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With Halloween just five short weeks away, it’s time to go on the hunt for the perfect spooky look for the season. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to hear that Disney has brought out an inclusive range of dress-up costumes for wheelchair users.

The new range includes a sparkling Cinderella dress, a dapper Buzz Lightyear costume and a Super Suit from The Incredibles, complete with your very own wheelchair-friendly Incredimobile.

Source: shopdisney.com

All of the costumes are specially designed to be perfectly adaptable for wheelchair users, by using stretchy fabric and hidden flaps. “Cinderella's arrival will grace any royal ball in this elegant adaptive costume, which features an opening at the back and a discreet flap in the front center for easy tube access,” Disney describes on their website.

“With a ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,’ our glittering gown, detailed in silver foil filigree, stardusted skirts, organza trims, and a bejeweled cameo, is an enchanting dress-up dream.”

Source instagram.com/mattb125

The range comes with two options for wheelchair covers, including a princess carriage and an Incredimobile car. These come with supportive plastic piping pieces for added stability, and fit most wheelchairs with 24-inch wheels. Although, Disney warns that the wheelchair must be operated by a helper when the costume is attached and it’s not to be used with battery powered wheelchairs.

The range is available on shopdisney.com starting at $49.99.


Mel B's Halloween costume is sure to upset a few people, but you can be sure that Victoria Beckham won't be happy, to say the least.

Scary Spice lived up to her name and sported a mask of Posh Spice while wielding a sign saying 'No I am not going on tour.' Yikes.

She appears to be not-so-subtly taking a dig at Victoria Beckham's refusal to join the Spice Girls reunion tour and consequentially causing a fallout within the former iconic girlband.


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The America's Got Talent judge attended Heidi Klum's annual NYC Halloween party and appeared to confirm that Posh Spice did in fact cause a feud among the band by rejecting offers for a worldwide tour.

She was accompanied by her close pal Gary Madatyan, who wore a jersey which read “Beckham” and held a sign that read: “Please, please, please do it for the Spice fans."

They're certainly trying to send us a message, that's for sure!

Mel imitated Posh's iconic look of towering heels and a Little Black Dress, and finished off the controversial look with a mask bearing the face of the designer mum-of-four.

She is living up to her new reputation as Shady Spice – and the internet appears to be loving it.

Victoria did not attend Klum's star-studded 19th Annual Halloween Party at LAVO in New York, and therefore wasn't able to defend herself.

Instead, she celebrated Halloween with her kids back in London, dressing up as a creepy bunny which will likely scare most of her neighbours.


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Fans were living in confusion over the future of the girlband in the last few months, after the members were all seen together engaging in meetings regarding a tour.

Mel C previously commented that the band might not rejoin as a five-piece, indicating that Victoria was reluctant to engage with her former bandmates.

Why can't they just reunite and be friends again? Wannabe will never go out of style.


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Despite Victoria's apparent absence from a future comeback, music mogul Simon Fuller is the brains behind a possible tour featuring the four remaining Spice Girls.

Mel C has been the most vocal in regards to the lack of interest from the designer: "Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time."

The four-piece band will reportedly gain around £12 million individually if the tour sells out, even without Victoria Beckham. 

Will there be a rebound swipe at Mel B by Posh Spice, or will she even dignify the costume with a response? 

Feature image: Instagram/@victoriabeckham


By Kate Brayden 

My first catastrophic costume experience was simultaneously the funniest and worst Halloween of my life. It was the night where myself and two best friends attempted to win a competition at an underage disco for a coveted free iPhone, but the outcome was not what we expected, to say the least. Strap yourselves in and get your seatbelts on: we’re taking the embarrassment bus to Morto-town.

Think back to the times before influencers were all the rage, before social media could tell you absolutely everything, and you may understand the clueless-ness of our mistake.

It was during my underage disco days, a simpler and more innocent era (in some ways…not others). At that time, a club called Dandelion was open on St. Stephen’s Green, and held a night for under 18’s called ‘Beatfreaks’. Yes, it was as tacky as the name implies.

