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There's trouble in Para-Spice, it looks like plans for the girlband's world tour could be derailed because of Geri Horner.

Ginger Spice is reluctant to sign up for international tour dates following the Spice Girls' sell-out 13-date tour around the UK last month.

Mel B announced that the group would take their Spice World tour to Australia in February during their final show at London's Wembley Stadium, but Geri is allegedly uncertain.

The 46-year-old infamously quit the Spice Girls in 1998 after an apparent power struggle between the members and Mel B.

The remaining members released their third and final album without Geri, despite her absence from negotiations.

Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C, whose ages range between 43 and 46-years-old, are rumoured to have made £10 million each from the band's reunion.


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An insider close to the Spice Girls spoke to The Sun, saying: “The other girls all want to take their Spice World show internationally.

“They all had so much fun and know there is massive demand outside of the UK," they added.

“Geri loved the tour but it was very hard going on her and she really feels like three nights at Wembley Stadium is the perfect high to end on."


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The source also mentioned Geri's need to be close to her family;

“She doesn’t really want to be away from her kids for any long stretches and just feels like it might not be worthwhile.”

Mel B previously admitted that she'd let the news slip out prematurely, and that nobody else in the group had confirmed; “So I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100 percent.”

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The Spice Girls reunion tour has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least.

The iconic 1990s girl-group performed at Croke Park last Friday, and Cardiff's Principality Stadium last night, and fans are slamming the sound problems and even demanding refunds.

The band's opening gig in Dublin was plagued with sound issues, with some fans in the crowd even walking out after they were unable to hear any of the songs or the commentary in between.

After Friday's gig, Spice Girl Mel B said she hoped the sound "will be much better" at their Cardiff concert, but seemingly the audio problems remained.

Many fans took to social media to vent their disappointment, describing the sound delays and feedback as atrocious.

"How disappointing to spend money on a ticket to see The Spice Girls and the support act stole the show!," wrote one Twitter user, Kate Carr.

Jess Glynne was brought in as the support act, and apparently the sound during her set had no issue.

"The Spice Girls was so much fun however the sound was atrocious and you could not hear what they actually said! So disappointing when you pay soo much for a once in a life time opportunity," wrote another Twitter user.

Not being able to hear their favourite 90's pop icons after paying huge prices for tickets left many people upset, understandably.

The four band-members (Geri Halliwell, Mel C, Mel B and Emma Bunton) powered on with their set list of greatest hits despite the issues.

With fans paying almost €100 for tickets, it's easy to see why they became frustrated, to say the least.

Others were unhappy when Cardiff's stadium roof was bizarrely left open, allowing the rain to come in.

The girl group will continue to perform 12 more concerts in the UK, but we hope they sort these technical difficulties out. At least some fans had a brilliant time, with some describing the experience as 'phenomenal'.

The Spice Girls are heading to Manchester, Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh and Bristol and will finish their tour at London's Wembley Stadium. 

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Glastonbury headliners are always a MAJOR deal, it's Coachella's British, more down-to-earth cousin, and the festival has attracted some of the music industry's biggest names since it began.

2018 saw the Kings of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve headline the world class event, and now Mel B has let slip some possibly high-profile secrets regarding The Spice Girls and the infamous festival.

After selling out all nine of their stadium shows for their 2019 reunion tour, Scary Spice has now divulged that their sights are set on a huge career marker for the four-piece act, which is missing Posh Spice (sob).

Mel B let slip that "talks" are being carried out with bosses Michael and Emily Eavis, but she admits it would be a bit gas to bring their cheesy pop vibes to the edgy music festival stage. 

"Glastonbury? It’s been talked about," she told The Sun on Thursday. "But we’re so pop and it’s so cool — that’ll be funny to me."

"I think Mel C would really appreciate us doing that — she’s the cool one. She’s the cool indie chick." 

Victoria Beckham is bowing out of their reunion, which disappointed fans who wanted the clique back to their best.


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So far, only Stormzy has been announced as Glastonbury's next headliner, who will perform on the Pyramid Stage in June 2019.

Emma Bunton has said that it would be 'nice' (don't gush, Emma, it's only Glasto…) and Mel C has expressed an interest in the headliner slot since May.

During their six-year pop reign, The Spice Girls never performed on a single music festival stage. The band became a hit back in 1994 but split when Geri Horner left the group in 2000.

Glastonbury returns to Worthy Farm in Somerset on June 26 2019 after taking a break.



Two of the iconic Spice Girls reunited on the red carpet last night – Victoria and Mel C.

Victoria Beckham shared a snapshot with her old friend, raving about her musical performance last night.

Both dawned gorgeous black dresses. Victoria wore an elegant long gown that hugged her small frame in a flattering way.

