortable but chic look. 

Describing her personal style as 'comfortable but cool,'  she often looks to social media for inspiration.

'I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at trends on there, and I get a lot of style inspiration off Instagram, the likes of Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) – just people that show their everyday style, so then when you're travelling you can look to them for ideas. They always know how to make comfortable clothing look really chic.' 

'I wear a lot of black and a lot of leather so anything that looks effortless but cool,' she finished, described her own look – and one glance at her Instagram is evidence enough.  

The model is loving boiler suits as a trend this season, rocking a particularly edgy leather one-piece from Nasty Gal to the brand's Dublin event last week. 


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When it comes to fashion, the Derry native definitely has a look that screams off-duty model. From statement jackets to  perfectly fitting jeans, teamed with crop tops and simple separates, it's clearly a recipe that works. However, there is a trend that Coops isn't particularly fond of: 

'I see everyone is wearing cycling shorts at the minute and I just cannot do it' she laughed. 'Not for me – they look fab on other people but I'm not feeling it.'

While fashion is clearly a strong suit for the gal, when we discovered we would be chatting to Joanna, one question immediately sprung to mind – her skincare routine. 

Joanna is definitely renowned for having one of the most striking faces in the modelling industry, and a flawless complexion to match. 

'I'm lucky that I don't have bad skin but its not amazing. What you see on instagram is a lot of products, and I think if you're going to invest in anything, invest in skincare because if you don't, then your makeup doesn't go on half as well and you're not addressing the problem underneath. I would invest in skincare and a good glowy highlight because then you can fake the glow.'

Stressing that she has never been sponsored by the brand, she revealed that her ultimate skincare hero product is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold – a glycolic resurfacing treatment toner. Joanna explains how using the toner every second night helps her to maintain her fresh faced glow. 


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Despite her whopping 96k following on Instagram, Joanna does not consider herself a social media influencer. The key to striking the right balance between running her day to day, hectic modelling work alongside having an online presence is not forcing it. 

'I just like to keep it natural. If im on set or doing a job ill post about it and that seems to gain the most interest for me,' she detailed.

'I wouldn't really consider myself as an influencer. but people seem to be interested in my work so I just try and share as much if that as possible.'

While for many, the positives of putting yourself out there online are freebies, endorsements and encouraging comments, for Joanna, what she gets out of the online community she has crafted is the opportunity to chat with people she would not otherwise meet. 

'I like to get to interact with people that you wouldn't get to interact with in real life, and if anyone has any questions I try to answer them as much as I can,' she said.

And while being an influencer, or in Joanna's case, a model with a huge following, can bring many opportunities to the table, the pressures and negative aspects of social media can be vast. Luckily, Joanna has not had to deal with too much online animosity.

'If I want to post something, I will, but I wont be like "oh I have to post something on Insta" so maybe it's because I'm not on it all the time that I don't really see any negative stuff.'

'I feel like because it's not my main job, I have my main job and I just post about it, that I don't worry too much. But I completely understand (the pressure) when it's your bread and butter to keep up with posts but because its not for me, that's why I can be a bit more laid back about it.'


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As a model, Joanna has worked worked with huge brands, and her social media documents the hectic work schedule she keeps up – to remain motivated, she recalls always having wanted to work as a model, and her gratitude to be able to do the job she loves pushes her on. 

'I like being busy. I've always wanted to do the job im doing, so now that i have it i just really appreciate it all the time and if something comes up id rather go and get it than sit back and later think 'oh I should have done that.' Its the fear of regretting not doing something.'

When it comes to the highly competitive modelling industry, Joanna remarks that there are two women in particular who she thinks are really changing the game. 

'I love all of the plus size models like Ashley Graham.'

Louise O'Reilly – I love her. She has changed the game and changed how women look at themselves and has given women so much confidence.'


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'Speaking of modelling she remarks: 'I'll never get bored of it,'  but highlights how comparison syndrome can get her down like it would any other woman. 

