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Coca-Cola hosted their inaugural Melodic Wood area at All Together Now festival in Waterford, purely to create an atmospheric chill-out zone.

The area centred solely around sustainability and was an immersive experience thanks to the electronic music supplied by rising Irish music duo; Prizm.

Those at the festival who were drinking cans were encouraged to bring them along to be pressed into leaves for the installation, with Coca-Cola commissioning native trees in Waterford alongside Native Woodland Trust.

Coca-Cola has donated €10,300 towards the commissioning of 412 native trees to be planted in Waterford, following the success of the Melodic Wood area and it's hypnotic lights show.

The Native Woodland Trust are Ireland’s only organisation with a sole focus on preserving our ancient woodlands, and it's hard to believe that they're the only ones.

We chatted to Prizm as well as the Native Woodland trust about their time in the Melodic Wood, and the importance of Ireland's forests at this critical time in the planet's environmental history.

Image: Instagram/@we_areprizm

 Prizm are an up and coming electronic duo comprised of Ivan Nicholas and producer Aidan Bond, alumni of the Sound Training College in Temple Bar.

Their intricate knowledge of sound, coupled with their varied instrumental experience leads to standout performances. Their first headline show is set for later this year, and they're scheduled to play a string of festival performances and gigs this year. 

We were dying to ask them about their Melodic Wood gig, which acted as a useful yet artistic recycling hub for festival goers.

The Wood's eight trees were all created from recycled materials, with the area forming part of the Native Woodland Trust's wider World Without Waste initiative. World Without Waste commits to collect and recycle the equivalent of every can or bottle that they sell by 2030.

We quizzed them on everything from their first meeting to their involvement in the environmental project;

  • How do you think your music fuses with nature? 

For the song we wrote for Coca-Cola’s Melodic Wood at All Together Now 2019, part of the request was to incorporate nature sounds, we used wind and rustling trees in the intro of the track, and it worked really nicely. 

  • How did you both meet, and when did you decide to become a duo? 

We were working in the same place and got talking about music and quickly realized we both wrote and produced music. We strangely had the same vision for a project, so it kicked off from there.

Image: Instagram/@we_areprizm
  • What are your thoughts on Ireland’s attitude to sustainability?

It’s going in the right direction, small things like cardboard straws are a good start but it’s obviously a global problem, you have to start somewhere at the same time. 

  • Why are you named ‘Prizm’?”

In optics, a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light. At least two of the flat surfaces must have an angle between them. “ We are part of the two… it made sense for us musically and we just both totally agreed on the name.

  • How did you become involved with the Melodic Wood and All Together Now?

We put our song forward and Coca-Cola loved it. 

  • How do you think Ireland’s music scene can become more eco-friendly and sustainable?

Taking home your tents and cleaning up after yourself is simple and makes a huge difference.

  • Do you think music has the power to encourage people to focus on climate breakdown and the environment? 

No, people have the power.

  • What are your hopes for the future of your music? 

We want to release our debut song and work towards an album. Our live show is very important to us, we want to be a touring band. 

  • What would be your dream gig to play? 

Closing out a big festival. Our shows will have all the right ingredients to bring you back to life.

Image: Instagram/@we_areprizm

Prizm seem like the ideal artists to have played the Melodic Wood, as All Together Now have been an eco-focused festival from the beginning.

The band too share an interest in reducing their carbon footprint, and we were intrigued to hear what the Native Woodland Trust had to say about the installation.

The Native Woodland Trust is the only environmental organisation in Ireland with a focus on saving the last of Ireland's Ancient Woodlands, now down to as little as 0.1 percent of what originally existed.

The Trust is also the only Irish environmental organisation which has raised the funding to acquire and save some of these woodlands while also planting thousands of trees every year. The Trust now manages 11 woodlands and nature reserves across Ireland, from Donegal to Waterford. 


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  • How did the Melodic Wood installation come about?

We were delighted to be contacted by Coca-Cola to provide new trees to complement their recycling concept. The Native Woodland Trust is the only non-profit in Ireland with a network of nature reserves where we plant new woodlands, so we were able to commit to planting new trees for Coca-Cola as part of the Melodic Wood initiative which comes under their World Without Waste global strategy.

