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There's trouble in Para-Spice, it looks like plans for the girlband's world tour could be derailed because of Geri Horner.

Ginger Spice is reluctant to sign up for international tour dates following the Spice Girls' sell-out 13-date tour around the UK last month.

Mel B announced that the group would take their Spice World tour to Australia in February during their final show at London's Wembley Stadium, but Geri is allegedly uncertain.

The 46-year-old infamously quit the Spice Girls in 1998 after an apparent power struggle between the members and Mel B.

The remaining members released their third and final album without Geri, despite her absence from negotiations.

Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C, whose ages range between 43 and 46-years-old, are rumoured to have made £10 million each from the band's reunion.


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An insider close to the Spice Girls spoke to The Sun, saying: “The other girls all want to take their Spice World show internationally.

“They all had so much fun and know there is massive demand outside of the UK," they added.

“Geri loved the tour but it was very hard going on her and she really feels like three nights at Wembley Stadium is the perfect high to end on."


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The source also mentioned Geri's need to be close to her family;

“She doesn’t really want to be away from her kids for any long stretches and just feels like it might not be worthwhile.”

Mel B previously admitted that she'd let the news slip out prematurely, and that nobody else in the group had confirmed; “So I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100 percent.”

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The Spice Girls reunion tour has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least.

The iconic 1990s girl-group performed at Croke Park last Friday, and Cardiff's Principality Stadium last night, and fans are slamming the sound problems and even demanding refunds.

The band's opening gig in Dublin was plagued with sound issues, with some fans in the crowd even walking out after they were unable to hear any of the songs or the commentary in between.

After Friday's gig, Spice Girl Mel B said she hoped the sound "will be much better" at their Cardiff concert, but seemingly the audio problems remained.

Many fans took to social media to vent their disappointment, describing the sound delays and feedback as atrocious.

"How disappointing to spend money on a ticket to see The Spice Girls and the support act stole the show!," wrote one Twitter user, Kate Carr.

Jess Glynne was brought in as the support act, and apparently the sound during her set had no issue.

"The Spice Girls was so much fun however the sound was atrocious and you could not hear what they actually said! So disappointing when you pay soo much for a once in a life time opportunity," wrote another Twitter user.

Not being able to hear their favourite 90's pop icons after paying huge prices for tickets left many people upset, understandably.

The four band-members (Geri Halliwell, Mel C, Mel B and Emma Bunton) powered on with their set list of greatest hits despite the issues.

With fans paying almost €100 for tickets, it's easy to see why they became frustrated, to say the least.

Others were unhappy when Cardiff's stadium roof was bizarrely left open, allowing the rain to come in.

The girl group will continue to perform 12 more concerts in the UK, but we hope they sort these technical difficulties out. At least some fans had a brilliant time, with some describing the experience as 'phenomenal'.

The Spice Girls are heading to Manchester, Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Bristol and will finish their tour at London's Wembley Stadium. 

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These days, giving girl band members obvious, clichéd and kinda offensive nicknames would not go down too well, but back in the Nineties, it was the height of coolness.

Sporty, Posh, Scary, Baby and Ginger formed one of the most popular girl bands of that era, The Spice Girls, and we've finally learnt how their nicknames came about.

Speaking to The Huffington Post this week, Mel B admitted the girls didn't choose their monikers themselves.

Turns out, it was the result of some seriously lazy journalism from Top of the Pops writer Peter Lorraine, who gave the five girls their titles rather than remember their real names.

Mel admitted that herself, Victoria, Emma, Mel C and Geri were happy to go along with his suggestion.

"We were like, 'Oh, well, that kind of works,'" she explained. "'I don't mind my name. Do you like your name? Baby? Posh?' We were like, 'Let's just go with it.'"

The iconic girl group are coming back together this year for an epic UK and Ireland tour. 

The reunion has been in the works for a while now, since Mel B dropped hints about it last summer.

 Unfortunately, Victoria Beckham won’t be joining the girls on tour.

Posh Spice may not be there to shimmy around arenas to Wannabe, but there’s no doubt the tour will be a massive success.

Tickets went go on sale on Saturday, November 10 at 10:30am, and as predicted,t hey sold out in minutes. 


Glastonbury headliners are always a MAJOR deal, it's Coachella's British, more down-to-earth cousin, and the festival has attracted some of the music industry's biggest names since it began.

2018 saw the Kings of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve headline the world class event, and now Mel B has let slip some possibly high-profile secrets regarding The Spice Girls and the infamous festival.

After selling out all nine of their stadium shows for their 2019 reunion tour, Scary Spice has now divulged that their sights are set on a huge career marker for the four-piece act, which is missing Posh Spice (sob).

Mel B let slip that "talks" are being carried out with bosses Michael and Emily Eavis, but she admits it would be a bit gas to bring their cheesy pop vibes to the edgy music festival stage. 