'The comparison aspect – when your job is based on your image sometimes its hard. You feel like shit one day and you have to go and stand in front of the camera. Every girl has insecurities if they are comparing themselves against other people and it becomes more prevalent when you are a model – you just have to understand that everyone is their own person and embrace yourself.'

'And with social media it has gotten so much worse, particularly in younger girls comparing themselves.'

Finishing up our chat, she left us with a major mic drop moment: 'You need to realise that social media is curated and what's online is probably 10% of that person's real life.

'Remember that everyone had their own struggles.  You're just seeing curated images online – that's not real life.'


The internet has been steadily lusting over Noah Centineo ever since he debuted as Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

They essentially hired him as their boyfriend, and the heartstrings have been tugged at every turn and Instagram photo from the actor.

He certainly knows how to get a reaction, that's for sure. He recently uploaded a series of images from his Calvin Klein modelling shoot, and sent the social media site into meltdown:


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Well, our gal Lily didn't waste any time. We don't blame her, she went straight in with the comment and struck GOLD with his reply.

The Love, Rosie actress wrote, "I never look that good when I lounge." We understand that on a spiritual level, but Noah disagreed and wrote back, "Oh please" and a FLAMES emoji.

A flame emoji translates to; "Gurl, you are a fine-ass honey and I want to trap that bee in her hive."  


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An eagle-eyed fan also spotted some love-heart emoji's being exchanged, which in 2019 basically means you're married. We don't make the rules, the online community do, okay?

Emojis appear to decide the fate of existence nowadays, but we truly hope these two can meet again in person and further give evidence of their romance.

They're both gorgeous-looking people, and would have stunner babies.

 Noah and Lily actually do know each other, after working together on a project when he starred alongside and directed her in ARTY's Save Me Tonight music video.

Noah wrote at the time, "I convinced @artymusic to let me direct the music video for Save Me Tonight and somehow Lily Collins agreed to star in it with a bunch of our friends."

Lily also said it was "an insanely fun day." Yeah it was, because Noah was there.

So the dating rumours don't exactly sound legit, but we're heavily enjoying their harmless Insta-flirting. They've got chemistry, don't they?

Long may the flanter last, in our opinion. Carry on, we'll be shipping them in the corner.

Feature image: @lilycollins/Instagram and @ncentineo/Instagram 


Kendall Jenner has ruffled some serious feathers in the modelling industry with a recent statement she made to Love Magazine. 

'Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do. I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the fuck those girls do,' she told the magazine. 

'More power to ‘em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else. The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back,' she continued. 


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The first part of her statement has pissed off quite a few of her fellow models, who had made statements in response to her words.

Sharing a series of snaps of models sleeping and eating backstage, supermodel Vlada Roslyakova, who has appeared on over 400 magazine covers in her stellar career, clapped back in defence of hard working models. 


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'Just a REMINDER That some of “THOSE GIRLS” who would do like 86 shows a season, not 30, “or whatever the fuck else those girls do” didn’t have a luxury to say NO to jobs and be “super selective about what shows they do” in order to be able to BUILD their CAREERS during non-instagram days, and get “more power,'" the Russian model wrote. 

'RESPECT and Thumbs Up for all the LADIES who went and still are going thru those days of hard WORK, surviving on two hours of sleep in models apartment, coffee and backstage food.'(sic) 


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Victorias Secret model Luma Grothe also offered her two cents, sharing that it took five full years in the industry before she had the opportunity to walk in fashion week. 

Taking to her Instagram story, she praised Kendall for speaking out about her anxiety, and shared a post from Instagram account @shitmodelmgmt, which reads: 'Here's whatever the fuck we do: we start our career as nobody's. Coming from nothing, and in the city, no one knows our names. We have to work ourselves to death to try to even possibly make ourselves known.'