  • Can you tell us a bit about Ireland’s Ancient Woods?

Ireland’s Ancient Woodlands are those that have been in continuous existence since at least 1650 – this means that they predate most imports of trees and are directly descended from the primeval forests that once covered almost all of Ireland. They are the most biodiverse habitats we have and are often home to rare and unusual species. 

  • What do you think Ireland’s woodland will look like in 30 years?

A few things will change – but gradually. We will continue to lose our old and ancient woodlands – they are not all protected and the protection is poorly policed. We will also lose some more species – some perhaps due to climate change – and gain some too – especially insects and birds. But our Ash trees, which is one of the most common trees in the country and famously used to make hurleys, will become as rare as Elm trees are today.

  • What would happen if Ireland lost its woodland and nature reserves?

We would lose a huge part of our cultural and environmental heritage. Trees and woods were a significant part of Gaelic culture – with even our native Ogham alphabet having its letters twinned with the different trees of the forest.  We would also lose our connection to the original primeval forests of Ireland – which once were thronged with bears and wolves and were the source of many myths and legends. And of course, we would lose biodiversity in a very significant way.


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  • What worries you the most about climate breakdown?

On a small island like Ireland, many species will not have the ability to simply move north – so we may lose some species. Higher temperatures and changing weather patterns may also add stress to various habitats, like woodlands and make them more prone to damage and disease. Climate change may very well alter the composition of our woodlands and change the face of our countryside.

  • How sustainable do you think Ireland’s festivals are?

They’re clearly improving hugely and its clearly part of the ethos of just about every festival now. Most festivals also now invite environmental groups to have a stand or kiosk, which is a great way to get our messages across to people and to allow them to actually engage with us in ways that we can’t do on social media or email.


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  • What does the Native Woodland Trust hope to achieve in the future, what are its aims?

We are also trying to prevent the loss of any more Ancient Woodland. We only have approximately 0.1 percent of those woodlands left – so 99.9 percent have been cut down, and yet now in the 21st century, we’re still losing some of what’s left. We would ultimately like to be able to plant a huge new forest – thousands of acres, which could make a really meaningful difference to people of wildlife.

  • How can we help the Native Woodland Trust?

There are lots of ways to help – join as a member, sponsor some trees – as presents, to offset your carbon or just because you want to. Come and volunteer with us – especially if you live near one of our reserves, there’s always lots of work to get involved with. If you run a company or work for one who will listen – get them to take out a corporate sponsorship with us.

  • Are businesses and specific corporations causing the most issues regarding the conservation of our landscapes?

Obviously agriculture and industry has a huge impact – but we as individuals are consuming these outputs and as a species, humanity needs to change its very wasteful behaviour. If we become less wasteful, we can change the behaviour of those businesses that produce them and who use up our natural resources. 

Wherever humans go, we tend to wipe out wildlife. We need to give some space back to nature and to leave it to its own devices, without human interference. 

  • What is it about Ireland’s landscapes that makes you so inspired and passionate?

For such a small island, we have such diverse landscapes, many of them as dramatic and picturesque as anywhere in the world. Within these, there are so many wild habitats that are home to our many native plants and animals. There’s something still innately wild about Ireland and its landscapes and its always a pleasure to be outdoors in nature in Ireland.

You can watch the Melodic Wood’s All Together Now journey here –and join the conversation using #WorldWithoutWaste. To volunteer with the Native Woodland Trust, click here.


By now we all know that music festivals are far from the most hygienic places on earth, but when certain urges come a calling, it seems there are an awful lot of people choosing to ignore that fact.

Maybe it's the alcohol, or perhaps it's all that sunlight, but a new survey has revealed that 9.4 per cent who have had sex at a festival have done so in a portaloo. 

Yes, really. 

For some unknown reason, a hell of a lot of people have decided that a plastic container filled with human waste is the ideal place to get down and (very, very) dirty. 