Not a hint of alcohol was to be sold to us fresh-faced sixteen year olds, there was only water to dilute the shame of wearing a dodgy costume. Myself and my pals had spent weeks deciding what to wear, the social stigma of possibly wearing the wrong article haunted us naïve schoolgirls, and the options were as limited back then as they are today for women.

Nearly every outfit, though it was for underage girls, was overtly sexualised. God help you if you wanted to wear a humorous costume, and didn’t look attractive to the male species?! It didn’t matter what you were dressed as, in some way it was going to be transformed into an outfit that made you look as attractive as possible to attract a lad on the dance floor.

This was the law in the world of Catholic all-girls schools.

We arrived at my friend’s house armed with every colour facepaint known to womenkind, we had glitter, masks, roughly 10’000 spare outfits in case of any faux pas: nothing could go wrong. We prepared for everything… or so we thought.

 My sister was trying the ‘Chic Ghost’ look, except she is hugely allergic to facepaint so instead had covered her sensitive visage in white Sudocrem and resembled a marshmallow had had been toasted on a fire. I had opted for the animal card: a ‘Chic Zebra’, except I had made a mistake which came back to bite me later: white striped leggings and white underwear.

The second those exposing UV lights came on in the venue, my underwear was lit up like a Christmas tree for the whole world to see, and they weren’t even my nice underwear. They were 1950s grandmother looking for a gardening partner vibe, and I can still feel the mortification.

My friend, God bless her soul, had painted her entire arms with oil colours to try and resemble a parrot. She was unaware at the time that oil paint does not come off without a remover chemical called white spirits (not to be confused with the spooky kind), and the worst part about it was that she in no way looked like a parrot. She simply looked like she’d jumped headfirst into a paintball tournament and lost, badly. Despite our horrendous efforts to look sophisticated, we took the group photos and pretended we weren’t terrified to walk into a huge room of adolescents.

We wanted that iPhone prize, and we wanted it badly. I was sharing a Nokia with my sister, it wasn’t like nowadays where every four year old has touch screen tablets from the age they reach the crib. Apple iPhones were like gold dust: new and expensive, and I wouldn’t have to share with my sister anymore.

Looking back, I’m not sure how we would have split the iPhone between us three ways, but maths was never my strong suit at school.

As we walked down the street towards Stephen’s Green, we noticed that we hadn’t seen a single person dressed up in costume. Paranoia set in, then panic, as we reached the queue for Dandelion and all we saw was a sea of plain clothed teenagers. As we walked in the door, the lights came up on the dance floor and the entire club turned to gawk at the absolute state of us.

A ‘parrot’ with patchy red and green arms, a lit up zebra, and a walking advertisement for a skin allergy. We were covered in paint of all types, but no amount of paint could even begin to mask our humiliation. Not a single other person was dressed in a costume except us… on Halloween. Typical.

The embarrassment was too real. We ran to the bathroom for a reconnaissance mission, attempting in vain to scrape the paint off each others arms and to cover up my illuminated legs. There was nothing to be done about my unfortunate glow in the dark underwear except strategically hide behind the club’s scattered pillars and ignore the snorts of laughter from groups of overly hormonal teenaged boys.

Then it dawned on us that if no one else was dressed up… we were the only participants in the iPhone competition! The prize had to be ours, literally we were the lone contenders. We patted each other on the back for handling the disastrous situation with such dignity (only one of us shed tears… okay fine, all three of us.)

We strutted out of the bathroom to await our glorious prize, ready to gloat that we had not suffered in vain. As the MC called out the smaller prizes over the microphone, we heard a huge cheer and turned around. ‘The winner, of the brand new iPhone and overall costume champion of Dandelion is…. AVATAR!!!’

All the air left our lungs as we turned around to stare at a girl painted entirely in blue step forward to claim her new iPhone.

That’s right, only one other person in the building wore a costume and beat all three of us to claim the prize. It happened seven years ago, but I have to admit, I’m still bitter.

‘Why is this your favourite costume memory?’ I hear you ask. Good question. If you can handle the teenage social anxiety of going to a club and being the dumbest looking people in the vicinity, you can handle most things in life. It taught me many things: if you’re going to dress up, do it well enough to win an iPhone, and don’t wear oil paint on your skin that will take roughly three weeks to come off.