'We cant choose what shows we're in, we literally pray to whatever is out there to give us ONE show, and if we get 30 shows, best believe we're doing all of them. It would be amazing to be able to pick and choose what shows to do, but we have to do it the hard way.'


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Adding her own story, Luma wrote: 'When I started in this industry, I was pretty much starving for the first 3 years.'

'Working every single day for free. Waiting for the day someone would notice me and my hard work and give me the chance to do one show.' 

'I couldn't even go home for Christmas because I was absolutely broke. I had to work so hard for people to even remember my name. If you are "one of those girls" who does 30 shows a season and works so freaking hard to make your mark in this industry, just know, I love you to death and you are a bad ass.' 

It looks like Kendall might be on the receiving end of some nasty looks next Fashion Week…



Janice Dickinson is a fashion industry veteran, having began her career back in the 70s and racking up 37 Vogue covers during her career.

The supermodel was one of the most famous faces in fashion during the 80s, the golden age of supermodels.

Known for her fiery personality, Janice has a rather controversial opinion about today's models, particularly Kendall Jenner. 


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"We had to work on our own merit. They’re not models! They’re reality TV stars!'' said the industry veteran.

"I don’t think she’s a supermodel, I don’t. … Give me a break,"

"You think that’s supermodel? That is not a supermodel. She can’t beat me. She can’t. Apples and oranges" Janice told AfterBuzzTV's The Tomorrow Show.

It wasn't just Kendall who was in the firing line, as Janice didn't hold back when it came to discussing big sister Kim.

"Kim Kardashian made the cover of Vogue which made me want to vomit. It was crazy," she said. 

"You know modelling is extremely hard work. You have to have perfect proportions. The Kardashians do not have couture proportion," she finished.

Yikes! It looks like Janice seriously dissaproves of reality TV stars-turned-models.

However, with Kendall appearing on the list of the world's highest paid models, and raking in about €4,000,000 per year in modelling contracts, we doubt she will pay much heed. 



Haters united against Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham yesterday after she posted a modelling shot of her 7-year-old daughter Sophia in a bikini and makeup to her Instagram account.

Farrah’s followers were not at all happy with the photo and quickly began commenting that Sophia – who was pictured wearing a full face of makeup including pink lipstick and a smoky eye – is too young to be posing in such an adult way.

Commenting on the close-up of the seven-year-old, @esme_masias wrote: “This poor little girl will never know what being a child is…At such a young age you're already making her out to be older than she is…leave this cr*p alone and let her be a child!”


And @piggle_box said: “This disturbs me…all of it…there's major denial if you don't see the obvious tone, poor girl.”

This isn’t the first time Farrah has been questioned for treating her daughter like a teenager.

In 2013 the reality star – who recently sold her LA apartment for just under $900,000 – made headlines when she waxed then three-year-old Sophia’s eyebrows.



#mommanager #behindthescenes @sophialabraham #supermodel shoots are going so awesome today! #Orlando #Florida #sophia

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At the time the Farrah defended her actions on her blog saying: “If I can help my daughter in a little way by just plucking a few hairs…I think I did something right.”



Last night, Cara Delevingne revealed that she suffers from depression in a heartfelt Twitter essay.

The 23-year-old shocked her fans when she appeared in a Saint Laurent campaign after everyone thought she quit the modelling business.

However, she reached out to her confused fans by opening up in very personal tweets. 

"Can we just set the record straight," she began. "I never said I was quitting modelling. I do not blame the fashion industry for anything."

"I suffer from depression and was a model during a particularly rough patch of self hatred."

"I am so lucky for the work I get to do but I used to work to try and escape and just ended up completely exhausting myself," she explained.

"I am focusing on filming and trying to learn how to not pick apart my every flaw,' she concluded. 'I am really good at that. Okay…. Rant over. Just wanted to clarify and word vomit a little…"

She ended off her tweets with, "I never quit."


