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The internet has been steadily lusting over Noah Centineo ever since he debuted as Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

They essentially hired him as their boyfriend, and the heartstrings have been tugged at every turn and Instagram photo from the actor.

He certainly knows how to get a reaction, that's for sure. He recently uploaded a series of images from his Calvin Klein modelling shoot, and sent the social media site into meltdown:


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Well, our gal Lily didn't waste any time. We don't blame her, she went straight in with the comment and struck GOLD with his reply.

The Love, Rosie actress wrote, "I never look that good when I lounge." We understand that on a spiritual level, but Noah disagreed and wrote back, "Oh please" and a FLAMES emoji.

A flame emoji translates to; "Gurl, you are a fine-ass honey and I want to trap that bee in her hive."  


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An eagle-eyed fan also spotted some love-heart emoji's being exchanged, which in 2019 basically means you're married. We don't make the rules, the online community do, okay?

Emojis appear to decide the fate of existence nowadays, but we truly hope these two can meet again in person and further give evidence of their romance.

They're both gorgeous-looking people, and would have stunner babies.

 Noah and Lily actually do know each other, after working together on a project when he starred alongside and directed her in ARTY's Save Me Tonight music video.

Noah wrote at the time, "I convinced @artymusic to let me direct the music video for Save Me Tonight and somehow Lily Collins agreed to star in it with a bunch of our friends."

Lily also said it was "an insanely fun day." Yeah it was, because Noah was there.

So the dating rumours don't exactly sound legit, but we're heavily enjoying their harmless Insta-flirting. They've got chemistry, don't they?

Long may the flanter last, in our opinion. Carry on, we'll be shipping them in the corner.

Feature image: @lilycollins/Instagram and @ncentineo/Instagram 


If this isn't festive television at it's finest, we don't know what is.

The BBC are unleashing their take on the iconic Victor Hugo's novel, Les Miserables.

Get ready to spot famous-faces as they pulled out all the stops for the cast. 


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The series kicks off tonight and we will be treated to the tale for six weeks.

Stars include The Affair actor Dominic West who will play the main character, prisoner Jean Valjean.

The inspector Javert, who is tasked with tracking down and bringing Jean to justice, will star David Oyelowo. 

And Lily Collins will fill the role of Fantine. 

Les Miserables was a roaring success in the cinema adaptation which starred the likes of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway.

The novel also went down a treat with audiences on theatre stages such as the West End and Broadway.

However, the BBC's interpretation won't include any singing or dancing, as it hopes to draw the viewer back to the original story from the book.


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Actor, Dominic West explained: “It’s been a real inspiration and total joy to bring this masterpiece to dramatic life, and if our portrayal brings people back to the book then that is a great thing."

“What is the most interesting thing about Valjean is his moral core and his battle with his own demons to be a good man."

“He is a true hero in that way. He is constantly persecuted but he strives to save others’ lives and do the right thing,” he added.

The series looks like it won't disappoint as Andrew Davies was selected to be the screenwriter.

Andrew is the man behind Lei Tolstoy's War and Peace adaption for the BBC, and for bringing Pride and Prejudice from the pages of the book to our screens.


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Dominic added that it was exciting as Andrew has really captured the book in such detail.

“Andrew Davies is a master of condensing and distillation. He has distilled a massive book into six hours of television. He’s been at it a long time," he said.

“He’s so experienced. Whenever I’ve opened a book and thought, ‘oh this is a bit I particularly like’, it’s in his script. In that way, it’s very exciting because I don’t remember the last time when a book was dealt with in such detail.”

If this sounds like your cup of tea, it will air on December 30 at 9 pm on BBC One. 


Feature Image credit: BBC ONE/Instagram


After receiving rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, movie buffs the world over are eagerly anticipating the release of Netflix's latest feature film, To The Bone

The film, which stars Lily Collins, follows the journey of 20-year-old, Ellen and her battle with anorexia.

While many are praising the film for tackling such a sensitive issue, others fear the film may act as a trigger for people who suffer from eating disorders.

However, it's worth noting that both lead actress, Lily Collins, and the writer/ director, Marti Noxon, have both suffered from disordered eating in the past and are not afraid to address their demons head on.

In a recent interview on Lorraine, Lily opened up about how it felt to play a character who struggled with the same illness she had suffered from, stressing how proud she was to be a part of the project.

"It’s actually the first feature film that’s been done about eating disorders and I feel so proud to be a part of it, to keep it entertaining in a way but also informational," she said. 

"I was kept under strict supervision by producers, director, my own mother and also a nutritionist so we worked very closely together, very healthfully."