Conducted by online ticket marketplace TickPick, the research showed that one-third of the 1,000 people surveyed admitted to having sex at a music festival.

Apart from portaloos, most people chose more private locations with tents (58 per cent ), cars (48.4 per cent) and camper vans (20.3 per cent) proving to be the most popular.

When it comes to oral sex, 46.4 percent of attendees said they’ve done it with someone they just met. 

So, in short, wherever  and however you decide to get your festival freak on, just be sure to practice safe sex and bring plenty of wet wipes.


Just Eat, Ireland’s leading food ordering and delivery app, has been announced as the official food ordering partner of sold out music festival, All Together Now. Serving up a whole new dining experience at this year’s event, guests will be invited to Just Eat Together Now and enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner on the front lawn of the magnificent Curraghmore House.

Tasteful table toppings and chic floral arrangements will set the tone, as music fans take a seat and enjoy the freedom of choice and the luxury of fine festival dining. Supporting this year’s mouth-watering line-up of acts, a team of dedicated Just Eat Waiters will be delivering a range of flavours from popular restaurant partners Avo Nice Day, Eddie Rockets, Bear Grillz, Harty Kitchen, Dorain Delep Pizza, C’est Cheese and Shaka Poké, allowing festival-goers to relax and enjoy the weekend of entertainment.

Commenting on the announcement, Annelie McCaffrey, Head of Marketing at Just Eat Ireland said; “Just Eat is thrilled to be joining the All Together Now roster with the ambition always to make food discovery convenient and exciting for everyone. Our Just Eat Waiters will be on-hand right across the weekend, delivering everyone’s favourite flavours, with guests invited to Just Eat Together Now and enjoy a truly unique festival dining experience.”

While tickets for this 3-day extravaganza are now sold out, Just Eat is giving one lucky fan (and 4 of their mates) the chance to WIN 5 weekend camping passes. Set across 16 stages, featuring natural amphitheatres, secret woodland stages, the Belonging Bandstand and more, guests will be treated to an August Bank Holiday feast for all the senses.



Ireland isn't exactly the hotspot for musical talent to visit during the summer, but recently we've been acquiring some absolutely MAJOR acts from around the world.

Some of us may remember the days of Oxygen (Rest in Pieces), but Electric Picnic has taken over as the biggest and most popular festival in the Irish calendar.

Longitude appears to have become the most 'hip-hop' festival in town overnight, who saw that one coming? All the young ones adore it, hence why artists such as Chance the Rapper, Future and AS$P Rocky are headlining it this year.

Oh, and the queen that is CARDI B (gasp)… this will be us when she emerges on stage like the glorious, ghetto peacock that she is:

ultra music festival dancing GIF

Luckily for you, we've decided to do a round-up of EVERYTHING there is to know of 2019's Irish music festivals.

Strap yourselves in, get your raincoat and wellies ready, it's looking like a muddy ride. 

God knows why we all live for summer's music gigs, most of us have had our stuff stolen, our tents destroyed and our dignity abandoned, yet we still come crawling back for more. Must be our dedication to the art, or something?

First up: Castlepalooza: May 3 – May 5 2019

Things have been pretty hush hush this year in Castlepalooza-land. So far, no headline acts have been announced and even the early bird tickets aren't on sale yet.

As far as speculation goes, they normally stick to Irish acts such as AllTvvins and The Rubberbandits, so maybe they'll get Dermot Kennedy or Picture This?

We're assuming it's still taking place in Charleville Castle, Tullamore, but they've changed the dates so who knows. All will be revealed.

Life Festival: May 24 – May 26 2019

For #Life19, some major dance players have been given the green light to DJ, including Giggs, Bicep, MK, Nina Kraviz and CamelPhat. Think District 8 but in the woodlands.

The festival is returning to Belvedere House in County Westmeath for a weekend of phenomenal tunes. There are three days, six stages and a jam-packed line-up.

Chill by the lakeside stage for a more relaxed vibe, or hit the District 8 tent and Main Stage for absolute dance mania.

