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Calling all Potterheads and Death Eaters – it's time to give up the Polyjuice addiction.

Blogger Helen Anderson has just blown our feeble attempts at recreating the bad b*tch that is Bellatrix, out of the water. 

The blonde bombshell goes from basic white girl to a distorted, jeering Death Eater. 


A post shared by Helen Anderson (@helenanderz) on

Helen goes through the Halloween transformation step by step – so you can easily copy the costume.

The Youtuber reveals at the start of the video that a lot of people say that she resembles Helena Bonham Carter.

So this year, she finally gave in and decided to take on the look.

And don't worry if you're artistically challenged, Helen explains that the transformation is easy enough to achieve, as Bellatrix just looks like a bit "skank". 

The Youtuber nails every element of the character from the red lippy, to the black stained teeth and curly hair.

Helen recommends a paler foundation to channel your inner Bellatrix and some brown contact lenses, a wig and a witchy dress.


A post shared by Sam (@myfunkomadness) on

If you're looking for a Halloween costume, this is a simple yet effective look.

Helen even fully commits to becoming Bellatrix by dancing around at the end of the video in a smoke-filled back garden – we appreciate the effort, gal.

Even if you have no intention of dressing up this Halloween, Helen is utterly hilarious and her Harry Potter impressions are gas, so it's definitely one to watch – you're welcome.


All of the muggles – cover your eyes now; Christmas is only eight weeks away. 

And it has come even earlier for all you Harry Potter fans.

Penneys have released a collection of dreams for all you Potterheads.


A post shared by 愛爾蘭代購哥 (@shopping_in_ireland75) on

The colder weather means it's jumper season and you can keep snug in this gorgeous knitted Gryffindor jumper.  

And we adore the grey hoodie with little cartoons of the famous three characters on the front.

Penneys also have HP joggers so you can get your sweat on in true Hogwarts style. 


A post shared by Sabrina  (@pottersuechtig) on

But what really took the biscuit for us in this new line is the nightwear.

You can deck yourself out with some hooting PJs inspired by Hedwig.

The grandpa slippers have made a come-back and keep those little piggies all cosy with a choice of three different types. 

Image credit: Primark

The gold and red Harry Potter slippers is a personal fave as the colours are positively festive.

Match them with these hella cute check-shorts or opt for the longer version to keep those legs warm.

Or if you're pinching the pennies, a combo PJ set won't break the bank but will have you feeling like a true witch.


A post shared by S H A U N A  (@weasleysbook) on

Wands at the ready: within the new range is some magical home gear.

To save for Christmas, collect your change in the purple night-bus money box or the Weasleys' family car money bank – UNREAL.

You can recreate the feels of the Great Hall with the HP inspired candle range – although don't even attempt to get them floating as burning down the house isn't a good look.

Or add some comfort to your bed or couch with some STUNNING pillows – one even glows in the dark.


A post shared by Mischief Muggle (@mischief_muggle) on

Penneys have really outdone themselves with this enchanting range. 

We have no doubt that the items will fly off the shelves faster than you can say gillyweed. 


Feature Image credit: xhagrids.hut / Instagram


Funkos are preparing to release their brand new Harry Potter themed Christmas advent calendar and we have no doubt this will fly off the shelves.

They are already well-known for their adorable ‘Pop’ figurines, but this has taken magical to a whole new level.

Featuring characters such as Hermione, Harry, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby and Hedwig as well as a collection of beasts, ghosts, house elves and famous wizards, every day brings a whole new pocket-sized collectable character.


A post shared by Luna Lovegood EV (@lunaloves_good_nargles) on

We don’t think we can handle this level of excitement. Mini versions of all our Hogwarts faves = Winter perfection.

Imagine waking up to a new collectable and having a butterbeer by the fire; Christmas literally can’t come quick enough. (Ideally we'd get a ticket to the Yule Ball while we're at it but Santa might hook us up?)

Witches, wizards, and even Muggles can get their hands on the calendar as soon as Funkos releases it, make sure you’ve got your galleons counted so you don’t have to rush to Gringotts at the last minute.