"I was actually excited to be able to tell the story to open up further conversation for young women and men around the world."

Check out the full interview below. 

To The Bone is out July 14, 2017. 


It's the official opening of the glamorous red carpet season (YAY), So as well as having a good ol'stare at the gowns, we were all over the hair and makeup trends too. 

Which is why we were SO excited when makeup artist Fiona Stiles revealed EXACTLY how she created Lily Collins’ exquisite make-up look for the event.

The ever-lovely Lily is an ambassador for Lancôme, and so it was mainly their products used to achieve this beautiful look.

"What a dress! It was so beautiful and inspiring… We wanted to do a look that was beautiful but also bold and modern. It’s such a modern look, and Lily pulled it off incredibly,” Fiona told us.

Fiona also talked us through how exactly she achieved the look, and what products she used…


"After prepping the skin with Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum, I lightly evened out Lily’s skin with Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long 24H Wear Foundation in  and brightened with the Lancôme Effacernes Concealer."

"Keeping the look light and fresh was paramount so I used Lancôme Blush Subtil in Apluma on the cheeks for that timeless, romantic feel."

Eyes and eyebrows:

"Lily’s brows are so incredible, so I mostly leave them alone. I just filled in the arches ever so slightly using the Fiona Stiles Beauty Micro-Precision Brow Pencil."

"On the eyes, I used the Lancôme Blush Subtil in Aplum dusted over it to create a wash of colour on the eyes. Under the brows, I used Lancôme Hypnôse pallete in Fraîcheur Rosée to blend the colours."

Image result for Lancôme Blush Subtil in Aplum

"She has stunning lashes, so a coat or two of mascara does the trick. Using the jet black Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara gave the perfect flirty lash. I skipped the bottom lashes to keep the look fresh."


"Last but not least, I wanted the lips to be powdery matte, just an intense stamp of red, so I used the Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Souvenir Shade and dusted a touch of loose powder to take away any shine from the lip."

There you have it ladies, seems simple enough right? 


He's been linked to his fair share of Hollywood beauties, but now it seems that one actress has finally captured his heart.

While chatting to The Sun, the Jonas Brother admitted that he's with brunette beauty, Lily Collins.

He told the paper that the pair have been dating for months now, and have enjoyed a number of outings together.

Nick even gushed: "She is amazing." Oooh.

"I've enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table," he said.

"All people need human interaction at some level. And at my age too, dating is important, getting to know yourself by meeting different people, seeing what it's all about."

Don't you think they make such a cute couple?!



It seems that we cannot keep up with the twists and turns of Nick Jonas' love life. 

Just when we thought he was getting back with Kate Hudson, reports began to circulate that he is in fact currently wooing another lucky lady. 

Yep, Nick is actually vying for the affections of 26-year-old actress, Lily Collins. 

The daughter of Phil Collins' and the former Jonas Brothers singer have reportedly been spending quite a bit of time together. 

"They like each other, but it's new and not serious yet," said an insider to E! News. 

"They are having fun together."

The pair have been caught on numerous dates including bowling last month in West Hollywood as well as stepping out for lunch with mutual pal, Demi Lovato. 

We really hope these two stunning brunettes become exclusive. 



Though we may model our #browgoals on eyebrow queens such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, most of us know that their deliciously thick brows would probably look ridiculous on us. 

That is because no matter how much you live for a thick, bushy brow in theory, it definitely does not mean that it would suit your face in practise.

In fact, according beauty experts, your natural, pre tweezed arches are probably going to be the best brow shape for your face. Which is ideal, because the natural looking brow is definitely coming into its own. 

However, after all the plucking, tinting, waxing and threading, many of us probably do not even know what our natural eyebrows look like anymore.

So put down those tweezers and step away from that mirror! We have everything you need to know about rediscovering your natural brow. 

1) Let em grow!

Sometimes the hardest part about trying to find your natural brow shape is actually letting the brows grow. 

According the eyebrow expert and beauty guru Kristie Streicher, the first two months of growing out those brows will be the toughest. 

"The most difficult stage is the beginning, [because] tweezing can be a habitual pleasure for most of us, so breaking the habit, in addition to seeing your brows look unruly for several weeks, is not easy."

Growing those bad boys out means no waxing, threading or plucking and it can take up to a year for the hair to grow out if the area has been heavily plucked or waxed. 

If there is a drastic shape change, Kristie says "Sometimes there may be a distinct line between your previous shape and where the hair is growing — trust me, this will fill in." So make sure to persevere ladies! 

2) Try a tint!

Tinting is an eyebrow game changer. 

