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Mel B's Halloween costume is sure to upset a few people, but you can be sure that Victoria Beckham won't be happy, to say the least.

Scary Spice lived up to her name and sported a mask of Posh Spice while wielding a sign saying 'No I am not going on tour.' Yikes.

She appears to be not-so-subtly taking a dig at Victoria Beckham's refusal to join the Spice Girls reunion tour and consequentially causing a fallout within the former iconic girlband.


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The America's Got Talent judge attended Heidi Klum's annual NYC Halloween party and appeared to confirm that Posh Spice did in fact cause a feud among the band by rejecting offers for a worldwide tour.

She was accompanied by her close pal Gary Madatyan, who wore a jersey which read “Beckham” and held a sign that read: “Please, please, please do it for the Spice fans."

They're certainly trying to send us a message, that's for sure!

Mel imitated Posh's iconic look of towering heels and a Little Black Dress, and finished off the controversial look with a mask bearing the face of the designer mum-of-four.

She is living up to her new reputation as Shady Spice – and the internet appears to be loving it.

Victoria did not attend Klum's star-studded 19th Annual Halloween Party at LAVO in New York, and therefore wasn't able to defend herself.

Instead, she celebrated Halloween with her kids back in London, dressing up as a creepy bunny which will likely scare most of her neighbours.


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Fans were living in confusion over the future of the girlband in the last few months, after the members were all seen together engaging in meetings regarding a tour.

Mel C previously commented that the band might not rejoin as a five-piece, indicating that Victoria was reluctant to engage with her former bandmates.

Why can't they just reunite and be friends again? Wannabe will never go out of style.


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Despite Victoria's apparent absence from a future comeback, music mogul Simon Fuller is the brains behind a possible tour featuring the four remaining Spice Girls.

Mel C has been the most vocal in regards to the lack of interest from the designer: "Victoria has been quite vocal, it’s really not something she wants to do at this time."

The four-piece band will reportedly gain around £12 million individually if the tour sells out, even without Victoria Beckham. 

Will there be a rebound swipe at Mel B by Posh Spice, or will she even dignify the costume with a response? 

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P!nk has made no secret over the fact that she and fellow artist, Christina Aguilera, shared somewhat of a strained relationship in the past.

And while P!nk has spoken openly about the issue, she has insisted that neither she nor Christina hold any ill will towards each other these days.

Given her candour on the subject, it's perhaps no surprise the Stupid Girls singer has this week taken umbrage with the current speculation surrounding the pair.

Footage of P!nk's reaction to Christina's American Music Awards performance this week has been widely circulated, with the press and public quick to suggest that the pair's feud is far from dead and buried.

Honing in on P!nk's facial expression at the esteemed award show, social media users suggested that she was unimpressed with Christina's rendition of I Will Always Love You – something P!nk was quick to shut down on Twitter.

"Waking up to see a newly created riff between myself and another incredible woman, Christina, who took on an incredible feat, who I support fully, makes me so sad," she wrote in a post which has been liked thousands of times in mere hours.

Taking aim at those who contributed to the negative dialogue, P!nk added: "You all perpetuate keeping women apart b/c you're afraid of the power we have when we get together."

Agreeing with P!nk, one Twitter user replied: "We need positivity, equality & inspiration. Not negative bullshit to tear each other apart constantly. No wonder this world is in disarray."


It’s no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners have had mixed feelings about Blac Chyna since she entered the famous fam as Rob’s girlfriend earlier this year.

But at long last the one person who’s remained adamantly against their relationship seems to have given in, as last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians revealed that Khloé Kardashian is finally back on speaking terms with her brother.

With a little help of family momager Kris Jenner, KoKo and Rob ended their month-long silence – a situation which had stemmed from the only male Kardashian’s failure to inform his family of his daddy-to-be status before it went public.

Acting as a go-between for her adult children, Kris said to Rob: “You are her best friend and she has not talked to you in a really long time…She loves you so much and she misses her brother.”

