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The Harry Potter series has gripped the imaginations of multiple generations, and thanks to the internet, fan theories are dime a dozen. 

From wild ones involving Snape being Harry's father to the is-he-isnt-he debate over certain character's sexuality, there are plenty to go around. 

Luckily, author JK Rowling has a penchant for sharing fun HP facts via Twitter, and answered one particular theory.

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Hermione is now a very well known name thanks to the book and film series, but pre-Potter, it was rather unusual. 

So, when the books first came out ahead of the movies, there were plenty of people mispronouncing the Shakespearian moniker. 

That is, until the fourth tome – The Goblet of Fire, in which JK. Rowling placed a paragraph where Hermione explains how to say her name to love interest Viktor Krum. 

A Twitter fan hypothesised that Roling had intentionally placed this scene in the novel; because she was sick of so many people mispronouncing the core character's name. 

And guess what folks, that theory was correct – as confirmed by JK Rowling herself. 

Perhaps a similar paragraph for Xenophilius Lovegood wouldn't have gone astray.  


It may have been over 10 years since the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves, but that hasn't stopped hardcore fans from keeping the the story alive.

From Harry's suspected immortality to claims that Draco Malfoy is actually a werewolf, fans of the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry are never short of a far-fetched theory to add another dimension to the much-loved series.

And while most of these anecdotes have absolutely zero truth behind them, every now and again a theory comes along that makes us believe there could be more to the story after all.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those.

A popular belief among fans is that the Leaky Cauldron, a pub located in the magical world, was inspired by a pub called The Old Firehouse in Exeter, where J.K Rowling attended university.

And while it seems like a perfectly legitimate assumption, the reality isn't quite so idyllic.

The author was quick to shut down the theory after an article published on Devon Live suggested the pub, which is now up for sale, inspired the fantasy bar.

“Never visited this pub in my life,” she tweeted.

She then went on to offer the names of the pubs she did visit, suggesting that perhaps the Leaky Cauldron could have been modelled after one of them.

However, some Twitter users were quick to tell the J.K about the pub's legendary “pizza and cider selection”, so we're guessing it's worth a visit either way.



Recently, there's been a mega-trend in overanalysing sweet Disney movies, ultimately making all of our childhood dreams fade into the very bleak distance. 

The most recent has seen Snow White's hopes and dreams come crashing down, along with our own. *Sob*. 

If you haven't seen the movie (who are you?!) we'll give you a little refreshment. Snow White is the tale of a beautiful princess, who is banished away to the woods because the Evil Queen is super jealous of her.

The Queen is so angry at Snow White for being a beaut (over-dramatic, much?) that she goes on to poison Snow White with a magic apple.

Everyone thinks Snowy is dead, including her squad of dwarfs and animals, but then TWIST TIME, a handsome Prince comes along, kisses her, she wakes up and the day is saved. Hurray!

But, according to a fan theory, one Reddit user suggested that this is not how it actually went down. 

According to Scherazade, the Prince isn't her saviour; he's DEATH. Duh, duh, duhhh. 

"Always present, always looming, but never intervening until it's too late. Seen as an escape, but always risky, and she shies away from it when it first tries to embrace her. [Eventually] the Prince as Death saved Snow White, but only after she had fallen irreparably into his embrace through the apple."

However, Movie Pilot roams even deeper than that, and concludes that Prince Charming is actually a really hot Grim Reaper. *Chills*. 

"The Prince's kiss could actually represent him rousing Snow White from the grave to escort her into the afterlife, hence the strange imagery in the sky and the white horse used to lead his princess into the distance."

Childhood ruined? Yep, ours too.