Don’t wear face paint that will give your entire face an inflamed allergic reaction (shout out to my sister’s poor skin, lost but not forgotten), never take photos of yourself as a teenager because trust me, the embarrassment will come back to haunt you.

My friend’s dad conveniently snapped a photo of us three loons going out the door in our ridiculous attires, and seven years later that very photo turned up in her family calendar, which got sent to dozens of people who no doubt got a great laugh out of it.

The second ‘Incident’ was in 2013: The year we painted ourselves green, dyed our hair green and wore BBQ trays on our backs in order to disguise ourselves as… the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We didn’t just disguise ourselves.. we became them. We skipped school to spend all day painting every inch of our skin, and the prize was not only just a gift voucher and mountain of sweets, but the glory of having the greatest Halloween costumes our school had ever seen.

We studied the ninja turtles for weeks, and assigned ourselves the roles of Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. We pulled out all the stops.

There was no way we could lose this time. We had narrowly missed the prize the year before, when we had also painted our entire bodies, and this year it was our time. Victory was ours.

The principal walked down to the assembly at the end of the school day to announce the winners, and we readied ourselves for the cheers and applause which was surely ours.

She picked up the microphone, took a deep breath, paused and said, ‘The winners, of the 2013 costume competition are… THE NINJAS!!!’

We looked around, assuming she must have made a mistake and had simply shortened our name. Low and behold, a group of girls wearing all-black walked up to claim the prize.

They did not resemble ninjas in the slightest, they had not painted their entire bodies, the effort was minimal. Surely there had been some mistake???

We even offered to have a battle in the gym between the ‘ninjas’ and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The principal predictably declined this offer and called us ‘sore losers’. The neck.

Devastatingly, we graduated from school having never won the competition in six years of painting ourselves various colours.

The bitterness has never left us, and probably never will… there’s still hints of green on my skin many years later, but maybe it’s just envy?

Look, the moral of the story is don’t take Halloween too seriously. The costume anxiety isn’t worth it, just wear whatever you want and feel comfortable and confident just being yourself.

Never dress to impress anyone else but yourself. But seriously, don’t wear white underwear to a UV party.



As October 31st looms, ideas for Halloween costumes are gathering momentum.

Yet what we weren't (but probably should've been) prepared for was a sexy version of The Handmaid's Tale. 

Oh, the irony. 

Hours after Yandy put the "Brave Red Maiden Costume" on sale yesterday, the overwhelmingly negative social media backlash poured in. 

For those of you that don't know, the Emmy-awarding winning TV hit adapted from Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel tells the story of a future in which women's rights have been taken away by a patriarchal, right-wing government. 

So yes, a ''sexy'' version of those women are exactly what is needed for a Halloween costume. 

The response online was obviously one of shock and disgust leading Yandy to release a statement defending the decision to advertise the costume. 

They said, ''our initial inspiration to create the piece was through witnessing its use in recent months as a powerful protest image. Given the sincere, heartfelt response, supported by numerous personal stories we’ve received, we are removing the costume from our site.” 

The costume was listed with a message urging the wearer to "be bold and speak your mind." 

Retailed at $64.95, alongside lingerie-style Halloween costumes, some people did defend the costume as an ironic approach to female empowerment.

One said, ''I don’t get the pearl clutching over the sexy handmaid’s tale Halloween costume. I doubt it was the intention but I find it kind of subversive. Anyway let women wear what they want on Halloween and all days!'' 

Others were just not having any of it, with one tweeting,''I guess I don't find oppression and violence "sexy."

Following the controversy, Yandy said, “over the last few hours, it has become obvious that our ‘Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume’ is being seen as a symbol of women’s oppression, rather than an expression of women’s empowerment. 

What do you think about removing it – overreaction or eh, duh?



Ever wondered exactly how the ancient Egyptians applied their liquid eyeliner? 

Or how the ancient Romans like to style their long locks?

If so, look no further than one particular YouTube channel that's making major waves in the niche of historically accurate makeup. 


A post shared by Zabrena  (@zabrenaxo) on

Fashion and beauty video creator Zabrena has carved out a loyal following on YouTube thanks to her epic and accurate makeup looks. 

Taking inspiration from various historical periods, the guru has turned her face into a time machine of past eras. 


