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We've been eagerly anticipating Ed Sheeran's entry to the dramatic feud of Taylor Swift versus Scooter Braun.

For anyone unaware of the insane situation, Taylor Swift released a scathing indictment of the music manager after he acquired her life's work (six multi-platinum albums) in a $300 million deal.

She was left feeling "sad" and "grossed out" after a man who has allegedly been "manipulating and bullying" her for years gained control over her years of hard work.


Taylor's fans were quick to point out that numerous powerful men in the music industry were keeping a firm silence on the whole drama, while women took sides with Scooter or Taylor.

Sia, Demi Lovato and Yael showed support for Scooter, while Halsey, Cara Delevigne and Miley Cyrus showed their team flags were for Taylor.

One friend of Taylor whose silence has spoken volumes was Ed Sheeran. Shawn Mendes also was an opener for the singer, so his silence is noticeable. 

Her fans are furious at men in Taylor's life who haven't publicly supported her, given how large and influential their platforms are.

However, Ed Sheeran has now responded to the spamming of his Instagram by confirming that he has been talking directly to the You Need To Calm Down singer behind the scenes.

"I've been speaking directly to her, like I always do," Ed replied to a fan, @martinamalcotti_ on Instagram.

Image: Instagram/@teddysphotos

Time will tell whether or not he will publicly express his views on the matter, but history shows he tries to stay out of any Hollywood music industry drama.

The pair collaborated on numerous projects together, such as the adorable Everything Has Changed video featuring mini Taylor and Ed.

Both artists have been friends for years, so we're assuming he's supporting her in private. We certainly hope he is, anyway.

Feature image: Getty Images/Instagram/@lightmeup.swift13


Sia has made a major statement about the paparazzi invading the privacy of celebs.

After discovering that the paparazzi were attempting to sell naked images of the star, Sia pulled a major plot twist and published the image herself.

Taking to Twitter, the song-writer posted a screenshot of her nude image to her 3.38 million followers.

‘Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans.’

‘Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!’ the 41-year-old captioned the post.

It is clear in the image that Sia is unaware of the photographer, as her back is turned to the camera.

A post shared by SIA (@siamusic) on

Along with a preview of the image, the seller wrote this message:

‘If you make the purchase it will be unblurred and you receive and additional 14 images.’

The star also posted the pic to Instagram.

Have you wondered how you can read text messages from another phone?


Sia has called an end to her marriage with film maker Erik Anders Lang.

The pair are separating after two years of marriage. 

In a statement to People, the couple said: “After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple.”

“We are, however, dedicated to remaining friends. There will be no further comment.”

The couple were married in a private ceremony at the star's home in August 2014. 

Sia, who is notoriously shy of fame and hides her face from the public, has written songs for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna and Katy Perry, and is now best known for her own hits.

Sia has been nominated for seven Grammy awards in total, including Best Pop Vocals and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at this year's ceremony. 


With access to the best costume departments and makeup artists in the world, if there’s one thing celebrities do well, it’s Halloween.

As Amy Schumer impresses Instagram with her personal take on Stranger Things, Kelly Clarkson has taken to Facebook to channel her inner Sia.

Adopting an oversized white wig for the entire seven minute clip, the first American Idol winner used the social media site to livestream herself singing Chandelier to over 300,000 people this Friday.

The Stronger singer dedicated the unique performance to the 40-year-old Australian, who has previously been involved in writing Kelly’s songs Invincible and Let Your Tears Fall.

While Kelly's costume was pretty basic, the wig certainly offered the star and her fans a glimpse at life as Sia.

Check it out below:


Well, we did NOT see this coming.

On Monday, Dance Moms star Abbey Lee Miller pleaded guilty to one count of financial fraud.

The reality TV star could face over two years in prison – a considerable change of scenery to her dance school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The famous dance coach was arrested in October after failing to report thousands of Australian dollars which she had brought into the United States.

Abbey had been facing bankruptcy, and it is believed that she was hiding $775,000 of foreign currency from the Dance Moms finances. 

dance moms

"Throughout this case, Ms. Miller has taken both the allegations and the proceedings very seriously," her attorney Robert Ridge told PEOPLE in a statement.

"This has been a challenging time for Ms. Miller. She appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world" he continues.


Abbey who first rose to fame on the reality show Dance Moms – where her dance school is featured throughout – became known for her eccentric and outlandish ways, and was famously sued for assault in 2014 by a parent of one of her students. 

Maddie Zieglar, the star of a number of SIA music videos, is one of Dance Moms most successful dancers.

Thanks to Abbey, Maddie is considered to be 'one of the most famous dancers in the entertainment world currently. She inspires other dancers to pursue their dreams with originality and grace.'


Abbey Lee, 50, is set to appear in court for sentencing on October 11, where prosecutors say she could face up to 30 months behind bars.

Will Abbey Lee end up going to prison? This could make for a mind-blowing new reality show! 

Centre Images: mirror.co.uk, inquisitr.com, ibtimes.com, sheknows.com



As you all know, a playlist for working out should be filled with as many hype-up tunes as possible. 

But for some (many), they just play their normal tunes on repeat.

Ed Sheeran belting out a love song is beautiful, yes, but it won't get you gym ready.

So, here's a list of the best tunes to workout to – you'll thank us later!

