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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally aired last night, after weeks of controversy.

Performing at the NYC show were musicians Halsey, Bebe Rexha, The Chainsmokers, Kelsea Ballerini, Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes and The Struts.

Since the show aired, singer Halsey has come forward to air her grievances about the shows commitment to a singular body type over on Instagram. 


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'I have adored the Victorias Secret fashion show since I was young,' she wrote, in a pink and white text post. 

'Performing this year alongside other amazing artists and hardworking models/friends was supposed to be the best night of my year.'

'However, after I filmed the performance, some comments were made regarding the show that I simply cannot ignore.'


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'As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusivety. Especially not one motivated by stereotype.'

Halsey's comments were motivated by a statement made by vice president of public relations, Ed Razek following the show's filming. 

'Shouldn't you have transsexuals in the show? No. No, I don't think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It's a 42-minute entertainment special. That's what it is. It is the only one of its kind in the world, and any other fashion brand in the world would take it in a minute, including the competitors that are carping at us,' he said, in a comment that caused offence to many in the transgender community. 


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'If you are a trans person reading this, and these comments made you feel alienated or invalidated please know that you have allies.'

'We stand in solidarity, and complete and total acceptance is the only "fantasy" that I support…'

The singer has been widely applauded for her words, however, other fans questioned why she accepted the performance gig if this is how she felt about the brand, as they have not previously shown a commitment to including a diverse range of body types. 


Halsey and G-Eazy have reportedly called time again on their turbulent relationship on Tuesday night. This couple are serving us constant drama, we’re fully ‘nable.

This is the second time they’ve parted ways, following a brief reunion in August which clearly didn’t heal any of their original issues.

Despite a seemingly loved-up Italian holiday for the 24-year-old singer’s birthday (which at the time she called her ‘best birthday ever’) the couple’s relationship has crumbled in the mean time.


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The twosome no longer follow each other on social media, but G-Eazy noticeably didn’t delete his birthday message to his former love:

“Happy birthday to this one. I love you so so so much and I always will,” G-Eazy penned.

“I myself, along with millions and millions of other people appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. You’re the brightest star in the sky. So grateful to get to travel thru life with you, so happy to call you my queen. Happy birthday baby.”

In the first in a series of mysterious tweets, Halsey wrote that "happiness is not a replacement for misery. it’s an addition. pain will always be there. but that’s okay."

She continued her personal contemplation by saying that happiness and pain exist together, and happiness arrives "to assist u in carrying the weight of the pain."

She added, "now remember that u dummy," which seems to imply that she's going through a pretty painful period right now.

In her last tweet, she quotes lyrics from her new song ‘Without Me’, which seem pretty appropriate at the moment considering her romantic situation…

Most fans are presuming the break-up is because of G-Eazy’s partying ways, after last weekend he seemed more than comfortable surrounded by women at a pre-Halloween bash.

“It’s over again for now,” revealed an insider. “He was partying over the weekend and girls were all over him. He didn’t care who saw.”

She was spotted this morning on her coffee run, looking like Pink’s protégé of not giving a f*ck.


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No boyfriend + no shirt = no problem.

Meanwhile, G-Eazy sidled up to Drake's 90's themed Halloween party looking very much like a lone wolf.

We hope Halsey can hop back on the love train soon, you go gal.


In 2016, American singer Halsey was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disorder in which the tissue that usually covers the inside of the uterus grows outside of it.

The condition is very painful, and can sometimes lead to infertility. With this in mind, the 23-year-old has chosen to freeze her eggs.

"Doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because I'm fortunate enough to have that as an option, but I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility, about protecting myself," the New Jersey native shared on an episode of The Doctors yesterday.

"Reproductive illness is so frustrating because it can really make you feel like less of a woman," Halsey said.


Perth, you are a bunch of babes. @donslens

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"There's a lot of times when you're sitting at home and you just feel so terrible about yourself. You're sick, you don't feel sexy, you don't feel proud, you don't feel like there's much hope. And so taking these measures, so that hopefully I can have a bright future and achieve the things that I want to achieve by doing the ovarian reserve is really important."

Discovering she had endometriosis in the first place was 'bittersweet' for the 'Bad at Love' singer.

"It was the relief of knowing that I wasn't making it all up and I wasn't being sensitive and it wasn't all in my head," she explained, "It also kind of sucked to know that I was going to be living with this forever."

The chart-topping artist said that her demanding touring schedule intensified her symptoms and made 'the experience a little bit worse'.

A few months after her diagnosis, the songwriter discovered she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage onstage. She discussed on The Doctors how the harrowing experience made her get 'aggressive' regarding her treatment.

"Before I could even really figure out what that meant to me and what that meant for my future, for my career, for my life for my relationship… The next thing I know I was onstage miscarrying in the middle of my concert," she recalled.

"The sensation of looking a couple hundred teenagers in the face while you're bleeding through your clothes and still having to do the show. Realising in that moment I never want to make that choice ever again of doing what I love or not being able to because of this disease. So I put my foot down and I got really aggressive about seeking treatment."

Halsey has now undergone surgery and received an IUD, which she said have made things better. 

Her story gives hope and comfort others living with endometriosis.


From the outside, it would seem as though Halsey is taking over the world, one hit record at a time. 

However, in her latest interview with Rolling Stone, the pop-star showed her fans a different and more vulnerable side.

The 21-year-old revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while on tour last year.

She explained how she was in a hotel room in Chicago before her album Badlands was released, and she was questioning everything: "What happens? Do I lose my record deal? Do I lose everything? Or do I keep the pregnancy? What are the fans going to think?" 

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Halsey revealed that she woke up in her Chicago hotel room, screaming and bleeding from the waist down just hours before she was supposed to go on stage.

That is when her panic set in, and she recalled wanting to cancel the show, but did not want to let down her loyal fans. 

"I'm like, 'I have to cancel this show' No one knew what to do."

The Colours singer ended up putting on an adult nappy, taking two painkillers and going out on stage.

How truly horrific for her. 

She went on to describe how she felt about the performance, stating "That was the moment of my life where I thought to myself, 'I don't feel like a f–king human being anymore.'"

Hasley did not reveal the father of her unborn baby, but we are just glad she is OK!