And Mel C chose a more performance-worthy number with puffy shoulders and shimmering sparkles.


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“So proud of Melanie,” the mum wrote. “Fantastic performance tonight!”

She also added the hashtags #friendshipneverends and #girlpower.

The two were attending Eva Longoria’s Global Gift Gala and clearly wanted to show that they are still close despite recent rumours.

Their sensational 90s pop band is reportedly reuniting for a 2019 tour, but Victoria doesn’t wish to be the fifth wheel this time.


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The model is the only former member to not be joining the reunion, choosing to focus on her fashion business instead.

However, it appears that the singers are not holding it against her.

It was important to Victoria that she showed the two remained on good terms.


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She showed ample support for her long-time friend, also sharing videos of her performance on her Instagram story.

Calling her performance “amazing”, Victoria sang along to the band’s hit single 2 Become 1.

We are sad that Posh Spice won’t be joining the reunion tour but are glad that her decision hasn’t affected her relationship with the rest of the girls.


Melanie Chisholm revealed she's lucky to be alive after restricting her diet during the early years of her career in the music industry.

The Spice Girl made the admission when she appeared on the TV series In Conversation With, telling comedian John Bishop how she suffered from depression and disordered eating while in the girl band.

Known for her athletic figure and sporty style, Mel kept her struggles out of the spot light.  

"I started to restrict my food to a point where I was just like – God only knows how I survived – but I think for maybe a couple of years, maybe it couldn't have been that long – but I was just eating fruit and vegetables," she said.

"That was it. And with that workload."

The 43-year-old previously spoke about her obsession with being the “perfect” pop-star, telling The Telegraph she thought she needed to look a certain way in order to be worthy of her success.

"I thought I had to be a certain way to be deserving of everything that was happening to me… to be a pop-star I had to be perfect, and that was my way of trying to achieve perfection.”

“I was exercising obsessively and all of my time with the Spice Girls I think I was probably living on adrenaline.

John Bishop: In Conversation with Melanie C airs on Thursday October 12 on W.



If Spice Girls were your jam back in the day, then you'll want to watch The Ray D'Arcy Show this weekend.

Former Spice Girl Mel C will be on Ray's couch and she has a lot to talk about.

Mel will be giving the talk show host the latest on the Spice Girls reunion, and will also discuss the changes of the music industry, from when she started out to what it's like today.

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She will also chat about the lasting legacy of girl power, and the pressures of being in the public eye.

Also joining Ray will be Dancing With The Stars winner Aidan O'Mahony.

The All-Ireland footballer will spill the beans on being the underdog on the show, to becoming the winner.

Image result for aidan o'mahony dancing with the stars

Aidan now has to go back to his day job of being a member of An Garda Siochána. He has also welcomed a baby girl called Lucia, and we're sure fans would love to hear all about her.

Following on from Aidan will be presenter of the upcoming series Big Week on the Farm, Aine Lawlor and author, actor and raconteur Michael Harding.

You can catch this great line up on Saturday on RTÉ One at 10.25pm.



Us ladies who grew up in a bedroom adorned with Spice Girl posters waited with bated breath for news that a real-life reunion was soon to take place, but we were left super disappointed when not one but two of the members decided it just wasn't for them.

And while we can see the logic behind Victoria's decision – enormous fashion label to handle etc – many fans were stunned that Sporty Spice didn't want in on the action.

Clearing up any confusion that may have arisen from her decision, Mel C explained in a column for Love magazine that it just didn't feel right.

"Truth be told, earlier this year, after several face-to-face meetings with the girls, I made the difficult decision not to be part of a proposed reunion with Emma, Geri and Melanie," she explained.

"Victoria had already bowed out, understandably with the demands of her fashion label and her rather large family," Mel continued.

While she says she knew she would be letting the band's die-hard fans down, she had to go with her natural instinct, continuing: "Unfortunately something didn't feel quite right and I had to follow my gut."

Referring to the band's reunion at the London Olympics in 2012, Mel admitted that she felt that that occasion would have been an appropriate farewell.

"For me the absolute pinnacle of my Spice existence was being watched by a billion people around the globe belting out Spice Up Your Life on top of a black cab at the 2012 London Olympic," she admitted.

Mel acknowledged that she's letting a 'lucrative opportunity' slip through her fingers by declining the invite to reunite with the others, but insisted that their time in the spotlight may be over.

"Didn't we reach a peak with the Olympics? There's a lot to be said for bowing out on a high note." she argued.

Ah well, fair enough.



In unexpected news, Mel C has threatened to SUE the Spice Girls if they go ahead with a reunion.