1. Sia, Chandelier

2. Bad Meets Evil, Fast Lane

3. Pitbull, Fun (feat. Chris Brown)

4. Deadmaus, Som Chords

5. Ciara, That's How I'm Feeling

6. T-Pain, Make That Sh*t Work

7. Iggy Azalea, Change Your Life

8. Weekend, Can't Feel My Face

9. Pia Mia, Do It Again (feat. Chris Brown and Tyga)

10. Runnin', Naughty Boy & Beyoncé


After a two-year engagement, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tied the knot last week in a top-secret ceremony at their home in Los Angeles.

Although the couple, who are currently vacationing with friends in Bora Bora, worked hard to keep details of their big day under wraps, now that it's over we've finally gotten the juice. Radio host Howard Stern dished on some of the ins and outs of the ceremony and after-party on his radio show yesterday, and it sounds like it was quite the wedding.

While Howard did make a speech full of "personal stuff" on the day, it's some of the other celebrity cameos that really had us smiling.

Chat show legend Jimmy Kimmel pulled a Joey Tribbiani for the special event and stepped in to officiate proceedings. He apparently did "a beautiful job," though Howard joked that things were a little touch and go. 

"Jimmy was the preacher. I didn’t think he’d get through it. Jimmy’s still depressed about that lion getting killed over in Africa," Howard said, in reference to Jimmy's emotional speech about Cecil the lion on air last week.

As for the music, there was no boring wedding band or soppy DJ playing The Power of Love for Jen and Justin. Instead they asked Australian hitmaker Sia to perform live for their first dance as husband and wife.

If you were hoping for a few leaked photos of the performance from careless guests, don't get your hopes up, because Howard revealed that everyone (including him) had their phones confiscated once they entered Jen and Justin's property. Last week it was also reported that all staff working at the wedding and on the property had their phones taken away for a full week leading up to the big day.

"Why can’t I have my cell phone? I don’t want to take a picture of you two! I really don’t,” Howard complained on air yesterday. “I want my cell phone so after I make this speech I can call my car and get the f*** outta here! People were laughing at my misery."

Less than 24 hours after their wedding, the newlyweds boarded a Gulfstream V private jet and headed to the lavish Four Seasons resort on Bora Bora with pals including Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman and Jen's maid of honour Courteney Cox.

Suites at the luxurious resort start at around €1,200, and guests can choose between over-water bungalows or villas located on a private section of beach.

The couple were "were giddy to have pulled off an amazing wedding celebration with their friends," a source told PEOPLE magazine. "They want the celebration to last as long as possible." 



So it looks like people just weren't buzzing off the wig Sia wore while performing Elastic Heart on The Voice UK last night.

In fact, it seems people were pretty mortified for the Australian star, who no longer wants to show her face in public, and just had to go online to vent their feelings.

Taking to Twitter to express disbelief about the star's disguise, The Voice viewers definitely didn't hold back when critiquing the star's look.

Pondering the reason behind her name, some very clever Twitter users came to some very interesting conclusion following the star's performance.

While others just needed to deal with practicalities and called on someone to help the Chandelier singer before it's too late.

Others were totally on board with the meaning behind the song, but seriously struggled with the meaning behind the wig.

If you didn't catch Sia's performance, then check this out and get on Twitter pronto!



Republic of Telly have done it again, lads.

The new series returns on Monday March 16th and we've already been treated to a sneak peek of what we can expect: skintight nude suits, some seriously weird dancing, and a hilarious spoof of Sia's Chandelier.

Words won't do this justice – just approach with caution!


We've always known Kristen Wiig was an amazing actress and comedienne, but we had no idea that she was an incredible dancer too!

The Bridesmaids star blew viewers away with her surprise interpretive dance performance during Sia's live rendition of Chandelier at last night's Grammy Awards. Kristen, along with Sia's 12-year-old dance protégé Maddie Ziegler, treated the audience to an incredible mix of the Chandelier and Elastic Heart choreography.

Given her years of writing and performing in sketches on Saturday Night Live, you'd be forgiven for thinking Kristen was going to break into some kind of hilarious spoof-y dance, but that was TOTALLY not the case. In fact, most viewers had no idea it was even Kristen on the stage until the song was over.

Could we love her any more?!



Sia has been forced to apologise after her music video for Elastic Heart was blasted as ‘paedophilic’. The video, which stars Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Zieglar carrying out some contemporary dance moves in a large cage has drawn a lot of negative criticism in the past 24 hours.

Now, Sia has taken to Twitter to explain her thoughts behind the video, saying: “I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play These two warring ‘sia’ self states.” [sic]

The Chandelier singer also went on to apologise to anyone who was offended by the video’s content, writing: “I apologize to those who feel triggered by #ElasticHeart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.”

However, many of her followers have questioned her need to apologise, claiming that the video is clearly art: “@Sia they can’t recognise art when it’s right in from [sic] of them. Don’t say you’re sorry, feel sorry for them. The video is a masterpiece," said one fan.

Do you think the video went too far? 



Chandelier singer Sia Furler has tied the knot with her filmmaker beau Erik Anders Lang.

Sia and Erik are said to have walked down the aisle on Saturday, after only announcing their engagement in June!

The 38-year-old singer wed in a ceremony held at her home in Palm Springs, California.

Celebrity fashion photographer Terry Richardson apparently shot the Aussie star’s big day.

'Omg omg I'm so excited,' Sia tweeted on the big day.

The musician has performed on a number of hits, including David Guetta's Titanium and Florida's Wild Ones.

She is currently enjoying massive success with her single Chandelier, which reached the number nine spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

Lots of reasons to celebrate this year then Sia!

Congratulations guys!