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As a former catwalk queen and the creator of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks knows a thing or two about the industry.

She has always campaigned for diversity in modelling, having famously featured plus-size and transgender models on ANTM, and yesterday Tyra took to social media to express her upset with the way the industry works these days.

"Models have so much pressure today… They have to be slimmer than slim. Skinnier than skinny," the TV star wrote. "When I was a young model, yeah, we had to think about our weight, but not like today. I think I was size 6, not a size 0."

Tyra also lamented the fact that so many models book jobs today based on their social media popularity more than on their catwalk skills. And if you take a look at the most sought-after models of 2015  Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Jourdann Dunn, Karlie Kloss  their stats don't lie. Kendall alone has 29.5m followers on Instagram, with the others all racking up at least a million apiece.

Speaking about the changes that have happened since her own modelling days, Tyra said she didn't envy those working today. " They have to compete with actresses, recording artists and reality stars for magazine covers and ad campaigns," she wrote. 

"They have to have tons of followers on social media to book top notch jobs. And they have to do selfies that make them look relatable, but not TOO relatable, because then people may comment that they don't understand, 'Why the heck is THAT girl a friggin' model??!!!!'"

Accompanying her Instagram post was an image of a young Tyra backstage at a YSL show looking decidedly under-dressed compared to models these days:

"Yep, that's teenaged me right before a YSL show was about to start in sneakers, plaid flannel and bad jeans. Mr. Yves Saint Laurent could care how I looked when I arrived to his show. But when I hit his stage, he expected excellence," the 41-year-old explained. "And I made sure I delivered that every time I was chosen to walk his amazing runway."

Tyra finished her rant by sending "love and hugs to all working, aspiring and super models worldwide" adding "stay strong girls." 

This is the second time this month that Tyra has had people talking on Instagram, having shared a beautiful no-make up selfie last week and telling her followers, "You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me."

Could we love her any more?



It's well known that Ariana Grande is OBSESSED with her dogs. 

She currently has six of them including Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon and Sirius, and we are sure she will be adding to this collection again soon!

Toulouse is a beagle-chihuahua mix and was the second dog adopted by Ariana from an animal shelter and he's about to his the big time.

Ariana took to Instagram lastnight to share some exiting news for the pooch as he has been asked to model for the brand, Coach.


when @coach calls and asks if toulouse will model for them #illcheckhisschedule #okithinkhecanmakeit

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Ariana got over one million likes on the photograph announcing the new career for the dog, with many people thinking it was a joke. 

She then posted again a few hours later a picture of the model himself with the caption "a @coach model (i laughed out loud when i typed that / the best part is i'm not kidding) so we know it's for real. 

We now just have to sit tight what exactly Toulouse will be modelling. 

Recently when she was on her way to London during the honeymoon tour, she ran into a bit of trouble getting Toulouse and Sirius through the port in Dover. 

It is reported that she almost got herself arrested when trying to sort the situation out, until her manager Frank stepped in and calmed the situation down. 




Kim, Khloe, and even 17-year-old Kylie are known for their generous backsides – which they're happy to flaunt in tight attire.

But as Kendall, 19, proves not every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan assumes that bigger is better.

The catwalk model is currently in Brazil, where Le Lis Blanc, a clothing company, is launching its new collection.

Earlier today, she posted an image to her Instagram account which shows her donning a teeny-tiny pair of shorts paired with a chic matching jacket.


strawberry swing

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

The black two-piece set was adorned with silver embroidery, beading, and embellished floral detail.

On full view are Kendall's toned legs, as well as a glimpse of her perfect derriere. And evidently her many fans liked what they saw: the image notched up 1.2m likes in just six hours.

Her half-sister Kim also loves to flaunt her curves in a series of intimate selfies – the most famous of which she took in late 2013 shortly after the birth of her daughter, North. 

In it, the reality TV star can be seen donning a white leotard that rides high on her bottom. She also sports sun-kissed blonde tresses and a deep tan, not to mention plenty of side-boob.

Meanwhile, both Khloe and Kylie have more recently become notorious for also showing-off their gorgeous shapes.

Although, because of her young age, teenager Kylie has attracted criticism for her sometimes racy photographs, which often leave little to the imagination.

It was even rumoured earlier this year that the young star had spent thousands on butt implants.

“Kylie’s always wanted a butt to match her sister’s,” a source told the US edition of OK magazine last month. “She’s thrilled with the results and isn’t holding back from showing it off.”


