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The internet has been steadily lusting over Noah Centineo ever since he debuted as Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

They essentially hired him as their boyfriend, and the heartstrings have been tugged at every turn and Instagram photo from the actor.

He certainly knows how to get a reaction, that's for sure. He recently uploaded a series of images from his Calvin Klein modelling shoot, and sent the social media site into meltdown:


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Well, our gal Lily didn't waste any time. We don't blame her, she went straight in with the comment and struck GOLD with his reply.

The Love, Rosie actress wrote, "I never look that good when I lounge." We understand that on a spiritual level, but Noah disagreed and wrote back, "Oh please" and a FLAMES emoji.

A flame emoji translates to; "Gurl, you are a fine-ass honey and I want to trap that bee in her hive."  


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An eagle-eyed fan also spotted some love-heart emoji's being exchanged, which in 2019 basically means you're married. We don't make the rules, the online community do, okay?

Emojis appear to decide the fate of existence nowadays, but we truly hope these two can meet again in person and further give evidence of their romance.

They're both gorgeous-looking people, and would have stunner babies.

 Noah and Lily actually do know each other, after working together on a project when he starred alongside and directed her in ARTY's Save Me Tonight music video.

Noah wrote at the time, "I convinced @artymusic to let me direct the music video for Save Me Tonight and somehow Lily Collins agreed to star in it with a bunch of our friends."

Lily also said it was "an insanely fun day." Yeah it was, because Noah was there.

So the dating rumours don't exactly sound legit, but we're heavily enjoying their harmless Insta-flirting. They've got chemistry, don't they?

Long may the flanter last, in our opinion. Carry on, we'll be shipping them in the corner.

Feature image: @lilycollins/Instagram and @ncentineo/Instagram 



When we think of the ideal relaxing Valentine's Day, whether single or coupled up, oftentimes the plan fo the night can involve a delightfully steamy bath. 

The obvious choice for making a bth extra special is a bath bomb from Lush – and for a night like Valentine's we would be tempted to reach fo the SexBomb bath bomb. 

However, Lush have just revealed their new Valentine's collection fo 2019 – and it's millennial perfection. 


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Included in the collection is a duo of bath bombs that have gotten everyone talking. 

Shaped like two very suggestive emojis, the Aubergine and Peachy are inspiring us to send some risky texts. 

The limited edition bath bombs are available online now, and will be rolling out in Lush stores from January 7th if you need to do the sniff test before purchasing. 


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The Aubergine boasts an uplifting scent, with bergamot, fruity ho wood and saucy litsea cubeba. 

With green, blue and purple bath swirls forming as it dissolves, it's damn pretty to watch. 

As for Peachy, the clue is on the name.  Essential notes of grapefruit, fresh peach juice and davana make for a sweet and citrusy bath scent. 

We#ll see you in the virtual queue picking up these bad boys for ourselves and the gal pals as the ideal Galentines Day gift. 



Social media may come with its ups and downs, but we can't help smiling when we think of how it's connected us to others.

Twitter, in particular, has been a way for people to forge relationships across the globe.

We may be looking for people similar to us who we can identify with, or those who are much different so we can learn from them.

Now, Twitter is celebrating the beauty of Pride and the love shown for people of every gender, orientation and identity.

Hashtags like #LoveIsLove, #BornThisWay, and #MarriageEquality are used worldwide as rallying cries for equality.

Twitter is hoping to continue championing equality, and this year are using a new rainbow heart emoji to celebrate #Pride.

The hashtags that trigger the special emoji are #Pride, #Pride2018, #LoveIsLove, #PrideParade, and #LoveWins (in Spanish, French, Chinese, and Russian, too).

So what are you waiting for? Go spread the love!


Well, at least it isn't another Kardashian emoji, right? 

Yes, you read the headline correctly, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are soon to be made into emojis. 

And we are here for it! 

Created and by tech company DRKHORS, the new MeghanMojis and KateMojis will feature Meg and Kate in a range of outfits, with cheeky tag lines relevant to their lives. 

From the prototypes displayed on the company’s website, it seems these will include such sayings as: “Does my bum look good in this?” – are we offended, we can't decide? 

Moving on…

There will be depictions of Kate Midz downing a glass of wine, and doing various other things that will be useful mid conversation. 

As for Meghan, not much has been revealed just yet, but Prince Harry will feature in some form – and Kate will include William and the two kids. Naturally. 

All good things come at a price – the emoji apps will be sold separately for £1.41 each. 

Also, most excitingly DRKHORS is open to suggestions on their website :“What do you want to see Kate and Meghan doing in their emojis?”

Have any brilliant ideas for a royal emoji? Hit them UP! 



Even if you're a major superstar, that doesn't stop your mam from sending you a cringey text.

Kendrick Lamar is killing it at the moment, after having just released the fastest selling album of 2017 so far.

However, last night the rapper shared a tweet he received from his mother – and it's really just like any text our mammies would send us.

His mam definitely went overboard with the emojis, something we're sure most can relate to.

And Kendrick noted on it, replying to his mam, "You going emoji brazy."

Ah, we just love when we can relate to superstars…

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



Emojis have integrated themselves into our day-to-day text speak, and have almost become a language of their own.

For this reason, we weren't too surprised when we discovered that emoji sheet masks were in existence, but they do look a little startling. 

Social media savvy fans of the masks have been uploading their emoji selfies to Instagram, and the look is pretty out there.

From the crying cat emoji, to the angry face and the laughing with tears of joy emoji, all of the classics are covered. 

The masks are by a brand called Petite Amie, and the Emoji Series of sheet masks are proving very popular. 


The brand offers six emoji sheet masks, each of which are $10.00, or €9.42.