A post shared by Lisey (@spookshowillustrations) on

Funko's have definitely upped their Christmas game, we'll keep all you Potter fanboys and fangirls posted with all the updates. 

It's looking like it will sell out in record time judging by the feverish responses from Twitter users.

Maybe if we chant “Accio Christmas” clutching our wands it might speed up the process? It’s worth a shot…

Check out the adorable calendar on the Funko's website here

Feature image: Instagram/@tiffanypetzoldt1994


Sarah Ferguson arrived at St George's Chapel to witness her youngest daughter Princess Eugenie marry her fiancé and long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank.

Wearing an emerald green dress which show-cased her glamour, the Duchess of York donned an amusing green hat as she climbed the chapel stairs. The dress was made by local Ascot dress maker Emma Louise Design.

It seems to be the hat that’s gaining more attention than the dress, for once. It would be more suited to Hogwarts than Windsor Castle tbh.

It’s resemblance to the famous golden snitch from the Harry Potter Quidditch franchise has not gone amiss:

The hat was nearly blown away in the wind as she attended the wedding, but the wings probably would have carried it to safety, or else strategically landed on Princess Eugenie’s head to get the best view of the wedding.

Who knows, maybe two teams of Quidditch players would have chased it around the grounds on broomsticks?

Ferguson may even be showing her Harry Potter house colours, who would have thought she’d be Team Slytherin?


A post shared by D A R R E N L A N G (@darrenlangmagic) on

The mother of the bride was joined by eldest daughter and maid of honour Princess Beatrice, who wore blue.

Sources are insinuating that Beatrice is Team Ravenclaw. If she is the seeker she's in a great position to get the snitch, that's for sure…

Feature image: Instagram/@once.upon.a.royal



If you have a group of friends who are all mad fans of Harry Potter, now is the time to assemble them for a quick weekend break. 

Nestled away in the Scottish city of Edinburgh lies an oh-so tasteful homage to the wizarding world. 

Canongate Luxury Apartment is the stuff of muggles dreams, with each room decked out in Harry Potter themed decor. 


There is even a desk in the apartment that once belonged to JK Rowling herself – who knows, maybe a few chapters were even drafted on it.

Much like Hogwarts, the walls are decked out in painting-printed wallpaper (though sadly these painting donts move) and the apartment entrance is hidden behind a brick door with a Platform 9 and 3/4s sign printed on it. 

The apartment boasts two double rooms, one of which is decked out to resemble a compartment on the Hogwarts Express (minus the Bertie Botts Beans and occasional Dementor visit).


The apartment costs €330 for two nights for two people, but it's dependant on what time of year you go at. 

Be warned – the apartment is seriously popular, so you may want to get booking ASAP. 








Harry Potter was a key part of our childhood.

Fond memories of awaiting the release of the movies or books that would open up a world of magic – gives us those nostalgic feels. 

And for one of our all-time favourite characters, Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch, the series didn't just make her a household name, it changed her life.

The 27-year-old revealed how the franchise and in particular J.K. Rowling helped her through "a really difficult time” as she battled an eating disorder.


A post shared by Evanna Lynch (@msevylynch) on

While making moves on Monday's Dancing with the Stars episode, the actress opened up about her most memorable year, 2006.

Evanna secured the role of Luna in January 2006 and she revealed that she was "the biggest fan" of Harry Potter.

“It was just my great love at that time. So then suddenly I was in the world, living the dream," she said.

“I just adored the Harry Potter franchise and Luna Lovegood was my favourite character, so it was just like a lot of things to process at once.” 


A post shared by Harry Potter Film (@harrypotterfilm) on

Though the role was a huge deal for Evanna's career, Harry Potter meant so much more to her, as it offered a positive feeling through the darkness of an eating disorder.

“When I was like 11, 12, I was battling an eating disorder. Anyone who’s had an eating disorder knows it completely takes over your life,” she said.

And this is where the author came in to lend a hand, as the books were the only thing that could take Evanna's attention.

“I started writing to J.K. Rowling and she wrote back and we became pen friends after that,” said Lynch. “I was in and out of hospital and I would be getting these letters.”

The interaction with J.K. Rowling began to build up the actress' desire to fight.