Vantastival: 31 May – June 2 2019

Known as the last real festival for camper vans and 'legit' music lover families, Vantastival is relatively unknown in some circles but a must-see in others.

Taking place in Drogheda, Co. Louth, the festival boasts comedy shows, craft beer, art installations and a kids' camp for families.

The festival gets some unbelievable talent up to play, and the headline acts this year have already been announced.

King Kong Company, David Keenan, Cry Monster Cry, Just Mustard and I'd Fight Gandhi are all hitting the stages this year, it's gonna be a BIG one for their 10th anniversary.

Forbidden Fruit: June 1 – June 3 2019

Forbidden Fruit has been a steadily growing Irish festival for years, with some well-known as well as emerging talent performing DJ sets in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Kilmainham.

Headliners this year are Mura Masa (INCREDIBLE), Skepta, Elbow, First Aid Kit and Danny Brown. They're spreading out the genres this year, bringing in some new and more alternative names.

Tickets went on-sale back in December, but there are still a few left. We recommend grabbing them before they're gone.

Body&Soul: June 21 – June 23 2019

The arts festival takes place in Ballinlough, Co. Westmeath, and it's celebrating it's 10th run this year.

Previous headliners include Nick Cave, but they have yet to tease 2019's fixtures. 

It's a cesspit for creative minds, branding itself as the biggest 'independent' festival in Ireland. They're announcing the line-up very soon, so stay tuned. We're guessing perhaps Christine and the Queens?

Sea Sessions: June 21- June 23 2019

Sea Sessions is well on the rise. The festival is specifically for surfers, and takes place in Bundoran, Co. Donegal for those sea lovers every year.

They've got a STELLAR line-up for 2019: Sigrid (I cried when I saw her, not gonna lie), Clean Bandit and Two Door Cinema Club are the star acts who will blaze up that stage.

This one looks set to be an incredible year, especially if the weather holds up. Tickets are on sale now, but it sells out every year so get on it ASAP.

Longitude – July 5 – July 7 2019

They've just announced some massive names to the chart: Cardi B and Anne-Marie are two unreal additions.

The festival is running from Friday July 5 until Sunday July 7 in Marlay Park, and always gets some pure stunning weather (for once).

The line-ups have DRASTICALLY changed even since 2017, when Mumford & Sons took centre stage. It's all about those rap stars nowadays, who would have thought Irish people would crave the genre so much? Maybe it's just the young wans.

Tickets are back on sale this Friday, February 1 at 9am. Get ready for online mayhem, as Cardi B is sure to attract thousands of eager fans. 


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All Together Now: August 2 – August 4 2019

The festival takes place in Curraghmore House in County Waterford during the August Bank Holiday, so it's always a sure-fire hit.

American indie band The National are the headliners for this year's take; previous performers include Fleet Foxes, Mura Masa, Villagers and First Aid Kit.

Most of the tickets have already sold-out for this year's festival, but there's always DoneDeal? Camper van tickets are also still available, but not much else except the higher priced ones.

Electric Picnic: August 30 – September 1 2019

So E.P. is ALREADY sold-out, as predicted. 

The speculation has begun, seeing as nobody is aware of the line-up as of yet, and we're gonna go ahead and pray that our home-girl ARIANA GRANDE hits the Main Stage. Get your rosary beads out.

Last year saw N.E.R.D, Kendrick Lamar and The Prodigy hit the stage as headliners, and Sigrid and Dua Lipa absolutely smashed it during their performances. We'd love to see those gals return with new albums under their belts.

There you are, gals. The ULTIMATE Irish music festival round-up for 2019…so far. We're tingling with excitement already at the thought of sneaking in all those naggins/cans/wine bottles/shoulders/litres/whatever the kids drink nowadays.

Now all we need is the funds to afford any/all of these amazing gigs. Maybe we could sneak in?

camping ozzy osbourne GIF by History UK


Glastonbury headliners are always a MAJOR deal, it's Coachella's British, more down-to-earth cousin, and the festival has attracted some of the music industry's biggest names since it began.

2018 saw the Kings of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve headline the world class event, and now Mel B has let slip some possibly high-profile secrets regarding The Spice Girls and the infamous festival.