Whether you have fair, blonde hair or deep and dark arches, tinting can really show you what you are working with. 

"It's a natural way to enhance what hair you have, as well as richen and define your brows," says Kristie.

"Even adding the same level of colour can help fill in any sparse areas and give the illusion of a fuller brow."

3) We'll let you tweeze, just a little! 

While you shouldn't tweeze any hairs close to the brow while they are growing out, you can tackle those strays that fall outside the brow line. 

According to Kristie you just need to figure out what should and should not be tweezed. 

"With each tweezing it's important to maintain a rather large 'buffer' between what you're tweezing and your growing eyebrow shape. It is also very helpful to fill in your ideal eyebrow shape with pencil or powder first." 

"Be sure to extend ends all the way across the brow bone when filling in—the ends are most important. This will give you a more clear idea of what should be tweezed and what should be left alone."

4) Say NO to waxing!

If you like the super precise finish of a wax, than we say 'you do you, boo.' 

But if you are looking to enhance your natural brow, Kristie tends to avoid the hot wax. 

"I only tweeze. The eyebrow deserves the detail-oriented and precise approach of tweezing. Waxing can create a very clean and distinct hair-to-no hair line of contrast, and in my humble opinion, this can look contrived and quite dated." 

"Tweezing allows the brows to be a bit more feathered looking, leaving a soft line." 

5) Fill em in 

No matter how long you wait for those pesky brows to fill in, some areas may be naturally more sparse than others. So, thank goodness for eyebrow pencils and powders! 

"Using short feather strokes, shade just above and just below the brow line (or where you have spare areas of hair)," says Kristie.

"Then use a brush to blend, in order to create a fuller and thicker looking brow."

6) Gel em!

If you worry that your brows never seem to stay in place, use a clear gel to set the hairs exactly where you want them.  

"Think of it as the mascara of the eyebrow," says Kristie. 



Ah, the humble bob. With numerous celebrities opting for getting the chop, so many of us giddy civilians have followed suit. Making the leap from having long flowing tresses to a short, choppy bob is enough to strike fear into the heart of any woman but with so many gorgeous, shoulder length styles flooding our screens, how could we have possibly resisted?

We reckon having a whole load of money makes it super easy for celebs to chop and change. With world class extensions and stylists and even WIGS on hand, a bob is far from permanent.

For us real life woman, getting the chop is a huge change and even bigger commitment. And we won’t even start on the woes of trying to grow one out (we are talking YEARS).

Contemplating the leap? Check out eight super famous ladies who have sported both long hair and the perfect bob. 


1) Jennifer Lawrence 


Our favourite funny gal Jen has had a major hair transformation since hitting the limelight in 2011. Bursting onto the scene with long, blonde tresses, she was soon sporting her trademark Katniss Everdeen brown. And how did she celebrate the end of the Hunger Games franchise? By changing up her look of course. Jen was spotted with a choppy, shoulder length bob in peroxide blonde. We think she looks sexier than ever. 


2) Kylie Jenner


Kylie seems to have a new look every other day (which is probably easy when you have hairstylists on speed dial and a seemingly never ending supply of extensions and wigs). Kylie regularly swaps between a short bob and super long tresses and loves playing with colour having sported blue, green and most recently blonde locks. Though she seems to favour super long hair with the help of her trademark extensions, we love seeing Kylie with a bob for a more natural look. 


3) Lily Collins 


For an example of how much of a difference a haircut can make, look no further than Phil Collins’ offspring, Lily. Starting out her impressive acting career with long natural brown hair, she got the chop following her stint in the Mortal Instruments movie franchise. Lily’s bob gave us a perfect case of hair envy to add to our already budding brow envy and we think this hairstyle is the perfect grown up look. 


4) Emma Stone 


One of our fave actresses Emma Stone regularly changes up her look. Going blonde for her stint as Gwen Stacey in Spiderman with her beau Andrew Garfield before returning to her trademark red (which is NOT her natural colour. Emma is apparently naturally blonde). Another celeb who has opted to swap long hair for a choppy long bob, we think she pulls off this look flawlessly. 


5) Karlie Kloss 

Model sensation and Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie started her career with long, naturally brown hair. Already stunning, she enhanced her look by dying her hair an ashy blonde and getting her tresses cut up to her shoulders. We think this bob is amazing, but when you have a face like that it is hard not to look amazing!


6) Sienna Miller 


Street style icon Sienna coined ‘bohemian chic’ and did so with long, boho waves in her early days as a model. Now an established actress, Sienna has gone for an elegant bob and continues to set beauty and fashion trends. We would defo bring her photo into the hair salon as an example of short haired perfection. 