Irish beauty Vogue Williams regularly updates fans with behind-the-scenes snaps from shoots, showing off her downright AMAZING body.

Despite being very open about the gruelling lengths she goes to in the gym to keep her lean figure in check, Vogue was the subject of some controversy recently after one photo in particular earned her some negative attention.

Writing in her Sunday World column yesterday, Vogue referenced a photo she had posted last month showing her in underwear, a sweater and knee-high socks.

Many commenters suggested Vogue had Photoshopped the area around her thighs to make her legs look slimmer, pointing at her large thigh gap as evidence that editing software had been used.

"I posted a photo to my Instagram last week during a shoot I was doing. Now I know I shouldn’t read comments on websites but I can’t help myself sometimes," she said.

"I also got some direct mails on Instagram telling me I didn’t need to Photoshop myself, so I thought I would use this opportunity to set the record straight.

"I didn’t Photoshop myself in this picture at all, I used filters, but I don’t even know if it’s possible to Photoshop a picture so small.

And I don’t know how to use Photoshop either!"

If you're wondering how exactly Vogue does get her perfect body, we'd suggest ignoring those Photoshop claims and directing your attention to this:


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Oh, and this:


Seriously shakey arms after this and a grid class with @mayasaffronhan @virginactiveway

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That should clear things up.


With her clear skin, long blonde hair and a height of 5' 10", you'd think Swedish beauty Agnes Hedengard would make the perfect catwalk model.

But the 19-year-old reveals that she has struggled to find work in the industry, as many agents claim she is simply "too big" for the catwalk.

"According to the modelling industry, you cannot look like this. You need to be thinner," Agnes explains in a YouTube video as she poses in a bikini in front of her bedroom mirror. 

"I have been in contact with big agencies and clients that really want to work with me, but as soon as they get hold of my measurements, it’s a whole other story."

Despite her rail-thin frame, Agnes said the size of her bum and hips have been criticised by modelling agents. With a BMI of 17.5, Agnes is technically underweight, but she is still told to shed the pounds.

"They are like, 'No, she's too big, she needs to get into better shape… she's way too big,'" the Stockholm-based model says.

Agnes' slender frame comes as the result of months of dieting, after she decided in February 2014 that she wanted to seriously focus on a career in modelling. And while she still struggles to find work, she says she refuses to take her weight loss to an excessive level.


February-June-November 2014! I love myself and my body in every picture. Basically in the first pic I ate very unhealthy, I could eat a jar of Nutella everyday. I did not think about what I put in to my body. Which is perfectly fine! But then I decided to give my model carrier serious chance. Then I started to workout, stop eat fast foods and it was byebye Nutella. I'm perfectly fine, I feel good and all that. If it would effect me in a bad way I wouldn't do it. And trust me, the Nutella jar is coming out from the pantry time to time. I want to share my journey, just like everyone else. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and this is my body and I do whatever I want with it. (I DO NOT STARVE MYSELF)

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"I’ve had anorexic thoughts, but I’ve fought against them. It’s hard, but if you put all the energy you normally would waste on these thoughts towards loving yourself instead, they can’t hurt you," she says.



Cara Delevingne has spoken out about her future in modelling, and it doesn't sound promising. 

The model/actress said that the modelling industry has now resulted in her hating her body after first beginning when she was just ten years old.

Although she seems to be at the top of her model game, Cara has spoken out and said she is "not doing fashion work any more".

She opened up about her struggles as a catwalk model for some of the biggest brands in the world saying it made her 'hate' her body. 

In an interview with The Times, Cara said ""It didn't make me grow at all as a human being. And I kind of forgot how young I was. I felt so old."

She continued saying "I was, like, fight and flight for months. Just constantly on edge. It is a mental thing as well because if you hate yourself and your body and the way you look, it just gets worse and worse."

Cara also explained how the stress of the catwalk model life also led her to developing psoriasis which is a skin disease that can be quite uncomfortable for sufferers.