A post shared by Zabrena  (@zabrenaxo) on

As well as providing us with insight into how certain time periods actually did their makeup, she also provides us with details like what the makeup was made form back them, what it was applied with, and the social reasons for how and what was applied to the face. 

Mum-of-one Zabrena also dips into more recent eras for her tutorials. 

Her video series has covered 50s, 60s and 80s makeup, as well as more niche topics like 90s supermodel, the Dark Ages, 80s glam rock and Marilyn Monroe. 


A post shared by Zabrena (@zabrenaxo) on

Her videos are seriously interesting to makeup lovers and history buffs alike, and we could spend all night binge watching her Historically Accurate series.

Zabrena also posts modern makeup tutorials to her channel, and shares her looks on Instagram with almost 30,000 followers.

We're officially hooked on the talented MUA's educational videos. Halloween costume inspo, anyone?


There’s one thing that Disney princesses have in common- and no it isn’t the wonderful, catchy songs they get to sing every two minutes (but that too).

It has been revealed that (almost) every Disney princess wears blue, and the reason behind the common wardrobe trend is incredibly inspiring

Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Colour Institute spilled the details on the meaning behind their blue outfit accents.

She told Allure: 'You’re adding a bit of power to the character by giving her the blue.'

Leatrice explained that by wearing the blue the characters are helping inspire young women.

It shows them as a symbol of power and strength, so no wonder e grew up wanting to be kick-ass young women. 

Image result for disney princess jasmine

She revealed, “It’s a subtle way of saying, ‘“Yeah, but young women, young girls, can be empowered, too.”

Blue is also the colour of serenity and trust, which makes perfect sense because we always feel better after watching a Disney classic like Alice in Wonderland or Aladdin.

Not only have characters like Belle, Alice and Snow White taught us many lessons throughout the years, but they have also altered our moods in the simplest way.

Elsa’s blue cape and Cinderella’s blue ballgown have helped boost our moods, because,  apparently, the colour blue has the power to raise people’s spirits.

We associate the colour blue with the sky, Beatrice explained: 'It’s dependable. It’s reliable. It might cloud up, but we know it’s there.'

'It’s something to look forward to, to see that blue sky,' she added.

We knew Disney movies were good for the soul, and this just confirms it.  

If you need us we’ll be curled up under a duvet, watching Beauty and the Beast.


2017, the year of Beyonce's twins, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's breakup, and Kylie Jenner's potential pregnancy. 

While all of these Celebland stories have made major headlines, only one of them has been turned into a Halloween costume. 

It was a mere four days ago that rumours started swirling about Kylie Jenner's alleged pregnancy with rapper bf Travis Scott. 


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The pregnancy has not even been formally confirmed yet by the Kardashian clan. 

However, that hasn't stopped pop-culture influenced costume site Yandy from turning it into a costume, ready to ship for this year's Halloween festivities. 

The costume imagery looks tellingly like the 20-year-old reality TV starlet-turned-makeup maven. 


From the glossy black wig to the selfie pose, this seriously looks like a Kylie Jenner costume. 

The pack comes with a white wrap dress and a fake pregnant belly (we actually kind of think we'd wear the dress by itself on a night out.)

The name of the costume – 'Reality Star in the Making,' also hints at it being a depiction of the young makeup guru. 


Having been one of the most talked about web series of the year, there’s bound to be more than a few Stranger Things costumes this Halloween.

Already actress Amy Schumer has set high expectations for such attire as she and boyfriend Ben Hanisch have teamed up to channel two of the show’s most beloved characters.

Last night, the 35-year-old New Yorker took to Instagram to share a series of images in which she is dressed as Stranger Things’ Dustin while her boo pulls off his best Eleven.

Equipped with backpacks, bikes and epic captions, it’s safe to say Amy and Ben are #HalloweenGoals. 


Stranger things #happyhalloween from Eleven and Dustin!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on



Eleven wait up it's me!

A video posted by @amyschumer on




A photo posted by @amyschumer on




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Being one of the most recognisable brands in the cosmetics world, it’s no surprise that M.A.C. employs some of the industry’s most talented makeup artists.