After selling out all nine of their stadium shows for their 2019 reunion tour, Scary Spice has now divulged that their sights are set on a huge career marker for the four-piece act, which is missing Posh Spice (sob).

Mel B let slip that "talks" are being carried out with bosses Michael and Emily Eavis, but she admits it would be a bit gas to bring their cheesy pop vibes to the edgy music festival stage. 

"Glastonbury? It’s been talked about," she told The Sun on Thursday. "But we’re so pop and it’s so cool — that’ll be funny to me."

"I think Mel C would really appreciate us doing that — she’s the cool one. She’s the cool indie chick." 

Victoria Beckham is bowing out of their reunion, which disappointed fans who wanted the clique back to their best.


A post shared by Emily Eavis (@emily_eavis) on

So far, only Stormzy has been announced as Glastonbury's next headliner, who will perform on the Pyramid Stage in June 2019.

Emma Bunton has said that it would be 'nice' (don't gush, Emma, it's only Glasto…) and Mel C has expressed an interest in the headliner slot since May.

During their six-year pop reign, The Spice Girls never performed on a single music festival stage. The band became a hit back in 1994 but split when Geri Horner left the group in 2000.

Glastonbury returns to Worthy Farm in Somerset on June 26 2019 after taking a break.


The marks and scars from EP are only starting to fade as we withdraw from a weekend of a lifetime.

As we scrub the remainder of the glitter off our bodies, and reminisce about living in a tent – we received the BEST news. 

It's time to clean up your bank account, open the laptop and book NEXT year's tickets.


A post shared by Electric Picnic (@epfestival) on

It's all systems go: time to act fast as they go on sale TODAY and punters have started to snap them up at 9 am this morning.

The epic festival will be making its 2019 comeback to Stradbally.

You need to head to Ticketmaster to secure your purchase and don't delay.

These bad boys sell like hot cakes and usually disappear in record timing. 


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If you're a seasoned EP goer, and been to the event three times or more, a ticket will set you back €165.

If you've explored the campsite and music twice, you'll be coughing up €185.

And if you're a total EP virgin, it's time to pop the cherry and find €205 to spurge on a ticket. 

For all the info your need on 2019 ticket prices, instalment plans and claiming your discount code, take a visit to the Electric Picnic website here.


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This might be the best Friday, and an opportunity to make more memories like last weekend.

Sure if you're broke after buying the tickets, get your friends to pool in for a bag of cans, head to a field, and it will feel as if you're already back in the campsite.



Greenpeace has reported that an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Shockingly, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been produced in the last 60 years, only 9 percent of which was recycled.  

Single-use plastic, in particular, is having a profound negative effect on the planet, but thankfully, people are starting to realise this and do something about it.   

First came the plastic straws and the push to reduce our need for them, then disposable coffee cups, many of which are now fully compostable, and now it's the turn of those plastic cups we drink pints out of at festivals.  

And O'Hara's Brewery are leading the way in putting an end to single-use plastic cups at festivals once and for all. 

The official partner of this year's Another Love Story, Ireland’s Best Small Festival, O'Hara's Brewery will help offset the festival's environmental footprint by supplying happy revellers with reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly steel pint cups.

"As an Irish craft brewery, creativity is at the core of what we do. Craft beer is all about exploring new tastes and pushing boundaries, and when the opportunity arose to come on board as an official partner of Another Love Story, we jumped at the chance," Seamus O’Hara, Founder and CEO of O'Hara's Brewery said. 

"I think it's a perfect fit for us and has one of the best line-ups of independent Irish music around. The sustainable ethos of Another Love Story is also an element of the festival that I am very attracted to. In our brewery in Carlow we constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and are an active Origin Green member. We have supported a number of festivals over the years but the issue of plastic pint cups has been a bugbear of mine for some time and that's why we are delighted to introduce the O'Hara's Steel Pint Cup.

"The cups will provide festival goers with an alternative to single use plastic cups so they can truly enjoy that festival feeling guilt free! I hope it is something that Another Love Story attendees will embrace and that it is a small but significant step towards a truly plastic-free Irish music festival!"