7) Vanessa Hudgens 


Former High School Musical star Vanessa is known for her eclectic, quirky fashion sense and for always having a ridiculously delicious man on her arm (we are talking Zac Efron AND Austin Butler people). As she transitioned from teenage starlet to grown up twenty something, her hair transitioned as well. We love her grown up look and the perfect bob to match. 


8) Taylor Swift 


Our Tay Tay has grown up a lot over the last few years. From a starry eyed country star singing about Romeo and Juliet to the queen of pop music who is single handedly turning the industry on its head, Tay has had the hair transformation to match. Keeping her natural colour, Taylor opted to cut her hair short for the release of her platinum selling album 1989 and we think it perfectly matches her elegant, preppy fashion sense. Keep it real, Tay. 


It's not even October 31st yet and Beyoncé has already cemented her place as Queen of Halloween.

The singer stole the show at Ciara's fancy dress 30th birthday party last night, rocking an ice-white wig and contact lenses as Storm from X-Men.

We reckon she made an even better job of it than Halle Berry did in the actual film:

Of course, Bey wasn't the only one dressed up for the star-studded bash.

Ciara herself looked incredible in an all-leather Catwoman outfit, with her boyfriend Russell Wilson by her side as Batman.


Batman To My Rescue

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

Also in attendance was Wonder Woman Lily Collins, who took to social media to wish happy birthday to "most beautiful cat woman I know."


A photo posted by Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) on

Beyoncé's former bandmate Kelly Rowland showed up for the celebrations too, showing off her toned legs in fishnets and a PVC leotard.


A photo posted by Angie Beyince (@angiebeyince) on

While Bey did go all out last night, we know this won't be the last we see of her in costume this month.

After all, last year she had two different looks for Halloween alone:

All hail Queen B.


Have Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen been secretly dating for months?

A new report claims that the Avengers co-stars have been keeping their relationship under wraps for at least a few months.

The pair first met when they played Captain American and Scarlet Witch alongside each other in the latest instalment of the Avengers franchise, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

An insider told The National Enquirer that “Chris and Lizzie are definitely involved in some kind of ultra-secret romance that’s being kept under wraps while they shoot.”

“The attraction between them has been there from day one,” the source revealed.

While news of their romance has begun to surface, it may be a while yet before we see any PDA snaps. According to reports, the 34-year-old Fantastic Four actor wants to keep his womanizing reputation at bay.

Mr Evans split from former on/off again girlfriend Minka Kelly in 2013 and has since been spotted with a number of Hollywood women, including Lily Collins. According to reports Ms Collins’ friends warned her to stay away from the actor because of his notorious heart-breaking reputation.

The source explained that “Chris is paranoid about his womanizing becoming public while he’s on this multi-picture deal with Marvel. He’s protecting his image, and will bend over backwards to keep things quiet.”

Before reports of this new romance surfaced, the 26-year-old sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley was rumoured to be dating ANOTHER Avengers star, Tom Hiddleston.

Forget the next film – it looks like Ms Olsen may be the cause for the Avengers next battle! 


Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is single and by the sounds of things, ready to mingle.

The 34-year-old Avengers star is currently filming his upcoming movie, Captain America: Civil War and his co-star, Anthony Mackie, has been spilling the beans and describing the heartthrob’s perfect woman.

“Chris needs a regular girl.” Hey, over here – we’re pretty regular!

“Chris needs a girl who is just down to earth, who’s smart and that’s hard to find,” the Hurt Locker star revealed.

“Those girls are not celebrities. Those are not girls you know,” Anthony continued.

Girls who aren’t celebrities and girls he doesn’t know, aye? We’re starting to sound pretty good, right about now!

Minka Kelly’s ex has recently been linked to The Blind Side actress, Lily Collins. But it would seem as though he is in fact still single.

And if you are looking for an extra edge on the competition, Mr Mackie has also revealed Chris’s favourite band to E! News.

“He really loves Earth, Wind & Fire,” the actor spilled. “Like we were talking one day and he put on Earth, Wind & Fire and he said it’s the best band of all time. So Chris just dances around to Earth, Wind & Fire all day. It’s really weird.”

So, do you think you could be the perfect woman for hunky superhero, Chris Evans? 



'The Style Show' delivers your daily dose of fabulous fashion! In today's segment, "Style Trial" our resident fashion expert James Butler and entertainment reporter Niamh Geaney give you the lowdown on some of the week's major fashion moments. This week we're checking out all the best (and worst) looks from the past seven days. Watch the video above to get all the gossip.

Ciara O' Doherty reports.