But while M.A.C. counters are pretty much everyone’s go-to for a solid smoky eye and a decent spot of contour, behind the scenes its MUAs are working on some incredibly creative projects.

With Halloween just around the corner, the “MacSeniorArtist” hashtag is throwing up some pretty impressive costume ideas on Instagram.

From creepy clowns and withered hags to bejewelled sea creatures and movie-worthy aliens, check out some of our favourite M.A.C. looks below.


• HALLOWEEN IS COMING • repost from @stephanie_montes Yesterday I did this makeup on the lovely Stephanie for the @thezoereport Facebook Live page. We had loads of fun and talked to people live whilst doing it! My first time doing that!  This look was inspired by a clown, but not literal, as you can see!  #seniorartistsslayhalloween #seniorartistsslayhalloween #maccosmetics #macseniorartist #reflectsblueglitter #reflectsverypink #relectspink #reflectspearl #whitepigment #shiny #whiteacrylic #studiosculptfoundation #44lashes  #invisiblesetpowder #colour #color #purple #lilac #blacktrackfluidline #retromattelip #pretty #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics#colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics #glitter

A photo posted by Caroline Hernandez (@carolinehernandezmakeup) on


Stunning work by @michelleclarkmakeup  #macseniorartist #macosmetics #artistry #crystal #mystical #beauty

A photo posted by MAC PRO NYC (@macpronyc) on












• HALLOWEEN • last one of these! Close up of mine. I'd love to see this on a dark skin, change it all to real skin tone as a base, but have all the details bronze, chocolate, gold, copper instead of Pearl and white. Rich dark chocolate brown lipstick on the lips, with #ReflectsBronze pressed on top. The last touch – have a friend blow #reflectsgold over the entire face! Someone do it and tag me!! Please!! #seniorartistsslayhalloween #seniorartistsslayhalloween #maccosmetics #macseniorartist #3Dblackglitter #reflectspearl #whitepigment #shiny #whiteacrylic #studiosculptfoundation #7lashes #44lashes #shiveringwhitestudiofix #invisiblesetpowder #colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics#colour #color #spooky #makeup #makeupartist #beauty #beautyblog  #myartistcommunity #macpigment #eyeshadow #makeupaddict @maccosmetics #glitter

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Feat image: Instagram @michelleclarkmakeup



They might be a good idea in theory, but some Halloween costumes are a lot more effort than they are worth.

And while dressing as an animal may seem relatively easy, it’s often an outfit’s finishing touches which take it from funny enough to straight up brilliant.

Because of this, we were delighted to come across a pair of convincing looking horse hooves from an Etsy shop called Chaos Costumes.

Paired with a hairy onesie and a convincing looking horse mask, we think these hooves would help give any equine costume the added edge – plus can you imagine how funny they’d look on the dancefloor?

Thank you Internet!

Video: Chaos Costumes


Jennifer Lopez opened the AMAs last night with a very lengthy and energetic number, but unfortunately for one of her dancers, she exposed way more than she intended. 

The 46-year-old kicked the night off with a dance routine medley of the biggest hits of the year with songs from Rihanna and The Weeknd.

But towards the end of the act, one dancer flashed a LOT of cheek after her catsuit split and revealed her entire bum – and the whole thing was caught on camera. 

Eagle-eyed viewers that witnessed the embarrassing moment took to the Internet and social media was quickly abuzz. 

But one member of the audience that look less than impressed throughout the whole routine was Nicki Minaj.

Nicki threw some serious shade while Jennifer was dancing to her song Anaconda. But apart from that the whole crowd went wild for J-Lo.

Here's a video from the Daily Mail to show you the small incident: 


Heidi Klum is officially the reigning queen of Halloween, no contest. 

Her legendary parties in the hills of Hollywood have welcomed the hottest celebs for the past 16 years – so it's no surprise that Ms Klum goes all out for her festive bash.

And this year was no different. While many others may have thrown on gloves and a red wig and called their Jessica Rabbit costume complete, Heidi's interpretation was perfect, down to the last tiny detail.

Watch as she transforms into Jessica Rabbit with intense prosthetics and a hell of a make-up artist:


A video posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A video posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A video posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A video posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on


A photo posted by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on