Each mask has a different, specific skin function based on the emojis themselves.

For example, the red angry face mask is said to calm redness and irritation. 


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The Korean beauty inspired masks are flying off the virtual shelves, and we're dying to get our hands on a set.

After all, what face mask could be more Instagram-worthy than an emoji-themed one? 



Hands up how many of you send post on the regular?

No hands? Thought so. Unless it's a thoughtful birthday card, a wedding invite or something *~businessy~*, we rarely send cards or letters anymore.

Sad, but true.


However, An Post is really trying to stay in with the cool kids lately as it has begun to sell emoji stamps.

Nope, this isn't some April Fool's joke. About two weeks ago the company released the stamps along with the words, 'Don't Worry Be Happy' written in both English and Irish.

We're not sure how to feel about this…

If you fancy purchasing a few, you can check out An Post's website.



Emoji's are a saving grace when it comes to our virtual exchanges.

From the smiling face that makes the snarky message to your house mate about dishes seem nonaggressive, to the toasting pints when you want to go out, emojis are a language of their own.

Which is why we weren't all that surprised when we discovered that certain emojis are the inspiration behind some of 2017's most unusual hair trends.


A photo posted by Lou Teasdale (@louteasdale) on

Makeup mogul and sister to Louis, Lottie Thomlinson just revealed her ode to the emoji in the form of an intricate hair tapestry.

While this look, created by the hair heroes at Bleach London, definitely isn't for everyone, festival season is fast approaching and we can think of no better way to hide our worse-for-wear festival hair.

Lottie went for a heart eyes emoji in her hair, and showed off the stand-out look on her Snapchat. 


A photo posted by BLEACH (@bleachlondon) on

Bleach London first debuted the tapestry look a few months ago, and we've been waiting for it to make a come back ever since.

While it's definitely not the most wearable, the crochet emojis are so cute we may just have to try it for ourselves once Forbidden Fruit rolls around. 


A photo posted by BLEACH (@bleachlondon) on

Another emoji getting a hair makeover is Kim K's favourite, the peach emoji.

Bleach Londons Awkward Peach perfectly mimics the subtle hue of the peach emoji, and it's definitely the ideal shade for summer.

Off to the hairdressers we go… 




When we first heard of the 'Gintern', we thought it was pretty much the coolest job in the world.

And while it would still be pretty sweet to travel and drink gin all day, we've come across another dream-worthy job that might top the list.

emoji annoyed emojis

An emoji translator, which requires you to be fluent in emoji, is up for grabs if you fancy a little career move.

Today Translations told the BBC that they're looking for someone who can translate a diary from English to emoji.


The CEO of the company, Jurga Zilinskiene, said they're hoping candidates will be able to explain the "cross-cultural misunderstandings in the use of the mini pictures, and compiling a monthly trends report."

So basically, you need to know the correct meaning behind every single emoji.

mtv emojis fora new emojis ios 9

The job is based in London and you have to complete an online test to prove you really are fluent.

We had a look at the test, and gave up after about 30 seconds…. Good luck!



Emojis have officially become a form of expression in themselves. 

That passive aggressive message to your housemate about the fact that they forgot to buy milk again? Suddenly made OK by a laughing face emoji.

Want to hit the town with your bestie? The flamenco dancer girl, the clinking pints emoji and a question mark is all you need.

If you're as obsessed with emojis as we are you will be super curious about the Emoji Movie, hitting our screens (cinema, not phone) in August next year.  

While it is a decidedly odd concept for a movie (who ever thought we'd see a movie where a cartoon poop emoji was a lead character?) we're hoping it's good. 


A photo posted by Movie News Now (@movienewsnow) on

The film is set to feature the voice acting talents of James Cordon and  T.J. Miller.

However, the film concept has not received a warm reception on social media.

We'll just have to wait until August to see what it's all about. 



If you can communicate an entire concept using little more than a sequence of emojis, then a change in career path might be on the horizon.

According to a report in Newsweek, Today Translations are seeking an 'emoji translator' to address cross-cultural misunderstandings which arise from the use of emojis across the globe.

The London-based company is eager to address communication issues which stem from the 'world’s fastest-growing language,' and this is where you might just come in.

"Emoji translation is itself an emerging field – but one dominated to date by software, which is often insensitive to the many cultural differences in usage and interpretation," the ad read.

"We are therefore seeking an exceptional individual to provide the human touch needed where translation software is inadequate."

"In the absence of any native speakers, the successful candidate should be able to demonstrate a passion for emojis, combined with cutting-edge knowledge and awareness of areas of confusion and cultural/international differences," it continued.

A degree in Social Sciences with Linguistics, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology or Communication are desirable, but not essential, so it might be time to look into this one!


With Unicode refusing to create an actual condom emoji to protect sexters’ beloved aubergines, the world’s leading sexual health brand has sourced an umbrella-shaped loophole.

To mark World AIDS Day 2016, Durex is encouraging the public to share the “Umbrella with Raindrops” emoji as an unofficial symbol of safe sex.

A recent survey conducted by the contraception giant revealed more than 75 percent of 16 to 35-year-olds use emojis when discussing sex.

And with almost half of that age group believing HIV could never affect them – despite 2.1 million people becoming infected with the virus in the last year – it seem sexters are in desperate need of anything which encourages the promotion of safe sex.

Speaking of the venture, Durex Global Category Director, Volker Sydow, said: “At Durex we believe that for this World AIDS Day identifying the unofficial safe sex emoji is an important step that helps to empower young people to put safe sex back on the agenda, supporting the fight to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.”

“We are asking people to show their support for the cause by using this unofficial safe sex emoji and sharing the hashtag #CondomEmoji.”