The “books and her kindness really made me want to live again.” 

“Being in Harry Potter changed my life because it proved to me that I could do something, that I had something to offer the world,” she added.


A post shared by Evanna Lynch (@msevylynch) on

Now before you start with any speculation, Evanna made it clear that the author had no influence when she secured the role of Luna. 

“We were pen pals. We were writing to each other for years, but then when the open audition happened, it happened within two weeks from the audition to getting the part and I didn’t have a chance to tell her,” she explained.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an eating disorder, there's a wealth of information here.

What an incredible story.


It’s been too long since we waved goodbye to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There’s a Hogwarts shaped hole in our hearts and re-watching the movies a dozen times just doesn’t seem to mend it.

So, we were only delighted when two of our fave Harry Potter stars reunited this week.

Tom Felton took to Instagram to share the photo fans have been longing for since the final Harry Potter movie aired seven years ago.


A post shared by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on

He posted a black and white snap of himself and his on-screen enemy Daniel Radcliffe.

The pair grinned for the reunion snap which was taken backstage at Daniel’s Broadway show The Lifespan of Fact.

Tom encouraged fans to go see Daniel’s new play: “Go see it. He’s fantastic as per @lifespanofafact.”

The actors have certinly grown since the days of Hogwarts,the golden snitch and Dementors.

They looked as happy as ever as they posed side by side;a far cry from the iconic characters they played since 2001.

Harry Potter fans couldn’t help but fangirl over the iconic duo’s reunion: “I’m so happy to see them together laughing.”

“Malfoy and Potter… Miss you guys,” another said.

“This is legendary."

One commented: “I’m shook,” – and same tbh.

The reunion has made us feel super nostalgic. We refuse to believe 17 years have gone by since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first premiered.

If anyone needs us we’ll be binge-watching all seven movies this week, even if it will take us 20 hours.


The Harry Potter series has gripped the imaginations of multiple generations, and thanks to the internet, fan theories are dime a dozen. 

From wild ones involving Snape being Harry's father to the is-he-isnt-he debate over certain character's sexuality, there are plenty to go around. 

Luckily, author JK Rowling has a penchant for sharing fun HP facts via Twitter, and answered one particular theory.

Image result for hermione

Hermione is now a very well known name thanks to the book and film series, but pre-Potter, it was rather unusual. 

So, when the books first came out ahead of the movies, there were plenty of people mispronouncing the Shakespearian moniker. 

That is, until the fourth tome – The Goblet of Fire, in which JK. Rowling placed a paragraph where Hermione explains how to say her name to love interest Viktor Krum. 

A Twitter fan hypothesised that Roling had intentionally placed this scene in the novel; because she was sick of so many people mispronouncing the core character's name. 

And guess what folks, that theory was correct – as confirmed by JK Rowling herself. 

Perhaps a similar paragraph for Xenophilius Lovegood wouldn't have gone astray.  


Wands at the ready, we're heading back to Hogwarts…

Past pupils and old enemies Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) recently met up in Los Angeles – and couldn't help but joke about their Harry Potter alter-ego's. 

Tom put up a snap on Instagram of himself, holding a Slytherin backpack, and Matthew, with the caption, ''see how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork.''

Matthew was sticking to his Gryffindor roots however, when he put up a similar shot, captioned, ''take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape! @t22felton.''


See how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork

A post shared by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on

Looks like Tom's attempt at a Slytherin recruiting session didn't work out – but he might get another chance as this isn't the first time recently that former Hogwarts students have hung out. 

In April, Tom and Matthew posed for pictures with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), with Tom posting them to social media, saying, ''school mates #hogwartsalumni."

Wonder how the trio would fare in the wizarding world – reckon the would be mates? 


School mates #hogwartsalumni

A post shared by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on

Fans understandably went wild on social media when the guys put up the pictures.

One wrote, ''Tom Felton carries a Slytherin bag with him. Everything is feeling right with the world again'' while others, who are clearly Slythrein fans, were teasing Matthew.

One wrote, ''come to the Slytherin side @mattdavelewis ,we have cookies'' followed by a snake emoji. 

