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Well, speculation has been rife for months that Ed Sheeran had already tied the knot in secret to Cherry Seaborn and now the singer has finally confirmed the rumours.

The British artist dropped his No. 6 Collaborations Project album today, and confirmed in a video interview with Charlamagne The God that he wed his long-time lady Cherry last year.

Charlamagne Tha God boldly asks about the lyrics on the same Remember the Name featuring 50 Cent and Eminem, specifically;

“Watch how the lyrics in the songs might get twisted. My wife wears red, but looks better without the lipstick.” My WIFE. He's only gone and done it.

The 28-year-old revealed that the pair hadn't actually tied the knot when he wrote those lyrics;

“It was actually before me and Cherry got married and I knew that we’d be married by the point that the song came out. I thought; "Someone’s gonna hear that and be like, ‘Oh, they’re married!’" I didn’t know how that would be construed, but obviously it’s already come out.”

The Sun reported in February that Cherry and Ed had wed in December at their Suffolk home in front of 40 family members and friends.


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“Ed got married a few days before Christmas. It was very quiet — just Ed’s oldest school pals, limited family and the priest,” the publication reported.

“He wanted no fuss and he wanted it to be something entirely for them — just a tiny winter wedding…Neither of them were that fussed about making a big deal about it.”

The Sun also claimed that the pair wanted a bigger ceremony this summer for their wider circle. The pair met at school when Ed was 11, but they only got romantic when they reconnected in 2015.


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You can thank Taylor Swift for their marriage, as they shared their first date at her Fourth of July bash in the summer of 2015.

Sheeran revealed that he'd proposed over the 2017 season in January of last year. The hockey player was the inspiration behind the ballad Perfect.

“Got myself a fiancé just before new year,” the Grammy winner wrote on Instagram. “We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx.” BLESS THEM.

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Ed Sheeran has just announced that his iconic tune, Shape of You, has just become the most listened to Spotify song EVER.

The song just surpassed an unbelievable TWO BILLION streams on the music platform, meaning that you'd literally have to start listening to it in 12,758BC to play it two billion times consecutively.

That. Is. Insane.


Thank you world. First song to 2 billion streams on @spotify xx

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Sheeran himself commented on the feat through his Instagram account, writing;

“Thank you world. First song to two billion streams on Spotify”.

This essentially confirms the fact that it's the most popular song in the world, which is no easy achievement.

That's not all the records that Sheeran has broken, he has yet ANOTHER song in the top ten Spotify songs; Thinking Out Loud.

The 2014 ballad which is now played at every wedding ever sits at number five with 1.2 million streams… not bad, not bad.

Canadian rapper Drake’s single God’s Plan was the most listened-to song of 2018, with an impressive 1.1 billion streams.

Ariana Grande took the title of most listened to female artist of 2018 on Spotify, with her Sweetener album deservedly breaking numerous records. Slay queen.

Congrats Ed, you're always on our A-Team.



Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint probably get mistaken for one another all the time, especially after the insane Lego House doppelganger video.

Ed has been having a very exciting year thanks to the success of his new tune Shape Of You, and now Rupert is trying his hand at the lyrics. 


Sticking to his acting roots, rather than singing the tune, Rupert is acting them out through a dramatic reading.

The results are as funny as you would think, especially when it comes to reading the multiple  "Oh, I" refrains in the chorus. 

How Rupert held it together so well, we'll never know. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



So, Ed Sheeran is having a major moment, between the rest of his highly anticipated album ÷ (Divide) coming out today and beginning preparations for his world tour. 

The singer also has two amazing singles at the top of the charts, Castle on the Hill and Shape of You, and the latter just got a pretty creative makeover.

Walk off the Earth is a multi-faceted group who cover popular tracks using unconventional musical means.

The crew just covered Shape of You, foregoing guitars and instead opting for pipes, spoons, shells, a kazoo and some seriously strong vocals to recreate the track in a unique way. 

There is even a bowl of popcorn and some seriously impressive gymnastics involved. Oh, and an adorable toddler. 

The band also remixed the song with TLC's noughties classic No Scrubs and Blackstreet's No Diggity, so if you thought Shape of You was good on its own, wait until you hear it combined with the R'n'B tracks.

We're adding it to our predrinks playlist right this second. 



Ed Sheeran's Brit Awards performance was absolutely deadly, and when Stormzy arrived on stage to assist Ed with his symphonic sounds, we nearly lost it. 

He performed his two new singles Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You, with Stormzy collaborating on the latter to create an amazing new song. 

The new song is absolutely unbelievable, and is being hailed as a "work of art" by fans, who are keeping their fingers crossed that grime artist Stormzy might make a guest appearance at some of Ed's shows on his world tour.

Not content with re-creating one amazing tune, Ed Sheeran followed in his own footsteps by dropping not one, but two new versions of Shape Of You this morning.

The second remix is by Major Lazer, who headlined at Longitude last year, and the electronic music collective have made their version of the song almost unrecognisable.

Ed Sheeran has clearly brought his A-game after his 365 day sabbatical. 




It's been a year, but now the king of love songs is BACK!

Ed Sheeran has been teasing us on social media over the last few days with pictures and lyrics, but last night he released his first track from his new album, Castle on the Hill.

The pop anthem is an ode to his childhood and his friends, and we absolutely love it.

But that wasn't it. Nope, minutes later Ed dropped another new song called Shape of You which goes down the R&B route.

If these new songs are anything to go by, we can't wait to hear the rest of his new album.