She said: "People would put on gloves and not want to touch me because they thought it was, like, leprosy or something."

It seems the 23-year-old is now going to focus all of her energy on her new acting career. She holds one of the lead roles in Paper Towns and she is also starring in next year's hugely anticipated movie Suicide Squad. 



It is official. Lily Rose Depp is the coolest 16-year-old alive.

Of course, being born to Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis you are basically guaranteed to have serious levels of coolness and stunning good looks.

But Lily Rose is now branching out on her own and so far she is seriously nailing it.

Having already walked just weeks ago for Chanel, Lily Rose has now been revealed as the fashion house’s newest ambassador, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Ms Depp’s first campaign, which was shot by Karl Lagerfeld, is for the brand’s new Pearl eyewear collection. She is pictured in the gorgeous editorial photos wearing a metallic-finished scalloped button-down and a pair of glamourous pearl-framed rounded sunnies.

It is no wonder that Mr Lagerfeld has become so instantly fond of his latest model, given that her mother, 42-year-old Vanessa Paradis, has been a long-time friend and muse of his.

The 81-year-old revealed that “Lily Rose is stunning, she’s a young girl from a new generation with all the qualities of a star.”



A video posted by Lily-Rose Depp (@lilyrose_depp) on

Ms Depp is also following in her father’s footsteps as she stars alongside him in the upcoming film Yoga Hosers



As part of the SHEmazing! Rising Star series, we speak to some seriously inspiring go-getters.

Here, iRadio’s Eleanor Fitzgerald joins us for an intimate chat about working on movie sets, her plans for the future… and how modelling led her to radio.

Broadcasters usually fit into one of two moulds: those who were trained to do it, and those who were born to do it. 

iRadio’s Eleanor Fitzgerald, or Fitzy, as she’s better known to her listeners, certainly has a seat in the latter category. 

And yet the road to her chosen career was hardly conventional: when she won the title of Miss Limerick in 2006, she was interviewed on Limerick’s Live 95fm. Such was her ease at being on air that studio bosses quickly asked her to fill in at the station – and she hasn’t left since.

“When we were kids, myself, my sister and our neighbour would play a little game where we would present our own radio show!” Eleanor laughs now as she recalls the memory. “That aside, I think I always wanted to be involved in radio and TV.

“When I was in secondary school, I did some work experience with my cousin who is an award-winning costume designer for film and TV. At the time, she was working on the set of Fergus’s Wedding, so she brought me along as an assistant.

“I loved makeup, so I was thinking how great it would be to work in the makeup and costume department. When I got to the set though, I loved everything about it. Whether it was the action taking place in front of the camera or behind it, I was hooked.” 

The 30-year-old credits her modelling career (she is on the books of the Celia Holman Lee agency in Limerick, and Andrea Roche in Dublin) with giving her a confidence boost, but ultimately the one thing Eleanor has in spades is bags of talent, not to mention enthusiasm and persistence.

“I love media, but I especially love radio” she explains. “The Cracked i show has been so much fun because we get to talk about so many different topics and we have also interviewed some really interesting people.

“There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. We do all the research and prep ourselves, so even though we are having the craic on air, trust me, hours of work go on behind the scenes. I have always loved both sides of it. I love being on air, but I love the background work as well.”

When it comes to future plans, Eleanor is happy to leave things to fate.

“Oh God, I asked a few girls this same question when I was interviewing them on stage for Miss Limerick recently, and now that I’m being asked about it myself, I haven’t a clue what to say!” she laughs.

“I don’t have a game plan for the future. I’m very happy at the moment, so I haven’t really thought too far ahead to be honest! I take every opportunity that I get, and try to be as grateful as I can for everything I have.

“My motto is simple, what’s for you won’t pass you.”


You can listen to Ed and Fitzy on iRadio’s Cracked i, Monday to Friday, 8.50pm – 12midnight