Others, however,were just delighted to see the two former co-stars together. One simply said, ''this is the best photo I’ve seen all year.''

Now, can we have a full-cast reunion soon please? 


Harry Potter fans assemble!

It's time to take over this magical screening in Dublin. 

Retro Drive-In Movies are going to temporarily revamp the Leopardstown Racecourse into a cinema.

Over the October Bank Holiday Weekend get your floo powder ready, as you'll be taken back to where it all began in Hogwarts.

The first three movies will be shown and you'll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own car.

Or, if you haven't braved taking to the road, convince a friend with a car to go and you can buy the snacks.

For an authentic feel, you can even listen to the classic films through your car radio. 

For anyone feeling a bit extra, there will be wands and other exciting merch on sale at the event.

If you're anything like us, food is God; and there will be plenty of cinema staples available at the Drive-in.

The films will be shown on the world's biggest outdoor LED screen.

Tickets for Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban will go on sale this Friday, August 10.

If this sounds like the perfect Potterhead Halloween, you can get ticket on their release here


So, if you're a fan of Harry Potter you'll know that London is pretty much as close to Hogwarts as you're going to get.

Take a tour around the studio, visit platform 9¾ or even recreate that famous snake scene in London Zoo, there's countless magical spots around the city.  

Well, that list just got a little longer, because House of Minalima, an exhibition and shop is showcasing all things Harry Potter.

Located in London's Soho, the mini museum is home to four floors of 'distinctive' designs, including graphic art from the Harry Potter film series, as well as art from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

On floors one and two, visitors can browse through artwork, including the Marauder's Map, The Daily Prophet newspapers, as well as authentic film props, such as the all important Hogwarts letter.

On floor three, visitors will travel back in time to 1920's New York, where they can browse through, and purchase, limited edition reproduced prints.

The ground floor houses a shop selling everything from books and stationary to replica props.

So, if you fancy keeping up to date with the world of witchcraft and wizardy, just pick up a copy of The Daily Prophet for the commute home. 

House of MinaLima is open every single day from 12:00pm – 7:00pm, so be sure to stop by the next time you're in London.

But, for those of you not planning a trip to the English capital anytime soon, don't worry, because everything is available to order online.

And yes, that does mean you can get your very own Hogwarts letter delivered to your door.  


If you needed another reason to love Margot Robbie (which we don't tbh) then the news that she is obsessed with a certain famous wizard should do the job.

Yes, Margot has admitted that her interest in all things Harry Potter might have taken an extreme turn. 

She divulged to the Evening Standard that her hen party had a Potter theme running through it…in the form of a stripper.

Yes, you read that right.

The 28-year-old got hitched to British assistant director Tom Ackerley in December 2016, but not before her hen do took place in Aus, with 45 of her girlfriends. 

She explained to the magazine, ''[the Clapham crowd] are a rowdy bunch and the combination was explosive. They hired a Harry Potter-themed stripper for me; he had all the Harry Potter phrases and innuendoes. I was so touched, it was really such a thoughtful thing to do. They know me so well."

(The Clapham Crowd are a group of friends she used to live with in London btw.)

She went on to talk about how she has been reading about the world of Hogwarts on a loop since she was eight-years-old and it has always helped her to fall asleep. 

"I know what’s coming next when I turn the page. I can’t meditate and this is what I have to do to fall asleep,'' she explained.  

''If I read something new before I go to bed, my brain goes 1,000 miles an a hour. Reading Harry Potter makes me happy and calms me. I read for about an hour to two hours every night. My husband hates it,'' she continued. 


@MaryQueenMovie #MaryQueenofScots

A post shared by @ margotrobbie on

In other news, Margot looks set to make her mark as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary, Queen of Scots alongside Saoirse Ronan, who will take on the role of Mary.

The trailer shows an unrecognisable Margot as the Virgin Queen, clad in a red wig and a painted white face. 

Margot told Entertainment Weekly that, “everyone manipulated their relationship. It's complicated, it’s tragic, and it’s bizarre. The only other person in the world who could understand the position they were in was each other.”

Both women look perfectly cast don't they? We must say, we're pretty excited about this one!

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