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Many love Sarah Ferguson’s spirited personality.

In contrast to the proper traditions of the royals, she may have been exactly what the family needed, especially in the 1980s.

And now, the beloved Duchess of York has spoken out for her first in-depth interview in 20 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Sarah recalled her daughter’s recent wedding with fondness and said it reminded her of her dear friend Princess Diana.

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When she shuffled into the church, surrounded by loved ones, the duchess was struck by the loss of her best friend.

“I thought of absent friends and family; of Diana – but she’s with me all the time. What I miss most is her tinkling laughter,” she said.

“Diana was my best friend and the funniest person I knew. She had such a timing and wit.

“It was a total joy to be with her because we just laughed and enjoyed life so much, and I know she would have loved the wedding.”

The mum became overwhelmed with the love that filled the wedding chapel on her daughter’s big day.

The sparks flew between Eugenie and Jack, and Sarah knew that her daughter shared the same joy that her and Diana used to.

“My proudest moment,” Duchess Sarah said, “was watching Eugenie standing tall, very proud to show her scoliosis scar in her low-backed dress.

“I’d gone to all the fittings and sat there beaming with delight, and because there was no veil it was a very strong statement.

“We rang St George’s Chapel to make sure there wasn’t a special rule specifying veils must be worn, but there wasn’t and Eugenie just wanted to be herself.

“The tiara (borrowed from granny) danced to her. She was just so radiant. She said: ‘Mum, I thought I was going to get nerves,’ but she didn’t.

“She and Jack are just meant to be. He adores her, and now I’ve got a son.”

Sarah will always share that special friendship with Princess Diana, doting on some of their favourite memories together.

And now her daughter has found her best friend for life, a man that her mum sees will make Eugenie laugh and bring her life joy.

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Sarah Ferguson arrived at St George's Chapel to witness her youngest daughter Princess Eugenie marry her fiancé and long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank.

Wearing an emerald green dress which show-cased her glamour, the Duchess of York donned an amusing green hat as she climbed the chapel stairs. The dress was made by local Ascot dress maker Emma Louise Design.

It seems to be the hat that’s gaining more attention than the dress, for once. It would be more suited to Hogwarts than Windsor Castle tbh.

It’s resemblance to the famous golden snitch from the Harry Potter Quidditch franchise has not gone amiss:

The hat was nearly blown away in the wind as she attended the wedding, but the wings probably would have carried it to safety, or else strategically landed on Princess Eugenie’s head to get the best view of the wedding.

Who knows, maybe two teams of Quidditch players would have chased it around the grounds on broomsticks?

Ferguson may even be showing her Harry Potter house colours, who would have thought she’d be Team Slytherin?


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The mother of the bride was joined by eldest daughter and maid of honour Princess Beatrice, who wore blue.

Sources are insinuating that Beatrice is Team Ravenclaw. If she is the seeker she's in a great position to get the snitch, that's for sure…

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The Duchess York has officially fired back at the Daily Mail, and we could not agree more with what she had to say. Get it, mama!

Sarah Ferguson could not believe the content of the scathing article Jan Moir at the Daily Mail penned about her daughter.

Princess Eugenie recently announced that that her wedding will be held in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, and 1200 seats will be open for the public to attend.

Because this is the same venue Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had for their wedding, Jan claimed in her article: ‘Who the hell does Princess Eugenie think she is?’

But that’s not all the writer had to say about the princess.

The article went on to compare her to one of the Queen’s corgis, critiqued her outfit choices, called her spoiled, and mocked her job at an art gallery.

‘Let us be frank. For her first 28 years on this planet, Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York has done almost nothing of note,’ the writer continued.

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Don't believe us? Check out the article for yourself. There is no holding back on the attack of the princess' character.

Poor Eugenie was then labelled as a royal moocher, with the dead set goal of gaining fame from her royal relations.

‘Like a neatly groomed, determined seagull, Eugenie has spent nearly three decades drifting along in the richly foaming wake of the Queen, picking off what she can from the royal catch.’

Well, her mother, and rightly so, decided to break the usual rules of engaging the media and step in to defend her daughter.

The Duchess of York posted a letter that her colleague Sarah Wade, CEO of Humanitas Charity, wrote to the Daily Mail.

The CEO questioned what the article’s purpose was: ‘Is it to make a young couple feel embarrassed or ashamed of the choices they have made for their wedding day or it is to invite anger and hatred towards them?’

She also called the article ‘tantamount to bullying’ and said the Daily Mail’s words were ‘unfounded and hurtful abuse’.

Eugenie’s mother posted the letter with the caption: ‘Couldn’t agree more with this letter about the disgusting article that Jan Moir wrote about @princesseugenie and Jack. Bullying at its’ premium and hiding behind a newspaper commenting about people you’ve never met.’

It seems that Sarah Ferguson is not going to lie down while her daughter’s reputation is slandered by a widespread publication based on ‘unfounded’ grounds. Girls have got to stick together!

The charity CEO then ended the letter with: ‘It is imperative that we support freedom of expression, but not when the intended outcome is to inflict pain on another person or incite others to do so.

‘And Jan Moir’s article does just that.’

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Commenters have expressed their support for the Duchess and her daughter Jeanie, and could not believe that Jan’s article had been approved by the newspaper.

‘Good for You Ms. Sarah! Awesome retart. All Mom's should take a page from your book!’ One mum from Texas replied.

‘Absolutely disgraceful article and it’s about time Moir was sacked ! Daily Mail get your act together.. bullying on an epic scale,’ said another comment.

We have yet to see a response from Jan Moir or the Daily Mail, but we're glad to see Sarah Ferguson is making a stand against uncalled for negativity and what another commenter called, 'defamation of character'.