The O'Hara's Steel Pint Cup costs €10 and includes a free first pint at the bar. Festival goers can use it for the duration of the weekend and beyond as the stainless steel cups have been designed for a long life. 



With the evenings getting longer and the weather becoming a mixture of #CostaDelIreland and #RIPIrishSummer it can only mean one thing…festival season is upon us. From flower crowns, to jorts (that’s jean shorts for anyone who wasn’t sure) and festival weather, we discuss it all on Twitter every year.

The most Tweeted about festivals in 2017 were:

1. #EP 
2. #Longitude 
3. #INDIE17
4. #FF17 
5. #BodySoul17

Funny moments, emosh moments and everything in between have been Tweeted in past years. Twitter has put together some of the funniest Tweets from festivals past to get you excited for a summer of fun. Whether you want to share your two cents about the line-up, or be entertained through your FOMO … Here’s to more hilarious Tweets to come this festival season!

Checking out the line-up be like…

If you need tips on packing efficiently take lessons…

But make sure to bring every type of footwear you may you need…

And for the love of god don’t forget the essentials…

The concern is real when you realise your tent isn’t all that waterproof..or may even be nicked!

Try find it in your heart to help a hun in need.

Keep an eye out for some celebs…

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the food so choose wisely.

But best of all – share the love…


Body&Soul returns to the stunning grounds of Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath this June and Veuve Clicquot brings the Champagne Bar with a stunning line-up of sparkling speakers, musical talents and tantalizing tastes.


The stunning Veuve Clicquot Garden will be host to champagne pairings and chilled out beats while the Sparkling Conversations Salon provides thought provoking talks and tasty treats.


This year, Veuve Clicquot celebrates the 200th Anniversary of Rosé Champagne which was blended for the first time by Madame Clicquot, also known as the ‘Grand Dame of Champagne’.  In an era when women were excluded from the business world, Madame Clicquot dared to assume the head of the House of Clicquot after her husband’s untimely death, a role she undertook with passion and determination. She became a most inspired Cellar Master, had a daring vision and broke with accepted norms to create the process of making the world’s first ever blended Rosé Champagne.

 The Sparkling Conversations Salon curated by passionate food writer and self-acclaimed professional eater Dee Laffan is a popular platform to raise topical discussions and turns the spotlight on incredible producers, creators and innovators who will share their knowledge while enjoying some laughs along the way.


Innovative approaches in the food industry are highlighted with topics such as ‘When Life gives you Vinegar, Make Vinaigrette!’ with founder of My Goodness Virginia O’ Gara who will introduce us to a permaculture approach to creating recipes. Brianna Turner from the award winning Pot Duggans will be getting creative and sharing her secrets in her ‘How to make Ramen’workshop and one of Ireland’s leading Pilates instructor Audrey O'Connor will be combining two of her favourite things in ‘Pilates and Healthy Eating’.


Also on the Sparkling Conversations stage, we will hear from one of Ireland’s great philosophers and chefs Kevin Thornton who will demonstrate dishes to make from bog butter in ‘Lost Ingredients & Ancient Preserving Techniques’Kevin O’ Toole from Chameleon Restaurant, an institute of Temple Bar and Shamzuri Hanifa of the acclaimed The Cottage Restaurant will be dissecting the interesting topic of ‘Insect Protein – The Next Sustainable, Ecological, Viable Food Source’ advocating for people to embrace this sustainable food source through a talk, demo and of course tasters!

 To celebrate Madame Clicquot as the female trailblazer of her time a series of panels have been added to the Sparkling Conversations Salon with an all-female line up. Hosting the panels is 2FM broadcaster, author and podcast presenter Louise McSharry will be speaking to women who are doing something different, making a change or being innovative in their own field of expertise. 