"Glastonbury? It’s been talked about," she told The Sun on Thursday. "But we’re so pop and it’s so cool — that’ll be funny to me."

"I think Mel C would really appreciate us doing that — she’s the cool one. She’s the cool indie chick." 

Victoria Beckham is bowing out of their reunion, which disappointed fans who wanted the clique back to their best.


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So far, only Stormzy has been announced as Glastonbury's next headliner, who will perform on the Pyramid Stage in June 2019.

Emma Bunton has said that it would be 'nice' (don't gush, Emma, it's only Glasto…) and Mel C has expressed an interest in the headliner slot since May.

During their six-year pop reign, The Spice Girls never performed on a single music festival stage. The band became a hit back in 1994 but split when Geri Horner left the group in 2000.

Glastonbury returns to Worthy Farm in Somerset on June 26 2019 after taking a break.


Renowned Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy has become a father for the tenth time, welcoming a beautiful baby boy with his fiancé Paige Butcher on Friday.

Murphy's publicist released a statement on the couple's behalf, saying that their new bundle of joy Max Charles Murphy weighed 6lb 11oz.

The 57-year-old Beverley Hills Cop actor has nine other children, and Max is his second child with 39-year-old Paige Butcher.


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The couple have been dating since 2012, and their second child, an adorable little girl named Izzy, is now two-years-old.

Max Charles Murphy is 29 years younger than Eric, his eldest half sibling, who Murphy had with former partner Paulette McNeely. 

The actor and comedian has five other children were with his ex-wife Nicole Murphy, who he spent 22 years with, and had Bria, 28, Miles, 25, Shayne, 23, Zola, 18, and Bella, 16.

His son Christian was born while Murphy was with Tamara Hood, and his daughter Angel is from his relationship with Spice Girl Mel B.

The statement also commented that both Paige and Max are healthy and doing well.

How does he keep track of them all, it's legit Cheaper By the Dozen.


Mel B's Halloween costume is sure to upset a few people, but you can be sure that Victoria Beckham won't be happy, to say the least.

Scary Spice lived up to her name and sported a mask of Posh Spice while wielding a sign saying 'No I am not going on tour.' Yikes.

She appears to be not-so-subtly taking a dig at Victoria Beckham's refusal to join the Spice Girls reunion tour and consequentially causing a fallout within the former iconic girlband.


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The America's Got Talent judge attended Heidi Klum's annual NYC Halloween party and appeared to confirm that Posh Spice did in fact cause a feud among the band by rejecting offers for a worldwide tour.

She was accompanied by her close pal Gary Madatyan, who wore a jersey which read “Beckham” and held a sign that read: “Please, please, please do it for the Spice fans."

They're certainly trying to send us a message, that's for sure!

Mel imitated Posh's iconic look of towering heels and a Little Black Dress, and finished off the controversial look with a mask bearing the face of the designer mum-of-four.

She is living up to her new reputation as Shady Spice – and the internet appears to be loving it.

Victoria did not attend Klum's star-studded 19th Annual Halloween Party at LAVO in New York, and therefore wasn't able to defend herself.

Instead, she celebrated Halloween with her kids back in London, dressing up as a creepy bunny which will likely scare most of her neighbours.


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Fans were living in confusion over the future of the girlband in the last few months, after the members were all seen together engaging in meetings regarding a tour.

Mel C previously commented that the band might not rejoin as a five-piece, indicating that Victoria was reluctant to engage with her former bandmates.

Why can't they just reunite and be friends again? Wannabe will never go out of style.


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Despite Victoria's apparent absence from a future comeback, music mogul Simon Fuller is the brains behind a possible tour featuring the four remaining Spice Girls.

Mel C has been the most vocal in regards to the lack of interest from the designer: "Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time."

The four-piece band will reportedly gain around £12 million individually if the tour sells out, even without Victoria Beckham. 

Will there be a rebound swipe at Mel B by Posh Spice, or will she even dignify the costume with a response? 

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Mel B's new temporary restraining order against ex Stephen Belafonte has been granted.

The two, who are parents to Madison Brown Belafonte, finalised their divorce in December 2017. However, they still have upcoming legal proceedings.

Now, with this new restraining order, Stephen has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the mum-of-three until the hearing next month, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

The restraining order does not, however, extend to Stephen's contact with the Spice Girl's daughters.

As well, he is not allowed to record any communication between himself and his ex-wife.

Mel B reportedly sought this order after an incident at their home on May 25 in which the police were called and she says Stephen's 'aggression became so hostile and so severe that the police handcuffed him'.

According to the Metro, Stephen claims that he was only handcuffed because the police were falsely told at the time that Mel B had a restraining order against him.


Melanie Brown, also known as Mel B, went through a difficult divorce last year from her husband of 10 years, Steven Belafonte, which was finalised in December 2017.

The mum-of-three has accused her ex-husband in the past of alleged physical and emotional abuse.

Steven, who is father to her youngest daughter Madison, still denies all claims of violence, Metro reports.