Tia Duffy, Ireland’s leading plus-sized model, has just been taken on by the Plutino Group in Canada, she revealed today exclusively to SHEmazing! She was signed on the spot by managing director Cathy LeDrew, the highly-respected former booker at Ford Models.

Dubliner Tia Duffy has a new agent in Canada 


“I'm the only Irish model on the books and the agency has a few plus size models who regularly feature in magazines throughout the US and Canada,” Tia explains. “It's so fantastic to have representation from such a prestigious agency; I'm still on cloud nine.”

And the 26-year-old Dubliner has already had her first shoot with Plutino. “The styling over here is very different to Ireland,” she adds. “The shots need to be more natural with less make up.

“But the response to plus-size modelling and my look in general has been all positive so far.”

Modelling on location in New York


After successfully building her profile on home-soil, Tia, who is a size-14, says she’s been living out of a suitcase for the last month as she gets set up in Toronto. “It's been a struggle I'm not going lie but when I turn up on set to model I’m always reminded why I packed up and left everything to chase this dream.”

She has recently been working on location in the likes of Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. She is also regularly in New York, and a plus-sized industry documentary starring Tia, Inside Skinny, begins shooting there soon.

Although she’s been involved in the industry for seven years, Tia got her first big break when she entered Simply Be’s plus-size search four years ago, beating thousands of entrants to win the competition. She’s represented by Assets in Ireland, but says in North America she’s still very much “a small fish in a big pond”.

Tia says she's still very much finding her feet


“Most agencies and castings are in the centre of the city in a back alley somewhere that has no name or number," Tia says of finding her feet in unfamiliar areas. "I usually leave two hours before my appointments because I ALWAYS get lost,” she laughs.



The "how thin is too thin?" debate has been raging in the fashion industry for many years, but now it looks like one of the style capitals of the world is finally taking a move in the right direction.

A new law has been proposed in France to ban models from the catwalks if they are deemed to be unhealthily thin. The new legislation, proposed yesterday, would require modelling agencies to get medical certificates for each model proving their BMI is over 18.

Regular weight checks would also be required.

BMI, or Body Mass Index, gives an idea of a person's body fat based on their weight and height. A healthy BMI is deemed to be anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9, with anything under that considered underweight and anything over that considered overweight.

For a standard 5' 8" model, any weight below 119 lbs (8.5 stone) would be considered underweight and would be banned from modelling in France under the proposed rules.

The news comes just weeks after the Danish magazine Cover came under fire for using an extremely thin model in one of their photo shoots – something the magazine's publisher has since apologised for. 

Dr. Olivier Veran, the French lawmaker who wants to introduce the new measures, says that there is a worrying trend of modelling agencies encouraging models to be as thin as possible. "We want to combat the idea that an agency could urge a model to stop eating; for example eating cotton balls to lose their appetite, to always lose more weight," he said.

"We have had chief editors of prestigious magazines tell us that more and more often, they are obliged to use Photoshop, not to make the models look slimmer," he said, "but to erase the tracks of bones under the skin, to make them look bigger."

France is not the first country to consider bringing in such measures – Spain, Italy and Israel already have similar laws in place.



Kendall Jenner is apparently changing the face of fashion as we know it. Well, according to fashion magazine, Dazed, anyway!

The stunning 19-year-old brunette posed for the magazine’s latest cover and decided to open up about the bullying that’s apparently taking place behind the scenes at every fashion show she's involved in.

Fortunately, recent reports that Kendall has gotten on the wrong side of fellow models couldn’t be further from the truth. Commenting on the rumours, Kylie’s big sister said: “I would hear rumours of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened." Phew!

The younger sister of Internet Breaker, Kim, actually went on to stress just how nice everyone has been since she joined the world of runways and catwalks, saying: “Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean… so far.” Ooh, do we detect a little concern in Kendall’s response? We hope not!

If Kendall was experiencing backlash from other models, we’re sure her outspoken and protective family would have something to say on the matter! Kendall reveals that their support is unwavering, saying: “Every show, no matter how many shows I’ve done, I get a text message from every single one of them…I love it!” 




These days, wannabe models don’t have to wait to be spotted by a scout on the street before reaching stardom. They have Instagram instead, where they can amass thousands of followers all by their lonesome – and Galore, a multimedia company are taking note.

They have launched a new division of their company called Kitten, which is “one part mother agency and one part marketing company” according to founders Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat. Modelling agency One Management has also teamed up with Kitten to form One.1K to “merge technology and fashion”. Their aim is to represent some of the big social media fashion stars.