Rob initially remained sceptical about whether or not he was actually Khloé’s BFF, before suggesting that his 32-year-old sister is the source of her own drama, not him.

According to the Mail Online, Kris then tried to convince Rob that he doesn’t have to sacrifice his relationship with his family for his engagement with Blac Chyna but again the celebrity sock entrepreneur was not totally convinced.



Family is everything!! I love my brothers!

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He said: “No, I know, but you all are not that welcoming of this relationship so you can't expect me to be all like ‘Let's hang out and everything is cool and fine’ it's not that easy.”

Eventually Rob caved and called an enthusiastic Khloé.  He told her how their late father “would not be happy” with the fact that they had spent so long on bad terms.

Later Khloé and Rob were filmed discussing their issues, with Khloé insisting her brother does not have to eliminate himself from her life because of his relationship with Chyna.

Afterwards the radio talk show host told cameras: “It feels so good to have my brother back in my life. I just feel so much more safe and at peace that he is here and someone I can talk to and call and lean on and be that goofy brother.”

While rumours continue to circulate that all is not well between Rob and his significant other, it’s good to hear his familial relationships are finally on the road to recovery.


In a newly released clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim explains to Kourtney why she spilled the beans on TayTay in last month’s interview with GQ magazine.

In the explosive article, Kim slammed the pop star for denying having prior knowledge that Kanye West would mention her in his song Famous before its February release.

And in the new E! clip, Kim defends her decision to expose Taylor.  She says: “I never talk sh*it about anyone publicly, especially in interviews.  But I was just like I have so had it.”

"I just felt like I wanted to defend him in it because it's like, [Taylor] legitimately quote says, ‘As soon as I get on that Grammy red carpet I'm gonna tell all the press. Like I was in on it.'"

Kourtney then suggests that Taylor was unhappy with the reaction the song’s references to her received – which included Kanye claiming he made Taylor famous and suggesting that he “might still have sex” with the star.

Kim continues the controversial conversation with her sister by saying Taylor’s response was “just another way to play the victim” as doing so “definitely got her a lot of attention the first time” – a direct reference to the near historic moment Kanye interrupted Taylor’s VMA acceptance speech in support on Beyoncé's Single Ladies video.

In a cut away, Kim then tells the camera: "I feel like I've had it with people blatantly treating my husband a certain way, making him look a certain way.”



"Kanye is always so honest and speaks his mind.  And you know, when we were first dating, people would always talk sh*t and he always had my back.”

“At this point, I really don't give a f*ck so I'll do whatever to protect my husband."

The extract finishes with Kourtney praising Kim for speaking out, to which Kim responds: “Yeah, I’m just speaking the truth.”

While we’d love to hear what Taylor has to say about Kim’s claims, we’re thinking it could be a while before she speaks up as she has yet to respond to her ex Calvin Harris’ latest Twitter revelations and Katy Perry’s reaction to the Calvin V Hiddleswift situation.


Earlier this month Gary Beadle launched a stream of abuse at three of his Geordie Shore housemates in his Daily Star column.

And now one of his victims, Marnie Simpson, has decided to get her own back.

Writing in her column for Star magazine, Marnie said: "Gaz Beadle is the loneliest person I've ever met. He only has one friend and that's his manager."

She then revealed that Gary may not have as many friends left in the house as people may think: "Everyone has fallen out with him because he's not a nice person."

“I know it's getting to him, but he won't change.”

Potentially referencing Gary's latest drug scandal, the 24-year-old star finished with: “I’ve just heard that he said I’m boring unless I have a drink in my hand. Well, at least I only need a drink to be fun…”  

The timing of the piece is more than a little odd since both Gaz and Marnie are away filming for the 13th series of Geordie Shore right now and just yesterday Gary tweeted a picture of himself and Marnie with their cast-mates captioned "Beach day".

We doubt there'll be too many happy trips to the beach once Gaz reads what she's been saying…