The Spice Girl now wants to 'set the record straight' in a new book, she says, after their 'very public court case'.


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Her new autobiography, which Bookseller says will be called Brutally Honest, is not her first.

Mel B previously published a memoir called Catch a Fire back in 2002. However, she still has some insight to share, and the English singer said that her new book will discuss her relationships with 'domineering, controlling men'.

"I have kept silent for a decade, but after a very public court case, I want to set the record straight," Mel B explained.

As a mum to daughters Phoenix Chi Gulzar (19), Angel Iris Murphy Brown (11), and Madison Brown Belafonte (6), Melanie wants to educate and empower her girls.


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"This book will show that abuse can happen to anyone," she said, "It is important that my three girls, who I raise as a single mother, know how to break the chain of abuse—along with any other woman who reads this book."

According to Bookseller, Brutally Honest will be published in November of this year.

Do you think you'll pick up a copy of her book when it comes out?


Former Spice Girl, Mel B, claims she was drugged by her estranged husband throughout “much to most” of their 10-year relationship.

It comes after a string of serious allegations with Mel, real name Melanie Brown, having already accused Stephen Belafonte of physical and mental abuse.

She has also claimed he had an affair with the couple's nanny and that he arranged a sham marriage to keep her in the country.

The pair are currently in the midst of a bitter divorce battle in a LA court, after the British-born singer filed for divorce on March 20, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

According to The Independent, one of Stephen's lawyers, Philip Cohen, said: “Miss Brown now takes the position she was drugged by Mr Belafonte throughout the course of the marriage.”

However, Stephen claims that Mel suffered from cocaine and alcohol addiction during the marriage and that these accusations are all part of a smear campaign against him.

The pair, who married in June 2007, have one child together – five-year-old Madison Brown Belafonte.

A trial on the domestic violence allegations has been delayed and will now begin on November 6 ahead of the full divorce proceedings.

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Since they announced their intention to divorce this year, the cracks in Mel B and Stephen Belafonte's marriage have been on full display for both the press and public.

Following claims of physical and mental abuse by the former Spice Girl, Stephen has now alleged that his estranged wife suffered from alcohol and drug addiction – claims which were heard by an LA court earlier this week.

At the time of Mel's allegations, representatives from Stephen’s legal team announced they would be responding in due course, having strenuously denied the claims..

"It's a shame that Ms Brown elected not to proceed in a respectful and amicable fashion in this very private matter," a statement read.

"In due course, Mr Belafonte will be filing his response to the outrageous and unfounded allegations made by Ms Brown, which allegations he vehemently denies."

And this week, the 42-year-old Hollywood producer claimed that he feared for the safety of  his family due to Mel's reliance on alcohol and cocaine.

"The biggest reason for my concern with respect to the safety of the children was due to (Brown’s) habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol,”  Stephen wrote.

“(Her) drinking and drug abuse had been a major issue throughout our marriage, and was witnessed by the nanny, the children, and her own therapist.

“Simply put, this was a constant problem and issue in our marriage," he added.

The claims come ahead of a voluntary settlement conference scheduled for September 15.

The couple, who have been married since 2007 share one daughter, Maddison, together.


Mel B’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, has dismissed claims that he physically and emotionally abused the former Spice Girl calling them "outrageous and unfounded".

The Los Angeles Superior Court granted the singer a temporary restraining order earlier this week after she filed documents detailing the extent of the domestic abuse she suffered.

In the papers, Mel claimed that she had suffered ''multiple physical beatings'' and that Stephen had threatened to release intimate videos of her.

According to reports the Spice Girl also claimed that Stephen got their nanny pregnant, forced her to take part in sexual acts with other women, and even stopped her from calling an ambulance when she overdosed on painkillers.

This comes just two weeks after Mel filed for divorce from the film producer after almost 10 years of marriage.

In a statement, representatives from Stephen’s legal team confirmed that he will soon be making an official response to the allegations.

"It's a shame that Ms Brown elected not to proceed in a respectful and amicable fashion in this very private matter."

"In due course, Mr Belafonte will be filing his response to the outrageous and unfounded allegations made by Ms Brown, which allegations he vehemently denies."

The couple, who have been married since 2007 have one daughter, Maddison, together.

Mel have has two other children form previous relationships, 18-year-old Pheonix and 9-year-old Angel. 



Mel B has announced that her father has passed away after a five year battle with cancer.

The singer took to Instagram yesterday to share the sad news, posting a black and white picture of her holding her dad's hand.

She wrote: "It is with great sadness after a 5 yr battle to multiple myeloma cancer our loving father Martin Brown passed away age 63 peacefully yesterday.

"Both of us his children were by his side and would like to say thank you to St Gemma's and all the doctors and nurses for their amazing care and support over the years.

Please respect our privacy and let us as a united family grieve. With love and respect. Melanie and Danielle Brown."

She concluded the post with: "Be Free Dad."