So far, they have Ashley Sky, Melissa Satta and Rocky Barnes. Scott Lipps, the founder of the agency said:

“I've been super active on social media for a few years, and it's become an incredible marketing tool …I noticed girls were getting booked from it.

“Brands want viral campaigns….It's about managing and packaging the models the right way.

“We can capitalize on what's happening in pop culture, and help girls get great deals based on their followings.”

So you know what to do if you want to break in to the fashion world ladies – you could be next! 



Pippa O’Connor has been modelling full-time for ten years, but in a recent interview she has revealed that she doesn’t want to continue full-time for much longer:

“I don’t think personally that I’d want to be doing it in a few years. I kind of feel like I’ve done it now – 10 years is enough.

“I love doing cool shoots for magazines and stuff so I’d always want to do things like that.

“But as far as doing it full time, like I have done for what seems like forever now, I’d be happy to leave it before anyone doesn’t want me anymore.”

Yikes – is this the harsh reality of modelling? Get out before you get thrown out?

It’s well known that the modelling industry is not easy – Lara Stone recently spoke out about being fired from a job when she revealed she was pregnant, and sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen also spoke out about being deemed “too fat” for a major clothing company:

“I showed up on set and they asked me if they could take a photo, and they shoot that photo off to my agency who then calls me as I’m sitting in the make-up chair and they say: ‘You need to leave right now. They just said that you are fat and that you need to have your measurements taken.”

Pippa’s family have been going through some tough times recently, since her husband Brian Ormond was accused of having dodgy dealings and meeting up with former criminal Martin ‘The Viper’ Foley because of an alleged €40,000 debt. Perhaps the stress of this situation has made her want to dedicate more time to family life?

Whatever the reason, we don’t think Pippa has to worry about losing her looks any time soon – she’s fab!




It looks like the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is losing another one of its stars!

According to reports, Kendall Jenner is planning on leaving the show to pursue her modelling career.

The 18-year-old recently featured in Vogue Paris and admits that it was a “dream”. Talking to E! News, the gorgeous model said:  ”I get more and more comfortable with everything. It’s fun thought, it’s the world I wanna be living in, so it’s awesome.”

Katie Grand, Kendall’s stylist for the Vogue shoot believes the youngster has what it takes to become successful.

She said:  ”She has long elegant limbs, she’s one of those giraffe phenomenas who walk in and look like they were drawn that way.

Katie added: ”It would have been easy for Kendall to go with a bigger agency and gone down a celebrity route but she wants to be taken seriously as a model just like the rest of them.”

It seems her future lies not in reality TV but in modelling, although we have to agree – she does seem like a natural!



We reckon this little cutie is going to be beating the teenage girls off with a stick! Or maybe Victoria will do it for him!

15 year-old Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest son of Victoria and David, has proved he has the modelling genes too in a shoot for magazine, Man about Town.

The great shots were photographed by Alasdair McLellan, a family friend of the Beckhams.

It looks like Brooklyn inherited his mom’s brooding looks with his dad’s modelling poise – we think he’s a natural.






Thylane Blondeau is only 13 years-old and her name is already a controversial one thanks to her Vogue spread.

In 2011, Thylane, then only 10 years-old, featured in one of Carine Roitfield’s last issues of Vogue Paris in a Tom Ford edition.

The spread caused massive controversy as it featured the young girl in heavy make-up, designer adult clothes, heels, diamonds and gold.


The photos angered people who believed it sexualised children.

Thylane has now grabbed her second magazine cover (she also starred on Vogue Enfants) featuring on the front of the French fashion book, Jalouse.


The magazine call Thylane the “new Kate Moss” as well as adding the hashtag #bornin2001. Talk about rubbing it in!

Thylane’s new cover features her in significantly more age appropriate clothing and no obvious make-up.

The question remains, how young is too young for modelling? There is no doubt that Thylane has a huge career ahead of her in the fashion world, but why the need to start so early?



Kate Moss’s little sister Lottie got a great Sweet 16 birthday present when she was officially added to Storm Models Management.

Although originally signed to the agency at the tender age of 13, it seems it is only now that Lottie is emerging to forge her aspiring career in modelling.

Both Lottie and her management uploaded the same beautiful black and white portrait to twitter to mark her 16th birthday.

Storm Models are the same company that discovered a 14-year-old old Kate at JFK airport.

Although they’re only half-siblings, the similarities between Lottie and Kate are very clear. The young woman is sure to have a very successful career ahead of her.

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