The Music Makers Panel will feature DJ Kelly-Anne Byrne and DJ Sally Cinnamon chatting about the exciting landscape of the music industry. A Creatives Panel brings exciting stories and experiences from Filmmaker Dearbhla Glynn, Photographer Ruth Medjber and Head of Design at Body&Soul Mary Pike. The Innovators in Media Panel includes top female authors, Aoife McElwain, Eithne Shortall and Caroline Foran all after releasing their own books on different topics, all blazing their way through the Irish media landscape, all amazing!


The soundscape for the weekend comes in the form of a prominent line-up of female DJs including festival regular DJ Kelly-Anne Byrne, DJ Sally Cinnamon, DJ Tara Stewart, and a brand new collaboration by DJ Claire Beck and DJ Ciara Brady who as CB Disco, play disco they love in all its forms, while adding a touch of their individual tastes to the mix.


So, Castlepalooza is mere hours away, and you know what that means – it's time to clean off those wellies and prepare for one of the most exciting weekends on the Irish festival calendar.

And while every festival provides it's own unique charm and character, it seems like no matter which one you attend, you always seem to run into the same types of people.

Keep a look out for these 10 festival-goers over the weekend.

1. That random guy who sat behind you in Fifth Year maths

Remember Shane? That quiet guy you had honestly forgotten existed?

Well, he's here. Only now he's rocking a baja hoodie and a fairly questionable look in his eye. 


A post shared by Nicky (@baby_nick95) on

2. A celebrity in their natural habitat

Hozier, that you? Looking splendid in that pac-a-mac as always. 

Photo – Aoife Walsh twitter 

3. The one who can't find their friends

It's five o'clock in the morning and you're finally about to doze off, when you hear the dreaded sound of your tent door opening.

"Hey, do I live here?"

"NO! – Get out and never come back."

4. The out-of-place couple

Amongst the chaos of the main stage you'll always find one couple standing in a loving embrace as Paolo Nutini plays 'their song'. 

Not the time or the place guys. 

5. The embarrassing dad 

Reliving the days of his youth, but now with added cringey dance moves. 

6. The annoyingly tall person 


You know who you are. 

7. The one who takes 'festival fashion' to new extremes 

Glitter in places it definitely shouldn't be. 


A post shared by Jazzy Glitter (@jazzy_glitter) on

8. The awkward work acquaintance 

Oh God, is that Kevin from accounts? 

Don't make eye contact. 

9. The girl who's only dying to get on someone's shoulders 

OK. We get it, you're small and you want to see the stage. 

But please spare a thought for all the poor souls that have suffered a wellie in the face. 

10. The one who only came for the music

They'll miss out on all the campsite fun, but they'll claim it's worth it just to see that 'mind blowing' headline set.  

So, if you are heading to Castlepalooza this weekend, why not see how many of these you can spot? 

For more information and stage times click here. 




It’s that time of year again.

The evenings are getting longer, there’s magic in the air and festival season is just around the corner.

So, it’s time to start thinking about getting that all important camping gear sorted.

Aldi have got you sorted with a whole range of Insta worthy camping equipment hitting stores next month.

From pop-up tents to air loungers, the supermarket’s latest Specialbuys range features all your camping essentials at incredible prices.

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect in store but don’t forget you can also heat your tent too.

Festival Pop-up Tent €24.99

Tipi Tent €69.99

Air Lounger €24.99

Festival Throw €7.99

Inflatable Chair €19.99

Ladies’ Festival Wellingtons €16.99

All products will be on sale in all 129 Aldi stores nationwide from Sunday, 4th June while stocks last.



We’ve all been there; you’re having the absolute time of your life at a festival when you suddenly realise you’re doing the Robot alone.

Having become separated from your mates, you instinctively reach for your phone only to see it’s on 2% and will keel over and die if you even try to unlock it.

Thankfully, the good folk at Three know this struggle all too well and are all about keeping music-fans at Longitude connected this weekend.

For just €10, festival-goers will be able to purchase a portable power bank which can be exchanged for fully charged banks throughout the festival, and if this doesn’t suit, you can opt to leave the phone in to charge for free.

With this year’s Longitude app brimming with maps, handy alerts  and info on your favourite acts, we’re definitely making the most of this one!

Charge 'er up, lads.