The former singer wants to take legal action against Mel B, Geri Horner and Emma Bunton if they reunite for the 21st anniversary of the Spice Girls. Ouch.

A source close to Mel told The Sun: "Mel has told the other girls she is consulting lawyers about whether the reunion can go ahead without her.

“She believes she brought music credibility to the group and there is no Spice Girls without her. The other girls are in regular text and phone contact with her.

“There was talk of using the nickname GEM but they’ve decided against that because the strength is through the Spice brand.”

However, the insider added that Victoria is taking the complete opposite approach and told the girls to do their thing.

“Victoria has told the girls to go for it. She’s been really lovely and supportive, which has been a relief to them.”

Uh-oh… We can't see this getting any better anytime soon.


Stop right now! Thank you very much…

Mel C squashed reunion rumours last week, saying she won't perform if Posh Spice,Victoria Beckham, isn't there. So, it seemed all our hopes and dreams were crushed.

BUT NOW Mel B has spoken out about a reunion tour next year and it seems pretty solid to us. 

The former Scary Spice was interviewed by Alan Carr and said, "To be serious, it is our twentieth anniversary this year and it would be rude not to celebrate."

Yes, Spice Girls, it would be very rude not to celebrate…

She added, "So hopefully something will be happening pretty soon…I can't tell you what it is yet."

With all the hype this has been getting in the past few months, it's hard to see nothing happening in the future.

We just hope it's the five girls back together again so we can all relive our late 90s dreams.


They were one of the biggest girlbands of our time, and their reunion tour in 2007 was a great success – but that was when the band was a five-piece.

So now, Mel C has her doubts about the Spice Girls becoming a four-piece and is refusing to go on tour with them, The Sun reports. 

According to the newspaper, Sporty Spice wants Victoria Beckham to rejoin her, Mel, Emma and Geri in order for the reunion tour to go down without a hitch, instead of a complete failure. 

A source told the newspaper: "To fulfill this Mel believes the band has to be the original five-piece and Victoria needs to be involved."

But of course, with Vicky running her own fashion empire at the moment, the mum-of-four is too busy to take part. #BrokenDreams.

We have a feeling Mel is going to fight this, so hopefully Posh Spice will come around, join the tour and make our dreams come true. 



Victoria Beckham officially won throwback Thursday when she posted an old Spice Girls photo album on her Instagram account last night. And the world obviously went totally crazy afterwards.

Then began the rumours: the girls were reuniting to mark the 20th anniversary of their global hit debut single, Wannabe

Unsurprisingly given her mega-profile and her successful career as a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham was said not be joining the girl gang on stage for their tour – but the others were seemingly very much on board.

Still, late this afternoon Emma Bunton delivered the devastating news that "nothing's happening at the moment". Nooooo!

The Sun had reported today that the reunion tour was definitely in the offing.

"If anything happens and it's concrete, and we decide on something, I will let you know," Baby Spice said on Heart FM this morning.

Mel C later tweeted: "Woke up this morning wondering whether I need to start practising my backflips???!!!" A jibe to which Ms Bunton then replied: "Do I need to put my pigtails in?!?!?"

Victoria Beckham has previously said the London Olympics back in 2012 was definitely her final appearance with the others in any sort of musical capacity.

Although in the past year, the band haven't been shy about meeting up in public and they're quite open about how they are all still really close friends and all stay in touch regularly. 

And we're quietly hopeful that the worldwide reaction today may have given the girls some serious food for thought. Indeed, The Sun reporter who broke the story, Dan Wooton, was eager to stress that no actual denial had been issued. 

He's sticking to his guns, in fact, suggesting via Twitter that an official announcement will still come later this year – a message which Emma then shared with her 1.2million followers. 

Sounds promising, we say!!




Former Spice Girls members Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C, were spotted all hanging out together recently at the Isle of Wight festival and we are so happy about it! 

It's years since they had a hit but they are still massive icons of ours and seeing these pictures of them together bring us right back to the early days.. 

In case your wondering who Geri Horner is, Geri Halliwell got married and took husband Christian Horner's second name. 

Geri and Christian tied the knot at St Mary's Church in Bedfordshire in front of their family and friends on Friday 15 May. At one point the 42-year-old singer cuddled up to her new husband, proving that the honeymoon phase has not yet passed

Fans commented with replies including "pictures like this make me so happy", "Spice babes", and "great to see you all happy together.miss your music"

Blast from the past: Geri also bumped into the spice bus!

The three singers seemed over the moon to run into each other at the festival and spent the day joined by Ronan Keating and his fiance Storm too. 

But it turns out this might not be the only reunion for the girls, it is reported that chief of Isle of Wight festival John Giddings is trying to get the girls back together next year to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of the releases of Wannabe. (Fingers crossed!)